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(Build Request) Build based around 3080

2020.09.18 08:10 AKA-LiT (Build Request) Build based around 3080

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I will be gaming, playing triple A titles as well as competitive games that require high frames.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
I want a fully modular PSU, with wattage over the needed amount to be safe. Also I know the ryzen 4000 will be out soon so, i have that in my mind but please just help me find a build for right now and I can change it based on the coming months. Also wifi and bluetooth would be nice.
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2020.09.17 21:44 Pjd7510 Group Select Survey Results

Top 3 answers get +3, +2. and +1 balls, bottom 3 answers get -3, -2, -1.
Question 1: Favorite Baseball Player and Why
Growing up every day with Chipper and Andruw Jones in the Braves lineup for the first like 15-20 years of my life was special, Chipper in particular. Acuna is catching up fast, though.
I asked for one player though, not your entire Barves lifestory
Jake Arrieta, his rise really mirrored the cubs, and that 2015 season was incredible.
Arrieta can pound a bag of dicks for being absolute shit
Barry Bonds. He was the greatest hitter of all-time and it isn't even up for discussion. He was a hall of famer before the "alleged" steroid use and became the greatest player of all-time after. The man would get one pitch in the strike zone to hit every night and he would hit it for a home run everytime. No batter has ever been feared the way Barry was feared, not even close. Everyone can say they hate Barry Bonds and don't respect him or whatever crap they want to spew out, but the truth is, when he came up to bat, literally everyone stopped what they were doing to see what he would do, and then when he'd hit a massive home run, everyone would be in awe of his insane abilities.
Barry Bonds is lowkey one of my favorite players, this is valid reasoning.
David Ortiz. Self-explanatory.
Fuck the Red Sox
Jason Kendall bc he was a leadoff catcher and gritty as hell. He refused to ever sit out a game even though he played such a demanding position.
Kendall was one of my favorite Pirates to watch, glad to see someone else is a big Kendall fan
matt kemp, restored my love of the game. in his prime he was incredible and he seemed to be having a blast playing. oh and i'm hyper vain and he dated rhianna while being the best player in the sport and i think that's cool as fuck.
Kemp should have won MVP over Braun. Fuck Ryan Braun
Frank Thomas? Frank Thomas is just a mythical figure of childhood for me. The 2006 A's were an extremely formative team for my baseball fandom and Frank Thomas was probably the first time a player I was already aware of outside of the A's became relevant to the A's, and having him play for Oakland felt like being blessed by a god. Objectively or statistically there are more dominant hitters than Frank Thomas in history but in my mind he's the most impeccable hitter of all time.
I forgot that Big Hurt was an A. Thomas was a fun player to watch
Rickey Henderson. Unbelievable talent with a rare skillset, combined with a cool "hometown hero" story, long career, endless mythology and great stories.
Yankees Legend Rickey Henderson
Vladimir Guerrero for teaching me that strike zones are merely suggestions
It's a shame his son took that lesson the opposite way
Mariano Rivera, just a great feeling when he would come into the game and lock it down. ice cold blood in the veins, and a great team player and ambassador for the game.
There will never be another as good as Mo when it comes to locking down a game
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Jiggy
-3 Pole, -2 Dylan, -1 Bnavis
Question 2: Favorite High School Story
We used to pay "high stakes" Call of Duty at my friend tommy's basement. We played gun game on black ops. if you lost you got fingered in your butthole
that time in high school I went to Edinburgh to perform a musical for some Scots
Did you play the bag pipes?
9th grade a bunch of us gathered in the school library the first night of winter break and binged the lord of the rings movies. Extended editions, of course.
Thats a good way to spend a night
Four Loko Night, many shenanigans were gotten up to and the night culminated in ejecting flaming pumpkins off a bridge into a gorge
And this is how states burn to the ground
me and a couple guys got onto the very top roof of the palmer house hilton, managed to avoid a bunch of security. got good pictures
Sounds like a blast
probably driving to a city of 30k people in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, getting piss drunk and doing Too Much Molly for one person. we did all this shit and it's like 1:30, walk to a dominos and wait outside for our shit. all of a sudden this dude comes up to us and asks us if we were the ones that catcalled his gf (we were not) to which one of my buddies said "nah but i wish i would've." dude gets in his truck and chases us down streets of moose jaw saskatchewan for thirty minutes as we run for our lives while smoking grape flavored cigarillos. we get separated, i lose my phone, sleep on a merry-go-round in a park in october (so like it's 25 degrees at best) and walk to a starbucks to find a stranger that'll let me use their laptop to contact my friends bc i don't know their numbers, forgot my facebook password, forgot my gmail password to reset it, end up on this middle aged man's 15 year old dell laptop for forty minutes trying to figure out how to contact my friends while still fucked up, eventually a dude i partied with happened to walk past and i ran outside and got him to call dan, dan picks me up and we drive back home and eat pizza hut
Holy shit
Oh boy strap in for this one. So it's freshman year of college. I live in the dorms. I'm single and have next to no experience with girls/parties. It's Halloweekend (the weekend of Halloween so very many parties at SDSU). Unfortunately, I was not in a frat so I was not allowed in any frat parties, so I had to party in the dorm. Anyway. My roommate went to his gf football game (she was a cheerleader for a community college 30 minutes away) so I was just hanging out in my room with the door open to talk with anyone from my floor that wanted to hang. This girl from the floor below me (that I had just met a few days ago and showed off my baseball knowledge to in the study room) walks by my room and stops. She says hi and comes in and I'm talking with her. She has a bottle of cranberry juice and vodka and offers me some. Obviously, I accept. She says she has a full bottle of vodka in on her floor and she'll bring it up to party with me. A really attractive girl wants to hangout with me on Halloween while she is dressed up and wants to get me drunk? Hell yea! So she goes down to her floor and I wait for her to come back. But then about 20 minutes have gone by and she has not come back, leaving me to believe she had bailed :(. So I go across the hall to my friends room to drink and play super smash bros. About an hour or two goes by and I've had some shots just vibin on the floor. A few of the girls who went out to a party had come back and I was hanging out with them. Then the girl from the floor below came back with friends and was trashed. She was in our study lounge puking in the trash so I was in there taking care of her and helping her out. I was just rubbing her back and getting her water while holding her hair. There was a weird dude on our floor who was into her also trying to help but it was super weird and uncomfortable with him there because well as I said he was weird and creepy. After an hour, one of my other friends said Chase and Diego were letting people in their room (now these kids didn't talk much to anyone, except Chase. Me and him were boys). So I went over to their room to see what was poppin' because this was a moment of a lifetime. Chase was a little drunk but Diego was smashed and so was his gf. Total in the room it was me, Chase, Diego, his gf, a dude name Kayvon, and two other girls, Leah and Katie. I was just hanging out talking with everyone and then the three girls were talking about french kissing. Leah hadn't ever frenched so the other girls wanted to show her how. So they passed each other around like a bong just frenching it up. I was dumbfounded. This is what college is??? I'd seen videos but I didn't think they were real. Diego was getting super into his gf making out with these two other girls, kinda hyping them up. Once they had stopped frenching, Katie and Leah left the room. Diego started to get the spins and tried to lay down on his bed. Then he vomited on himself. Me, already experienced with vomit in the evening, tried to help him out and get him up and to the bathroom or at least the trashcan. I did what I could but then his gf was acting all crazy and yelling at me to get out of the room, so I did. I returned to the cute drunk girl on the couch, as I told her I would be gone for just a few minutes (it was really about 20-30). She was super excited to see me again. At that point, she asked me to watch the World Series with her, as the Mets and Royals were going to play Game 5 (I believe) on the Sunday (the next day). I told her of course I would and that I'd be watching in that very study lounge. After a little while longer, I told her she needed to go to bed so I walked her down to her room while the weird creepy dude followed us. I wasn't going to let him walk her to her room because frankly I didn't trust the dude. Got her to her room, said good night, and that was the end of that. I went back to my room and told my roommate and his gf about the eventful night I had. Jumping back to earlier in the story, cute girl said she had returned to my room about 30 minutes later but she couldn't get the vodka from her floor because some dudes had taken it. I had left my room at that point so she ended up going out to the party instead since I wasn't there. I did end up dating that girl for a decent amount of time, but that's for a different survey.
Ruairi remains the undisputed king of storytelling
was homeschooled for most of high school and didn't go to college. i'm not gonna get balls but at least be gentle with taking balls away
Rose you are a treasure, no ball loss for you
Frosh year. My roommates and I had a couple dorm floor mates who either only have weekday meal plans, or no meal plan at all. So we started casually stealing them some non-perishable goods to last them over the weekend. Through natural progression, this slowly turned into us creating an entire klepto organization that eventually fed most of our dorm house. We had a few tricks. One was bringing sports bags in with us - they would make you check backpacks at the door, but since sports bags might have expensive equipment, they let you take them in. So we'd just stuff them full of gallon bags of cereal, bagels, etc. Our dining hall had a patio area, where at night, you could see in from the outside, but not vice versa. We would load up our plates with one type of food, grab a gallon or two of milk, a tray of cookies, etc., saunter out to the patio, bag/pack everything up, and then toss it over the railing to our Outside Man down below, who would then take it back. At the end of the year, the dining hall had a program where you could return anything you "walked off accidentally" with with no repercussions, so we went to collect and tally any cups/bowls/plates/silverware we'd liberated, and found ourselves with two full boxes of stuff. Fearing *some* sort of repercussions from the sheer volume of stuff, we waited until the DH was closed one night, climbed over the railing, and left the boxes on a patio table.
This is amazing
