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Cursive Cursing: for offensive text, fancily written.

2016.07.06 02:32 numb3red Cursive Cursing: for offensive text, fancily written.

Cursive Cursing: for offensive text, fancily written.

2014.07.26 03:34 pablo_montoya Home Of The Floss Crew

I was required to make a subreddit for my FlossCrew Minecraft server, so here it is. Feel free to ignore and never visit again, ever.

2015.10.26 22:07 potent_rodent Music Video Generator

Animated GIF Music Videos made by www.mvgen.com

2020.09.30 14:22 Crul_ Improvements on the Top Down view 2D with camera following the player (rotation included)

With the suggestions (thanks for all the comments) from the previous post (Top down view 2D with camera following the player?) I've made some improvements to the camera and controls system.
As always, a GIF is worth a thousand words. It's still a quick prototype, not polished at all.
EDIT: I'm not sure if the difference from the last post is noticeable in the GIF (I don't even know if the turning speed is the same, which is an important point) but it feels smoother when you're moving.


In general I would say it's still a bit more dizzy than more conventional camera and controls, but better than the first attempt, maybe even usable.
Now I'm really curious about why these controls are not used in more games. The only example I'm aware of are some special levels in Contra 3 (thanks u/J_Man_the_german). Realm of the Mad God (thanks u/adrianbielsa1) allows you to move the camera but, if I undestood correctly, it does not depend on the player orientation which is kind of what I'm looking for.


The first implementation I tried for the damped movement still had the player and camera rotation coupled. So if you wanted to turn 180º and walk in the oposite direction, you needed to wait until the camera (and player) had fully turned or you would move in an angle (to where the camera was pointing). Decoupling camera and player allows the movement to stay consistent to where you want to go, not to where the camera is pointing towards (being top of the screen the "foward" direction).
The insta turns with double click allows to keep the rotation speed not too high while still being able to turn fast. I like it. The only tricky part is what to do after the player double-clicks right (or left) and keeps pressing that button. If you start rotating with no delay, it's almost imposible to make exactly-90º turns because you need to be frame perfect to avoid a bit more rotation than the insta-turn. I added a delay of 0.2 sec (random guess) to avoid that but, of course, that means there is a small delay if you make an insta-90º-turn and want to continue rotating.
Also, the insta-180º turn is a bit tricky, if you want to "turn around and run away" you need to double-click down and then change to press "up". If you double-click down and keep it pressed, you will "turn around and start walking back" towards the direction you were pointing before the turn. It's consisten with the controls logic, but it feels counter-intuitive when playing.
Regarding the 90º angle snapping, it helps when following the map (e.g.: walking parallel to a wall). The only quirck I found is that you can't do very small turns when you're alligned with a 90º angle axis. Not sure if there is some logic that would allow to snap to an angle in the first place, but disable it after you've snapped to it and before you move far away from it. For now, there is some room to play adjusting the snap threshold but, there is a compromise between the freedom of make small turns and the convenience of snapping to certain angles. Another options is to add a key to force the snapping, or to disable it. Also, I need to try 45º angle snapping too, diagonal movement seems convenient.

Non-solved potential issues

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2020.09.16 14:01 LordChozo Hindsight is 2020: #13 - Second Home by the Sea

Previously on Hindsight is 2020!
“Oi, time to ride the ol’ crime wave, eh? Say, ‘at’s a cozy lookin’ cottage. Bound to have a few coh-lectible trinkets! Up, up, up we go!”
Tony: I thought, “Well, let’s have a SPOOKY home by the sea!” 1
Tony: I had this idea of a burglar going into this house and suddenly finding out it was haunted. Which I thought was quite funny. And then sort of took that idea a bit further and sort of made it one of those kinds of songs looking back over people’s lives, and those people kind of trapped in the past but there’s nothing they can do about it. 2
“Uhhh nice ghosties...there there, let’s play all nice-like. I’m uh, only the cleanah, see?”
Genesis are the ghosts. The home by the sea is their catalog. And we’re the hapless burglars hoping to nab one more little ounce of pleasure from the music, only to find that the music has captured us for the rest of our lives.


Will our burglar ever escape this torment?!
Will Genesis’ ghosts ever release us as well?!
Just how DO you describe that drum rhythm, anyway?
Find out all that and more right now, in the exciting conclusion!

Hindsight is 2020: #13 - Second Home by the Sea

from Genesis, 1983
Listen to it here!
While we’re at least temporarily ensnared by the spectral tendrils that make up the spirit of “Second Home by the Sea”, we might as well spend some time talking about Genesis and improvisation. I’ve said things like this before, and perhaps even many times before, but it bears repeating: Genesis was a pivotal record for the band in that it allowed them to not only rediscover the art of improvisation, but also learn new ways to employ that improvisation to make some truly stunning music.
The band had seen their collective songwriting philosophies shift frequently over the years, after all. When Tony and Mike started in Charterhouse school with Peter, Ant, and whatever drummer happened to be loitering around the cafeteria, they wrote predominantly in small teams. Pairs of writers would figure something out, bring it to the band, and they’d frankenstein together a song from the individual bits. Once Steve and Phil joined, things became more collaborative in truth; while individual bits would still be brought in, they tended to be completed by band jamming rather than by other preconceived pieces. This attitude increased until Mike and Tony got upset at Peter for getting all the credit, at which point things slowly shifted to a more individualistic approach, until the moment when they both sort of said, “Wait, what are we doing here?” and slowly shifted back towards a focus on collaboration again.
Genesis is called Genesis because it’s the first album written entirely by Genesis. That sounds overly simplistic, but this was the album where the philosophy shifts stopped and the band finally - after eleven albums - locked in how they wanted to approach their songwriting. And so, though they’d done plenty of group songwriting in the years before, this was the first time it had been “codified,” so to speak.
Mike: We just go in and it’s all improvised. In the old days, we started off that way. Then we went very much the other way. And Then There Were Three was very much a solo album by three different people. Which I didn’t like. Oh, there were some nice moments. But it ends up a bit like, “You two play on my song, then I’ll play on your song,” and [then] why are we doing it? 3
There were highs and lows. Forcing themselves to not “pad” the material with any prewritten bits, much less songs, meant less material all around; there are no B-sides on Genesis, unless you want to count the later Mike + the Mechanics song “A Call to Arms”. And that dearth of quantity made for what is generally agreed to be a comparatively weak second side to the album.
But when it worked, boy did it ever work. I’ve covered “Mama” already...well, the band covered “Mama” at any rate, but great as that is, the highlight for me is what happened when Phil found a really solid drum riff. How’d that go again, guys?
Tony: Phil had this sort of drum rhythm, you know, “bom buppa-bom-bom,” like that. 2
Phil: “Home by the Sea”, the boov-zh diddih-doov-doov chah...I sat down and played that pattern... 1
Tony: We were able to improvise. Phil had this riff: doon chigga-doon-doon. 1
Well, I’m glad we got that clear at least. Ghosts, am I right? They can never keep their stories straight. They can retell the tale for all eternity and it’ll change a little bit every time. Regardless, the point was that they had this drum riff using snazzy new electronic drums, so they knew that sound was the core of what they wanted to do; particularly if Tony was already thinking about phantoms in the back of his head.
Phil: That album also was the first time we used electronic drums…that pattern on that sound with those presets, it had such a lot of atmosphere, and everyone started playing along. It was a bit like, kind of comparable to “Intruder” with Peter’s thing, where you just sort of get a sound and you play with it, and suddenly that’s a musical part, you know. And everybody jams along with it. 1
“Just keep doing that for a while, Phil!”
“Right, how long then?”
Tony: Mike and I just improvised on top of it. And we made up a couple 30 minute tapes of us just improvising on top of it. 1
Tony: Mike and I just played. We did about two or three hours worth of jamming on tape. 2
Tony: Mike and I were just playing over the top of that...we had two thirty minute tapes of it. 4
Tony: Phil started playing this drum riff that Mike and I found attractive and we jammed on it for about two hours one day and an hour or two the next. 5
...Okay. More like “let us relive our lies,” am I right? But hey, hey, don’t look at me like that, Tony. I’m still seated! Butt firmly planted on ground, OK? Just...just tell us what happened next…
Tony: And then [we] went through it and just found the good bits and stuck ‘em all together. And that’s exactly what you’ve got on the piece. 1
Wow, just like that? That’s incredible.
Tony: We listened back to it and clocked the parts we liked, learnt what it was we’d played, and then re-pieced it back together. 6
Oh...so not just like that.
Tony: A lot of it was sounding quite good but we couldn’t sort of tie it down, so we actually listened to it, selected good moments of the jam, and then Mike and I relearned exactly what we played, even to the extent of counting, you know. So often the beats fall on a weird beat in the bar and stuff like that, because we were just fooling around. 2
So it took some effort, but you left it exactly as is by playing it over again. All right...
Tony: Mike and I just sat down and marked the best bits... the things we thought were good. We learned exactly what we played and if we changed the chord on the third beat of the bar, we did it [that way again]. I did exactly the notes I did on his things and then we just stuck it all together. 4
Yep, got it now. No changes whatsoever.
Tony: One bit that sounded good we played twice… 4
...So just the one teensy change then...
Tony: We learned exactly what we played down to the last detail. Of course, we worked on a few bits, extended some, changed others, just trying to get it into some cohesive form. 5
But you just said…
Tony: It took us quite a while. Phil obviously adapted some of the things he was playing to suit what changes we’d made. 5
Hnnnnnngggggh. Before I completely go over the edge, I should point out that this is a song about reliving lives, and it was composed by literally reliving/recreating what had been previously produced spontaneously. The entire song of “Second Home by the Sea” was written in the exact method as the stuff that it’s all about. Life, lived spontaneously. Fleeting moments of clarity and blossoming creativity bursting out of the daily fog that characterizes so much of our existence. A yearning for those moments, and memories that attempt to recreate them, with varying degrees of perfection. A focus on those memories until the fog might as well never have existed. And then the delivery of those manipulated memories to a captive audience. That’s what “Second Home by the Sea” is in lyrical concept, and it’s also what it actually is in real life as a song.
Tony: Again, we were trying to keep some of this spontaneous feel...It all sounds very natural on tape, so we knew it was a natural thing to go for...It’s amazing to hear the original stuff that it came from. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but we had to keep it down to about six minutes. It could easily have gone on for a lot longer. 5
I don’t believe for a moment that Tony Banks could have easily gone on for a lot longer with an instrumental passage, except... ...yes, yes I can believe that. But if you don’t abbreviate the jam, how could Phil ever come back in to spook us one final time? Well, one final time in a single play of the track, anyway. It’s not like we’re all sitting here in this supernatural shack of our metaphorical lives not getting haunted by this song, right? If nothing else, it’s been an inescapable live staple since its release.
Mike: On stage - people don’t actually know this - but the parts of “Home by the Sea” when Tony starts playing keyboard solos, I’m playing the chords. You wouldn’t know it - you imagine one of his hands is playing chords, [but] in fact it’s me on the guitar synth. A good example of Genesis when you can actually move around a bit. For that I use the Roland with the guitar that has the big, er...coat hanger. 3
Nice to know that even Ghost Mike is totally incoherent sometimes.
Tony: The videos for “Domino” and “Home by the Sea” were even more spectacular [on the 2007 tour] because of the sheer scale of the screens. 6
Mike: “Home By The Sea” [is challenging live] because the instrumental part changes moods so quickly. It was originally recorded in sections in which I assigned different sounds as I saw fit, but playing it live is very hard to do. One minute the sound will be very spacey and heavily echoed, with big flanging stuff and the next minute I’ll need a very close-miked amp sound. The variety of sound over a four-minute passage was huge on the record, so trying to recreate that live is always a challenge. 7
Ironically, in the live shows the “Second Home by the Sea” half of the song actually does change in a number of relatively-small-yet-still-noticeable ways from the studio track. They spent so much time meticulously recreating a given sound for the album. And then they went live with it and tried to meticulously recreate the recreation. And inevitably it evolved beyond all of that. Copies of copies of copies. Fallible memory, retold again and again and again and again.
We’re trapped in that loop, we fans. I don’t think we can ever really escape. I don’t know why we’d ever want to.
Let them relive their lives in what they tell you!
Tony: It was another new way of working, and something we couldn’t have done without the comfort of our own studio. 6
Mike: “Home by the Sea” was a dark, moody, two-part, eleven-minute thing (the second part was called “Second Home by the Sea”). It’d got size, it’d got grandeur, it’d got everything. We knew how to do pieces like this by now. It was like a classical piece, and when we played it live the automated Vari-Lite truss would break up into diamond-shaped pieces and descend on the stage, moving around and beaming down green light. This may not sound so special now that Vari-Lite lights are everywhere, but at the time it was one of our most iconic looks. 8
Tony: A real experiment as a sort of way of band writing...I think it produced a great result. It’s one of my favorites of all our instrumental passages we’ve ever done, I think. 2
1. 2007 Box Set
2. The Way We Walk DVD, 1992
3. Making Music, 1988
4. The Waiting Room, 1994
5. Keyboard Magazine, 1984
6. Genesis: Chapter & Verse
7. Innerviews, 2007
8. Mike Rutherford - The Living Years
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2020.09.15 01:39 StevenStevens43 Red shield

