TED Talks falling in love

Each program covers several TED talks with a common theme. They are adapted for radio, and there is some discussion with the host and the speakers as well as segments of the speakers’ actual talks. I have literally sat in the driveway listening to the end of the program and have planned driving times based on when the show would be on the radio. In this lesson, students watch a TED Talk by Mandy Len Catron, answer comprehension questions, practice asking and answering questions, and discuss the topic of falling in love, dating, and relationships.It is suitable for levels intermediate and higher. Before deciding to teach this lesson, take a look at this article and consider your students’ cultural sensitivity. Did you know you can fall in love with anyone just by asking them 36 questions? Mandy Len Catron tried this experiment, it worked, and she wrote a viral article about it (that your mom probably sent you). But ... is that real love? Did it last? And what's the difference between falling in love and staying in love? TED talks are the perfect way to invest a little time in developing your knowledge about love and commitment. These short, concise speeches are given by professionals who have AMAZING relationship advice to offer. Plus, TED talks are very short (5-18 mins max) and they can have a powerful effect on your love life. Get TED Talks picked just for you. Playlists. 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds. TED Series. Go deeper into fascinating topics with original video series from TED. TED-Ed videos. ... But falling in love is not the same thing as staying in love. Falling in love is the easy part. This speech was really well constructed and it made me understand that it is true what she says. A study can’t be the answer to falling in love and that just the act of falling in love is easy. Now staying committed to the person and wanting that person everyday like you did from day one is the hard part.

How Remnant: The Game Could Have Set Up RWBY's Worldbuilding

2020.09.18 19:21 theonetruedragon How Remnant: The Game Could Have Set Up RWBY's Worldbuilding

Earlier I was thinking about the early RWBY volumes and the problems it had with conveying its world building. Which, don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly love the early volumes, but there was a significant lack of natural world building that they had to make up for later with the World of Remnant series and Qrow's campfire exposition in Volume 4.
Which got me thinking: At what point could the CRWBY have implemented the essential details of the world in a creative, seemless "show-don't-tell" sort of way? And then it hit me. During episode eighteen, Welcome to Beacon, Team RWBY is playing a board game titled, "Remnant: The Game." It was, quite literally, the perfect opportunity to have creatively implemented a good chunk of the show's overarching world building.
How, you ask? Well, let me show you!
-dice roll-
(Weiss) "RRRRRGGH!!!!!"
In addition to more potential world building, it would have been the perfect point to foreshadow the eventual Fall of Beacon.
-dice roll-
-another dice roll-
I really hope that in the future the CRWBY shows us the more story/world-critical aspects rather than telling us. And with that silliness out of the way, thanks for coming to my TED talk. Feel free to let me know your thoughts, or provide more snippets from a theoretical world building scene using the game.
Writer Note: Yes, the caps were absolutely necessary.
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2020.09.18 18:32 vancethegod Letters from an addict

Day 1.