I jumped out the window of the classroom once just to prove to a friend how oblivious our teacher was. I then walked in through the front door, greeted said oblivious teacher, and sat back down at my desk. She was very confused.
+3 Ruairi, +2 Cory, +1 Jiggy
-3 Dylan, -2 Iama, -1 Bnavis
Question 3: Favorite Vacation You Took
does the scotland one kinda count as a vacation? if so, that one, if not, fuck idk I've only ever been to Vegas or Mexico on vacations so imma go with one of the 14 times I went to Mexico
I would love to go to Mexico
Winter 2010, we went to a resort in Turks & Caicos. Joe Girardi was there too. He and my mom are best friends now.
Pics or it didnt happen
lake house in new hampshire with all my cousins, just waterskiing, swimming, and hanging out by the water every day for a week
That sounds fantastic
italy, rome's cool as fuck
Another high effort answer from Bnavis.
when my sister lived in vancouver i flew there and then we drove from vancouver to tijuana together and camped on beaches and shit
I've always wanted to camp out on a beach, that sounds dope
Well, since my brother and I played baseball year round from elementary school through high school, we didn't take many/any vacations. So I will have to say the only real vacation I've taken is my trip to Texas a few weeks ago. It was amazing getting to see my best friend with our other best friend. Shot real guns for the first time. Went to the beach a couple of times and the water was so warm, it was amazing. Had Texas BBQ and it was to die for. It was super cool being in a somewhat small town since I've grown up in San Diego/Temecula for my whole life and haven't lived in a farm-like town. It was a super cool experience and I would easily risk getting coronavirus to do it again.
Thats pretty dope, small towns are always fun to go to
my favorite 'vacation' ever was actually recent. i dogsit for my sister sometimes when she goes somewhere and get to spend a week or so getting paid to relax at her apartment in san francisco with her dog and drinking and eating good food. it's nice because it's not touristy, i'm not staying at a hotel or anything, it's more like dipping my toes into living in a big city for a week or two and then getting to return to my normal life afterwards. my 'favorite vacation' was when i was there for over a week last year just chilling with no responsibilities other than taking care of her dog
The best vacations are the ones where you do absolutely nothing
New Zealand, September 2019. Gorgeous land all-around, really good (and cheap) beer, fun time exploring with friends, Lord of the Rings shit everywhere, good beer, very nice populace.
Thats dope, New Zealand is on my must visit list
All my friends and I rented a house in Hatteras in the Outer Banks a few years ago. Massive house, right on the water, perfect water. Took a lot of acid, listened to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew while the mosquitoes ate my body apart while the sun went down.
Thats pretty dope
Backpacking around Europe for a month with my buddies when I was 17. We visited 8 countries, sleeping in hostels and trains.
That is the dream, glad you got to live it
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Bgro
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 4: You are now Commissioner of MLB, what changes do you make? (For time constraints I am going to post the top 3 answer and bottom 3 answers as many of these are similar)
negotiate things with the unions to make sure i can do the following fire rob manfred from any position he may hold (also joe west, cb bucknor, angel hernandez, and laz diaz) fix the minor league wage system so players make a living wage; also adjust the prearb/arb/fa system for better fairness abolish the dh and/or maintain the al/nl system abolish bad extra inning rules and/or robot umps, if they have been implemented bring back the bullpen car more doubleheaders bring back disco demolition night
Love all of these except getting rid of the DH
very slowly turn baseball into blurnsball from futurama
  1. no interleague 2. no divisions, just leagues 3. 12 games against each league opponent, 168 game schedule (until expansion, see 9; after expansion this will become 165 games, 15 against each league opponent) 4. al dh, no dh in nl 5. top 3 make playoffs in each league, 1 gets a bye. 2v3 in a best of 7, winner vs 1 in a best of 9, best of 11 world series (i realize it's not fun viewing but it gets the best result) 6. fines for anyone who tries to institute unwritten rules or whatever the fuck, promote the shit out of guys like tatis/tim anderson that make the game fun 7. no baserunner on 2nd rule 8. legalize steroids 9. expand to 38 teams, play one season. bottom 7 in each league go down to make a 24 team mlb and a 14 team mlb2, following this, use the english promotion/relegation system but with 4 from each league now. so effectively, bottom 4 in the al automatically go down, top 3 from al-mlb2 automatically come up and then a playoff of 4v7 and 3v6 from mlb2's al (best of 3 round 1, best of 5 round 2) to determine the fourth team that rejoins the majors. 10. create a more fun environment at the game. music throughout the game, including during play, also every team has a small waterpark at the ballpark 11. encourage players to have cool cleats why is trevor bauer the only one taking advantage of this 12. go back to pre-2017 balls
Jiggy gets it
make the wild card a 3 game series played in 2 days (games 1 and 2 as a double header,) expand to 32 teams (portland and montreal/charlotte/nashville,) universal DH (i don't mind both leagues having different rules but universal DH is probably the pandemic induced rule that makes the most sense to keep,) execute Alex Bregman on live TV, don't kill the minor leagues, don't do any other dumb bullshit, sit back and watch the money stack
Yes absolutely bring back the Expos, fuck Ass Bergman
pay the minor leaguers, institute a salary floor, institute something resembling a RFA system instead of arb, ban Rob Manfred from baseball idk I'm tired
Go back to bed bud
Overhaul the free agency system to disincentivize service time manipulation. Add a salary floor for teams.
+3 Jiggy, +2 Rose, +1 Iama
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 5: You have been signed by the WWE! Congratulations! What is your In Ring Name, Gimmick, and Finisher
Thiccums, whatever vince gives me, and either the spear or the clothesline from hell
Show some creativity and own your own gimmick. Jobber status for you
I am The Ogre. I come out in full Shrek cosplay. My finisher is the GET OUT OF MY SWAMP.
Wrath-Hog Bounty Hunter Bearhug Life Force Squeezer
So do you hunt other wrestlers? Are you a hunter for an authority figure? As of now you are a Jobber
just give me minus points for this
Chicken Bryan Kane's little brother, thus making me the Undertaker's grandson The Carraba's Crusher - honestly it'd just be ember moon's eclipse bc it's the coolest shit
Only issue, Kane is already Undertakers brother so you would also be Undertakers brother. That said maybe we can bring Taker out of retirement for a one off with you
Ring Name: The Notorious Ruairious. Gimmick: I am a Northern Irishman who uses a wicked head butt to stun and knock out opponents. I have swagger, but am very humble. I throw off my opponents by complimenting their bodies rather than trash talking them. Finisher: I get the opponent on the ground and do a jig over them, as my kicks knock them unconscious.
This is a dope gimmick, would likely book you to face Sheamus for 3 months before going for the WWE Title.
Ring name is Anne Phibian, my finisher is a Frog Splash and my gimmick is that i am extremely into frogs and i brutally beat down opponents and share Frog Facts with the audience on the mic while they are incapacitated
Instant top heel in the Women's division. Would book you to face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania for the Women's Title.
The Mortician (Cory *Graves*). My gimmick would be crawling my up through the bottom of the ring to start each match. We would then have to wait for the mat to be repaired before beginning the match. Finisher: The Scalpel - I run back and forth between the ropes a few times, gaining momentum, eventually bouncing off, going into a horizontal pencil dive motion, and kicking my opponent square in the chest.
I can see some good feuds between you and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Could be a good wrestlemania match.
Bitch, I'm Big Pepsi I'm sponsored by Pepsi Co. to deliver the sweet taste of Pepsi products to the world, BY FORCE The Baja Blaster - I yeet a full cup of MTN DEW Baja Blast (tm) into my opponent's eyes before hitting them with a shoryuken from street fighter
I dig it. Will book you as a main eventer before having you job to Roman Reigns and then banish you to the midcard forever
My ring name is "El Ratoncito Miguel" which translates to "The Little Rat, Miguel". My gimmick is that I always pretend I'm not actually there to fight, I'm just lost and looking for directions. I insist way beyond a humorous amount of time that I'm really not a wrestler and you must have me mistaken and how do you get to Union Street. Then, when everyone's going home and the lights are turned off, that's when I attack. My finisher is called Open-Face Slap, where I run to one side of the ring and then charge full speed at you and open face slap you.
Instant Top Chicken Shit Heel. You can win the WWE Title on a fluke before losing it at Mania to someone like Daniel Bryan
+3 Bgro, +2 Ruairi, +1 Rose
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama
Question 6: Here have a ball
+1 to everyone who said thank you
No balls to everyone who said ok
No one told me to go fuck myself so no one loses a ball
Question 7: One of these has to go what do you get rid of.
+1 Balls to everyone for correctly choosing a seafood based item
Question 8: Penguins are...
+1 Ball to everyone who said Badass
No Balls for those who said "they aight"
No one loses a ball
Question 9: Society has completely collapsed, what do you do to survive.
bold of you to assume I'd make it out of a societal collapse
Wonderful spirit Wharble
Hoard some precious resource so I can trade it for other things that I need.
the world is my oyster
But what are you doing to survive
kill myself, i'm not a fool. i wouldn't survive a day in the wild
Just excellent effort from Bnavis
honestly i wish i had a nice plan for you but i know i wouldn't make it. just hangout with my gf for as long as possible and do enough mdma to forget about our impending doom
I have a co-worker who has a full survival shelter with many guns. I go to him to survive.
Good move
i don't believe in my ability to survive alone in an apocalyptic scenario so i would determine if i'm reasonably close to a costco. if i think i'm close enough i believe a society of about 200-300 people could survive in a barricaded costco for several months at least without issue, and i will try to get a footing there. if i can't make it to something like that i will seek out the strongest most prepared looking person in my neighborhood and pray they show mercy.
Good to have a plan
Hoard gasoline and water (a la The Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road). If that doesn't work out, I would travel from settlement to settlement, bard-style, recanting happenings from neighboring settlements and regaling folks with song.
That man making the best of a bad situation
Go to the basement of the newspaper office downtown. Literally nobody ever goes there, and there's no easy way down there without a pass. Also has a showeshittespace. Also has a secret tunnel to the building across the street if I need to bail.
Not bad
Now that society has collapsed, I work as a software developer to survive.
In a post-apocalyptic society I dont think we will need software
+3 Cory, +2 Rose, +1 Dylan
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama

Question 10: This question comes from my wife: What should I make for dinner upon the completion of survey results
Everyone gets a ball for leaving some awesome recipes.
Question 11: What is your happiest memory?
that's an incredibly personal question that I will not answer because it will make me emotional!
that one time i homered in little league
Was it a moon shot?
watching the 09 world series win with my dad
That was an amazing year
being held by someone who loves me dearly
honestly last new years me and gf and a few friends went to a rave and got drunk/did a fuckton of ecstasy and danced our asses off then went to this little hidden rooftop in downtown saskatoon that i stashed a few bottles of tequila and some cigarettes on and danced and smoke and drank up there and yelled at strangers on the street until like 4 then got an uber home, passed out, and then made a fuckpile of waffles and watched horror movies in the basement all new years day it was so fucking fun
Thats fucking awesome
Oh man this is a tough one. There are two that stand out in my mind, but I'm not sure which one to go with. I will tell another story about the cute girl I mentioned earlier in this survey. So this was a few months later (4 or 5). We started dating shortly after that Halloween night for the record. We spent pretty much everyday together since we lived just a floor apart and quickly became best friends. Anyway, it was a few months later and we were in her room. It was a Friday and I didn't have class until 1 on Fridays. We were making out on her bed and at one point she stopped and just looked at me. She started crying and I was confused so I asked her what was wrong. Through a cracked voice she says "I love you." It was the first time anyone had ever told me they loved me in that way and I had been thinking about telling her that I felt the same way leading up to this day but was too scared to. When she said it, I was then able to say it, which surprised her because I wasn't a very open person back then. It's one of the best feelings to have someone you love tell you that they love you back. And even though we aren't together anymore, the memory is still a good one for me, because it reminds me that I can be loved and I can feel love for someone, even in times when those things don't seem possible.
This brought a tear to my eye my dude
it feels slightly underwhelming to call it my happiest memory because it didn't last in the end but i think the most undeniably happy thing i can think of is entering my first real romantic relationship as a teenager. a lot of that time of my life i was fighting with depression and a genuine and significant romantic relationship was a realization that i could be deserving of love from other people and that i could connect and relate to another person in ways i was afraid i wasn't capable of.
This fucking hit me hard because I've been there
Camping with my brother and parents. Usually our trips involve some amount of shouting and fighting, even the really good ones. But this trip, we just spent three wonderful days in the wilderness, enjoying nature, eating good campfire foods, laughing and playing board games. Some catchphrases were spawned while playing those games that my family still quotes to this day.
That's awesome, I'd give anything to have that kind of time with my family again
I went to a concert with a friend of mine that had just left the company we had worked for. She was in a relationship but she asked me to go with her because she had an extra ticket. It was a great time, really fun, great vibes. Didn't realize at the time that would be the person I'd be living with about 3-4 years later. Don't know if it's my happiest memory but it makes me really happy, know what I mean?
Thats awesome dude
Either various moments on my solo bike trip across the country where I just felt total tranquility and satisfaction near the end of my trip OR this one time when my first nephew was like one and I was his favorite person and I took him out for a walk. He was distracted and I walked a little ahead of him and when he turned and noticed me a little further away, we made eye contact, he grinned a wide smile and then ran to me arms wide open for a hug. Kids do that kind of stuff all the time to people they know and trust but I've never felt such pure unadulterated love as I have from that kid in that moment. There is no artifice or conditionality in that sort of love. It felt good to be the cause of that someone else's sheer joy and seeing his face light up when he saw me, thats a memory that always brings me happiness.
No one loses a ball for this round
+3 Rose, +2 Bgro, +1 Ruairi

Ok lets tally up the results......
Lottery will be done and posted with out first round. Thank you for your time you wonderful people
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2020.09.17 06:07 amandamontana If you can, put "Subject to satisfactory insurance" in your offer to purchase a home - the story of how I avoided losing $15,000

My apologies in advance if this is common knowledge, but if this helps even one person I'd be happy.
I know this won't apply to everyone, especially those who are trying to buy in red-hot markets where the sellers will choose an offer with no subjects.
But for those who are able to make an offer with subjects, you need to have insurance as a subject.
I've been shopping for a home in Chilliwack BC. Chilliwack is a city about 1 hour outside of Vancouver. Real estate is a little cheaper there and if you're saavy you can get a deal. I found a property that seemed to tick all the boxes. Alas, there was an accepted offer on it, but the sellers were encouraging showings in case the deal fell through. Indeed, the deal fell through a week later. My fiance and I swooped in and managed to get an offer accepted for 5K under the asking price. I was told the previous offer fell through due to financing.
A little background, I've worked in the insurance industry for 4.5 years so I know it's not always so easy to get insurance, especially on older houses. House in question was built in 1986. Therefore, fiance and I agreed to not put any deposit down until we knew the house was insurable. Deposit in this case was $15,000.
Insurance usually isn't in the forefront of people's minds, and it usually gets dealt with during the closing process where the conveyancer will arrange for insurance binder with an insurance company. Knowing what I know about the industry, I couldn't wait until closing, so I got to work on the insurance right away.
Offer was accepted on a Tuesday. Inspection was booked for Saturday. I began to shop for quotes but couldn't get an accurate quote because I didn't know the plumbing/electrical and roof details. My agent asked the seller for such details, but we never got a reply.
On Saturday, $400 bucks later, we find out there's Poly B piping in the house. I panic. Insurers hate Poly B. It once was thought to be cutting edge, and was super popular in the 80's/early 90's because of how cheap it was. Unfortunately, the pipes suck. It's not a matter of if the pipes will fail, but a matter of when.
There's some other deficiencies we need to deal with, but the Poly B might be the deal breaker. So right after the inspection, we head to an insurance brokerage to get a quote. At this point, it's 2 business days until we have to remove subjects. That's not a lot of time.
We get to the brokerage and the tell us there's a wildfire with 50KM of Chilliwack so their binding authority is restricted. They will not give me insurance right then. If they find someone who is willing to insure the Poly B, it will need additional underwriting approval because of the fire/poly B. I panic some more. Two business days until subject removal.
The next 3 days are spent calling around places and trying to get a quote. Declined every time. I tell my realtor this and ask for an extension. Sellers don't believe I'm having a hard time finding insurance so I'm told they will only consider an extension if I contact their current insurance provider, the Co-Operators.
I call the Co-Operators. Guess what? Declined again. I mention the current owners are insured with them. They tell me either the current owners did not disclose the Poly B to them or they are grandfathered in since their underwriting guidelines have recently changed.
Needless to say, the Co-Operators did not cooperate. I'm nearly in tears at this point.
I try my last and final option. The company I work for offers insurance to their employees. I call and get a quote. Since I'm an employee, they did me a favour and agreed to cover the Poly B. Imposing no conditions, and only recommend that I install a water sensor and an automatic water shutoff valve. Oh, and only $70 a month too for really good coverage.
I could only start the quote process with my work on Monday (closed on weekends). I asked them to rush it and was able to get them to bind (activate) the insurance for me yesterday with closing date as the day the insurance takes effect.
I'm sure I eventually would have been able to buy insurance elsewhere if I had more time, albeit for big bucks. Let me tell you that $70 a month for the coverage I'm getting is a steal. And to think, I was only able to get this insurance because it's an employee perk.
Had I not put the insurance subject in, there's a chance I could have been out $15,000 because the house is nearly uninsurable. We plan to replace the piping in the house during our first year living there.
As for subject removal, we got it extended for a few days due to the insurance issue, and because insurance was such an issue, we have asked for a price deduction. We may not get it, but you don't get if you don't ask. Fingers crossed!
If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!
EDIT: been asked a few times why I didn’t go to my employer first. Here’s my explanation.
I couldn’t get a quote from employer until Monday. Subjects had to be removed by end of day Tuesday. You don’t remove your subjects on time, you lose the deal.
I shopped around at other places just in case my employers insurance didn’t come through before subject removal. Always good to have a backup plan.
EDIT 2: people seem to think I’m being melodramatic but that’s fine. I realize this won’t be everyone’s reality and insurance usually isn’t such a headache. However I’ve learned a lot from this community and wanted to give back. The story was just some food for thought and something to remember should you ever find yourself purchasing a home
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2020.09.14 06:54 bedoublenegative Restaurants and Covid-19 Protocols/Enforcement