Red shield
Old MacDonald:
Before reading this article, one might want to first read the article which i will leave a link for below.
If you do not read the other article first, then you might not know were some of the sources for the claims i may make on this article, come from.
Old MacDonald
Brutus Greenshield:
Now Brutus Greenshield was a legendary king of Albany, right around the period of the other names mentioned in the article to which i linked to, above.
Brutus Greenshield (Welsh: Brutus Darian Las) was a legendary king of the Britons) as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of King Ebraucus.
Setna Airt:
Now, you may also want to see the article regards to "Rothechtaid moses family", as coincidentalyy, Brutus Greenshield would have been the very next king of Albany to succeed "Rothechtaid Mac Main, after Rothechtaid Mac main got murdered by one of Ebracuses grandchildren. Setna Airt.
Setna Airt
Sétna Airt, son of Artrí, son of Éber, son of Ír, son of Míl Espáine, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. He came to power after the death of the previous incumbent, Rothechtaid mac Main,
Troubles in Ireland:
And we wonder when the troubles in Ireland, that spread to Scotland began?
It is only 1000 BC and they are already killing eachother.
Albanian army are in Germany:
Now it appears that everyone else at this time, appart from Brutus Greenshield, was away fighting somekind of war in Germany.
Geoffreys account
According to Geoffrey, Brutus, called Greenshield (Latin: Viridescutum), was the eldest of twenty sons and the only remaining son of Ebraucus in Britain at the time of his death. All Ebraucus's other sons were in Germany establishing a new kingdom there. He reigned for twelve years after his father's death.
Link for photo
Alba flag
Saxon war:
Now i am not going over it all again.
I have already been through all this in the article i linked to at the beginning.
So, i will just say, that it is very likely that the war the Albannachs are away fighting, is the war against Saxons, to remove them from Southern Scandinavia, in order to acquire the land of Angel by pushing the Saxons in to Gaul, and thus creating the kingdom of Saxony, complete with their first King, Offa of Angel.
Offa of angel
According to Widsith and the Danish sources, Offa successfully conquered the Myrgings, possibly a clan of Saxon origin, and incorporated their land into Angel or Danish lands, by slaying two Myrging princes in single combat and installing himself as their king.
Link for photo
Offa of Angel
So instead of wasting time going over old ground, i will instead provide new information.
Whether actual "Scots" have appeared on the land of Albany yet, or not, is a mute point, as it appears the word Scot, is very quickly evolving, and it likely evolves out of (Scythia) in Asia, and in to Scandinavia, as house of Sclyding.
In the Skjöldunga saga and the Ynglinga saga, Odin came from Asia (Scythia) and conquered Northern Europe. He gave Sweden to his son Yngvi and Denmark to his son Skjöldr. Since then the kings of Sweden were called Ynglings and those of Denmark Skjöldungs.
Scyld Scefing is the legendary ancestor of the Danish royal lineage known as the Scyldings
Now, those Scyldings that are arriving in Scandinavia, from Asia, are not only legendary.
There is in fact quite contemporary and scholarly evidence, to suggest that this is indeed the case.
You see, the Scoloti were out in the near and middle east fighting wars against Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt, during the Hittite empire.
the Scythians called themselves Scoloti and were led by a nomadic warrior aristocracy known as the Royal Scythians.
Now, at the fall of the Hittite empire, the Scythians moved to the otherside of the black sea, from Anatolia to Scythia.
From there, many migrated all over Eurasia back to were they had come from.
The Scoloti branch migrated back to Scandinavia.
Other branches stayed in the region, and became Slavs et cetera.
Others went to fight Greece, and stayed to try and form a new empire, which eventually came to existence with the Achaemenid empire.
Link for photo
Elizabethan culture:
Due to the fact that that Brutus Greenshield decided to remain in Albany during this battle, would explain why the Elizabethans perhaps look down a little, upon him.
Elizabethan culture
Polydore Vergil says that Greenshield "was greatly renowned neither at home nor in warfare".[1]
However, Elizabethan scholars do speak kindly of him for his remarkable achievements in France.
Elizabethan culture
However, in Elizabethan England he acquired a reputation as a great warrior who is supposed to have led an expedition against the French at Hainaut). Michael Drayton refers to him in Poly-Olbion as "Brute Green-Shield
Link for photo
However, Brutus Greenshield did not fight any wars in France.
Hainaut is in Belgium, Dutch Bergen, actually not far from the Schleswig border between Denmark and Germany.
Hainaut (/eɪˈnoʊ/, also US: /heɪˈ-, ɛˈ-/, UK: /ˈ(h)eɪnoʊ/,[4][5][6] French: [ɛno]; Dutch: Henegouwen [ˈɦeːnəɣʌuə(n)] (📷listen); Walloon: Hinnot; Picard: Hénau), historically also known as Heynowes in English, is a province of Wallonia and Belgium.
Link for photo
Quite simply, the war that Brutus Greenshield will be going to fight, is likely the exact same war that he is being frowned upon for not going to.
The Lombards/Saxons have been removed from Angel, in to Saxony.
Greenshield will likely be going to help quell the rebellions.
Legendary origins
(Origin of the Lombard People).
The Origo Gentis Langobardorum tells the story of a small tribe called the Winnili[2] dwelling in southern Scandinavia[3] (Scadanan) (the Codex Gothanus writes that the Winnili first dwelt near a river called Vindilicus on the extreme boundary of Gaul).[17] The Winnili were split into three groups and one part left their native land to seek foreign fields. The reason for the exodus was probably overpopulation.[18] The departing people were led by the brothers Ybor and Aio and their mother Gambara[19][20] and arrived in the lands of Scoringa, perhaps the Baltic coast[21] or the Bardengau on the banks of the Elbe.[22] Scoringa was ruled by the Vandals and their chieftains, the brothers Ambri and Assi, who granted the Winnili a choice between tribute or war.
Link for photo.png)
Germanic expansion
Red shield:
Now, it appears that Greenshield, became Redshield, after he slay the King of the Lombards so hard, his greenshield turned red, with blood.
.[2] Greenshield's supposed conquest of Hainaut is also described in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene, in which it is stated that "to repair his father's loss" he fought "a second battle at Henault with Brunchild [Prince of Hainaut] at the mouth of the river Scaldis".[3] The battle turned his green shield red with blood.
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2020.09.14 10:22 majinmattossj2 Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 9/12: Santos

Previous episodes: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians
In this series I will present each of the 12 Brazilian teams that together compose the "Big 12". My point is to make them more knowledgeable to you, since each one of these teams have their share of the Brazil national team success and of Brazilian club football accomplishments as a whole. I'll try to be as smooth, efficient and non-boring as I can. If the feedback is positive, I'll keep bringing more to this series. So ok, let's do this!
Method: I'll present the teams in a chronological order, from the oldest foundation (Flamengo-1895) to the latest one (São Paulo-1930). The order will be: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro, São Paulo. How many of these have you heard of?
Extra clubs: Due to a high number of requests, I'll also present 3 teams who don't belong to the Big12, but are also considered big clubs in Brazil: Bahia, Athletico Paranaense and Coritiba. Welcome to the club!
Geographical reference: Before we start, I'd like to ask something very simple from you. I want you to keep in mind that these 12 teams are spread in 4 different States in Brazil. The club's State name is written below, next to the club's name. It has a direct link to Google Maps, so that you can check it out to make this experience more accurate.

Episode 9/12: Santos (State: São Paulo), founded in 1912

State rivals: São Paulo, Palmeiras, Corinthians

Stadium: Vila Belmiro

Mascot: Whale

Major achievements: 2 Intercontinental Cup (1962, 1963), 3 Copa Libertadores (1962, 1963, 2011), 8 Brazilian Leagues (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 2002, 2004), 1 Copa do Brasil (2010)

State League titles: 22 (Against Corinthians' 30, Palmeiras' 23, São Paulo's 21)