I have seen, done, and had done to me so many bad things. so much in fact that it
has, unfourtunately led me down a path of bad decision making. I've been beaten, sexually
abused, told im worthless, felt worthless, acted worthless. Eventually living this way
starts to make you feel as if it will never get better. A sarcastic writer spiraling
downward head first the rock bottom. i like to think i havent made it that far, but im
standing at the edge of the cliff. My mind screams at me to jump. This isnt poetry this
time, it is processing. Johann Hari's writing have given me at least an idea where to
start but i never truly wanted to. The comforting burn and warmth i get from my crutch
has never been an option in my mind. Give me stimulus or give me death. It runs in the
family unfortunately, these all seem like excuses but you really have to look inside
and see why it hurts so bad you can't manage to be fully present in your life. My parents
play a big role. This may just be shifting blame, but i truly believe we are a product
of our raising and mine was pretty fucking bad. parents who fought and cheated on
eachother. They were always so strung out or absent that my sister and grandmother
had to do most of the work. If it wasnt the other branches of our family that we were
with while my father was in prison and my mom was so far down the rabbit hole that she
just left us on a doorstep. My brother and sister went to one family, and i went to
another. These houses were not homes, and never truly safe. I cant speak on what
happened to my brother and sister during that time. My time in this new setting lasted
about two and a half years. i was sometimes starved, sometimes forced to eat regularly.
My caretakers would let their son hit me whenever he wanted to but if i fought back i was
grounded. being grounded was being locked in a room alone for the duration of it.
two options, stare at the wall, or copy The Great Gatsby word for word. I may eat, i
may not.just me a bed and the light from a window. They would physically hold me on the couch and
force me to watch horror movies, and then try to scare me with masks while i slept.
they took all of my possesions other than clothes and gave them to their son.
If i got sick or was injured they wouldnt take me to a doctor. theyd patch me up and
put me back in my room. things didnt necessarily get any better after my dad got out
of prison. I remember him forcing himself on me, though there is no proof that this isnt
some kind of trauma induced nightmare that turned into a memory in my fragile young mind.
I think it lasted for years. When my uncle passed away its like he gave up and just
got more and more strung out. im surprised he is still alive. Hell, im surprised IM
still alive. My uncle dying broke us all, he was an alcoholic just like me. He
was the greatest man i ever knew and i guess ive always wanted to be so much like him
that that had to come with it. My mother didnt come around too much. Just enough to make
it never get easier. shed show up and promise us she was back for good. She would beg us
to spen time with her, and then one day just forget about us again. I even tell my
siblings its okay, or that im just mad, or that i made it out fine. The truth is...
I havent been able to even tell myself this truth until right now. It fucking hurts
me everyday. It is one of the biggest reasons why i feel so useless. I lie to people all
of the time because i just wanna be good enough for them. im a mess, i put myself down,
i intentionally make self destructive decisions, because i feel as if this is what
i was destined to be. Some people were just born to turn into nothing. If it had to be
one of us it would be me. it was always gonna be me. Katie and Chris are so good, its
like living in the shadow of who you couldve been. Its like rolling that stupid fucking
ball up the hill over and over again. its like knowing no matter what you WILL fold again
so why try to sort it out at all. so thats day 1. this is gonna be a long journey.
Its gonna be a bigger fight than ive ever had to put up, and ive been fighting my whole
life. Something has to happen to push you over that edge before you make a change.
i just hope that i dont push anyone else away. i cant lose them, id effectively lose
myself if thats the case. 1 day at a time. My name is Austin and i am an alcoholic.

Day 1.5

Im back a little early. today has been a quiet day in my home, but incredibly loud in
my mind. Im shaking and vomiting. the unsurmountable guilt of my actions over the course
of this past couple of years sounds like a 16 austin symphony just screaming to run back.
People tend to look for different things in drugs and alcohol. Johann Hari in his book
chasing the scream, (or his ted talk that is shorter) calls addiction bonding.
he talks about how all people have the inherent need to bond. Not just bonding to humans,
The need to create bonds with even actions, hobbies, and foods... or in mine and a lot of
others drugs and alcohol. This feels so significant to me because i can see the bonds
ive broken or never had. i can see where when the flame of one bond got stamped out that
it was replaced by a stronger bond with my unhealthy coping mechanism. I dont know why im
deciding to put this all up for people on reddit, but i think maybe it could help? Maybe
even help you? Ive always been very suicidal and when my friends and family would ask me
why i drink so much i would chuckle and say, "Well im gonna take the hardest route to the
easy way out." "I never had the balls to shoot myself anyway." they all knew it wasnt a
joke, but just cracked an uncomfortable smile, or hit me in the arm... The thing is that
i still dont want to live. I just dont wanna die badly enough to take my own life. some
days i do, but i havent yet. so i say all of this to come back around to bonding. When
dealing with addicts its important to not demonize people, but rather try to find out
what it is that makes day to day life this unbearable. FInd reasons to not give up.
Hari also mentions the rat park expirement as well. It all supports this undeniable
truth that every addict is missing something important to them. The bonds that make it
worth it. i hope to find mine. Do you know what yours are? I used to practically live
outdoors, hiking swimming, rock climbing, playing sports with friends... I write music,
and poetry, and play video games. I love to cook, and fish, so I have interests, but
they just dont interest me anymore. as i fell further down the rabbit hole of my
addiction and depression, i have become anxious and home bodied. Too paranoid to go
to the gas station for cigarettes some days. It doesnt help that 2020 has been so bad
but im gonna cover that tomorrow. thanks for reading. im glad i can put this stuff out