Not sure if this exists yet but I’ve been seeking a list of local restaurants/pubs/cafes and their pandemic protocols (such a staff enforcement, mask wearing, consistency, contact tracing, etc.) as well as any changes to regular service/menus.
If anyone is willing to share, I’ll try to keep this list updated as best as I can.
Current Orders in BC affecting Restaurants (hotels/tasting rooms/breweries may be exempt) can be found here:
Highlights of Provincial Orders (subject to change)
Note: This is all based on actual individual experiences. Please be aware that it isn't gospel. Visit at your own risk and contact the establishments for up to date info.
Updated Sept 16, 2020


10 Acres Commons - Staff wearing masks, contact tracing on entry, sanitizer on entry and at bathrooms. Restricted bathroom capacity not being controlled or suggested. Plexi dividers on top of booth seating (approx 6 ft high). Tables slightly distanced (more so on patio). Bar seating does not have a barrier. No major menu changes.
Artisan Bistro in Broadmead - Contact tracing, keeping the doors open, tables very spaced out, well spaced patio as well, all staff wearing masks.
Baan Thai on Blanshard - Taking temps at the door, contact tracing, wearing masks and physical distancing.
Bard and Banker - staff wearing masks, contact tracing being taken at door, enforcing 6 person max per table/group with no socializing between tables. Sanitizer is plentiful at front door and bathroom. Not enforcing bathroom capacity. No major menu changes.
Beagle Pub - Inconsistent contact tracing as of a month ago. Some staff masked but not all. Bartender wiped nose then handled glassware a couple of times. Sanitizer plentiful and staff trying to physically distance/enforcing the 2 metre rule. Some staff congregating with patrons/hugging.
Bodega: all staff wear masks. Contact tracing all persons, tables spaced properly, 6+8 seats at the bar, behind plexiglass. Sanitizer everywhere. Single stalk bathrooms. Tables and chairs cleaned after each guest.
Boom and Batten - Staff have face shield mask combos, tables separated. Bathrooms are individual with cleaning schedule and we’re very clean. No menu changes (someone could confirm). Didn’t contact trace at door but with reservation they likely didn’t need to. May differ for walk in. No major menu changes.
Brentwood Bay Resort Pub - Contact tracing consistent. Sanitizer on entry. Tables inside and on patio both distanced, but no clear walkways to avoid tables en route to patio from inside. One defined entrance and one exit to minimize contact. Staff wearing masks, and asking for distance when bussing tables/bringing food/drink.
Browns Social House - Uptown - Staff wearing masks at all times. Tables removed or blocked for distancing. Contact tracing has been consistent. Hand sanitizer at each table. Paper disposable menus. Bathroom tight with more than one person. No menu changes.
Cafe Mexico - staff wearing masks, contact tracing information taken, some seating removed, larger patio area, reduced menu, plexiglass.
Category 12 Brewing - Unsure on contact tracing. Staff wearing masks. Plexi barriers in place, no growler fills. Distancing in line and seating inside and outside is well spaced. Staff meticulous in cleaning the tables and even sanitizing the seats. Felt like one of the safest local establishments.
Christie's Pub - has distanced tables (not removed but "don't sit here" sheets on them) and contact tracing at the door, and sanitizer at the front. The staff do not have masks. They have some plastic sheeting between some of the areas (if you have been there you know there are separate areas/rooms with half-height walls between them), and you can sit at the bar. They have an outdoor section as well that also has distanced tables. Paper menus, and also menus visible on the walls.
Drake Eatery - Very spaced out patios (upstairs and downstairs) in market square. Staff wearing masks, order at bar (plexiglas). Only interaction with staff was behind plexi and then self service taking your own drink to your table. Food is delivered by staff. Heat lamps outside. Inside seating is very well spaced (almost no tables inside). Contact tracing has been very consistent.
El Furniture Warehouse - all staff wearing masks, contact tracing information taken, larger patio area, plexiglass separating tables, some seating removed.
Fernwood Inn - some seating removed, larger patio area, most staff wearing masks.
Fifth Street - All the staff were wearing masks. Plexiglass everywhere. The bar completely surrounded, there were single bar seats in plexiglass little booths. The booths themselves have plexiglass in between. Greeter at the door taking info down for contact tracing.
Finn's - Little distancing on patio. Tables inside spaced out more than usual but very little. Guests approx 3-4 feet apart when seated (back to back). Contact tracing in progress. Staff have masks but both experiences I have had them fiddling with them or the fit wasn't correct. Sanitizer available at front and bathrooms. No major menu changes.
Fisherman's Wharf - Being monitored for distancing at entry on walkway with staff. Bathrooms distanced with markers. Many vendor line-ups distanced with markers, however most patrons not distancing from others when seated, walking around, etc. Most not wearing masks.
Four Mile Pub - Voluntary contact tracing at entrance, sanitizer at entrance. Tables not distanced super well. Staff wearing masks but saw many who removed them or pulled them down while at the bar handling drinks. Menu has shifted over the last few months but everything on current menu was available. Plexi at bar in pub area and downstairs. Can’t comment on restaurant side.
Garrick’s Head Pub - Staff wearing masks, plexi dividers between tables and at the bar seats. Bathrooms iffy for cleaning. No sanitizer at tables but available at front door and bathroom. No major menu changes. Reports of staff congregating/hugging guests though, which may limit effectiveness of any of these measures.
House of Boateng: limited seating with an expanded patio, staff all wear masks, tables are sanitized and designated as 'serviced' between customers, one way traffic, contact tracing etc.
Il Sauvage Brewing - Contact tracing in place. Tables are fairly spaced on main level but it is a small space. No info on upper level. Sanitizer available. Staff masks unknown.
Il Terrazzo: removed around 70 seats, antique windows added as barriers between tables, servers wear masks but the wait staff did not. Felt a bit crowded.
Irish Times - Staff wearing masks, contact tracing in place, some barriers between seating and added outdoor seating for distancing on patio.
Leopolds - staff wearing masks, contact tracing, distanced seating & each booth area has barriers around it. You could sit at the bar and though there was no barrieplexiglass between you and the bartender, they had masks on. Might have had menus but had the QR code to look it up on your phone.
Lighthouse Brewing - Unsure about contact tracing. Limiting patrons to one group inside at a time with signage and it is being enforced. Patio is fairly distanced. Growler fills allowed last visit with meticulous washing of growlers prior to fill. Staff not wearing masks last visit.
My Chosen Cafe, Pizza & Sugar Shack: reduced indoor seating, temporary patio in the parking lot, contact tracing, one way traffic, staff in masks, new pizza pick up window, and limit of 4 customers in the Sugar Shack.
Original Joes - Tuscany Village - Staff wearing masks, contact tracing, tables slightly distanced but not a lot. Sanitizer at door. Aisles to tables very close to actual tables making distancing really hard. No menu changes.
The Palms at Rialto - Contact tracing consistent, temp check at door, staff wearing masks consistently. Distancing is in place on bar side. No plexi divider though for bar seating between bar and patrons. Can’t comment on restaurant side yet. Bathrooms downstairs in hotel. Sanitizer available.
Phillips Brewing - Unsure about contact tracing. Lots of sanitizer available and monitoring of seating/distancing. Plexi barriers between seating at bar. Distancing in place between staff and patrons. Growler fills available. Not all staff wearing masks. Patio on sidewalk for added seating (5-6 tables).
Q at the Empress - Outdoor patio is physically distanced. Temp check at door, contact tracing consistent. Staff wearing masks and keeping their distance from patrons outside. Inside - no info provided yet. Washrooms are inside the hotel leaving more area to cover to utilize them. Menu mostly the same, but no popcorn at bar anymore.
Romeos - Hillside Location - Contact tracing is place, they have their own touchless protocol to let customers in and out of the restaurant. Sanitizer is provided at entry. Staff wears face shields. Plexi glass barriers and reduced occupancy. Cleaning booths thoroughly between customers.
Ross Bay Pub - good social distancing, normal menu (prices raised a bit and quality down hill recently), plexiglass barriers in some places, no masks worn and staff only cleaned table tops, kitchen staff not wearing masks, did not see hand sanitizer except for entry
Sherwood Cafe & Bar - Spacious dining room and two patios. Tables and seating appropriately distanced. Hand sanitizer on entry and at various locations. Floor markings to control flow of guests entering. Staff wearing masks (inc kitchen). Plexiglass at point-of-sale. Contact tracing and sanitization schedule in place. (from employee)
Smiths - Patio has contact tracing, distanced quite substantially. Staff wearing masks and precautions/sanitizing of payment machines. Unsure about washrooms. Menu quite limited compared to pre-covid. Inside pub unknown.
The Snug at Oak Bay Beach Hotel - Contact tracing in place. Valet providing a buffer at front door, then contract tracing at pub. Distanced tables, staff wearing masks consistently. Lots of precautions upon entry and exit to the pub and hotel. No plexi barriers in place. Santizer available upon entry to pub.
Spinnakers - Staff wearing masks, tables quite distanced. Contact tracing consistent. Pool room upstairs has capacity limit of 6 individuals. Upstairs has bar service currently, no table service/servers taking orders. Downstairs has servers. Menu has recently changed, but quite substantial still. They have also opened up a patio in the parking lot for additional capacity.
Surly Mermaid (Sidney): you could join their waitlist by phone, sanitizer asked to be used before you enter, all staff wearing masks, distanced tables.
Swans - Contact tracing consistent. Staff wearing masks, lots of sanitizer at front and at washrooms. No plexi, but tables staggered for distancing and lots of space. Covered patio area less distanced due to width, but still spaced out. No menu changes.
Tug Eatery - Contact tracing is consistent, sanitizer provided at entry and washrooms. Tables distanced quite well. Staff consistent with masks and protocols. Patio has been expanded with lots of outdoor seating.
Vancouver Island Brewing - Contact tracing in progress. Tables spaced pretty well inside and outside. Sanitation consistent. Unsure about growler fills. Staff not wearing masks. Patio outside for added seating.
Wild Mountain: outdoor seating only, contact tracing, extensive cleaning
Zambri's - staff wearing masks, contact tracing at door for walk in (assumed same for reservations being logged). Sanitized at entrance and washrooms. Well spaced tables.