The Football Kingdom
There's an urban legend that says that a lightning never strikes the same place twice. But apparently this legend doesn't apply to the physics of Santos, a humble and small port city on the coast of São Paulo. There, a young kid named Pelé, would come up to become football's greatest legend, a man that could stop a war with his foot, a man that transcended all sports combined. In that same city of Santos - with a probable electromagnetic sequel caused by the lightning of Pelé - were raised the raw talents of the princes Robinho and Neymar. Curiously enough, Marta, the Queen of Football, and Falcão, the King of Futsal, also stepped foot and left a legacy at Santos, the football kingdom of the world. Let the story begin!
The early years and the 100-goal team at 1929 São Paulo State League
Santos was founded in 1912, but only on the late 1920s the team would become a threat to the State League teams from the state capital, São Paulo. Indeed, in 1927, the team led by Araken Patusca and Feitiço scored 100 goals in 16 matches, an average of 6,25 goals/match, a world record in official competitions until today. However, they lost the title in the last round to Palmeiras. These two players would make history in Santos: Feitiço scored 214 goals and is the Santos 5th top goalscorer of all time, while Araken Patusca scored 184, and is the 7th.
In 1935, Santos would win their first State League title, after beating Corinthians 2-0.
The Pelé Era: the greatest team in the world, the team that stopped a war in Africa, Os Santásticos
Before Pelé arrived, Santos had recently won the 1955 and 1956 State Leagues, with a great team led by Brazil NT forwards Del Vecchio, Pepe, Pagão, Jair, and the midfielder Zito.
After Pelé left, Santos had added 25 more trophies to their cabinet: 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 Copa Libertadores, 6 Brazilian Leagues, 10 State Leagues, 3 Rio-São Paulo Tournament, 1 Supercopa Sudamericana and 1 Recopa Intercontinental.
During Pelé's time in the 1960s, Santos scored around 3000 goals, with more than 1000 scored by the king, in both official competitions (643 goals) and friendlies (448 goals) for Santos. Actually, counting only teams from Europe big6, Pelé scored 103 goals in those high-level friendlies, as you can see here. If we count all European clubs and National Teams, Pelé scored 163 goals. He also scored 87 goals against 1st division Brazilian teams, 116 goals against South American teams and National Teams, 44 goals against African/Asian/Central American National Teams, totalizing 410 goals in high-level friendlies - all data details here. At that time, friendlies were highly hyped, and there were more Europeans attending friendlies vs. Santos than attending their own national leagues matches - attendance data here.
League 1960s League att. average Friendlies vs Santos att. average
England 29.180 34.800 (10 matches)
Spain ??? 48.100 (9 matches)
Italy 21.056 39.620 (33 matches)
Germany 24.160 31.700 (15 matches)
Portugal ??? 34.000 (3 matches)
France 8.400 32.300 (8 matches)
Overall 20.700 36.750 (78 matches)
Pelé arrived at Santos in 1956, at the age of 15. In that same year arrived the right-wing Dorval, aged 21. In 1958 arrived the centre-forward Coutinho, aged 14, and in 1960 the attacking midfielder, Mengálvio, aged 20. They all joined the left-wing Pepe, at Santos since 1954, to form the famous quintet that dominated the world: Dorval, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe.
Player Apps Goals Brazil NT Caps Goals World Cup titles
Dorval (1956-67) 612 198 7 - -
Mengálvio (1960-68) 371 28 14 1 1 (1962)
Coutinho (1958-68) 457 368 15 6 1 (1962)
Pelé (1956-74) 1116 1091 92 77 3 (1958, 1962, 1970)
Pepe (1954-69) 750 405 40 22 2 (1958, 1962)
But everything started in the 1957 São Paulo State League, when Pelé was topscorer with 36 goals, at the age of 16. There wasn't a National League until 1959, due to Brazil's huge size and weak infrastructure, so the players would shine in the State Leagues, which lasted the entire year. Pelé, at 17, broke the São Paulo State League record (until today), scoring 58 goals in 38 matches, in 1958 - which brought him to the Brazil NT and to the 1958 World Cup. After winning it, him and Santos started travelling in exhibition tours to make cash and challenge the best teams around the world in "friendly" matches.
In 1959, Santos took part in the 1st Brazilian League edition, qualifying as São Paulo State League champions. However, they lost the final to Bahia (2-3, 2-0, 1-3).
As Santos lost the 1959 São Paulo State League finals to Palmeiras, they didn't qualify to the 1960 Brazilian League.
However, they won the 1960 São Paulo State League and qualified to the 1961 Brazilian League. From 1961 to 1965, Santos won 5 consecutive Brazilian Leagues, a record until today. However, Santos would always enter in the semi-finals and only play 4-5 matches to be crowned champions - this rule would only be modified from the 1967 Brazilian League.
Year Champion Runner-up Results
1961 Brazilian League Santos Bahia 1-1, 5-1
1962 Brazilian League Santos Botafogo 4-3, 1-3, 5-0
1963 Brazilian League Santos Bahia 6-0, 2-0
1964 Brazilian League Santos Flamengo 4-1, 0-0
1965 Brazilian League Santos Vasco 5-1, 1-0
Highlights to the 1962 final between Santos and Botafogo, which had 11 players from the 1962 World Cup won by Brazil: Gylmar, Mauro, Zito, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé, Pepe (Santos), Nilton Santos, Garrincha, Amarildo, Zagallo (Botafogo). Santos won the decisive match 5-0 at the Maracanã, with this goal from Pelé.
In 1962, Santos also participated in their first Copa Libertadores, qualified as the 1961 Brazilian League champions. Santos topped their group stage against Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) (9-1, 1-1) and Municipal (Bolivia) (6-1, 4-3). In the semis against Universidad Católica (Chile), Santos tied 1-1 away, and won 1-0 at home. The final would be against Peñarol (Uruguay). Santos won the first leg 2-1 in Uruguay, with two goals from Coutinho, in a great comeback. In the 2nd leg in Brazil, a crazy story: after a big and violent confusion, the match was restarted and Peñarol scored the third goal at '51 (2-3). Santos only needed a tie and scored it at '67, the match ended 3-3 and Santos celebrated the title. However, the referee wrote down in the match report that the match was over at '51 - he was scared to really end it, so he kept the match going until the end, but it wasn't counting for him, so he (and CONMEBOL) declared Peñarol the winners. This forced a third match, in neutral Argentina, which Santos dominated and won 3-0, with two goals from Pelé and one own goal from Peñarol. Santos were for the first time, and the first Brazilian team, crowned South American champions.
This title qualified Santos to the 1962 Intercontinental Cup, against the European champions, Benfica. The 1st leg at the Maracanã ended 3-2 for Santos, with 2 goals from Pelé and one from Coutinho. Before the 2nd match in Lisbon, Benfica announced that they were selling tickets for the third match, certain that they would win at home. However, Pelé destroyed the match with a splendid hat-trick, an assist, nutmegs and dribbling past the entire Benfica defense to score one of his goals. The match ended 5-2 before a crowd of 73.000 portuguese fans, and Pelé proved once again he was still football's king, as he and Santos were crowned club world champions for the first time. Highlights of the match here (4mn56 video).
The next year, in 1963, Santos would once again win the Copa Libertadores. Being the current champions, they entered in the semi-final stage against the legendary Botafogo of Garrincha, Didi and Nilton Santos. The 1st leg ended 1-1, with Pelé scoring a tie at '90. The 2nd match at the Maracanã ended 4-0 to Santos, with Pelé scoring the first goal, also the second goal from a header, and the third from a penalty kick. Lima scored the fourth, with an assist from Pepe. Santos were once again qualified to the Copa Libertadores final.
They would meet Boca Juniors, from Argentina. In the 1st leg at the Maracanã, Santos opened 3-0 with two goals from Coutinho - notably this one - and one from Lima. Boca, however, scored twice with Sanfilippo and the match ended 3-2.
The atmosphere at La Bombonera for the 2nd leg was intense. 50.000 Argentine kept singing "Pelé hijo de puta, macaquitos del Brasil" (Pelé son of a b., little monkeys from Brazil). Then Boca opened the score at '46 with Sanfilippo. However, 4 minutes later, Pelé assisted Coutinho to score the tie. Later, Pelé mocked the Boca team by playing with the ball at Boca's GK hand. And at '82, Pelé scored the winning goal and celebrated with euphory and anger: Santos were back-to-back Copa Libertadores champions.
Santos were once again qualified to the Intercontinental Cup, and would face Milan. Santos lost the 1st leg 2-4, at San Siro, in Milan. In the 2nd leg at the Maracanã, Milan went to half-time winning 2-0. A heavy rain began and the pitch became a mud. Santos, without Pelé, counted on Pepe's free-kick to score their first goal. Almir and Lima scored Santos second and third goals, at '54 and '65. Pepe, again from a free-kick, scored the fourth at '68, forcing a third match.
In the third and final match, at the Maracanã again, Maldini committed a penalty and was sent off. Still without Pelé, Dalmo scored the 1-0 winning goal, crowning Santos once again club world champions.
Santos wouldn't win the Copa Libertadores again in the 1960s. They reached the semis in 1964 and 1965, and refused to play it in 1966, 1967 and 1969 - not only it was financially unattractive, but also too violent and with tendencious refereeing. So Santos prefered to travel around the globe and make cash to pay their expensive team.
The "Santos Globetrotters", would tour the world and smash whoever and wherever. 7-1 Internazionale, 5-0 Roma, 6-2 Napoli, 3-0 Lazio, 5-1 Lecce, 5-1 Barcelona, 6-0 Hamburg, 9-1 TSV München 1860, 6-3 Wolfsburg, 5-2 Eintracht Frankfurt, 4-2 Hertha Berlin, 6-4 Fortuna Düsseldorf, 5-0 Arminia Bielefield, 6-3 Benfica, 4-2 Sheffield Wednesday, 4-2 Newcastle, 5-3 Reims, 6-1 Racing, 6-2 Lyon, 3-0 Toulouse, 3-0 Feyenoord, 5-0 Enschede, 3-0 Peñarol, 8-3 Racing (Argentina), 4-0 Independiente, 4-1 Boca Juniors, 4-0 River Plate...
In official competitions, Pelé's Santos played 6 matches against Europeans, with 5W-1L:
Competition Result Goals
1962 Intercontinental Cup Santos 3-2 Benfica Pelé (2x), Santana (2x), Coutinho
1962 Intercontinental Cup Santos 5-2 Benfica Pelé (3x), Eusébio, Coutinho, Pepe, Santana
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 2-4 Milan Pelé (2x), Amarildo (2x), Trapattoni, Mora
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 4-2 Milan Pepe (2x), Mazzola, Almir, Lima, Mora
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 1-0 Milan Dalmo
1968 Recopa Intercontinental Santos 1-0 Internazionale Toninho Guerreiro
However, Santos wasn't invincible, and Palmeiras stopped them from winning 12 consecutive State Leagues (1958-69), by beating Santos in 1959, 1963 and 1966.
1969: the year that Santos stopped a war in Africa and that Pelé scored his 1000th goal
On the 4th February 1969, Pelé's Santos stopped an ongoing war in Nigeria. The civil war had been going on in the Biafra region since March 1967, and it lasted until January 1970, with the separatists' defeat. 2 million people died in the conflict.
There was a global effort trying to stop the violent repression of the Nigerian government against the Biafras. Artists like Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, authorities like the Pope Paul VI and the United Nations tried do contain the conflict, without success.
But Santos did. As the team was touring in Africa, they were invited by the Nigerian government to play in Benin. A first and only cease-fire was declared so Santos could move from the hotel to the stadium and then back to the hotel. Santos won the match 2-1, and left the country the next day, as the war restarted as soon as they were gone, lasting 11 more months.
On the 19th November 1969, Pelé scored his 1000th goal, against Vasco, the team he supported as a child, at the Maracanã. Journalists from all over the world had been following Santos matches, waiting for the 1000th goal to happen, which he did on his 912th career match.
By the end of the decade, Santos team had changed, but was still strong, notably counting with the right-back Carlos Alberto Torres, the midfielder Clodoaldo and the forwards Edu and Toninho Guerreiro, all of them champions in the 1970 World Cup, except for the latter. They notably won the 1968 Brazilian League, the 1968 Supercopa Sudamericana and the 1968 Recopa Intercontinental.
My personal favorite goal of this era is this one by Toninho Guerreiro, after a rainbow flick assist by Kaneko, in 1968.
The Pelé Era last title was the São Paulo State League title of 1973. Pelé left in October 1974, having scored 1091 goals in 1116 matches for Santos.
1978-1984: the Meninos da Vila (Vila Boys) and the last title before the drought
In 1978, a new term was coined to the players produced by Santos youth system, or just young players that were bought: the Meninos da Vila (Vila Boys), that won the 1978 State League. The 1st generation counted with Juary, João Paulo, Pita, Nilton Batata and Ailton Lira.
Meninos da Vila Apps Goals
Juary 229 101
João Paulo 412 103
Pita 408 55
Nilton Batata 249 36
Ailton Lira 182 37
In the 1980s, Santos built a good team that reached the final of the 1983 Brazilian League, and won the 1984 State League - Santos last title before the drought.
1984-2002: 18-year title drought
In this period, Santos reached the 1995 Brazilian League final - led by the idol Giovanni -, as well as the 2000 State League final. Santos won the 1997 Rio-São Paulo Tournament and the 1998 Copa Conmebol, but they were minor trophies and didn't count as the end of the drought, that would last until 2002.
Nevertheless, Santos became the first team in the world to score 10.000 goals - the record took place in January 1998, with a goal scored by Jorginho.
In December 2000, Santos was elected by FIFA the Club of the Century in South America, and placed 5th in the world, behind Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern and Barcelona.
2002: Diego & Robinho and the 2nd Meninos da Vila generation
In the last season of the Brazilian League with knock-out stages (round-robin were introduced in 2003), Santos were broken and bet once again on their own DNA: youth system and offensive football. Led by 17-year-old Diego and 18-year-old Robinho, and with great young players Maurinho (24), Alex (20), Renato (23) and Elano (21), as well as great experienced players like Fábio Costa (25), Léo (27) and Alberto (27), Santos qualified on the 8th and last spot to the quarter-finals - after an exciting 1st stage, even leading the league at some point, but dropping a lot in quality towards the end.
In the knock-out stage, Santos won 5 of the 6 matches before becoming champions. In the quarter-finals, against the scary São Paulo of Kaká and Luís Fabiano, Santos won both legs: 3-1 at home and then a 2-1 comeback away, with Diego scoring twice, one of them the winning goal on the 2nd leg.
In the semi-finals, Santos defeated Grêmio 3-0 at home, with a great show from Robinho, who got Grêmio's CB sent off and then scored this great goal. Alberto scored twice, notably this backheel one. In the 2nd leg, a 0-1 defeat was enough to put Santos in the league final.
The final would be against Parreira's Corinthians. In the first leg, Diego brilliantly assisted Alberto to open the score, and then Robinho at '88 also brilliantly assissted Renato to close the 2-0 score.
The final 2nd leg was monumental. Corinthians needed to win by a 2-goal difference to be the champions. It started badly for Santos, with Diego leaving injured with less than five minutes. But at '35, Robinho produced one of the most iconic moves of the football world in 2002, the 8 Pedaladas (8 Stepovers), after which he suffered a penalty, which he himself converted into a goal dedicated to Diego. Corinthians now needed 3 goals, and at '75 they scored the first, then at '84 they scored the second. Total fear in Santos supporters. But 4 minutes later at '88, the heir of the king, the prince Robinho carried the ball from the midfield until the right side of the box to assist Elano in Santos second goal. But it wasn't over yet, and at '92, him again, the prince Robinho left two Corinthians' CB completely lost in a quick body turnaround to assist Léo to score the 3rd and winning goal. The perfect match was over, Santos won 3-2, and were crowned Brazilian League champions. Highlights to Santos goalkeeper Fabio Costa who had this absurd performance (2mn33s video) and to Santos coach Emerson Leão, the man who chose to bet in these young players.
2003-2004: the show must go on
In 2003, Santos, Diego and Robinho were the Brazilian trend. They kept their high-level football with the addition of Ricardo Oliveira in the attack, and finished 2nd in the Copa Libertadores - losing to Boca Juniors - and 2nd in the Brazilian League - dominated by Cruzeiro.
In 2004, Santos won the Brazilian League again, their 8th and most recent Brazilian League title. With the departures of Renato, Diego and Ricardo Oliveira to Europe, Santos brought Ricardinho and Deivid from Middlesbrough and Bordeaux, and the international coach Luxemburgo from Cruzeiro.
It worked greatly, and led by Robinho and Elano, they won the league on the 46th and last round, after beating Vasco 2-1. It was a very dramatic league in all possible ways, and against everything and everyone, Santos were once again Brazilian Champions.
Meninos da Vila Apps (Santos) Goals (Santos) Clubs in Europe
Diego 133 38 Porto, Werder Bremen, Atlético Madrid
Robinho 253 111 Real Madrid, Milan, Man. City
Elano 322 68 Shakhtar, Man. City
Renato 424 33 Sevilla
Alex 103 20 Chelsea, Milan, PSG
2009-2013: Neymar & Ganso, the 3rd Meninos da Vila generation
After the 2004 team was dismantled, Santos won two State League titles in 2006 and 2007, besides finishing 2nd in the 2007 Brazilian League and reaching the semi-finals in the 2007 Copa Libertadores, led by international star Zé Roberto.
In March 2009, Neymar made his debut at the age of 17. With midfielder Ganso (aged 19), they finished 2nd in the State League, losing to Ronaldo Nazário's Corinthians.
In 2010, the Cirque du Soleil Santos show began. With the addition of Robinho (on a 6-month loan from Man. City) to the front line, the team reached a historical mark of 111 goals in 34 matches on the title campaigns of the 2010 State League and 2010 Copa do Brasil. Overall in the year, Santos scored 176 goals, and Neymar 42 goals. The team played for fun and brilliant goals were a constant, notably: Robinho's backheel goal against Rogério Ceni's São Paulo, Ganso finesse assist to Robinho against Grêmio, Neymar's little-stop penalty goal against Ceni's São Paulo, Ganso's lob against Monte Azul, Robinho's lob against Bragantino, Ganso's backheel assist to Neymar's goal against Santo André, Alex Sandro's goal against Cruzeiro, Wesley's goal against Grêmio, Ganso long distance goal against Grêmio, Neymar dribbling past the whole Santo André defense goal, Neymar's assist to André against São Paulo, and obviously, Robinho air backheel assist to Neymar against Santo André.
However, the epic 2010 team only lasted 6 months: Wesley, André and Robinho left to Europe, and Ganso got severely injured. With the team dismantled, they ended on the 8th position in the league.
2011 Copa Libertadores: the third continental dream title
Santos started the season with the 2011 State League title, beating Corinthians in the final (0-0, 2-1).
Santos also counted with the return of Elano for the 2011 Copa Libertadores, but the team started badly: 2 draws and 1 loss, so Santos needed to win all the next 3 matches to advance. And they did, without much problems: 3-2 Colo-Colo (Chile), 2-1 Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) and 3-1 Táchira (Venezuela). Highlights to Neymar's dribbling-goal against Colo-Colo and Danilo's long-distance goal against Cerro Porteño.
In the round of 16, Santos met América (Mexico) and beat them 1-0 at home in the 1st leg. The 2nd leg, in Mexico, was a 0-0 tie, with goalkeeper Rafael Cabral having an exceptional match.
In the quarter-finals, against Once Caldas (Colombia), Santos had no problem beating them 1-0 in Colombia, and then tying 1-1 at home, with this great goal from Neymar.
In the semi-finals, Santos beat Cerro Porteño 1-0 at home, with this great assist from Neymar to Edu Dracena, and had a restful 2nd leg after opening 2-0 and leaving Paraguay with a 3-3 tie and qualified to the finals.
In the big final against Peñarol, Santos left the 1st leg with a 0-0 tie in Uruguay, with Peñarol having this goal bravely disallowed at '85. In the final 2nd leg, Santos pressured Peñarol at home, until Neymar opened the score at '46 with a brilliant shot, after a fine backheel-play by Ganso and ball-conducting by Arouca. At '68, Danilo scored one more, but Santos centre-back Durval scored an own goal at '79. On the last minute, Neymar almost scored the third, but the ball hit the post. At '93, the match ended, and after 48 years, Santos were the Copa Libertadores Champions, for the third time in their history.
Neymar was the MVP and second topscorer with 6 goals, at the age of 19. He was also elected the 2011 Brazilian League MVP, but Santos finished on the 10th place.
With this title, Santos qualified to the 2011 Club World Cup in Japan. They beat Kashiwa Reysol 3-1 in the semi-final, with this splendid goal from Neymar. However, they were completely dominated by Messi's Barcelona in the final, losing it 0-4.
In 2012, Santos had another great year, led by Neymar, Ganso and Elano. They started the season with the 2012 State League title, beating Guarani in the final (3-0, 4-2). They also reached the 2012 Copa Libertadores semi-finals, but got eliminated by Corinthians.
They also won the 2012 Recopa Sudamericana and finished 8th on the league.
Meninos da Vila Apps (Santos) Goals (Santos) Clubs in Europe
Neymar 230 138 Barcelona, PSG
Ganso 162 36 Sevilla, Amiens
André 94 41 Sporting
Rafael Cabral 190 - Napoli, Reading
Danilo 80 10 Porto, Real Madrid, Man. City, Juventus
Wesley 63 10 Werder Bremen
Since the Neymar & Ganso Era ended in 2013, Santos has won 2 State League titles (2015, 2016), finished 2nd in the Brazilian League twice (2016, 2019) and in the Copa do Brasil once (2015), as well as revealing Rodrygo in 2018.
Santos represents the essence of Brazilian football DNA, which is offensive and beautiful football, a philosophy which made their youth system one of the most respected in the world. You can watch here some rare Pelé highlights, here some 2002-2005 Robinho's and here some 2009-2013 Neymar's.
Santos is one of the 3 Brazilian teams that has never been relegated.
To this day, Santos has a fanbase of 6 million supporters, and a stadium attendance average of 10.300, as of 2019.
If you have any questions about Brazilian football, feel free to join us at futebol, where you'll be very welcomed!
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2020.09.12 04:37 MBT_maybienthe Cấu tạo và nguyên lý hoạt động của máy biến áp 3 pha

Cấu tạo và nguyên lý hoạt động của máy biến áp 3 pha
Máy biến áp là một loại thiết bị điện vô cùng quan trọng trong hệ thống truyền tải và phân phối điện năng đến nơi tiêu thụ. Để đáp ứng nhu cầu truyền tải điện năng đi xa thì cần máy có công suất đủ lớn. Đó là lý do máy biến áp 3 pha ra đời.
Vậy máy biến áp 3 pha là gì? Và cấu tạo của nó ra sao? Hãy cùng tìm hiểu qua bài viết dưới đây.
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2. Cấu tạo và nguyên lý hoạt động của máy biến áp ba pha
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Máy biến áp 3 pha đóng vai trò vô cùng quan trọng trong hệ thống truyền tải điện năng. Thiết bị này chủ yếu được sử dụng rộng rãi và phổ biến cho mục đích công nghiệp để tạo ra năng lượng điện, truyền tải và phân phối.
Máy biến áp 3 pha được sử dụng và lắp đặt ở những nơi phải tiêu thụ một lượng điện năng vô cùng lớn như cao ốc, chung cư, bệnh viện, trạm biến áp…

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  • Dây quấn máy 3 pha có 6 dây quấn đồng được bọc cách điện, quấn quanh trụ. Dây quấn đảm nhiệm việc nhận năng vào và truyền năng lượng ra trong quá trình máy vận hành.
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Máy biến áp khô của MBT
Bài viết tham khảo:
Máy biến áp khô
Cấu tạo máy biến áp 1 pha

4. Bảng giá máy biến áp ba pha

Máy biến áp ba pha là sản phẩm chủ lực của Công ty Cổ phần Chế tạo biến thế điện lực Hà Nội (MBT). Công ty chúng tôi tự hào là đơn vị sản xuất và cung cấp máy biến áp uy tín chất lượng hàng đầu Việt Nam với bề dày kinh nghiệm hơn 20 năm trong lĩnh vực nghiên cứu và sản xuất máy biến áp cùng với đội ngũ cán bộ, công nhân viên có trình độ cao, trang thiết bị máy móc công nghệ hiện đại, các sản phẩm và dịch vụ của công ty từ lâu đã được thị trường đánh giá cao.
Quy mô nhà máy với 4 công xưởng hơn 20000m2, MBT cung cấp đầy đủ các dòng sản phẩm từ máy biến áp 1 pha, máy biến áp dầu 3 pha kiểu kín, kiểu hở, máy biến áp khô,... Tính đến nay số lượng máy biến áp mà MBT xuất ra thị trường đã cán mốc hơn 50000 máy. Bên cạnh đó còn có các dòng sản phẩm khác như tủ điện trung thế, hạ thế, trạm điện hợp bộ dạng kios, trạm điện hợp bộ kiểu một cột, ổn áp, các loại cuộn kháng điện xoay chiều và một chiều,...
Với phương châm kinh doanh là: “Chất lượng dưỡng niềm tin”, khách hàng khi đến với MBT sẽ luôn nhận được các sản phẩm có chất lượng cao, giá thành hợp lý, thời gian giao hàng nhanh nhất và dịch vụ bảo hành tốt nhất.
MBT - CHẤT LƯỢNG DƯỠNG NIỀM TIN------------------------⭐️ Quý khách hàng có nhu cầu tư vấn, lắp đặt máy biến áp, tủ trạm điện vui lòng liên hệ:CÔNG TY CP CHẾ TẠO BIẾN THẾ ĐIỆN LỰC HÀ NỘI🌍 Website: https://mbt.com.vn/✉️Email : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])📞Hotline: 0913.006.538🏠 Địa chỉ: Điểm CN Sông Cùng, Đồng Tháp, Đan Phượng, Hà Nội------------------------#trambienap #maybienap #maybienapkho #mbt
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2020.09.10 18:45 SirCompliments The entire r/okaybuddyretard banned posts list


The following will result in a ban almost every time

Relevant bans (recent bans as well as old ones that people still post)

Bans regarding specific characters / people

Extremely old bans that are still valid / bygone trends (why would you post these anyway?)