Days 2 & 3

I started a new job today.
I am just a line cook again, not a manager, not a chef, not an unemployed waste of space.
i had to hide the witdrawls from my new co workers and found that i actually know a few
people there from highschool. it was the easiest first day ive ever had.
Just working fryers. Its an odd feeling to step all the way back down the ladder.
Its even weirder to do it by choice.
Well i guess the whole point of this weird open letter things is to analyze the choices.
Im not good at making rational decisions outside of a kitchen. theres something about
the chaos of it. its really stressful at times and forces me to be around a lot more
people who are like me but arent ready to get better, BUT when i have the muscle memory
and im on a line with all of those tickets pouring in dancing my way around hot pans
and people moving quickly, on slippery floors. The noises, the communication. The 16
austin symphony shuts up. its chaos manifesting peace. it scares me though because its
the reason i ended up this way apart from my own actions, and some other things we have
or will discuss. Between the ages of 16 and 20 i never drank. I hated alcohol to be
more precise. i wouldnt have a beer with anyone or a shot for any reason. Hell,
I didnt even want to go to the bar for my 21st because i dont like drinking.
My brother and sister insisted i had one drink at their favorite bar. It turned out to be
my favorite too. Im sure had they known where id be at now they wouldnt have persisted and
if i did i wouldnt have been so complicit. for a while it was just a bottle of tequila
every couple or few weeks and my fiance would help me here and there with it. eventually
it became a couple beers after work and then tequila at home. fast forward a year and
im in a new job, and one day im hungover and the general manager offers me a beer. i
laughed and said "i would never drink at work!" She then poured me a beer anyway it was
a sour too. My favorite! So i drank it. i said just this one. but then again im pretty
bad at that. so fastforward again. at the time of my leavingi was having shots before
work at my bedside, in the car on the way there, beers at work, hitting the bar after,
drinking until i enevitably pass out in bed by my fiance, who at this point was tired
of not really ever seeing me. We break up. 4 years almost... gone. This moment was a
bad turning point for me. i immediately started sleeping with every person that wanted me
i was just lucky enough that that was everyone that i wanted. the bottles got bigger and
dried up faster. i had started a third shift job on salary that only required 5 hours a
day and i was making around 25 an hour depending. so i had 5 hours of work and
3-4 hours of sleep. living alone, single, partying constantly, sleeping with anyone i
could. an empty hollow existence. a dopamine factory running on high alert almost
every second of every day. Anyone who has lived like this for a long enough amount of
time knows that it is a hollow meaningless existence. no real affection to be had, no
sense of real accomplishment. you lose friends, and dissapoint your family, and all the
while slowly damaging your body, sometimes permanently. this led pretty quickly to a
very deep depression. i already struggle with almost crippling social axiety, manic
depression, and bi polar disorder, but it got BAD. i started to cry when my hookups left
i missed my ex, i hated my job, i felt completely invalid and useless as i started to
realize that none of the people in my life wanted anything to do with ME it was just
an ends to a mean. i ended up meeting a girl, and even she wanted an open relationship.
That wasnt a bad idea because of the way i wanted to sleep around, but she also was living
the same hollow existence i was. drugs, alcohol, parties, promiscuity, BPD, anxiety, and
manic depression. we worked at the same place as well. im sure you could assume pretty
quickly that this was a very toxic relationship. i had no idea what i had gotten myself
into. Shortly into this relationship we had started drinking together before during and
after work. we started fighting because of our open status, but refused to change it.
And eventually.... she started hitting me during our arguments, during sex, at work....
I NEVER hit her once. I dont have it in me. i continued this for a few months before
i decided it was over. this is also the story of the first time i got sober. I gave
her all of her belongings back, took my ass beating and she left. i kept drinking.
I started seeing my ex again. I kept drinking. we got back together and one day i
woke up and just didnt want it. i felt as if i had found some meaning in life past
the bottle and my life began getting better. I know this whole thing is a bit
jarring if youre actually reading it but im just talking out what got me to the
shitty place im in. i was sober for 16 weeks. the longest ive been since i turned 21.
its funny how no matter how good youre doing life can get really bad really fast.
I had a friend named cooper. he was a great guy, and we didnt see eachother regularly,
but i loved the guy. we had plans to hang out one weekend around our work schedules.
it wasnt like him to call and make weekend plans because we both work in the industry,
but i always try to take the opportunity to see friends. we made those plans on
wednesday the week before. ive never made plans that far away from the day. on the sunday
after we made the plans i was at my job and we were VERY busy. he called me, and i didnt
answer because to be honest i didnt even hear it ring. a couple hours later i go outside
to smoke and his mom calls me. I still havent checked my phone. i answer the phone to her
frantically crying and asking me why i didnt answer. i told her to calm down and tell
me what happened. Turns out cooper shot himself with a 357 magnun in the head a few
minutes after hanging up. before he did though... he left me a voicemail. it was an
excerpt from a poem i wrote titled "Babylon" it goes as follows.