Delivery Services

Nomad X - requires masks and distances - they're a small startup delivery outfit
Skip the Dishes - Reports of no protocol for masks by drivers
Tutti Delivery, Door Dash, and Uber Eats all do require their drivers to wear masks.

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2020.09.13 18:45 hornerssyndrome Vendors List! New Buyers Mini Guide, Please Read!

edit date: 19/09/2020

Please read the entire post before posting a new thread, or messaging a vendor.


General Rule!
Spores of the Cubensis (or any "active" species) are for MICROSCOPE USE ONLY. Microscopy is the study of spores under the microscope, where you can study their unique features.
If you discuss cultivation of active species your post will be deleted and you WILL be temporarily/permanently banned from sporetraders and sporeswap !!

Contents of this post:

  1. List of Vendors
  2. How to message a vendor
  3. Leaving a review

Trusted vendors:

SF - Ships from
ST - Ships to


SF: BC, Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Tennessee, US
ST: US only


ST: Spore syringes - US Only; Other products -Worldwide




SF: Florida, US
ST: US Only


ST: Worldwide








(old acc: GalindoiShaman)

SF: Ohio, US
ST: Worldwide; Exclusions - Iran, North Korea




SF: Western Oregon
ST: Worldwide; Exclusion - Philippines; Saudi Arabia


SF: Arizona, US
ST: Worldwide


(old acc: OCESpores-R-us)

SF: Australia
ST: Worldwide


SF: Oregon, US
ST: Worldwide


SF: Florida, US
ST: Worldwide; Exclusions - Tel Aviv, South Korea, Russia


ST: Worldwide




SF: The Virgin Islands
ST: Worldwide




SF: Tennessee, US
ST: US only


SF: Australia
ST: Australia only


ST: Worldwide; Exclusion - Australia


SF: Vancouver Island,Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Ottawa, Canada
ST: Worldwide


SF: Nevada, US
ST: Worldwide








ST: US only










SF: Albuquerque, NM
ST: Worldwide













u/mycolayculkin - Canadian Vendor









SF: Louisiana
ST: US, Canada





New Vendors:

These vendors are unconfirmed. Please proceed at your own risk. This is just to increase the exposure of new vendors!!!:


Messaging a vendor:

How to message on a mobile
How to message on a Desktop
Composition of your message to the vendor
Addressee's Name
Street Address or P.O. Box number
City or Town
3) Your method of payment, e.g. Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Credit Card, BitCoin (for those vendors that accept them)
In my experience vendors are more than happy to answer your questions/doubts. Please DO NOT ask any questions regarding cultivation.
Leaving Feedback
It really helps the Vendors as well as potential buyers out!
Notes: My samples arrived in less than two weeks! Samples were exactly what I expected. They were labelled and everything was very professional!
Vendors who have achieved trusted vendors status, please direct message me, and i'll be more than happy to add you to the list. If you'd like a notation added regarding the country/countries you ship from please send me a direct message.
If you are a new vendor, please do not message me or the other mods. Only other mods can request me to add new vendors to the list. This is only to prevent scamming.
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2020.09.12 06:07 cone_squared Opinions on Game Design programs?

It was suggested that I also post to a game art thread since a couple programs also focus heavily on characteenvironment modeling. (sorry if this post isn't allowed!!)
Vancouver based specifically for location reasons.
and before anyone inputs with the ~don't go to school for it~ hi yes I learn better in a structured environment than on my own (covid has attested to that) so I chose school as an option.
I'm currently looking at a few different programs and I've gone through some other Reddit threads about other schools too. Right now VCAD, and Think Tank are the ones I'm looking at that have game design-esq specific courses. I've also looked at CapU and their VFX course that I would then apply towards a game related job rather than a film/tv job.
What are the opinions on these programs? What's the school like? What are the courses/curriculum like? Granted a lot of things are online atm so like "school experience" isn't the most important but rather how well do the teachers do? Are they good mentors who know what they're doing? What did you learn from the programs/how much of it was extra or personal work that made it to your reel (if any of the school work did). How about post-grad, did you find a job in the field or no?
Part of me is worried that while I come from an "art background" it's more from a photography and design aspect rather than an illustration background. Is that going to affect my chances of getting accepted? (cue imposter syndrome kicking my ass time and time again)
Finances are also an issue but they all generally cost the same regardless, although CapU looks like the most $$ atm (except the think tank online which I'm also seriously considering + doing the mentorship in person if covid allowed because it's the most feasible option for me).
Sorry if that's a lot of questions, I'm just trying to do my research and obviously each school sells themselves as #1. I genuinely considered VCAD but I noticed the amount of shady reviews which is why I was also looking at other programs. Are there any other ones that I didn't list that might be worth looking into?
I'm not worried about having to go 110% in any case, I know that I need to put in the extra effort if I want to get anywhere (made that mistake once before by not pushing myself better). In the same light, I know that I shouldn't expect to land a top job right off the bat, whether it's with characteenvironment design, level design etc. I just want to make sure that I'm spending my efforts and money in the right places. I have interest in a lot of different aspects of the pipeline; ie. characteenv art, but would also like to learn about game/level design.
tl;dr: opinions on vcad, think tank for game design (CapU for VFX)/what other programs are worth looking into?
any opinions/ thoughts are much appreciated!!!!!
ps. if anyone cares for the context
(I currently live in Ontario but might be making the move to Vancouver, plus I want to go back to school. I have an undergrad in a media related field. Originally wanted to go to school in Toronto but timelines change and desire to move out west grows. also bc I'm a dunce and fucked up some admission timelines; aka misunderstood something about a program that I thought had a winter start date but evidently does not and waiting another full year before even being able to apply was not ideal).
this is being cross posted to Vancouver and gamedesign to get as much opinions as I can so sorry if you're seeing this twice!!!
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2020.09.12 04:09 cone_squared Opinion on Game Design programs?