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2020.09.10 07:02 charliefrench2oo8 Facebook Connect / Quest 2 - Speculations Megathread

Welcome to the "Speculations" mega thread for the device possibly upcoming in the Oculus Quest line-up. This thread will be a compilation of leaks, speculation & rumors updated as new information comes out.
Let's have some fun and go over some of the leaks, rumors, speculation all upcoming before Facebook Connect, we'll have a full mega thread going during Connect, but this should be a great thread for remembrance afterward.
Facebook Connect is happening September 16th at 10 AM PST, more information can be found here.

In March, Facebook’s public Developer Documentation website started displaying a new device called ‘Del Mar’, with a ‘First Access’ program for developers.
In May, we got the speculated specs, based off the May Bloomberg Report (Original Paywall Link)
• “at least 90Hz” refresh rate
• 10% to 15% smaller than the current Quest
• around 20% lighter
• “the removal of the fabric from the sides and replacing it with more plastic”
• “changing the materials used in the straps to be more elastic than the rubber and velcro currently used”
• “a redesigned controller that is more comfortable and fixes a problem with the existing controller”

On top of that, the "Jedi Controller" drivers leaked, which are now assumed to be V3 Touch Controllers for the upcoming device.
The IMUs seem significantly improved & the reference to a 60Hz (vs 30hz) also seems to imply improved tracking.
It's also said to perhaps have improved haptics & analog finger sensing instead of binary/digital.
Now as of more recent months, we had the below leaks.
Render (1), (2)
Walking Cat seems to believe the device is called "Quest 2", unfortunately since then, his twitter has been taken down.
Real-life pre-release model photos
Possible IPD Adjustment
From these photos and details we can discern that:
Further features speculation based on firmware digging (thanks Reggy04 from the VR Discord for quite a few of these), as well as other sources, all linked.

Additional Sources: 1/2/3/4
Headset Codenames
We've seen a few codenames going around at this point, Reggy04 provided this screenshot that shows the following new codenames.
Pricing Rumors
So far, the most prevalent pricing we've seen is 299 for 64gb, and 399 for 256GB
These were shown by a Walmart page for Point Reyes with a release date of September 16 and a Target price leak with a street date of October 13th

What is this headset?
Speculation so far is this headset is a Quest S or Quest 2
This is a flat-out cheaper-to-manufacture, small upgrade to the Oculus Quest to keep up with demand and to iterate the design slowly.
Again, This is all speculation, nothing is confirmed or set in stone.
What do you think this is and what we'll see at FB Connect? Let's talk!
Rather chat live? Join us on the VR Discord
EDIT: MAJOR UPDATE - Leaked Videos.
6GB of RAM, XR2 Platform, "almost 4k display" (nearly 2k per eye) Source
I am mirroring all the videos in case they get pulled down.
Mirrors: Oculus Hand Tracking , Oculus Casting, Health and Safety, Quest 2 Instructions, Inside the Upgrade
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2020.09.05 06:16 Nate_Lionheart GIF request : The Boys Season Two Episode Three

Hey, hello, i have a gif request.
In the third episode of season two of The Boys, there's a scene where Billy The Butcher tells Homelander "Oi Cunt" and after a little conversation he tells him "Eat this, Motherfucker." Can someone combine them? Thank you.
Amazon Prime Video is not letting you me screen recording it. If anyone can do it, thank you.
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2020.09.04 14:12 Videogoal666 Best Full-frame Entry-level Mirrorless- Panasonic Lumix S5 (Part3)

Best Full-frame Entry-level Mirrorless- Panasonic Lumix S5 (Part3)
First of all, head detection focus is added to the body, which means that even if you are shooting a person with his back facing you and the camera can't detect the face, you can maintain the priority focus on the head and achieve continuous focus on the animals. Holding the S5 to follow the model, we can see that in the first half of this clip, the model is photographed from the front. The model’s face is always in focus, and the focus moves with the model. When in the middle, the model’s face is out of the frame, but the camera Keep tracking the focus of her head;
In the second half, the model faces the camera with her back, but because the "head recognition autofocus" is turned on, the S5 still follows the model's back, keeping her within the focus range. The above improvements are very practical in wedding photography.
In addition to shooting the model lady, we also tried it with our boy Homer. The testing environment is very simple. It is our late-night office. Homer spares no effort to accompany us. The office lights are dim, so the ISO is set to 12800 in order to have a slightly normal exposure. For the convenience of viewing, we cut a video into several GIFs, which are actually recorded at once, without pressing the shutter button again to focus.
S5 can quickly identify the subject (dog's eyes)
When there is an obstruction in the foreground, the focus will not twitch, but stay on the dog’s face
After switching the camera position, the focus point can be quickly recaptured
Homer is squatting on the ground and the S5's focus can still find its eyes when the light is extremely dark; although there is a certain out-of-focus situation at this time, considering such a dark environment, we should be satisfied that there is still focus .
In addition to tracking people, S5 is also faster and more accurate when switching focus . It can well decide the photographer's selection and switching needs for the foreground and background.
The foreground is very naturally switched to the background.
Quickly refocus after switching subjects
Both the autofocus speed and ISO can be adjusted manually. When we need to change the focus more slowly and naturally, it is a good choice to lower the autofocus speed.
Adjustment menu
The literal meaning of AF sensitivity may not be easily understood. In fact, when the distance between the subject and the camera changes significantly, the refocusing speed is directly full and fast, which is more suitable for shooting in depth in front of the lens, and can perform automatic focusing. For example, when we are shooting Vlog, we switch between panoramic view and our face close from time to time. After the AF sensitivity is set to full, under both states, we can maintain the focus quickly.
After switching the AF mode to point focus mode, press the record button, we can touch the screen with our fingers to switch between two points to focus back and forth. This focus switching method is often used in shooting, and it can be achieved well by tapping on the screen.
Switch focus back and forth between 2 points
And now autofocus is also available in slow motion (autofocus is disabled at 150 and 180fps). We tested 4x slow motion at 120fps. With human eye detection focusing, it can keep up with the focus well; even if the person turns his/her head, S5 can keep focus tracking.
4x slow motion follow focus
002 4K 30P 4: 2: 2 10bit It can be said that Panasonic is very sincere to include 4:2:2 10bit of the full-frame 4K 30P in the body of the S5. Looking around, it seems that none of the products of the same level (entry-level full-frame) can shoot 4:2:2 10bit like S5. Needless to say, the benefits of this performance can provide us with a larger color palette during the post-grading process.
4:2:2 10bit internal recording sunset
003 4K 60P
4K 60P seems to have become the standard configuration of mirrorless video parameters in recent years, at least the standard configuration of high-end products. However, the entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera is rarely equipped. Although the 4K 60P of the S5 is of APS-C size, the image quality is not bad, and the advantage of cropping is that you want to take closer pictures of the moon or animals, which is absolutely easy to use.
Why do we need 4K 60P? First, the viewers will see a smoother and more comfortable picture. Second, the 4K resolution leaves room for post-production in the screen size, while 60P leaves room for post-production in the time dimension, which is convenient for us to produce more coherent and smooth images. It also provides creators with a larger and more convenient creative space and expression, so it is very important.
004 Built-in V-Log
The S5 has a built-in complete V-Log capability, which can help you to achieve a dynamic range of 14+ stops like S1H. This configuration is absolutely lovely! After turning on the V-Log, the dual native ISOs are ISO 640 and ISO 4000 respectively, but they can be expanded down to ISO 320, so you don’t have to worry too much about using a large aperture lens in the hot sun.
For scenes with large screen light, using V-Log can preserve the details of the highlights.
005 Dual native ISO and HLG
S5 has an ISO range of 100-51200 and can be extended to ISO 50 and ISO102400, 204800. The point is that it has dual native ISO (entry micro-single). The native ISO benchmarks are ISO 100 and 640 respectively, but they are not manually adjustable like S1H, but are automatically switched inside the machine. With dual native ISO, low-light shooting is no longer a problem, and the increase in noise under high ISO can also be suppressed.
When shooting in low light, we recommend using HLG mode, because in this mode, the noise in the dark part of the picture is not obvious, there is a tendency to suppress the noise in the dark part, and highlight the details and colors of the bright part, which meets our initial shooting needs -to highlight the subject in the dark.
In a dark room, the only light source is a lit candle. At this time, the internal ISO is 12800
006 Five-axis OIS
Panasonic's OIS system has always been praised, and the S5 is no exception. The body has five-axis IBIS and can support OIS lens. From the actual experience, this level of OIS handheld shooting fixed scenes without any problems, as stable as a rock. If you are shooting while walking, because the body is light and easier to shake, the OIS effect is not as good as the heavier S1 series.
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2020.09.01 06:36 mewtwosucks96 Merry Early Christmas! - Daily Prompts September 2020

For the rest of the month, I'm going to share holiday-inspired prompts I came up with and you can respond to as many as you want to. In any order. At any time. I hope you enjoy.
Date Fandom “Title” Rating Wordcount Link (optional)
September 1st: SHAZAM! - Which is better? Being a kid or being an adult? Write an excerpt about a character (or more than one) exploring this question in some way. (300 words)
September 2nd: Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon! - Airports can be annoying. Your character is at one and something is really ruining their day. What is it? (258 words)
September 3rd: The Snow Way Out Trilogy - Your character is feeling trapped. They want out. Is anyone gonna help? Can they handle this themselves? (300 words)
September 4th: BRILLIANT! - You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! OH! Why didn’t I think of that?! Anyway, here’s the prompt. Some ideas, like trying to steal Christmas, are awful. However, the idea your character has is a great one. (200 words)
September 5th: Christmas Cookies, Sugar - Today’s prompt isn’t actually about cookies, it’s about stars. That word means a lot of things. It’s another word for “celebrities,” it’s a shape, it’s a weapon used by ninja,it’s Dallas’s NHL team, it’s a thing up in space, and it’s even a sea creature. Which kind of star is your excerpt gonna be about? (100 words)
September 6th: Santy Claus is almost here. Oh, me so excited for Christmas! Me can hardly control meself! Ooh! COOKIES! - I honestly don’t like Twas The Night Before Christmas. I think it’s outdated and kind of annoying. Despite that, I watch Cookie Monster recite it every year. So, the theme for today’s prompt is hypocrisy. One of your characters has done something hypocritical. What was it and what’s gonna happen as a result? Does your character have a good reason for being this way? (200 words)
September 7th: The owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs - There’s more holidays near the end of the year than just Christmas. There’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, certain people’s birthdays, and maybe some more I didn’t think of. Pick one and write an excerpt set during it, or at least about some element of it. (300 words)
September 8th: Happy Birthday! - Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, but let’s not stereotype all snowpeople. They deserve some more diverse representation in pop culture. Write an excerpt about snow coming to life (but not necessarily in a literal sense). (100 words)
September 9th: I’m The Holiday Armadillo! - Improvising can be very useful and important at times. How’s your character improvising today? Are they also adapting and overcoming, by any chance? (300 words)
September 10th: Don’t forget the European exclusive on the PS2! No! - Ooh! An unexpected visitor! Who is it? Are they welcome here? What are they gonna do? (200 words)
September 11th: A GIANT CHRISTMAS WALNUT! - All of a sudden, your character finds something awesome when they weren’t even trying to. What is it? What’s it gonna do for them? Most importantly, will it help a baby they happen to come across have a special firstest Christmas? (500 words)
September 12th: Christmas Who? - “Who” is the key word here today. Your character is meeting or learning about someone for the first time. Is this someone important or just somebody random? If it’s the second thing I said, will they become important? Also, don’t eat me cookie dough. (200 words)
September 13th: Black Christmas! - It’s time to get scary! Take that however you want. It can be a horror scene, someone pulling a prank, someone worried they’re about to get a Game Over in a really hard video game, or anything else you think is frightening. (400 words)
September 14th: A hideous gadget that I’ll never use! - Lying is bad. Very bad. In today’s excerpt, your character is choosing to be honest, like they should. Jolly Sluzzle Tag! (200 words)
September 15th: WHY WEREN’T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?! - Your character is getting berated by someone today. Will it be because they’re being picked on for some abnormality about their body? Will it be they’re being yelled at for not coming to something important? Something else entirely? Your choice. Will there be anyone there to make them feel better? I hope. Also, for real, why weren’t you at elf practice? (300 words)
September 16th: Even The Easter Bunny started given 'em 'til Santa slapped him with a lawsuit. - Time to tell a story within a story. Your character has something important to tell the others. What is it? Bonus points if they HI-LARIOUSLY fall down in some way before they get to finish. (500 words)
September 17th: Haha! Two movies in one prompt! - Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Small is also good at times. In today’s excerpt, something has somehow become bigger, causing some issue. (200 words)
September 18th: NOW BRING US SOME FIGGY PUDDING! - Someone is starting to get demanding. What do they want, who are they asking for it from, and are they gonna get it? (200 words)
September 19th: And I go back to December! - Lots of people have something that makes them think about the holiday season even though it wouldn’t for most people. Maybe your family has a tradition of having lasagna on Thanksgiving. Maybe there’s a certain movie you saw for the first time on Christmas Day. Either write an excerpt about what your unusual holiday thing is or have your characters talk about theirs. If you don’t want it to be about a holiday, simply doing something at an unusual time works too. (100 words)
September 20th: I love this movie, but it doesn’t have any memorable lines. - Has your character ever felt underappreciated? Well, they are today. What’s making them feel this way? Is it jealousy? Also, this is the prompt because it’s the premise of the movie and most definitely not at all a joke about how I think it’s underrated. (300 words)
September 21st: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Love and excitement. In today’s prompt, your character is excited about something that they love. So much so that they might even sing a song about it, maybe? (100 words)
September 22nd: Second Christmas - Some things are just way too awesome to only do once. What’s your character choosing to do twice when they’re not supposed to and what are the consequences of doing so gonna be? Maybe they’re able to do something twice thanks to time travel. I bet that would cause some massive problem. It’s happened in every time travel movie ever made. Seriously! (200 words)
September 23rd: Don’t Be A Jerk! - Eating a certain food has caused something bad to happen. Does the person who ate it feel okay? Are they acting unusual? (100 words)
September 24th: STIRWHIPSTIRWHIPWHIPWHIPSTIR! - A certain character or two (any amount) should have arrived by now. They were supposed to, anyway. What’s keeping them? Are the other characters gonna do anything about it? (300 words)
September 25th: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - One or more of your characters can say there’s no such thing as the thing they happen to not believe in, but as for the characters who disagree with them, they believe. Sing it, Grandpa! Write an excerpt where someone believes something and somebody else doesn’t. (200 words)
September 26th: I've got the Tardis scanning the sewers for non-terrestrial life signals. - Apparently the episode this prompt came from is the only Doctor Who episode to premiere in 2019. That’s pretty odd. The prompt is there is only one of something when it doesn’t seem like there should be. (100 words)
September 27th: It’s a Christmas-themed movie snack. - You know what’s not good? When people make the wrong decision, especially when the fact it’s wrong is obvious. What incorrect choice has your character made? Also, Ted from How I Met Your Mother goes to a movie theater to see It’s A Wonderful Life in the episode this prompt is based on, so that totally counts as It’s A Wonderful Life getting a prompt. Ooh! I know. If you want, the character’s bad decision can be wishing they were never born (or some other wish that changes a lot of things). (300 words)
September 28th: YOU CAN’T BREAK A CHRISTMAS PROMISE! - What are you gonna do?! I don’t know! What I do know is what today’s prompt is. There is something your character MUST do whether they want to or not. If they fail, there will be a very severe punishment. (200 words)
September 29th: Reggae Potato - Don’t you hate it when you’re singing an absolute masterpiece of a Christmas song but then your head spontaneously catches on fire for the third time that day? I HATE when they happens! The prompt today is one character had something important to do but can’t, so at least one other character has to fill in. Are they up to the task? (300 words)
September 30th: I’m back from the dead. Never can I die. One of your characters has a very impressive ability or talent. (200 words)
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2020.09.01 04:39 WarMachine425 Black Panther - A Hero Moveset and Abilities Concept

Black Panther - A Hero Moveset and Abilities Concept
What's up Avengers fam, I guess this is turning into a rambling series now, because I'm back once more with another wishful thinking moveset for future DLC Heroes in Marvel's Avengers.
This past week, of course, we endured the devastating loss of a true Marvel icon, Chadwick Boseman. He was the true embodiment of T'Challa in live-action for the first time in history, and an inspiration for millions of kids (and adults) everywhere. I envision many Avengers fans rushing to play this hero as a way to remember him... so considering I was going to tackle this character at some point down the line, there seems like no time better than now.
I hope that these ideas can live up to, and honor the legacy that Chadwick has created for the character of Black Panther.
Thank You, Chadwick

General: Black Panther's toolset relies heavily on a combination of Vibranium tools/ weapons and use of his suit’s stored Kinetic energy. He also has some more mystical abilities that have yet to be portrayed on film. He, of course, is a very highly skilled fighter and acrobat which should undoubtedly be on display through his combat style and animations.
https://imgur.com/a/oiBgwRz (this link is for thumbnail purposes, plz ignore)
With or without the cape?