I radiate daily with rays of wayne gacy
colder than 72 december rains baby
take the reigns on this life you choose to live
before the noose slips in
and you have noone else to send
to heaven and hell to leave them a message
i wont be returning if i just take my medicine.
thats what they say on the cold damp sick bay
on the bottom floor of the uss dismay
dismal destiny dissasembled my wreckoning
and left my bretheren to fight alone
its unsettling im peddling
im trembling and fighting this fight as hard as i can
where will i be if i just give in
lying through my locks i see a family of broken hearts
here too cheer me through this fight thats been forced upon
my lungs and head
i just pretend my strength is up and i must win
but in the end its all an act
im growing weak and thats a fact.
dont be sad when i am gone.
all aboard to babylon

My hands are weak
my joints are thin
the pleasures of life are closing in
if not past 30 were bettermen
but its time we found some better friends
to guide us through this dark abyss
of caves and crawl spaces weve nestled in.
if i could make a wish it would be to never have to think again
never have to speak or fend for myself
and hide behind a trim
just so i can say i fit in with these fucking puppets
who are watching nothing spin?

After he said this he said "I really wish you wouldve answered the phone man.
and then..... BOOM. It broke me. i had to leave work and ended up so goddamn drunk that
i couldnt go in the next day. 50 PBRs because it was his favorite, and all the tequila
my liver and stomach would let me handle till i passed out. i was a mess for a long time,
but i didnt stop drinking for even longer. over the course of the next 6 months 4 more
of my friends died. suicides, overdoses, carwrecks... were out here dropping like flies
this much grief coupled with a very stressful environment like a detrimentally
understaffed kitchen, and a failing relationship because i couldnt get my shit
together and stop bringing home a half gallon of montezuma everyday. i got worse again.

I really hope that someone is reading these as i post and maybe it helps them, or they
can feel better about themselves, or they just wanna read it. i hope you all are doing
well. thank you.

Day 4

Being sober isnt fun. It doesnt feel any better. i cant even do the things that make me
happy anymore. i know its only day 4 but 4 days ago i could play video games and enjoy
myself but today im staring at the wall while my skin is crawling towards the earth.
i really want to die so i dont have to continue to fight. i only have a few reasons to
stay and they keep me here, but if one card falls out of the deck then where will i go?
even now as the shakes subside and i stop feeling so nauseus i know i only have 1 or
two more days of the withdrawls i cant help but think that it hasnt made me stronger in
any way. i am the same cold broken human that went to jail last week and came out with
enough determination to pour out my alcohol. it wasnt me that really made that decison.
of course no one ever gets sober because someone tells them to. you have to want it, and
truth be told i may be the first person to ever get sober against their own will but it
wasnt forced upon them. i am not in rehab. i am not in jail. there will be no court order
to tell me i cant drink anymore. if everything goes well i may not even have to go back
in the cage they put me in after my court date. i may walk away scott free. im going to be
35 days sober when i walk into court. this life is too much work too much strain it takes
a level of streght i may never have. its like you fight and fight for 99 percent of the
time just so you can try to thrive off of the miniscule things that make you smile.
im tired. im tired of waking up, im tired of getting out of bed, im tired of not being
ablt to function even slightly. id rather have a lobotomy, because at that point i wouldnt
care. i dont want to feel anymore. Alcohol is the only thing that has ever made my life
seem worth living that doesnt have a heartbeat. maybe ill make it

I recalled something about the people we talked about in my first letter. i never once
considered spanking to be abuse, and i understand that there can be spanking without abuse
when i lived with my cousins who i had been brainwashed into thinking were my aunt and
uncle. they would spank me alot on top of the other horrible things that ive already
mentioned. it wasnt like a simple hand on the ass or a belt. sometimes it was but they
would hold the belt by the buckle and not fold it, essentially using it like a whip
while i was standing. they would have me "pick a switch" (for those of you who didnt grow
up in the south that means to go pick a tree limb or something similar) it had to be a
perfect switch or you would be i so much more trouble. eventually as children you try to
find some way out of recieving that much pain. there were several times that they werent
happy with my choice, and they would do one of a few things to demonstarte their anger
one time they took one of their daughters studded belts to me in the middle of the kitchen
while they laughed and filmed and told me to dance. another time they locked me in a closet
for the remainder of the day and night. the worst and most humiliating of all was the time
my "aunt" went to a rose bush and picked a very long wide limb. she clipped off JUST the
tips of the spikes, and proceded to run me in circles around the kitchen telling me to
dance. they loved filming these things. as if they were home videos that one day we
would all laugh about. well i dont need a video, i know what they did. i can see it
very clearly. they would only film times when i was crying because i couldnt understand
why they were doing what they were doing. In fact we used to have sunday dinners at their
mothers house, and i was never allowed to consent to what was put on my plate. there was
one week where they put too much on my plate, and i wasnt allowed to leave the table
until it was all gone. i managed to put down everything except the collard greens.
i have never liked collards, and i was so full i thought i would throw up. i asked
to be excused and they told me not until i finished. i remember i begged and begged.
i wasnt allowed to use the restroom, they took my drink away, and after hours of this
torture i was crying and kicking, and 6 adults laughed and tooka a video of it.
just a touch more trauma to add to the mix.