Vancouver based specifically for location reasons.
and before anyone inputs with the ~don't go to school for it~ hi yes I learn better in a structured environment than on my own (covid has attested to that) so I chose school as an option.
I'm currently looking at a few different programs and I've gone through some other Reddit threads about other schools too. Right now VCAD, and Think Tank are the ones I'm looking at that have game design-esq specific courses. I've also looked at CapU and their VFX course that I would then apply towards a game related job rather than a film/tv job.
What are the opinions on these programs? What's the school like? What are the courses/curriculum like? Granted a lot of things are online atm so like "school experience" isn't the most important but rather how well do the teachers do? Are they good mentors who know what they're doing? What did you learn from the programs/how much of it was extra or personal work that made it to your reel (if any of the school work did). How about post-grad, did you find a job in the field or no?
Part of me is worried that while I come from an "art background" it's more from a photography and design aspect rather than an illustration background. Is that going to affect my chances of getting accepted? (cue imposter syndrome kicking my ass time and time again)
Finances are also an issue but they all generally cost the same regardless, although CapU looks like the most $$ atm (except the think tank online which I'm also seriously considering + doing the mentorship in person if covid allowed because it's the most feasible option for me).
Sorry if that's a lot of questions, I'm just trying to do my research and obviously each school sells themselves as #1. I genuinely considered VCAD but I noticed the amount of shady reviews which is why I was also looking at other programs. Are there any other ones that I didn't list that might be worth looking into?
I'm not worried about having to go 110% in any case, I know that I need to put in the extra effort if I want to get anywhere (made that mistake once before by not pushing myself better). In the same light, I know that I shouldn't expect to land a top job right off the bat, whether it's with characteenvironment design, level design etc. I just want to make sure that I'm spending my efforts and money in the right places. I have interest in a lot of different aspects of the pipeline; ie. characteenv art, but would also like to learn about game/level design.
tl;dr: opinions on vcad, think tank for game design (CapU for VFX)/what other programs are worth looking into?
any opinions/ thoughts are much appreciated!!!!!
ps. if anyone cares for the context
(I currently live in Ontario but might be making the move to Vancouver, plus I want to go back to school. I have an undergrad in a media related field. Originally wanted to go to school in Toronto but timelines change and desire to move out west grows. also bc I'm a dunce and fucked up some admission timelines; aka misunderstood something about a program that I thought had a winter start date but evidently does not and waiting another full year before even being able to apply was not ideal).
this is being cross posted to Vancouver and gamedesign to get as much opinions as I can so sorry if you're seeing this twice!!!
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2020.09.12 04:08 cone_squared Opinion on Game Design programs?

Vancouver based specifically for location reasons.
and before anyone inputs with the ~don't go to school for it~ hi yes I learn better in a structured environment than on my own (covid has attested to that) so I chose school as an option.
I'm currently looking at a few different programs and I've gone through some other Reddit threads about other schools too. Right now VCAD, and Think Tank are the ones I'm looking at that have game design-esq specific courses. I've also looked at CapU and their VFX course that I would then apply towards a game related job rather than a film/tv job.
What are the opinions on these programs? What's the school like? What are the courses/curriculum like? Granted a lot of things are online atm so like "school experience" isn't the most important but rather how well do the teachers do? Are they good mentors who know what they're doing? What did you learn from the programs/how much of it was extra or personal work that made it to your reel (if any of the school work did). How about post-grad, did you find a job in the field or no?
Part of me is worried that while I come from an "art background" it's more from a photography and design aspect rather than an illustration background. Is that going to affect my chances of getting accepted? (cue imposter syndrome kicking my ass time and time again)
Finances are also an issue but they all generally cost the same regardless, although CapU looks like the most $$ atm (except the think tank online which I'm also seriously considering + doing the mentorship in person if covid allowed because it's the most feasible option for me).
Sorry if that's a lot of questions, I'm just trying to do my research and obviously each school sells themselves as #1. I genuinely considered VCAD but I noticed the amount of shady reviews which is why I was also looking at other programs. Are there any other ones that I didn't list that might be worth looking into?
I'm not worried about having to go 110% in any case, I know that I need to put in the extra effort if I want to get anywhere (made that mistake once before by not pushing myself better). In the same light, I know that I shouldn't expect to land a top job right off the bat, whether it's with characteenvironment design, level design etc. I just want to make sure that I'm spending my efforts and money in the right places. I have interest in a lot of different aspects of the pipeline; ie. characteenv art, but would also like to learn about game/level design.
tl;dr: opinions on vcad, think tank for game design (CapU for VFX)/what other programs are worth looking into?
any opinions/ thoughts are much appreciated!!!!!
ps. if anyone cares for the context
(I currently live in Ontario but might be making the move to Vancouver, plus I want to go back to school. I have an undergrad in a media related field. Originally wanted to go to school in Toronto but timelines change and desire to move out west grows. also bc I'm a dunce and fucked up some admission timelines; aka misunderstood something about a program that I thought had a winter start date but evidently does not and waiting another full year before even being able to apply was not ideal).
this is being cross posted to Vancouver and gamedesign to get as much opinions as I can so sorry if you're seeing this twice!!!
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2020.09.12 02:41 burritorolll [SELL][VANCOUVER] Sydney Grace, NARS, KKW, Charlotte Tilbury, Persona, Hourglass, Kosas, Nudestix, ColourPop, MAC, Pat McGrath, BareMinerals, Tarte, Tom Ford, Dior, Westman Atelier, Fenty

Browse entire album in order here








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2020.09.11 08:05 le_dudester How do I deal with this ** Warning Long post**