  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina, Senses, etc
  • Accelerated healing factor
  • Genius-Level Intellect and Inventor
  • Vast array of high-tech tools & weapons powered by Wakanda's Vibranium abundance
  • Highly Skilled Martial Artist
  • Mystical connection to Panther God 'Bast' and all previous Black Panthers.
There are definitely more than those listed here, but for now, these are the ones used in this moveset.
Let's get to it shall we? ....

Intrinsic Energy: Kinetic Energy Storage

Gain intrinsic charge by attacking AND taking damage from enemies. Kinetic Energy is stored within Black Panther's suit for use in combat at will.

Intrinsic Ability: Kinetic Redistribution

Tap (R2/ RT) during enemy attack to counter with a kinetic energy pulse throwing them backwards.
Kinetic Counter
Hold (R2/ RT) to consume all remaining intrinsic energy and send a powerful kinetic explosion in a 360 around T’Challa
Kinetic Explosion

Traversal: Panther Sprint

After sprinting for a few seconds normally, T’Challa channels his inner Panther and sprints on all-fours at tremendous speed. Jump while sprinting for a kinetic pounce (does not cost intrinsic charge).
- Jump again while in mid-air to double jump.
- Jump at a wall to cling to it for a short time.
- Tap (Light Attack) while clinging to a wall to pounce Attack the nearest enemy and pin them to the ground.
- Hold (Light) in mid-air to perform a kinetic ground slam.
Kinetic Slam

Dodge: BP’s superhuman senses allow him to predict enemy movement resulting in longer dodge/ and parry windows from enemies attacks.
- Tap (Circle/ B) to quickly dodge in the specified direction and engage T’Challas cloaking tech on his suit for a short time (cloaking works on cooldown timer).
Cloaking Tech
- After being knocked back by an enemy, tap (Dodge) the precise moment you hit the ground to immediately pounce up and land on your feet.
- Tap (Light Attack) while dodging backwards to fire shock nets at nearest enemy stopping them in their tracks.
Shock Net

Ranged Attack: Energy Siphon Daggers

Hold R2/ RT to lock-on to multiple enemies and throw all daggers at once. Hitting enemies with daggers applies a “health drain” effect for a short time, even on robotic foes.
Energy Daggers

Light Attack: Panther Claws (you knew it was coming)

Perform continuous swipe combos using Vibranium claws either on the ground or mid-air.
- Hold (Light Attack) to perform a leg sweep and knock enemies to the floor.

Heavy Attack: Kinetic Strikes

Retract Panther claws up onto your knuckles and attack using fists with Kinetic energy bursts.
- Hold (Heavy Attack) on the ground to back-flip kick an enemy into the air, opening them up for air juggles.
*SNIKT *... oops wrong hero
A bit like this...

Support Heroic: Kinetic Barrier

Redistribute kinetic energy into a spherical shield around Black Panther and allies for a short time.
- Ranged attacks from you and your allies have increased damage when shot through the barrier.
- Melee attack damage is increased while standing within the barrier, with a Skill tree upgrade to disorient enemies in bubble.
(I imagine T'Challa doing the Wakanda Forever pose when creating the barrier.)
Bubble should be big enough to contain a HULK

Assault Heroic: Mystic Spear

T’Challa’s connection to the Panther God Bast allows him to conjure a mystical spear. Throw the spear into enemies or at the ground resulting in a high damage energy explosion.
Why thank you Bast

Ultimate: Predator in the Mist

Pounce into the air and throw electrified Kimoyo smoke beads below to stun enemies. T'Challa engages thermal vision and unsheathes his energy daggers to perform multiple take-down animations on enemies in the smoke. Enemies are also outlined for allies to see.
... and thank you Shuri
How cool is this?


Wakandan Hulkbuster skin for when T'Challa enters Tony's Hulkbuster:
Wakandan Hulkbuster
Traditional African Patterns Skin, like this one from u/Byctor :
Thanks Byctor
Shuri Black Panther skin:
Or maybe just add her as a Hero too?

That's all for this one guys. As always let me know your thoughts and critiques.
If you're interested in my previous hero concepts you can find them here:
War Machine Concept:

The Vision Concept:

Thank you all for making it to the end, and as for you Chadwick...
Rest in Peace, we will miss you dearly.
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2020.08.31 09:46 malornwsx RE:FUSE GAME ERRORS [X]

\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
Be sure to check FusionFall for RE:FUSE updates via u/brodan100105 ;)
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - http://bit.do/fGA2j + http://bit.do/fHs5Y via FusionFall2 ;)
FusionFall Re:Fuse (abbreviated as Re:Fuse) is an unofficial singlelayer recreation of the Cartoon Network MMO FusionFall, created in a newer version of the Unity engine. It is currently unknown if the game will be recreated in it's entirety, or only include the Future section of the original. The project is lead by a FusionFall community member by the name of Brodan, and he has gotten help from others during the development of the game.
A demo was released on August 23, 2020, and it has received an update to fix the most major bugs of the program. The most recent version of the demo can be downloaded in the link below. However, it is still pretty unstable in places.


via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747468218033242152/bug.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747469290084630639/2020-08-24_17-53-50-1.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747469683858342049/2020-08-24_17-56-15-1.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747470232188092486/2020-08-24_17-58-38-1.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747470898449350766/2020-08-24_18-00-54-1.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747471122571853934/2020-08-24_18-01-25-1.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/747851264125304902/bugv1.2.mp4
via Frizy#7255 [discord] https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746896575523061841/749621829290950666/enter.wbug.mp4
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/714451756876038287/751764866385182790/IMG_0736.MOV via Zerky (dev)
via Frizy#7255 [discord]
via Frizy#7255 [discord]
via higglydiggly#8280 [discord]
https://youtu.be/-OXXZ6ygYxs via zakthepower
via crazybot#4465 [discord]
via Frizy#7255 [discord]
via x# [discord]
  • Game glitch character invisible (cheat engine) via
  • Camera glitch according to brodan because the game has no collisions (select camera angle)
  • Reverted (mirrored) mission dialogue reported by numerous users
  • Resolution glitch using fullscreen mode e.g. Computress
  • Pressing E/Q makes the mouse stop working as intended press enter twice to resolve the issue
  • Attack mode is active while interacting with NPCs e.g. Computress
  • X caps lock [control] walk normally via Zerky (developer)
  • UI NPCs select robot machines (mandroids) have the wrong name (title)
  • G1 shots not appearing while shooting mobs (creatures)
  • G2 character is unable to move by the KND Scamper & game makes the player jump erratically
  • G3 using your player to attack while riding a vehicle makes the vehicle invisible
  • G4 player can go faster diagonally exiting vehicles glitch can be fixed by equipping a nano
  • G5 player attack glitch (pve fighting mobs)
  • G6 player die glitch not transported to Resurrect Em (in-game resurrection point)
  • G7 nano Eddy spreads excessive candy upon nano summon via player
  • G8 player camera glitch 360* once pressing W in menu


External links
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K7hRDgbNX8IuNehEJk1f0HU0303aXHZ1/view x
https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Kq-J5Pht7KVRaNv5P5hRTvEyG-oIlG4/view -
https://youtu.be/-OXXZ6ygYxs via zakthepower
https://youtu.be/t-zK6QnTlxM via theblackwasabi
Of course without my assistance various FusionFall teams wouldn't have been able to extract the game assets (generic files) & audio for select characters for their projects glad I could assist. ;)


A1#3119 [discord]
brodan#5530 [discord]
Chris. I#2666 [discord]


X - https://fanonfall.fandom.com/wiki/The_Cartoon_Network_Museum https://fusionfall.fandom.com/wiki/Cartoon_Network_Universe:_FusionFall https://fusionfalllegacy.fandom.com/wiki/FusionFall_Legacy_Wikia
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - http://bit.do/fHZmm + http://bit.do/fGk8s + http://bit.do/fGk8m {FFU Client} + http://bit.do/fGmiW + http://bit.do/fGk8z + http://bit.do/fH3jX + http://bit.do/fGk8C + http://bit.do/fHZmf [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER

GAME CREDITS - https://reddit.com/FusionFall2/comments/hpansf/game_credits_ffu/

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2020.08.28 15:46 hbocao Estamos iniciando um programa testes do nosso jogo, Pixelrama, e estamos procurando por voluntários

Oi gente!
Eu estou fazendo um jogo com uns amigos e estamos querendo feedback, então fiz esse post pra pedir a ajuda de vocês.
O jogo é chamado Pixelrama e é um jogo de puzzle onde você rotaciona peças que carregam tinta para no final formar um desenho em pixel art. Não é pra ser um jogo super desafiador, mas também não é pra ser sem graça. Pense num clássico quebra-cabeça misturado com o jogo bem antigo Pipe Mania.
Acho que é mais fácil mostrar um gif (bem do início do desenvolvimento)
Pretendemos lançar para Android e provavelmente pra PC, mas estamos focando em mobile por hora. A gente realmente não gosta de propaganda e muito menos de IAP abusivas. Então, nosso plano é fazer o jogo gratuito e com opção para comprar packs de puzzles. O plano de lançamento é ter no mínimo 50 puzzles e um pacote comprável com também 50 puzzles. E a partir daí vamos ver como vai ser e vamos lançando mais pacotes de acordo.
Estamos ainda no início do desenvolvimento, mas como o jogo é bem simples, a mecânica principal já está totalmente implementada e já temos mais de 60 puzzles.
Você pode ver alguns deles aqui: https://mementogames.com/some-drawing-sets-we-have-so-fa
Prometo que está nos nossos planos colocar um cachorrinho caramelo :P
Se você tem interesse em nos ajudar, por favor preencha esse formulário: https://mementogames.com/pixelrama-tester-signup/
A comunicação será feita em inglês, já que estamos internacionalizando os testes, mas por favor, não se intimide. Se você tem interesse, a gente faz funcionar :)
Estamos tentando manter um devlog no nosso site: https://mementogames.com/devblog/
E também pode nos achar no Twitter: https://twitter.com/MementoGames/
Se tiver qualquer comentário ou pergunta, não se acanhe :)
Brigadão! :)
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2020.08.27 13:09 durinable Female Group ID

submitted by durinable to kpophelp [link] [comments]

2020.08.26 18:01 emilypandemonium Bless our sweet prince D'Angelo for calling out the ageism and sexism against Tati

because don't you hear, she made a MISTAKE, yes she filmed a professionally edited forty minute video smearing a gay teenager as a predator for having the gall to flirt with a boy and never owned up to the full horror of her behavior but let's take this minute to talk about how others went after HER. Pewdiepie? Trash. Trisha? Trash. James? ... also trash for gOiNg AfTeR sTrAiGhT bOyS, which is totally not an expression of the normal teenage thing where you want what you can't have for maximal angst, but shhhh let's shelve that line of outrage for now. Or not.
srs: I love D'Angelo, and I'm glad the sub loves him, but it's a trip watching them try to reconcile that love with their instinct to protect Tati at all costs. When he goes in on her disingenuous homophobic bullshit so many of them are all i_can't_read_suddenly.gif.
submitted by emilypandemonium to BGCCircleJerk [link] [comments]

2020.08.25 17:15 SeparateRelief Share the love

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2020.08.19 19:23 TheConchNorris Unique Casual Decks Anyone Can Make on a Budget, Volume 4

Looking for a deck that’s a little out of left field? The current meta making the game seem dull? Everyone telling you to just make a deck out of 3 copies of a Structure Deck make it seem like there’s no other way to play without breaking the bank?
Well, may I present: Casual decks, that ANYONE can make on a budget!
There are several decks for each type of Summoning mechanic, so you’ll be sure to find something you’ll enjoy.
Let me preface this with this: these decks are NOT ideal, as they are somewhat BUDGET. I've tried to not include any card that goes above $15 a copy unless 100% necessary. If you use these decklists, keep that in mind. Plus, my builds for these decks are made with my own idea of usability and budget in mind. In addition, because these are budget, no side deck options are included in the decklist. This is because side deck options vary from format to format, and can be potentially very costly. Since these builds are made for casual play anyway, side decks aren’t really necessary.
This is also NOT an F post. As this is made as introductory decklists, critiques or nitpicks are unnecessary and unwelcome. Unless there's a huge, glaring, unmistakable flaw the makes the deck 100% unplayable, then no changes will be made based on said unwarranted changes. These decks aren't meant to be the best; the best way to play them is to experiment with them and find how to make them work for you.