the last time i got sober was very brief and truth be told i relapsed so hard that i
cant even remember how long it was. only a few weeks. i was changing jobs, i had
recently been given the news that even if i make these changes like being sober, eating
healthy, reducing my stress... that unfortunately i only stand to live another 5 years,
and even in those years the quality of my life will go downhill. i tried to be sober, and
then one day like a pile of brick it hit me. whats the point in living the last few years
of your life fighting to not do the thing that makes you so happy? why fight for something
that may or may not ever benefit you anyway. this is the kind of thinking live with.
i may never have kids, and if i do it is very likely i wont live to see the graduate
middle school let alone highschool, or walking them down the aisle, or any of that
shit that everyone fantasizes about when thinking of starting a family. Pursuing a
relationship at all would be selfish knowing that im gonna die soon. my attitude shifted
around to "Fuck it!"

2020 has been an absolute nightmare. my fiance who id been with for five years left.
my brother moved out. a global pandemic took my job and locked me in the apartment i lived
with my brother and fiance in for 76 fucking days. no human contact for 76 fucking days.
just me, a gallon a day, and doordash. it was a completely lifechanging experience in no
good way. i would routinely wake up in my floor. sometimes with a bottle poured out on the
floor beside me, sometimes in a puddle of my own blood and vomit. sometimes id wake up in
my car with no keys to be found. i was crying and screaming so much that my neighbors
tried to check on me regulary despite the pandemic. i tried to kill myself 3 times.
that makes my life total around 12. turns out im really bad at it. ive been almost
homeless 3 times, one of my best friends who just happened to be the same age as me, and
have the same name died of a heart attack in his work parking lot. i had a psychotic break
i started hallucinating that he and cooper were following me around. we had conversations
they cracked jokes, and scared me around corners. they wouldnt leave. this went on for
months... im an insane person drinking his life away with psychological issues that
would probably see me committed to a hospital. maybe ill write more later. my ears are
starting to ring.

- Austin
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2020.09.18 15:40 Thevoidawaits_u [discussion]Echidna Vs satella fan theory. (anime)