tl;dr My ex broke with me due to her wanting to go back to BC (we currently both reside in QC) so she can stay with her family as she sees no future for her here. Then I get backstabbed.
In the beginning I never really was into the dating scene, never had time or the chance to really date because I was insecure due to always having onesided loves back in my younger days. So around Christmas of 2019 one of my friends convinced me to try dating apps and that I'd have nothing to lose. So I took my chance and happened to match with someone on Tinder. We went on a date and we seemed to click instantly. She then went on vacation and we had time to message eachother now and then and when she came back by late January, we officially started to date.
End of January, I was thinking of buying a new place and I proposed her the idea that if I were to get a new place, hypothetically, would she be willing to move in with me. At my surprise she started crying and as I was trying to calm her down. I was afraid I said something wrong or that she might've felt pressured but she told me that she didn't know if she was staying in QC or she'd move back to her hometown in BC. This was definitely a tragic night and she told me she'd understand if I left her because she might've felt like this would waste my time. I expressed that my feelings for her didn't change and that I liked her and I was willing to go out with her at least til she decides to move back to BC.
So we've been going out together for around over little 9 months and for me it was probably one of the happiest moments that I've had. She stayed at my place during the lockdown. We had a great time together and honestly, I fell hard for this person. It didn't take me long to know that this person was the one. You definitely get to learn about someone while they're staying with you 24/7 under the same roof. Prior relationships didn't give me the same feeling as this one did and that's saying something. We had our fair share of arguments but nothing lasted more than a day.
Anyways time starts flying and my job gave me the greenlight to work outside of home. So she returned back to her place and I went started getting a lot more busy but still managed to see her at least 3 days a week (by her request). Then comes August, she decided to go Vancouver with her older sibling (pretty swell dude) to visit her parents and friends (I had an uneasy feeling but we'll save that for later). August was a very busy month for me work-wise and the time difference made it a bit hard to contact each other but we still managed to text here and there.
Suddenly one week before she comes back to Montreal, I get a text that says that she wants to break up and doesn't even want to see me even as she comes back to Montreal. I was rattled to the core. I asked her is there any way we can discuss about this once she comes back but she said that we're breaking up and that there's no discussion. Instead of being angered (cause that leads to stupid things), I sent her a reasonable text that said, if she had any respect for me as a person, we should at least meet for closure or to discuss about the reasoning behind this abrupt breakup. She then agreed and that we shouldn't talk until we meet in person (I guess my eloquence and reasoning to why she should see me convinced her).
The whole duration from Monday ( when I got the text) to Friday, my friends were filling up my head with scary scenarios that I didn't want to think about. I trusted her and was dead set. So Friday comes and I meet her at her place. We sat down and I started the conversation by saying that I'm laying everything on the table and I hope you can do the same although I'd understand if you want to hide something from me (my mental fortitude broke down after hearing and imagining all sorts of toxic scenes in my head). She then asked if I trusted her and I said I did, but I was planted with seeds of doubt because it happened so abruptly (she closed down her IG account).
Then she proceeded to say that her family is her number one priority and that her father is sick and that she doesn't want to regret not being there if anything happened to him. Which I think is a perfect reason to go back to BC. Hell, I even supported her in going back and I already discussed with her prior that I was willing to still date her until she left and cherish the good memories. In the beginning I was dead set on staying in QC because I love Montreal as a city. Just a great place to live all around. But then as time went on and I got to know more about her, I wavered. Yes, people are willing to sacrifice alot for love and I thought that there was nothing really holding me back in this city and I'm not afraid of changes and I could also probably move to a different place for love.
But before that I still proposed the idea of dating until she left, but then she disagreed because she felt like it would hurt me too much. I got slightly annoyed because I don't like it when people assume my feelings for me. I've already steeled and resolved myself for the day she left. But then one thing came to mind and I asked her, "Why didn't you ask me to move to BC with you?" She then said it'd be a huge burden on her and me (there you go with the assumptions again). I told her people are willing to do some crazy things for someone they care about.
She still denied the idea, so I came to the conclusion that it became a situation where I loved her more than she did with me. I told her that since you didn't ask me, I can see the extent of the love you have for me. I was hurt, I'm sure she was too because she was crying. I then proceeded to ask what are her plans from now on, she replied by saying she's furiously job hunting in Vancouver. I also asked her if she was going to see other people and she said that she isn't going to be seeing anyone in a while because she still loved me and that seeing someone else would be nigh impossible but it had to end for her sake.
I stayed over for the night because it was late and we didn't do anything but cuddle and she eventually fell asleep after crying. The next morning I told her that wherever she goes, she'll succeed and that I only wish her the best and that whoever she finds next will love her as much as I did and that she loves him more than I do. Then I left with bittersweet albeit, cherished memories.
Not even a week after I felt deep sadness, my friends told me to forget about her and I had said that it was impossible as I haven't found love like this before in my entire life. Suddenly I decided to read on our old conversations just to reminisce on the good times. Then like an idiot I sent her a text just to see if she was having a hard time job hunting. No replies. So I'm guessing she finds it too hard to text me back and I might've not given her enough time so I decided to wait and go back to reading our old convos.
I reopened the Tinder dating app to see how I got my start with this girl and was reading our conversations (I thought I was pretty smooth), suddenly her profile refreshes and she has completely update her dating profile with new pictures. My heart immediately broke. I felt ill, sick to the stomach. Anger, rage, sadness, betrayal.
I know I have to be the bigger person, but now I'm in a heart wrenching situation where I'm thinking to myself where did it go wrong? What did I do to deserve such a fate? I only gave my complete attention, devotion, time and opened up about all sorts of feelings to this girl. Do you know how powerful it is for a man to open up about his insecurities to another? That's what I did. But now, I feel like this whole relationship was a lie. How does one get over this? How does one deal with such blatant disregard to the others emotions in less than a week's timeframe. Was the whole parents thing a lie? Did she lose passion? All these thoughts are running through my head and it's killing me.
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2020.09.06 02:01 autotldr American family caught exploiting 'Alaska loophole' to vacation in Vancouver, police say

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 18%. (I'm a bot)
VANCOUVER - An American family has been escorted across the B.C. border into Washington state after being caught apparently exploiting the "Alaska loophole," according to BC RCMP. A vehicle with an Alaska licence plate was spotted in Vancouver on Aug. 28, prompting a "Compliance check" from public safety officials, according to BC RCMP spokesperson Dawn Roberts.
Roberts said officers from the Vancouver Police Department located the vehicle and questioned the party of four to whom it belonged.
Working with RCMP, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency, officers determined that the family had stayed in B.C. longer than it should have.
They are also given a specific date on which they must exit the country, which must be displayed in their vehicle at all times while in Canada.
"It was felt that they were failing to comply," Roberts said of the family, who she said had rented a hotel room in Vancouver.
The family was escorted to Peace Arch Border Crossing on Aug. 29 and each member was issued a $500 fine under section 15.3 of the Quarantine Act, Roberts said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Canada#1 Roberts#2 family#3 VANCOUVER#4 vehicle#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.09.04 19:49 Pbrisebois [Pre-Match Thread] MLS Match 10: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC (5 September)

Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC

Date: Saturday 5 September
Time: 9:30pm EDT
Location: BC Place, Vancouver, BC
Referee: TBA
Toronto FC Recent Form: LWWWL
Vancouver Whitecaps Recent Form: LLLWL
Previous 5 Meetings: TFC 3W-1D-1W VAN
Suspensions: None
Toronto FC Injury Report: Ifunanyachi Achara (ACL), Michael Bradley (Knee), Patrick Mullins (Hamstring)
Vancouver Whitecaps Injury Report: Janio Bikel (Abductor), Maxime Crepeau (Thumb), Erik Godoy (Calf)

MLS Eastern Conference Standings

Team GP Wins Draws Losses Points GD
1 Columbus Crew 9 6 2 1 20 +11
2 Toronto FC 9 5 3 1 18 +6
3 Orlando City 9 4 3 2 15 +5
4 Philadelphia Union 9 4 3 2 15 +3
5 Montreal Impact 8 4 1 3 14 +2
As of Monday 4 September 1:30pm EDT

Canadian Championship Qualification

Team GP Wins Draws Losses Points GD
1 Toronto FC 4 3 0 1 9 +4
2 Montreal Impact 3 2 0 1 6 +2
3 Vancouver Whitecaps 3 0 0 3 0 -6
As of Monday 4 September 1:30pm EDT
  • This will be Vancouver's first home game since 29 February, when they lost 3-1 to Sporting Kansas City. Link
  • Toronto FC's loss to Montreal on Tuesday was their first regular season loss since 20 July 2019, when they lost at home to Houston. Link
  • Michael Bradley will miss 'several' weeks after suffering a knee sprain in the match vs. Montreal. Bradley was fouled by Emanuel Maciel late in the second half. Maciel was originally shown a red card on the play, which was later downgraded to a yellow card after a VAR review. Link
  • Toronto FC remains on top of the Canadian Championship first stage standings with 9 points from 4 games. Vancouver is currently pointless from their 3 games played. They need to win every remaining game (1 vs. TFC and 2 vs. MTL) and hope for help to have any chance at advancing to the Canadian Championship final. Link
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2020.09.04 07:24 NoPressureCoffee 27[M4F] Canada - Your Perfect Christian Boyfriend Who's Not Christian At All

To explain my title, I have tried a number of dating sites and I would always get matched up with very firmly Christian ladies. This is despite the fact that I would never put myself as Christian and almost all of my Christian matches were pretty set on finding a Christian guy. I'd like to assume this is because of my genuinely nice personality and my general preference for not being a dick unnecessarily.
But who am I and what am I looking for?
Well, I live in Vancouver BC and while I would prefer someone near me I'm absolutely open to a LDR with someone in Canada or even abroad. The person I'm looking for and the person I want to be to them is a best friend. I'm not looking for intense passion, or nothing but sex. I'm looking for a person I would enjoy being with, someone I look forward to coming home to or talking over voice chat with during quarantine or otherwise. Ideally, they also enjoy some of these hobbies:
I love gaming. I hardly have time for it anymore, but I do hold it dear to me. Even during this Covid-19 lockdown, I try to get some friends together over discord to play a game at least once a week. My preference is for it to be on PC, especially since I recently upgraded, but I also enjoy the classic board and card games.
But I'm not just a gamer. Like many Vancouverites, I enjoy cooking and the foodie culture of our city. Maybe more than I should I find myself visiting different food trucks and restaurants, eagerly looking for that next amazing taste.
I absolutely love nature. It's just that it doesn't love me. Which is a shame, since BC is just covered in natural beauty. Still, I like to pop some antihistamine every so often and go out for a nice walk in the park. Just don't ask me to go on a hike or an adventure. Unless that adventure is dice based :P
I've not included a picture of myself mainly because I don't think I have any flattering photos of myself. I'm one of the people who always have their eyes closed in a photo :P So no pressure to send me anything although it would be appreciated and likely reciprocated in kind. I would probably send you picture after we got comfortable enough.
Gosh, I don't really know what else to write. I'm always terrible with talking about myself. Might be why I tend to prefer to listen to someone talk about their day than talk about my own. In any case, thank you for reading my meandering post, and I hope to hear from you. And to any guys who have stumbled upon my post, you are cool and worth loving. Don't worry, you'll find someone soon. Just focus on staying safe and sane until we can all go out again.
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2020.09.02 17:16 Chunky_pickle After years of planning lower surgery, I can finally sit back and relax now that everything is falling into place