Not really a “summoning” mechanic per se, but these decks don’t rely heavily on any of the Extra Deck summoning mechanics, or Ritual Summons. That doesn’t mean they can’t/doesn’t use them, nor that they’re outdated, but most of the power is in the Main Deck for these.
Bamboo Swords
  • “Now hang on Conch”, you might say, “Bamboo Swords aren’t an archetype!” Well, that’s true. But, Bamboo Swords have the ability to skip nearly your opponent’s entire turn, if played right. Getting out Burning Bamboo Sword and playing a Bamboo Sword card will skip their Main Phase 1, and following up with Terminal World skips their Main Phase 2! Plus, Golden Bamboo Sword really helps out the deck’s draw power.
  • Cursed Bamboo Sword searches all of the other Bamboo Swords, and dumping it into the GY is of great importance. Thankfully, Fairy Tail – Rella can let you dump it to equip another from the Deck, and there’s plenty of ways to search/summon Rella.
  • For the sake of draw power, this deck runs Royal Magical Library, and for the sake of getting spell counters and extra bodies on board, it runs a small Endymion engine.
Ancient Warriors
  • It’s Fire Fists…2! Jokes aside, Ancient Warriors really are, more or less, Fire Fists that don’t care about being FIRE. The focus on Continuous Spells and Traps, being Beast-Warrior, based off of Asian history… alright, that’s not a whole lot of similarities, but it’s definitely enough to be kinda weird, especially given how recent the latest support for Fire Fists was.
  • Ancient Warriors are primarily a going-2nd, OTK focused deck. Many of the monsters have synergy with this, as they can summon themselves when your opponent has more monsters than you, such as with Virtuous Liu Xuan, or when your opponent is the only one with monsters, such as Loyal Guan Yun. Having access to a card that turns all your Ancient Warrior cards into Spell Speed 4 effects in East-by-South Winds doesn’t hurt either, and you have plenty of ways to trigger its effect.
  • Being Beast-Warriors, and having synergy with Continuous Spells, the Fire Formation cards fit right in. Tenki searches a fair amount of your Ancient Warriors, including Ingenious Zhuge Kong, who summons himself when searched (by an Ancient Warrior card, but even with Tenki it still helps, given he's your only in-archetype way of spot negation), and Tensu to help you summon the ones that won’t summon themselves.


Tied with Fusion for being the oldest Summoning mechanic in the game, Rituals fluctuate between being either extremely good, or extremely… not as good. Having the monsters in the Main Deck means that it’s far less consistent than most other Summoning types, by to remedy that, there’s also been far better generic support for Rituals than any other type of Summoning mechanic, by far.
  • Anyone smell fried chicken? Or, in this case, I suppose exploding chicken would be more accurate. Nephthys’ line of Ritual support was strange to say the least, but considering how old Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is, it’s only right that it’s supported by an equally old summoning method.
  • Like most other Ritual Decks, this takes advantage of Impcantations, Manju, and not having to buy much of an Extra Deck. Therefore, the Extra Deck here is dropped for cost reasons.
  • As all the Nephthys cards love self-destruction, this build also employs a Fire King engine to assist in said self-destruction.
Dragon Ritual
  • With good Ritual archetypes becoming more scarce, it’s time to get a bit more creative. I’ve actually adapted this deck from my Hungry Burger deck… but that’s a deck for another time.
  • This deck doesn’t use Impcantations, as it is quite reliant on the Extra Deck. Instead, Hieratics are used to maintain field advantage while being used as Ritual fodder, along with Destiny Hero – Malicious. With Saffira, Queen of Dragons and Labradorite Dragon, you can get out Ultimaya Tzolkin, letting you get out Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, and use whatever is left over for whatever plays you see fit.
  • Bonus points if Scrap Iron Signal is in your hand, as it lets you activate Tzolkin again, on your opponent’s turn.
  • This deck runs a small Bamboo Sword engine for draw power, but it also has its own searchable protection in Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, who can give your monster targeting protection via a discard.


Tied with Ritual for being the oldest Summoning mechanic in the game, Fusions didn’t start out that strong overall, but due to its lack of generic splashability, it has received a lot of generic support (though not quite as generic as Rituals). Regardless, Fusion has seen a LOT of meta relevance throughout the years, either as a deck mechanic… or as a removal option due to how insane Super Polymerization is.
  • They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re rip your face to shreds, it’s everyone’s favorite pet deck: Fluffals! Or Edge Imps. Or Frightfurs. Eh. Whatever you wanna call ‘em, they’re arguably the most competitive deck to come out of Arc-V’s repertoire (except PePe but we don’t talk about PePe).
  • Toy Vendor and Frightfur Patchwork are your main playmakers of the deck, so of course Fluffal Bear and Edge Imp Chain are imperative in getting to those two.
  • The new support, Edge Imp Scythe, allows you to Fusion Summon on your opponent’s turn, allowing you to use Frightfur Cruel Whale’s effect on your opponent’s turn, giving you far more disruption than in the past.
Triamid Fossil
  • Okay, before you say anything hear me out: even the cheapo Adamancipators make really stupid Rock decks work. But Adamancipator’s pretty played out… but damn if those new Fossil cards aren’t appealing, and I’ve always had a love of Triamids even though they’re dead in the water on their own… and so, this was born.
  • The Adamancipators let you cycle through your deck, but the real goal is to get out Adamancipator Rise – Dragite in order to have a negate on board. On the other hand Neos Fusion lets you dump Weathering Soldier, who in turn lets you get Fossil Fusion.
  • On the other hand, the Triamid cards give a steady supply of Rock monsters, an extra Normal Summon, and some situational Field Spells that can cover a fair few bases.


The Extra Deck mechanic that… well, caused the “Fusion Deck” to be called the Extra Deck. Synchros all began the shift in all decks to gravitate towards actually using the Extra Deck, as opposed to it being a somewhat gimmicky playstyle. It’s also the mark of when a large part of the playerbase began to grow out of Yugioh, so a lot of returning players have a 50/50 chance of knowing what Synchros are.
  • haha big robots make lifepoint go brrrrrrrrr
  • Debuting in one of the least impactful Deck Build sets released (well… compared to Secret Slayers, anyway), Mathmechs never quite found the competitive niche Generaiders would receive nearly a year later, nor the waifubait of Dragonmaids. Regardless, it still holds up as a Trains-esque OTK strategy, and being Cyberse helps it have a bit more flexibility than one may initially think.
  • The main goal of the deck is to climb up the Synchro ladder, from Geomathmech Magma to Mathmech Final Sigma. The fact that a majority of the Main Deck Mathemechs can summon themselves from the hand makes this significantly easier.
  • In case you’re forced to go first, and simply slapping down an unaffected beater isn’t enough, since the deck is Cyberse, it can run some of the usual Cyberse Goodstuff.dek, to give it some more flexibility.
Flower Cardians
  • So, you’re tired of watching your opponent “play Solitaire”? Well, don’t worry, this is COMPLETELY different. You’ll be playing Hanafuda instead! …no? The name of the game wasn’t the problem? It was the fact that a turn can take half an hour without any interaction with the opponent? Well, too bad.
  • I will be 100% honest for this deck: there are far too many possible combos for me to go over any of them, because pretty much all of them are equally likely, and the all take a looooooong time. The only way to really get an idea of how the deck works is to test it yourself, in EDOPro or DuelingBook or something.


For a long time, this was the most generic Summoning mechanic. No spells, no Tuners, no hoops to jump through: just 2 or more monsters with the same level, and BAM: a monster straight from the Extra Deck. Even today, Xyz monsters are one of the most used Extra Deck mechanics across all decks, as nearly every deck can get out 2 Level 4 monsters and sit on an Abyss Dweller or something.
Heraldic Beast Time Thieves
  • No one remembers Heraldic Beasts, and everyone remembers Time Thieves, so clearly, by the law of averages, putting them together results in the perfect kind of deck for a list like this.
  • Time Thief Regulator and Charged-Up Heraldry are both the main starters of the deck. Either card results in, at minimum a Time Thief Redoer, whose very nature enable using cards like Time Thief Bezel Ship, Time Thief Chronocorder, and Time Thief Winder, which enables Time Thief Perpetua
  • Heraldic Beast Leo is a searcher that can’t miss timing, similar the White Stone of Legend. No muss, no fuss: if it hits the GY, search a Heraldic Beast monster. This makes it perfect for getting a Heraldic Beast Eale for more free bodies on board.
  • Though this deck is meant to go first, it has Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid (which goes into Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus) and Number F0: Utopic Future as solid going second options for a Rank 4 engine on a budget.
Digital Bugs
  • Yes, these are a series of monsters based off of computer viruses. No, they aren’t Cybserse. Should they probably be Cyberse? Yeah, but sadly, foresight isn’t Konami’s strong suit, so Insects they shall forever be. These buggy boys focus on swapping battle positions, so they’re kind of obsolete against any decks that focus too heavily around Links, but they can still get up to some schenanigans with monsters like Number 3: Cicada King and their in-archetype boss monster, Digital Bug Rhinosebus.
  • Despite having an entire archetype for its own Xyz monsters, Galaxy Worm is probably your best playmaker here, or at the very least, typically your best Normal Summon. This deck also makes use of Battlewasp – Twinbow the Attacker for an easy Level 3, and Transcicada for that sweet, sweet token. Of course, being an Insect deck, Inzektor Picofalena and Seraphim Papillion are the go-to Link monsters for a bit of play extension.
  • The Main Deck Digital Bugs all benefit from battle position changing, but the Extra Deck Digital Bugs are all about being able to Rank-Up, or sometimes Rank-Down into whichever one best fits the current situation.


Easily the black sheep of the Yugioh family, Pendulums are oft-reviled, even by Konami by times… and not really for any good reason other than looking different. Despite the claims, Pendulums just aren’t really as overpowered as many would make them out to be, especially since they tend to lean more heavily on the other Extra Deck types for boss monsters, especially since they’re the only pre-Link Extra Deck method that still needs Links to summon themselves from the Extra Deck.
  • The culmination of a huge story taking place throughout the artworks of dozens of cards, Zefra is quite the archetype to look at, though it saw sporadic play at best. Still, like any deck that has a searchable Counter Trap: where there’s searchability, there’s a way.
  • The archetype’s “boss monster”, Zefraath… should probably never hit the field as a monster. It’s main use is its ability to copy any scale in the archetype, while setting up the Extra Deck with said in-archetype monster. The best target of this, usually, is Zefraniu, Secret of the Yang Zing, as it searches the aforementioned Counter Trap, Zefra Divine Strike, but it also searches the archetype’s great field spell, Oracle of Zefra, which in and of itself searches any Zefra monster on activation.
  • Like most Pendulum decks, the strength of the deck lies in its ability to use the Extra Deck, so this one has a variety of Synchro, Xyz, and Links to make use of this. In addition, this deck runs a Psy-Frame package, both because PSY-Framegear Gamma is a great negate, and because having PSY-Framelord Lambda not only ensures the Framegear is always live, but that you have a good generic Link monster with down arrows for your Pendulum summons.
  • Despite Oracle of Zefra being more helpful on your field, giving it to your opponent via Set Rotation isn’t a horrible idea either, as unless your opponent is playing any Zefra monsters in their deck, the can’t activate the Field Spell, locking them out of their own Field Spells unless they’re willing to waste S/T removal on it.
  • The names aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but at least you’ll never forget which one is which level. These Tranformers…Super Sentai… chibi… things are all about hitting hard for the OTK with BEEG NUMBER.
  • The main playstarter of the deck is Deskbot 003, who can summon Deskbot 002, who in turn can search whichever card is necessary. The combos in general are pretty fluid, and whatever gets you bigger number in the current situation is the road you should take.
  • There’s a small Infinitrack engine for the sake of getting bodies on board for a Link, and Cyber Dragon as a removal option.


The new kid on the block, and at the time, more divisive than even Pendulum Summoning. Now that Links aren’t 100% required for playing other deck styles (besides Pendulum), its reputation has mended pretty quick, even if older fans tend to steer clear of it. Regardless, Links are decidedly the easiest monsters to use in the Extra Deck, so they aren’t going away anytime soon.
  • Gouki saw some meta relevance near the start of the Link era… but decidedly not in the way it was intended to be played. Ever since the ban of Number 86, they’ve completely fallen off the map… but since nearly every card they have is in low rarity, they’re a fantastic cheap Link deck to build.
  • All the Main Deck members search out other Gouki cards when sent from field to GY. Getting out 2 of them (usually via Gouki Suprex or Gouki Headbatt), linking into Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights, searching Gouki Re-Match and Gouki Face Turn, using Isolde to summon another Gouki from deck, all this can let you end on Gouki The Powerload Ogre, and then have enough left over to do the Codebreaker combo.
  • Using the aforementioned Codebreaker engine, it’s easy to get additional Link monsters out such as Knightmare Griffon in order to shut down your opponent’s monster effects.
Cyberse Lock
  • So this falls more into the general Cyberse Goodstuff.dek territory, but it takes very budget options for a cheap, yet effective end board.
  • The end board is Cyberse Wicckid, pointing to a Cyberse Magician and a Cyberse Clock Dragon. This results in all 3 being untargetable for attacks, by card effects, and being unable to be destroyed via card effect. There’s multiple ways to end on this board, but the main combo starter to shoot for is getting out Link Disciple, then Link Devotee, using their effects, then going into Cyberse Witch to search the Ritual stuff, and going from there.
  • As a backup plan, this deck also runs Update Jammer and Transcode Talker for going second, to enable the OTK.


Casual Decklists Nostalgia Decklists
Volume 1 Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes, HEROes
Volume 2 Red-Eyes, Cyber Dragon, Stardust Dragon / Junk / Synchron
Volume 3 Ancient Gear, Blackwing, Utopia/Onomatopoeia
Volume 4
I'll be making more decklists in future posts. If you have any suggestions for decks that tend to fall under the radar (i.e, no Structure Deck based ones, currently meta relevant ones, or extremely popular casual ones), feel free to leave a suggestion below.
In future posts, I’ll likely only do one decklist per summoning type. I’ve exhausted most of my personal builds and knowledge, and this way I can go more in depth for each build.
As a side note to the above statement given there was some trouble in the previous post: this is not an invitation to advertise your Discord server or YouTube channel. Just the deck name will do.
submitted by TheConchNorris to Yugioh101 [link] [comments]

2020.08.18 13:43 quini200 Sonarr: Sudden Index problems

My indexers stopped working as of two days ago, but I've seen comments in other threads where RARGB is working, any thoughts?
From Sonarr error log:
Rarbg HTTP request failed: [403:Forbidden] [GET] at [https://torrentapi.org/pubapi_v2.php?get_token=get_token&app_id=Sonarr]Close
HTTP Error - Res: [GET] https://torrentapi.org/pubapi_v2.php?get_token=get_token&app_id=Sonarr: 403.Forbidden Attention Required! Cloudflare

One more step

Please complete the security check to access torrentapi.org

Please stand by, while we are checking your browser...

Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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2020.08.15 11:19 ImaginaryQualia Class action lawsuit: New users V. r/karmacourt for bamboozlement in order to promote conservative reddit values, aka old.reddit.com, as a means of limiting dissent from new users.

People of the court, far be it from me to stand on ceremony, but I ask you, what is the purpose of Reddit? In layman's terms, Reddit is considered "social media" - an internet-based medium for socializing. Should not a medium for socialization promote prosocial behavior in order to bring out the best in each of its users or should it seek to exclude, and denigrate your mom?
The very fact that we are being coerced to create new posts in Old Reddit after clicking "File Simple Format Case" is anything but simple! I have only been on reddit since it was not old reddit, and all of a sudden I'm on old reddit and things are bright and scary. The result is that when people who are unfamiliar with even posting to new reddit attempt to find justice in this court, they are ridiculed and insulted rather than encouraged to seek fake justice via the proper procedures. Why would Karma Court justices, not only allow such a thing, but allow it to come from one of their own? I present to you EXHIBIT A Bamboozling of the most egregious degree.
Now, granted, my client's post may have sucked a fucking asshole
But, do not the rules of reddit demand that all be civil? Or some shit? Please do your part to flatten the curve of the plague of mod dickery.