TL;DR My grand theory of the show is that Subaru is a dormant agent for Echidna's campaign to trap Satella in a physical body and lock that body in the Sanctuary or one of the six witches tombes. After that she will free to roam the world for knowledge from her tomb using a possessed body.
Some circumstantial evidence:
  1. Season 2 opening shows Echidna capturing a single butterfly then releasing a swarm of them to the world touching curtain characters each represent her influence on that character's actions.
  2. Rosewell after credit scene
  3. Puck overly specific contract in episode 18 season 1 to destroy the world if Emilia is dead
  4. Beatrice confessions that she only acts according to her gospel inherited from a relative
  5. Satella physical appearance resembles Emilia's
  6. Satella appears to love Subaru even before he developed any character implying she was manipulated
  7. Rosewell confess he knew Subaru must have succeeded (eventually) against the challenges he knew could have prevented by himself. I.e Only when he successfully saves Ram and the village kids from the mabeast rosewell finally intravin to save Subaru.
  8. Fredericka's letter
  9. The barriers mechanics
(The tedious part go back)
post draft: It's pure speculations and full of missing pieces. But no obvious contradictions on the surface and I really love the idea of a mastermind (or two) setting the plot of the show in advance
Echidna sole agency in the world is through her tomb, she can talk to people who enter the tomb gather intel about the world and influence others using that intel. Firstly she used her knowledge to do an alliance with Roswell's family convincing them to form the Sanctuary magical boundaries primarily to control the access of outsiders to her tomb, and eventually set the trap for her old rivaless.
In my theory there are two groups of agents influenced by Echidna manipulations one of them is Satella herself. The first group is the free agents, epistemologically the only people (aside from Echidna before she started meddling with Satla) that can change the events in the show they include Satella, Roswell and most importantly Subaru.
The second group are the limiting agents their purpose whatever they know it or not is to reward the free agents for forwarding Echidnas plan, making sure deviations will be corrected , their actions are not free because of RBD they are are bound to do as she planed, as they don't gather new information when the world resets (like the rest of the characters in the show) they are Puck, Emilia (kinda of) and Beatrice.
After her eliance with rosewood she influenced Puck to make a contract with Emilia to destroy the world if she dies her purpose? To make sure Subaru dies if he fails to protect Emilia before the possession. To gather all Echidnas knowledge in the real world she helped form Beatrice library and instructed her indirectly to save Subaru if he succeeded in her next step so he won't die before his next save point.
All this happens way before the beginning of the show the last part so her last point of influence is Satella right before the show begins Echidna shows Satella an image of Subaru, Satella who's defining trait is envy is tricked to full for Subaru and kidnaps him to the RZ world and bless him with RBD by Echidnas suggestion. Subaru's might be a free agent uninfluenced by Echidna on the surface. But. Because the world resets when he fails to proceed the witch's agenda and she guest that he will fall for Emilia after being at least compelled to save her in order to get out of his loop *(if he does nothing Emilia dies by Elsa in the tavern Puck destroys the world Subaru relives the first day and so on)* making Subaru a dormant agent for her plan.
Roswell is the only co-conspirator in the real world (as the five witches has no agency in the world) and has his own motives but for this theory he is relevant for two goals 1. Convey information to Echidna whenever he notice the world is about to reset 2. Make sure Subaru is facing his challenges so he will be competent (for his private goal to rid the world from witch meddling, cultiest and mabeast) to protect Emilia before the possession
His third goal contradicts Echidnas campaign 3. Make sure Emilia is competent to lead Laguna in the future. But for Echidna is to make Emilia fitting to be possessed by Satella when the Sanctuary trials ends. With the exception of Roswell all free agents are bound to the limiting agents so her plan can not be defeated by free will even of the free agents. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. If you got here call this number (***-***-***) to get your own crate of champagne delivered to your door and if you got this reference you are a nerd.
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2020.09.18 02:06 Benefact09w The Experiment: Conservatism and QAnon or; "I was Q for a two or three weeks".