After 3.5+ years of active fighting, self-advocation, and taking on the medical system, things are finally falling into place for lower surgery. Five surgeons in two countries, numerous specialists, 14 post-hysto internal exams, and I’m finally closing in on the finish line. What has felt like a marathon is turning into a 100m dash at the last minute. And now I can finally relax and recover knowing things are in place and taken care of. And that feels so good.
I’ve been fighting for full meta since my hysto in 2016 that left me with chronic pain and nerve damage as a complication. In the interim, I was sent to a bunch of different specialists and examined way too frequently as we trialed and errored different drugs to manage the pain so I could still live my life. It was a brutal experience but it was necessary. The only 100% fix was a vaginectomy but no one would do it for me since it wasn’t cancer-related. After much research, standing up for myself, and persistence that finally happened two weeks ago. And it has already been life-changing.
I had surgery with the new team in Vancouver, BC lead by Dr. Alex Kavanagh (who I personally think is an amazing human) who took me on as an unusual and complex case. Before I saw him, I was planning to see Santucci in Texas (I just needed Kavanagh’s sign-off to approve the funding) but after my consult I decided the best place for me was Vancouver so I decided to stay. And I’m so glad I did. I was his first case ever that required a robotic vaginectomy as a stand-alone procedure and it went flawlessly. I saw him one week post-op and I walked away with a date for my meta surgery for November which blew my mind and totally made my day. And also lit a fire under me to organize everything I’d need for that recovery since it was sooner than expected. He also wants to use my case for a paper and study which I thought was pretty cool.
When I got home I saw my GP and we made a whole plan for how I would get the care I needed for follow ups and worst-case scenario complications for my full meta surgery, since I’m 9 hours away from the surgeon. She said she’s fine to handle most of the issues that would come up (including catheter stuff) and sent a new referral and update to the local urologist we’d brought in last year who will be my go-to for any urgent issues like strictures as well as follow ups that Kavanagh would typically do. The last place I want to go is the ER so it felt really good to have them understand and get that. The best part is that my urologist did his residency with Kavanagh so they already know each other, which will make the hand off for care so much easier. I talked with the nurse at the gender clinic yesterday and got some more information about the logistics for the next stage and all the details are ironed out. Since I’m their first remote case, we talked about follow ups and she said she can do a Zoom call with any local nurse I pick to do my wound care to walk them through the special care required for meta wounds. So I’m all set on all fronts.
After all this time spent planning and researching and making the logistics work, I can finally sit back and relax. I have a date for my next surgery, someone to come with me, an air BnB reserved, and all the post-op care I could possibly need locally set up in advance with a disaster plan for the worst-case scenario laid out. There’s nothing else for me to do now except heal up and make sure I stay healthy in the meantime. Feels amazing to finally be at this point!
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2020.09.01 23:34 Mrlbr89 I miss my girlfriend

I’ve never made a post on Reddit before, but I just want to vent about my situation.
I’m 22 and I met my girlfriend (21) online a little over two and a half years ago at this point. We started off as friends, slowly getting to know each other and coming to trust one another. Things got flirty after a bit, which I liked a lot, but I didn’t think about making it a serious relationship until she asked me what I wanted between the two of us. It was something I never thought of before, and I knew the distance between us was huge, but I realized she made me feel wanted and I could share anything about myself with her, so I took a chance and said that I wanted to be with her.
At this point I should mention that I live in Pennsylvania and my girlfriend lives on Vancouver Island. So a three hour time zone difference coast to coast and we’re not even in the same country. I’ve become acclimated to west coast time bc we tend to call at night and I never want to be the one to cut the call short.
Because of the distance, trips for us to see each other have been few and far between. I saved up a little money and got some funds from my parents as a Christmas gift to see her in December back in 2019. I stayed at her apartment for two weeks and it was the happiest I ever felt. I finally got to be with her and we went on cute dates as much as we could.
I haven’t been able to see her since. We’ve had plans shut down due to COVID. I’m afraid that it’ll be indefinite for a while. I’m two days into my senior year at college and I just want to get it over with. I don’t know if I want to go to grad school or try to get a job after I graduate, but I want to be able to move to Canada as soon as I can. But the constant delay of plans and me not knowing where to look for help isn’t doing wonders for my mental health. It’s been very tough for the both of us for a few months now. And now I’m starting to feel sick and I’m terrified that I caught something and brought it back to my family. Things are just really shitty rn and I don’t know who to talk to or where to go.
Tl;dr: I’ve been in an LDR for 2 and a half years and have only seen her in person for 2 weeks. I want to be with her more than anything but I feel really worn out rn and I’m scared it isn’t going to work out, even if we love each other very much.
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2020.09.01 00:14 carnitasbowl Payment Services Officer Vancouver, BC - October 1st

Hi all,
Just curious if anyone here was hired for PSO in Vancouver, BC with October 1st start date? I'm curious when you received your Letter of Offer?
Also, I read somewhere that if you decline an offer, they will not hire you again for any position, is that true?
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2020.08.29 18:20 IdolA29Augl Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota

Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota
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2020.08.29 18:11 HaulA29Augl Success G-ay Help Dat-ing Stor-ies

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2020.08.29 07:57 senhoritapistachio Help with Vancouver wedding venue?

Hello! First off, just want to say I’m very happy this subreddit exists; I love reading about everyone’s Canada-specific wedding plans :)
My fiance and I are hoping to get married in June 2022 in Vancouver. We got engaged this past March (I proposed to him in quarantine :D) and ideally were hoping to get married late summer 2021. However, all of his family and a lot of mine live in the US - we want them all to be at our wedding and aren’t optimistic about that being possible, Covid-wise, in 2021. I also really don’t want any Covid anxiety at my wedding (for myself or others); hence the 2022 date. We chose June bc it’ll be our 9-year anniversary!
I am wondering whether anyone could suggest any affordable outdoor or semi-outdoor Vancouver venues. Ideally, I’d love a backyard wedding, but I think we’ll have too many guests (80-100) for that - but I’d still like the backyard “feel,” if that makes sense. I also love tent weddings. I’m thinking of the beach or a park for the ceremony, or maybe West Point Grey Community Centre, but I would love any other suggestions. It being Vancouver, I’d also love somewhere with a backup plan for rain. Thanks in advance!! :)
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2020.08.28 19:18 IdolA28Augl Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh

Its G-ay Millionaire Da-ting Nh
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2020.08.28 18:13 HaulA28Augl Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d

Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d
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2020.08.27 07:31 shopgirl03 Why I moved from Vancouver to Victoria

When I was in Vancouver, I liked the city I lived in but I was not in a great relationship nor was I comfortable financially. Not having any luck in dating was one of the main reasons why I got tired of Vancouver and decided to move after 5 years living there and having a solid support system. I just felt the urge to start fresh.
I saw the girls that had it all in Vancouver: a downtown apartment with a great view, a good-looking boyfriend and a nice job that helps them afford the Vancouver lifestyle of getting their nails done twice a week, travelling twice a year and doing outdoor activities all over BC. That would never be me in Vancouver.
I know I shouldn’t have been so fixated on other people’s lives and that they might be showing others the edited and filtered version of their lives. But I also believe I deserve good things. I deserve to “have it all” and here in Victoria, I have a chance to start from scratch and make it happen. I already got a way better job where my coworkers are super supportive and I earn a lot more.
I always felt like I was in a rat race in Vancouver and I do notice most people I’ve come across in Victoria are happier with their lives.
But just when the possibility of meeting a cute island boy who can build the relationship that I always wanted with me is right in front of me, I’m afraid of falling in love again. I’m even anxious about dating again. The dating scene in Vancouver has made me a bit jaded.
So far, Victoria is growing on me...
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Hello my name is Terrence Phillips, I am from Ontario, Canada. This is my first bike trip from Vancouver to San Francisco along the West Coast. Here's a rough little edit I threw together on the ... Singles; Licensed to YouTube by Beggars (on behalf of 4AD); Audiam (Publishing), LatinAutor, Abramus Digital, ASCAP, and 14 Music Rights Societies ... CA to Vancouver, BC) - Duration: 9:15:04 ... Executive Search Dating was voted Vancouver's best non-internet dating service company for BOV 2015. MyHeritage is the leading global discovery platform for exploring family history, uncovering ethnic origins, finding new relatives, and gaining valuable heal... Divine Intervention is an exclusive relationship oriented matchmaking and dating service in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue 95% of all good looking Asian girls in Vancouver have at least one of these bad qualities By Asian Mystery (Professional Pickup Artist, Dating Coach) If you ... Her finner du videoer fra og om Leser søker bok. Vi håper vi kan inspirere til leseglede og lesemestring! A guided hike up Vancouver's iconic 'Grouse Grind', also known as 'Nature's Stairmaster'.