Judge u/BusyFindingLife
Defense u/Belgand
Prosecution: WeeWooChazers LLP u/ImaginaryQualia u/Steven20077
Litigants The People
Expert Witness The honorable and unbiased u/5DollarHitJob
Process server: Do I need one? Or is the fact that this is your sub mean you've already been served?
Jurors u/holdyourdevil
Bailiff u/cariboulou_numb
Distraught family u/willz7z
CNN (liberal media) reporter u/CultistHeadpiece
State-sponsored media distracting the great unwashed u/Failmaster21 u/TheScariestSkeleton4
The local reporter that continuously tries and fails to get into the courtro-- u/Dj_Rowan31
Woodpecker outside the courthouse window, pecking on a tree the whole trial, making it impossible for the judge to use their gavel effectively u/Murasama23
The one who GASPS at new evidence u/nickwc92
Judge's wig u/andrewg_txt
The Gavel u/yasinsaad
Backup gavel in case the first one breaks u/RocketFrasier
The guy who deeply sleeps in court u/Eribetra
Alex Mason u/steamycrown_6567
Gym Leader u/Kell08


submitted by ImaginaryQualia to KarmaCourt [link] [comments]

2020.08.12 21:08 emorisch Weapon Wish List (With photo links!) - What guns would you like to see in a Division game?

My friends and I had a very fun discussion about what fun guns could be put into Division 2 or a future division game to spice/shake things up a bit. So I decided to make a list!
Assault Rifles:
Sub-Machine Guns:
Sniper Rifles:
Light Machine Guns: (didn't have much here as what makes sense for practical use is limited)
submitted by emorisch to thedivision [link] [comments]

2020.08.12 18:00 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 29, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Most of you know the homie SaintRidley has been recapping the Observers from the 1980s (and if you don't know, now you know). Anyway, he got blasted by storms in Iowa the other day and has intermittent internet and asked me to pass along word that he won't be able to post the latest issue of the 1988 Rewind this week. Hope everything's okay with ya dude!