I've posted more than a few times on here before.
Mostly making fun of Qultists on here, and lampshading how fascistic they are, while pointing out how contradictory and ironic it is they talk about "doing research" and "thinking critically". When doing either would result in someone no longer being a Qultist.
And I always noticed how crazy their beliefs were, and what kind of person must want to believe in such a thing. Who would be so self important that they would want to believe there's a flesh eating conspiracy of elites in the upper ranks of society, just so they could play along at doing something to dismantle this alleged conspiracy.
How there seemed to be a link to religion, particularly insular and evangelical forms of Christianity. And how for all their talk of humility, there is a strong egotistical tendency in the Qult. They want the worst things to be true just to make themselves the heroes of the story.
I'm also a member on FSTDT, a website where we document and ridicule the Qult among other Christian fundamentalists racists and assorted psychos. So we were talking about a vile and abusive conservative, who doxxed and abused a woman on the site and tried to destroy her business (because conservatives are PRO-BUSINESS and ANTI-CANCEL CULTURE). So we were all talking about it. She got his real name out of it, but she never tried to do anything on the scale that he did to her.
I went after this guy once and he blocked me after one comment, and seemed to really take it personally (snowflake). The way he conducted himself suggested someone utterly egotistical yet devoted to a brave and heroic image of himself.
This conservative went out of his way to attack this woman, telling people to block her if they want to be his friend, and made a whole story where he got to beat her down.
It really made me mad to hear what sort of behavior he partook in, and a few things reminded me of the Qult. Particularly his attitudes and messiah complex combined with his abusive tendencies.
So I decided to do something.
I posed as a new Deviantart artist and started making friendly moves toward him. I shared that I think I might know who my handle on FSTDT is, and started leading him toward something.
Now, a bit more backstory: I had watched a 1989 Body Horror Flick called Society, by Brian Yuzna, which seemed disgustingly topical and incredible in how its special effects were done. I looked at this movie, its similarities in terms of its villains, the titular Society, and the things the Qult believed. I looked at some videos and saw Qultists outright commenting saying they thought Society was a documentary disguised as a movie. This gave me an idea.
So as I shared more and more info about my FSTDT handle, I started pointing him in a certain direction. Started mentioning odd and rather disturbing details, slowly at first, and then building up. I claimed my FSTDT handle's real name was Ted Ferguson, one of the villains from Society. I introduced him to a girl (actually me), and she shared some further details.
I just offered suggestions and easily refuted claims that got more and more outlandish. "Ted can move his arm in a really weird way" turned into "Ted can distort his body and makes horrible noises when having sex" turned into "Ted is a malleable mutant monster who participates in cannibalistic orgies".
The conservative could've very easily said "No, I don't believe any of it". He could've said "this sounds like balderdash, conspiracy theories, nonsense!" Did he say any of that? No. No, he believed every single word of it. His "bold Christian front" took on more and more drastic edges. He started openly posting QAnon-like nonsense about "Ted". Taking everything I said and not applying a single whit of critical thought to it at all.
I was his Q, and he ate every single "Drop" I made without question.
Even when things got blatantly fantastical. He just took it all with a "I knew it! Comic Book Evil is real and trying to convince us all its not!" And he delved even deeper. He believed not just in Adrenochrome conspiracy theories because those around him told him so...he also believed Ted and his family were fleshwarping stretching mutants who secretly ruled the state if not the world, drinking people's life out of them by melding to them. All because he kept reinforcing he believed he could just call the police and bust it all up before the 31st.
He was resistant, utterly, to any idea the police could be under Society's sway. It was like watching White Privilege play itself out in real time. The police were totally infallible arbitrators of justice in his mind.
And so I ended up leading him on this wild chase. I was Ted Ferguson, millionaire tycoon liberal fundraiser mutant party boy of San Francisco. And he was opposed to me on every single front. He alternated between wanting to just stay out of it and then wanting to "heroically" take down that evil, evil Society. He believed George Soros was involved in it because of course he did.
The conservative made posts, public status posts on Deviantart devoted entirely to this crusade. He wanted to DESTROY Ted Ferguson for hurting the love of his life, and I was his closest confidant.
He changed his status to "ExposeTheShut". He raged in PMs. He panicked and ranted and went on and on about it. I lived for free in his head in a mask.
I had tried - tried - to make it more blatant. I introduced more "characters" into the drama. I created Bill Whitney and Jenny Whitney accounts - the former to share more juicy details about Ted The Tycoon and Jenny to antagonize him grossly. Both were based on characters from Society, and he accepted everything they said as truth.
Ah yes, that's right. He shared his email with me, and his face, and his personal twitter account.
But I will not share his face or his email out here. I'm not him.
Of course nothing can last forever. When he went really public with it, sending messages at Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos about "The Shut", one of his followers - infinitely smarter than he - pieced it all together. A google search unveiled my ruse, and this follower posted that Ted Ferguson was a name from Society. And then he realized that Ted, Jenny, Bill, his girlfriend and me had all been quoting from Society the whole time.
It took little time for him to realize he had been taken on a Ruse Cruise, and my days as Das Neu Q were at an end. He wants to know why I did all of it. And here's why I did it:
I went in fully prepared in character to accept "no, that's too outlandish". He never said that. I went in ready to have him declare this was all too suspicious. That my new account was too self effacing and giving him too many praises. That it was all too perfect with him and the girl.
But no. He accepted everything until someone literally pulled his nose in front of it. How long would he have gone without this follower literally dragging him into realization he'd been played? And would he have so readily changed his mind? I'm sure he must be thinking something like 'I trusted you!'. And this begs a question, wherein he must seriously ask himself, why did you do that?
Why did you trust me, a random person on DeviantArt? Why did you give me so much personal info? Why were you so willing to believe me? These are questions he should put serious thought into.
Why did he believe all these unsubstantiated stories even as they got more and more deranged?
I think it translates to an explanation of QAnon and its links to conservatism, and why people fall into it. Hence why I'm posting this here. This story displayed the fall of a mainstream conservative into conspiratorial and QAnon aligned and even vaguely Nazi-esque beliefs, at the slightest and least resistant prodding. I think it shows a real tendency to put substantial ego into religion, making Christianity into the instrument of a Chosen One Complex. The actual following of religious rules and morals falls by the wayside in favor of "ONLY I know the the truth about THE DARK TWISTED AND EVIL WORLD."
Even after he discovered it was all a movie, he for a good day or so still thought - like with Fear and Loathing - it was somehow still real. He even changed his status to "ExposeTheShunt".
He was willing entirely to believe in some of the darkest and most horrific body horror imaginable...as long as it let him be IMPORTANT. And that I think is a commonality with all the most loud and completely deluded Qult Followers. Ted Ferguson had injured his ego, screwed his "woman", and insulted that all too common delusion on the right: that God's Favor translated to Earthly Success. Ted was rich, ripped, attractive and cunning. And that might well have played a role in his vociferous reaction and eagerness to believe it. His earnest conclusion that downing Society would reverse his economic conditions somehow.
In his rage and desperation to have that importance in the world, to change history...
...I guess it can be said that only one person got shunted. And that was him.
I know this is all a massive story, and a massive wall of text like this with such details merits a need for just as much evidence. I can provide both a document containing the entire correspondence AND screenshots. I will not however outright post the document here. If you want access to the document, send me a private message. It is on the condition that information related to the conservative is not shared anywhere else or reposted. I will also not post his face here.
I'm also willing to answer any other questions about this endeavor.
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2020.09.17 12:44 Uuttzee Literally anything happening tomorrow? I n s o m n i a.