  • Dave opens the issue with some high praise, a rare thing for the top story. But this week's episode of Raw was the first time WWE showed real effort in months, with a clear plan to build a Raw vs. Smackdown storyline and to make the brands as distinct as possible. Raw felt like a completely new show, starting multiple new storylines that hint at long-term booking (we're so used to WWE disappointing us nowadays that it's kinda cute to go back in time and see someone buy into the false hope of improvement like this). They also had a super hot crowd, which helped a lot. The ratings also saw a spike this week, due to fans wanting to see what Raw looks like with Bischoff in charge. The announcers were moved away from ringside and stationed near the stage, similar to the old Nitro set. During the matches, the arena was darkened to give it a more old-school feel. Things felt more spontaneous and less predictable than they have in ages. The European title was done away with, unified with the IC title. Dave feels the belt was useless the last few years anyway.
  • The show featured DX reuniting, but ended with Triple H turning heel and giving Shawn Michaels a pedigree. Dave expects it to lead to Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, but we'll see. This also necessitated Triple H moving back over to Raw, and in exchange, they moved Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman over to Smackdown at the end of the show. Eddie Guerrero had a match with The Rock and also had a segment where they went back and forth on the mic. It was the most confident Eddie has ever been on the mic and he held his own with Rock and came out of the night looking to be a bigger star than ever. The show wasn't all good though. They had a segment where they put D-Lo Brown and Shawn Stasiak in the ring and Bischoff berated them for being boring and buried them for trying to wrestle, which Dave thinks sucked. The DX reunion followed by Triple H's heel turn blew through potentially weeks of storyline progression in only one hour, but that's typical these days. But Dave thinks of all the potential revenue they could have made on DX merch if they'd been given a chance to have even a short few-week run, but alas. He also thought the announcers playing dumb (like Jim Ross having to pretend not to know who the Island Boyz were during their debut, despite the fact that he's written about them a million times in his weekly WWE.com column). Also too much backstage stuff, which is fine for TV, but sucks for the live crowd when they bought tickets to watch half the show on the TitanTron. But overall, it was the best Raw in a long time and the first sign that maybe WWE's latest reboot is going to mean real change. And that's the top story. Raw was actually good for once and it's the biggest news of the week.
WATCH: Triple H turns on Shawn Michaels - 2002
  • daprice82 Editor's Note: No one is going to care, but I have a story about this Raw. At the time, my girlfriend (now-wife) and I were in Peoria, IL for the 2nd annual Gathering of the Juggalos! We were 19 years old and drove there from Memphis in my shitty ol' Chevy Blazer and spent the weekend woop-wooping it up. Well, that Monday afternoon, we left Peoria to drive home. We got maybe 30 miles out of town when I realized that my previously full gas tank was almost empty. Pulled into a gas station, confused, but filled the tank again, and drove on. Watched the tank slowly drain as I drove along and within 30 minutes, I was on E again. I was losing gas somehow. Pulled off an exit and stopped at the single nicest truck stop I've ever seen. This place had everything. It was a gas station, connected to a Subway, with a lounge area that had recliners, full showers, washers and dryers, etc. If you're gonna be stranded somewhere, it was the best option. I ended up calling my dad and he drove 7 hours to come pick us up. So while we waited, my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the day into the night, hanging out in this lounge, sleeping in the recliners, and watching TV. And low and behold, they had the TV on Raw that night. I remember I was dozing in and out and I remember waking up when I heard the DX music hit and groggily staring at the TV like "wtf?" And then I saw Triple H turn on Shawn and was like "Whoa!" and then I fell back asleep and that's all I remember.
  • WWE announced that it's re-evaluating its quarterly and annual business efforts due to lower-than-expected revenue this year, stemming from PPV buyrates and live attendance plummeting. To keep the company in the black, WWE is making $20 million in budget cutbacks. Most of the cuts are coming from administrative expenses, but the developmental program is going to be hit hard (more on that in a bit). For next quarter, WWE is predicting an overall profit of $1.5 to $2 million. But that is a bit misleading because that figures in the $3.5 million settlement from the PTC lawsuit. If not for that settlement, this quarter would be the first money-losing quarter since 1997 (assuming you don't count the Q1 of 2001, when they had all the massive XFL start-up costs). Plus, they're running twice as many house shows now than they were the same quarter last year, and the numbers are still that bad. There's a ton of year-to-year comparisons here, which is super fun if you're a numbers person but TL;DR - business ain't great.
  • So what about Japan? Business there is an interesting story also. NOAH has surpassed NJPW in average attendance per show for the first half of 2002, which shows just how staggering of a collapse NJPW has had. The biggest success story of the year has been AJPW, which was on death's door a little over a year ago, with the entire roster jumping ship to form NOAH and the company lost its television deal. It's a miracle they survived at all, much less become as hot as they have this year. The reason, of course, is Keiji Muto (and to a lesser extent, Satoshi Kojima), both of whom jumped ship from NJPW at the beginning of the year and immediately gave the promotion a huge shot in the arm, spiking live attendance by nearly 70% and tripling merch sales. Meanwhile, NJPW is still stinging from those losses, plus they ran Riki Choshu out of the company, made Tadao Yasuda IWGP champion which was a huge flop, they have no good foreign talent, their junior division is stale as can be, and current champion Yuji Nagata is still trying to get his momentum back after a humiliating MMA loss to Mirko Cro Cop on New Year's Eve.
  • So about those developmental cutbacks. WWE cut ties with Les Thatcher's HWA promotion and also dropped the contracts of several developmental stars there. Among the names cut: Steve Bradley, EZ Money, Jon Heidenreich, Mike Sanders, BJ Payne, Horace Hogan, and several others you probably never heard of. HWA wrestlers Lance Cade and Charlie Haas are being reassigned to OVW, which will now be WWE's only developmental territory. Others, like Shannon Moore, Victoria, and Barry Buchanan are expected to debut on the main roster soon and were kept. In 2001 fiscal year, WWE spent $1.1 on developmental costs and had relationships with 4 promotions: HWA, OVW, UPW, and IWA Puerto Rico. Now we're down to one, with Jim Ross reportedly ordered to cut that developmental budget in half. Dave doesn't like this. With WWE being the only game in town and in need of new stars more than ever, he feels they should be expanding their developmental system rather than shrinking it. Creating new stars is vital to the future of WWE and limiting themselves to one promotion with a pool of only a dozen or so people seems short-sighted. He also disagrees with some of the people who got cut. Not everyone in developmental is going to be a star, but some of them at least deserved a shot (namely Steve Bradley, who had been there for 3-4 years, is still in his twenties, is a good worker and strong promo, but never got a chance on the main roster because he doesn't have the right look). Why some of those people were released while Jackie Gayda and Chris Nowinski are stinking up the ring on Raw is beyond Dave. He also thinks Les Thatcher had a pretty impossible job. He was given a roster full of wrestlers that were mostly leftovers from WCW. Young guys who came out of WCW's Power Plant and worked a fast-paced WCW style that doesn't apply to modern day WWE. Then they had Thatcher, Danny Davis, and Jim Cornette train these guys. A bunch of old school veterans training these young guys in the ways of 80s wrestling. So now they learn a whole new style....which also doesn't apply to modern day WWE. It's a broken system. Anyway, everyone who was cut has 90-day non-competes. Word is TNA is only interested in Mike Sanders, out of the names released.
  • WWE Vengeance is in the books headlined by one of those classic matches that can single-handedly make a show. The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Undertaker in a triple threat match to become the first 7-time WWE champion, although Angle was clearly the one who had another star-making performance. Dave nitpicks the fact that Rock pinned Angle (rather than the champion Undertaker) to win the title, but he'll wait and see if it leads to anything storyline-wise first before criticizing it too much (it leads to nothing, turns out it was just a cheap way to get the title on Rock without Taker having to do a job). But it was an excellent match that gets 4.5 stars. Most of the other matches were good too, though some of the booking was weird and doesn't seem to make long-term sense. They teased a feud between the Raw and Smackdown announcers, which Dave thinks is fine so long as it stays verbal. None of us needs to see Jim Ross or Michael Cole in matches. Dave also gives Tazz credit for improving greatly in his commentary role over the last year. He sucked when he first started but he's the best color commentator they got now. They had the first face-to-face meeting between Angle and Lesnar, which is a subtle tease to what Dave expects to be a big time feud in the future. John Cena pinned Chris Jericho in a match that exposed how green Cena still is and Jericho wasn't able to carry him to anything good and the crowd couldn't have cared less about the rookie. RVD beat Brock Lesnar by DQ to retain the IC title. RVD was super over since they were in Michigan. Bad finish but I guess they didn't wanna give Brock the IC title since he's almost definitely winning the world title from Rock in a month. There was a forever long segment with Bischoff and Stephanie trying to woo Triple H to sign with their respective shows. Anti-Americans won the tag titles from Edge and Hogan. That's basically it.
  • We have a section called "Treatment of Minorities Within Pro Wrestling" by Todd Martin (presumably the same Todd Martin from the PWTorch?). The piece touches on wrestling's past portrayals of race and the false impression that things have gotten better due to the success of people like The Rock, when in reality, the racism is just more subtle. Martin takes a look at WWE's hiring processes. Very few minorities have come up through the developmental program, but it's hard to say if that's WWE's fault. Maybe there's just not many minorities trying to break into the business that way, there's no statistical evidence either way. But you can look at the wrestlers they chose to hire from WCW and how they fared in the WWE system. Midcard comedy wrestlers like Shawn Stasiak got a chance but not midcard comedy wrestlers like Norman Smiley. Nepotism got Horace Hogan a contract, but it didn't do anything for Stevie Ray. Examples like that. Or the Luchadores. Martin argues that, with all the talented Hispanic wrestlers WCW turned into stars, it's inexcusable that so few of them have even gotten so much a developmental offer from WWE. And the only ones who did were the ones fluent in English, which you can argue for. Can't argue size either. Someone like La Parka dwarfs over Crash Holly or Spike Dudley, but WWE has no interest. Wrestlers like Psicosis, Juventud, La Parka, Silver King, and others helped carry WCW through some of its most successful years and none of those guys even got a glance from WWE. Martin asks if Booker T's current jive-talking gimmick is any better than his early GI Bro or Ebony Experience gimmicks? Especially when they have him on TV hotwiring cars and doing stereotypical criminal shit like that? In regards to Eddie Guerrero's current Mexican stereotype gimmick, even Jim Ross recently said that it's taking Hispanic relations back 25 years. If the Booker T or Guerrero characters were portrayed on a normal network TV show with a majority-white cast, they would be seen for the racist caricatures that they are. Martin ends the piece by saying he doesn't believe WWE's decision makers are overtly racist. It's just that the company has created a hierarchy of implicit beliefs about how different types of people are portrayed and they may not even realize that they've built such a system.
  • Dave adds his own "editor's note" to the end of this piece and says he chose to publish it because of the detailed research and data used and found it a fascinating article that deserves discussion. Dave disagrees with some of it though and argues that some of it is just a difference in philosophy. For example, WWE tried the Lucha Libre experiment before with the Superastros show and crowds were dead for it. WWE and WCW had very different fanbases and presented different products because of it. So it may not be so much racism in that case as it is WWE fans have never shown any interest in that style of wrestling. He also argues against some of the examples Martin used (for instance, Stevie Ray was considered by WWE but he was already in his 40s and was never the caliber of worker as his brother, which is why they passed). But that being said, Dave thinks other parts of the piece make some interesting points that are well worth a read.
  • TNA week 5 felt like a whole new product due to the heavy influence of Vince Russo. We'll get into that later, but for now, buckle in, we've got a few paragraphs of TNA drama to get through. The first 4 shows presented a product with an emphasis on hard work and long-term angles. This week featured the classic Russo recipe of crash TV and constant, edgy swearing, in an attempt to market "to that 15-30 age group male demo that hates women because they can't get dates and enjoys seeing them harassed and abused." The show ended with a big injury angle to Scott Hall, which is all well and good and might get people interested in next week's show, except it came on the heels of multiple other "serious injury" angles during the same show and by the time Hall did it, it was something like the 3rd stretcher job of the night and it felt meaningless. Same with every promo being filled with curse words. The whole show was yet another example of why Vince Russo needs someone to filter his worst instincts. In this case, that should be Jerry Jarrett, but he was away from creative dealing with budget and legal issues all this week (gonna hear a LOT more about that soon). On that note, just based on very rough, preliminary PPV buyrate figures, production costs, etc. Dave estimates this company is already about half a million dollars in the red, and that's not counting the significant startup costs they have yet to recoup, with estimates that the company is currently losing about $120,000 or more per week.
  • As of this week, TNA's budgets have been slashed. They've also moved tapings to the smaller and cheaper Nashville Fairgrounds location and signed a 3-month lease. It's reported that switching buildings will save $27,000 per week. They're also eliminating pyro, cut new deals with the production crew, and will be flying in fewer stars, relying mostly on people that can drive. They also don't plan to use managers, will cut back on the TNA girls, and will be using Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall on alternate weeks, since they're the two highest paid guys and it's expensive to have them both on the same show. The Fairgrounds building has been used for wrestling tapings before and never looks good on TV, but TNA is insisting they can dress it up to look good. The budget cuts are expected to be so heavy that TNA's new break-even point for PPV buys will be 20,000 per week instead of 50,000. Dave thinks 20,000 is a much more attainable goal, but if it comes at the expense of the product looking minor league and low budget, it's gonna fail. The building also has no air conditioning and with TV lights, it's going to be brutally hot during summer months. Jerry Jarrett has been posting frequently on the wrestlingclassics.com message board and admitted that they weren't anywhere close to the 50,000-buys-per-week they needed. Here's a post Jerry wrote explaining their plans for the company and the new, Russo-iffic direction:
Jeff (Jarrett) and I are wrestling purists just as many fans here. The difference is that we have put up everything we have in our effort to present an alternative to sports entertainment. Our plan was simple. We believed that there were 50,000 wrestling fans who would pay $10 per week, or $40 per month to have an alternative to sports entertainment. This was based on the fact WWE has from 300,000 to one million fans of sports entertainment who will pay $35 per month to see their product. We were well aware that production values, talent, storylines, content, etc. were all factors that could negatively effect the buy rate. We still thought the market would support us enough to make the plan successful. We are finding that many of the wrestling purists did exactly as I did ten years ago, and that is, go on to something else. We are finding that there are many fewer fans who really want an alternative to sports entertainment than we anticipated. Therefore, we can either attempt to attract a few of the WWE fans, or pack up and go home. We have risked everything in our venture. Therefore, not because of our personal taste, but out of necessity, we are compromising our wrestling purist instincts and attempting to create a broader fan base. ECW did a great job of creating a product for the hardcore wrestling fan. The simple fact was that the base of their fans was not sufficient to keep them in business."
  • Ray Gonzalez, one of the top stars in Puerto Rico, shockingly announced he's leaving WWC and most expect him to jump to IWA. Gonzalez claimed WWC was late in paying him, which he says breached his contract (reportedly paying him $800-$1000 per week). As a result, his lawyers sent WWC a letter saying because of this, he was quitting the company. Gonzalez no-showed WWC events this weekend. This is going to badly hurt WWC's upcoming Anniversary show because Gonzalez was a major part of multiple top angles that the card was built around. Gonzalez has been the top heel in WWC and arguably has kept the company alive the past 5 years, and is most responsible for getting Carly Colon (Carlito) over as a big star. IWA has already started advertising a mystery wrestler to be the top heel in upcoming shows this weekend, and it's no secret that Gonzalez is expected to debut for the company and be that guy. Dave also mentions several other WWC wrestlers who no-showed events last week because they were late in being paid. Many of them are as much as 10 weeks behind on pay, but this week, they were summoned to the office where Carlos Colon paid them about 5 weeks worth of what they're owed. Lots of death-of-ECW vibes going on here lately.
  • Lots of rumors that AJPW star Genichiro Tenryu will be showing up at the NOAH show this week to challenge GHC champion Yoshinari Ogawa. Needless to say, this would be a big deal if it happens because AJPW and NOAH basically hate each other. No word on whether this is an angle or not, but given how much Motoko Baba hates NOAH, it seems unlikely. Of course, it also remains to be seen if Tenryu will even show up or if it's all just rumors. Tenryu is currently feuding with Muto over who should have become president of the company, so this could be just a kayfabed angle to make it look like Tenryu is really anti-AJPW (looks like it was just a work, he doesn't end up going to NOAH until 2005).
  • Dave recaps AJPW's latest Buddokan Hall show, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company, which featured Keiji Muto wrestling 3 different matches under 3 different gimmicks. All told, Muto worked a total of about 36 minutes between the 3 matches and was banged up like hell the next day. There were also a lot of old legends on the card, like Abdullah The Butcher, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, and more. Stan Hansen and Motoko Baba came out to give speeches about the company, with Ms. Baba breaking down crying when talking about her husband, and more. I managed to find most of this show on Dailymotion, enjoy:
WATCH: AJPW 30th Anniversary show
  • While we're on the topic, Dave saw a recent AJPW match with Tenryu defending the Triple Crown title against Satoshi Kojima in a match that many are calling the match of the year. Dave saw it and gives it 4.75 stars and calls Kojima possibly the best wrestler in the business when it comes to carrying the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride. He doesn't agree or disagree that it's the best match of the year, but he sure loved it.
WATCH: Genichiro Tenryu vs. Satoshi Kojima - AJPW Triple Crown match 2002
  • Mitsuharu Misawa suffered a dislocated shoulder in a recent match. Popped it back in, worked the next day, still in pain, went to the hospital because that's what happens when you wrestle again right after dislocating your shoulder. Anyway, the doctors were like, "Hey, maybe don't do that for a minute" but he's Misawa so he vows he won't be missing any dates and then he hit the doctor with an emerald flowsion. Dave doesn't say this, I'm just assuming.
  • NJPW continues to decline. They held back-to-back shows at the 10,500-seat arena in Sapporo this week. The first night only drew 4,100 fans which was the smallest crowd they have drawn in that city in years. Second night was better, but still only 6,000 fans to see Yuji Nagata retain the IWGP title over Bas Rutten. In another era, this win would have been huge for Nagata but nobody cares when a wrestler beats an MMA guy in a worked match anymore because Inoki pretty much beat that horse to death.
  • There's talk of bringing back Chyna to work the August Tokyo Dome show for Antonio Inoki's UFO MMA promotion, presumably just to make an appearance (oh, if only). There's also talk of bringing her in for NJPW's September tour and having her beat male prelim wrestlers every night. Needless to say, there's a whole lot of people in the company against that idea. Especially because her loss to Joey Buttafuoco in a celebrity boxing match a few months ago actually got a lot of coverage in Japan, so coming off that and showing up to beat male NJPW wrestlers isn't a popular idea. But Inoki gonna Inoki, so we'll see.
  • Latest on the ECW bankruptcy proceedings. The trustee has filed a motion demanding that the InDemand PPV company pays them $724,456.40. That total is the money they owed ECW, minus $25,000 because ECW failed to produce the March 2001 PPV they were contractually obligated to produce. This case is a textbook example of why trying to run a PPV-only company like TNA is going to be so difficult. InDemand is still holding onto ECW PPV money from over a year ago. Anyway, of the $724k, a big chunk of it will go to attorneys, back taxes, commission fees, etc. Video game maker Acclaim, who owned a percentage of ECW, is expected to get a big chunk as well. Whatever is left over will be used to pay off existing creditors but there's not gonna be much. A lot of those creditors are just never going to get paid. It's also expected that Acclaim will end up owning the video tape library rights, since WWE hasn't yet made a bid to acquire it.
  • Former Crockett/WCW wrestler Chris Champion suffered a major stroke and is in critical condition. Champion also wrestled as Yoshi Kwan for a bit in WCW. A lot of people expected him to be a major star in the 90s, but it just never panned out, usually due to his own personal issues (I looked it up, he ended up surviving this go round, but he died in 2018 after suffering more strokes).
  • If you're wondering what Jim Crockett Jr. is up to these days, he works in real estate in Dallas. When Shaun Assael interviewed Crockett for his book on Vince McMahon, everyone in Crockett's office was shocked because they had no idea that their coworker was once the 2nd biggest wrestling promoter in the U.S. throughout most of the 80s. That's how much he's left the wrestling business behind.
  • Just gonna paste this quote here: "For whatever this is worth in case this becomes a major historical question down the line, the actual idea to make David Arquette WCW champion came from Tony Schiavone." Dave notes that Schiavone didn't have any decision-making power to make it happen, but he was the one who made the suggestion at a production meeting. According to those there, when Schiavone made the suggestion, Vince Russo's eyes lit up like it was the best idea he'd ever heard and the rest is history. (Vince Russo has confirmed this story himself. Last I heard, Tony admits he was involved in coming up with the idea but he refuses to take sole credit for it).
  • The Chicago-Sun Times interviewed Greg Gagne's son JP who is a pitcher for Notre Dame. In the interview, he talked about how famous wrestlers used to stay at his house all the time growing up and said that his friends love the story of how he once rode Space Mountain at Disney World with Ric Flair. Hehe.
  • Shane Douglas is now the booker for XPW and is involved in an angle where owner Rob Black's wife Lizzie Borden is leaving him for Douglas (don't get too close to her Shane, you might lose a thumb! More on that in a couple weeks...). Also, at the first show with Douglas as booker, there was a scaffold match where Douglas came out and shot the guy on the scaffold with a tranquilizer, causing him to plummet to the ring below, which then exploded. Don't worry, I wouldn't write all that without having a video for ya:
WATCH: Shane Douglas XPW tranquilizer gun scaffold spot
  • Notes from TNA PPV Week 5: Sabu debuted to face Malice in a surprise ladder match. It was fine. Sabu won, which earned him a contract to face Ken Shamrock for the NWA title next week in another ladder match. Don't worry, we have more ladders to come. Jeff Jarrett is being booked like the Stone Cold of TNA and Dave ain't here for it. Francine and Jasmine St. Claire had a shower scene together backstage, later leading to Jasmine in a wet t-shirt. K-Krush cut a promo complaining about being fired by WWE, just in case you weren't aware that most of this roster is full of WWE rejects, they make sure you know it. A 4-way match with a bunch of the young guys completely fell apart with everyone except Christopher Daniels looking totally lost and confused. Dave says rarely do matches even in OVW fall apart as badly as this one did. Another little person match that Dave says was one of the worst matches of the year and was highlighted by one of them breaking a watermelon over the other's head. Negative 3 stars. Even worse, the match went waaaay longer than it was supposed to, which cut into the time for AJ Styles vs. Low-Ki and a match that should have been great ended up being a huge disappointment. Plus a drunk guy in the crowd took away everyone's attention and they couldn't get the audience back. Jerry Lynn attacked AJ with a ladder afterwards because whooohoo ladders! Francine and Jasmine ripped each other's clothes off like every other time you've seen it in WWE. Then Blue Meanie DDT'd her and she did a stretcher job. Brian ChristopheLawlewhatever he is this week cut a long promo trashing his father to continue getting fans interested in a match they can't possibly deliver. Why not just challenge Austin or Rock while you're at it, Dave wonders. Fuck it, if you're gonna do dumb shit, at least go big. Scott Hall vs. Christopher in the main event was bad because Hall just returned from working IWA in Puerto Rico for several days and was pretty much on a drunken bender the whole time. And then Hall did a stretcher job to end the show, which was kinda lessened by Francine having done the same thing 30 minutes earlier. And there we go. After only 5 shows, this shit is already WCW 2000 all over again.
  • Despite all the publicity they got, TNA also barely made any mention of the angle last week with the Tennessee Titans football players. Apparently the players caught some shit from the Titans GM for it and since they aren't coming back and they can't do a match or anything with them, TNA decided to just forget it happened.
  • In case you're wondering why TNA hasn't made a play for Scott Steiner yet, apparently he and Jeff Jarrett had been friends for years, especially during the WCW days, but they recently had a falling out of some kind. Hence, TNA has no interest in using him.
  • The reason WWE is running back-to-back tapings for Raw and Smackdown next month in Seattle is to test the market. WWE did a site check last month at Safeco Field for next year's Wrestlemania, but there's question as to whether the Seattle market will be able to sell out a big stadium like that, so the decision was made to do this. If they have a double-sellout both nights, that'll pretty much guarantee that Seattle gets Wrestlemania. If the shows do poorly, they may reconsider and select a new city (I guess these shows end up doing okay).
  • The Rock is set to star in another major movie, this time a $100 million budget production based on the video game SpyHunter. The hope is to have the movie out around Christmas 2003, in order to cross-promote it with the new video game coming out around that time. This adds more to Rock's Hollywood plate and it's looking like he's going to be around wrestling even less next year (this movie ends up stuck in developmental hell for years and never gets made, but Rock ends up doing the voice for the video game in 2009 instead).
  • Dave isn't sure why yet, but the long-planned Hogan vs. Vince match at Summerslam is now off. Dave suspects they may be holding off until Wrestlemania, which is great if they have a long-term plan and now that they're doing the Bischoff vs. Stephanie storyline, Vince is planning to take himself off TV for a little while anyway. So we'll see. In the meantime, the whole mess last week with Triple H talking Vince out of getting slapped by John Cena because "nobody should be laying hands on Vince until the Hogan match" ended up being for nothing.
  • Notes from Smackdown: in talking about Stephanie McMahon trying to be a babyface, Dave says she's basically the wrong person for this gimmick but she's a McMahon, so what are ya gonna do? He also jokes that "when this thing goes down and I write the book, I think my title will be "Wrestling Promoters Should Be Banned From Having Children: Unless They Don't Allow Them To Work In Their Promotion." I dunno, seems wordy to me. They also did the bit with Stephanie as GM and all the wrestlers backstage watching on the monitors, leading Dave on a Cornette-style rant about how WWE can't even be bothered to separate heels and faces in different locker rooms and it takes you out of the show when they're all sitting around backstage together watching the TV and carrying on conversations. Sure, kayfabe is already dead, but can we at least try to create an illusion of it within the show itself? This was also the last Smackdown before the PPV and there was some discussion over the finish of the Rock vs. Angle match. Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes wanted Rock to lose clean to the ankle lock, since he was winning the title on Sunday anyway and Angle was doing the job. Pat Patterson and Triple H argued against it, saying Rock shouldn't be tapping to anyone, even though Angle's gimmick right now is that he can make everyone tap (even Hogan last month). So instead, we got the Undertaker run-in DQ finish and Dave says this kinda shit is why WWE is unable to create long-term storylines. There was also a bunch of bickering with Heyman, Triple H and Hayes over the finish of the Jericho/Cena match as well, which Jericho was apparently upset about.
  • In an online chat this week, Goldberg didn't rule out going to WWE but said he hasn't met with anyone in the company. He also said that if WWE had kept Vince Russo, then there's zero chance he would have gone. When asked about Japan, he only said he's considering all offers. Goldberg is said to have no interest in the WWE schedule and is content with the idea of working a few big shows a year in Japan. That's all well and good but Dave says the reality is that the biggest money opportunity for Goldberg is in WWE, where there's several dream matches that would do huge PPV business and earn him far more money than he can ever make in Japan. WWE also gives you the kind of celebrity exposure in America that can open up acting roles. But the problem is, giving Goldberg a reduced schedule could cause some issues in the locker room. Then again, Rock and Hogan are already working reduced schedules.
  • This week's episode of WWE Confidential was the best of the series yet, focusing on the Bischoff and McMahon relationship. It was weird to see these two, out of character, reminiscing about a time when they legitimately would have gladly killed each other. They even showed Bischoff's 1990 WWF audition tape.
  • Various WWF notes: Kevin Nash did an interview and said he has spoken to Steve Austin since the walkout and gave his opinion on why Austin left. "I think Steve was burned out. He's got a broken neck, bad knees and a bad back. I know what it feels like when I wake up every morning. And he's had a couple multi-million years. Maybe it just isn't worth it to him anymore." Bischoff did a radio interview and noted he's been in L.A. constantly pitching TV ideas and said there's no interest in wrestling anywhere in Hollywood right now. Vince and Linda McMahon have purchased a new vacation condo in Boca Raton, FL. It's an 8-bedroom 10,000 sqft. condo on the 7th and 8th floors of the Excelsior hotel. The double-unit condo recently appraised for 14 million.
  • DDP did an interview and admitted that the stalker angle was the most disappointing thing he's ever done in wrestling because he wanted so badly for it to work and it flopped. DDP also said that Steve Austin hasn't called him since he was forced to retire and admitted he was kind of hurt by it. He said he knows Austin is going through a lot right now, but they're friends and if Austin can't take the time to care about what's going on in his life, then he can't be bothered to waste time worrying about whatever Austin is going through either.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Mainstream stories about wrestling deaths in the works, TNA files lawsuit accusing marketing firm of defrauding the company, Observer Hall of Fame preview, TNA in deep financial trouble, and more...
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2020.08.12 14:26 clahn How to create an inverse holdout

I'm trying to create a similar effect to the indie game Mu Cartography, where my environment is only visible through a small portal/hole and everything else is masked out. The mask needs to be able to work over multiple objects. Ideally I need this to work in real-time in EEVEE, but I'm open to hearing compositor or cycles solutions
I have been able to make a hacky version work by creating a cube slightly large than the full scene with a boolean difference cylinder making a hole in it. Using the holdout node on this and parenting the camera to the cylinder allows me to move it and create the effect I'm looking for:

The only problem is that as soon as I rotate the camera, the sides of the holdout volume cut off the view:
Is there a someway to make the backfaces of the holdout cube invisible but still mask the scene as intended?
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