Naturally I fall asleep around 12-2 am. Last night I slept over 10 hours. When my schedule is clear I rarely have insomnia, and a lot of times I can just make myself nap if I want. But when I have to wake up before noon for anything even as small as meeting someone for lunch, boom insomnia. Often it happens when I put myself into bed before midnight.
My insomnia just kicked off this year especially with the pandemic and events surrounding that in my personal life.
This is really difficult for work especially with my manufacturing job being pretty rigorous. I don’t have many hours there and the 1 day I was needed this week I didn’t sleep but I made it out the door and then decided to call out because I realized I felt so awful and couldn’t take a 10 hr shift. But I can’t just call out every time I don’t sleep yet I honestly suffer on anything less than 7 hrs of sleep (not that I ever get close to that these days but that’s just how my body is).
I’m starting a new job this morning and I’m stressed yet excited for it, and here I am at 4:30 am I guess. It’s gonna be a weird day. I hope I stay awake for it, I can survive 1 all nighter but this isn’t sustainable. It’ll also be mostly night shift so there goes any hope of a sleep schedule.
With my current lifestyle, serious meds will be problematic and I don’t even want to take them anyways. I guess I’ll go back to using melatonin, because emotionally draining nightmares is better than no sleep :).
I love insomnia.
Hope I figure out something thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2020.09.17 01:50 Plane_Friend One year in: what I've learned

The other day I realized I'd surpassed a year marker since I began seeking out and, ultimately having, several affairs. As a man in my early to mid thirties, this was a much more transformative experience than I'd ever thought it would be. I met some amazing women, made a few friends, broke a heart or two, had mine broken in turn, and ultimately found a woman that I'm madly in love with. I've learned several truly important things, which I will muse into the void of reddit, in order of no particular...
1) Having an affair is a transformative experience. There is no singular reason why someone has one; some people are lonely, some people are abused, some are cake eaters while others seek validation. Having an affair will test your mettle, your capacity for empathy, and show you who you truly are as a person. That is, if you're open to being self aware. Which leads me to my second point...
2) Know thyself. We are all flawed. To err is human. Know that in very, very few instances is anyone the Saint in their marriage to their spouse. All of us own part of the failure to why we're searching for something more. I look over posts and I see so many people bashing what their spouse won't give them or do for them. Some are sad, some are obscene. However, if you don't know how you may have contributed to your current situation, I encourage you to look inwards. For me, it was never standing up for myself and my needs for years; it's not necessarily my spouses fault that I told her for years everything was fine because I didn't want the argument or fight that I would ultimately lose regardless. It took me a while to really think about my contributions.
3) Own your issues. If nothing changes, nothing changes. As I'd mentioned previously, I feel we all own some part of why we're seeking extra marital happiness. Once you identify things that you can control, keep them at the forefront and work on them, if for no one else than yourself.
4) Reasons are not justifications. This one may anger a few of you, but I don't really take pride in what I'm doing. I'm very, very fortunate to have met a few women who have each taught me something different about myself. I am more attractive than I credited myself for, more confident, and more valuable. Sometimes it takes an outside lense for you to truly see yourself the way others do. All that being said, I don't believe anything truly justifies cheating on a partner. For some this comes with a ton of guilt, for others none at all. You won't really know which side of that camp you fall on until post coitus, so just be aware.
5) Last but certainly not least, your happiness is your responsibility. This I cannot emphasize enough. Having an affair can help make you happy if you're missing something, but don't derive your happiness from someone else. You're borrowing from Peter to pay Paul in those situations, and it makes the (sadly frequent) breakups with an AP a struggle if you don't have the ability to be positive on your own. We are all here for our own reasons, of which they are numerous and storied. However, an affair should be sharing in happiness with another and bringing what you offer to the table in exchange for what you need. It should be fair and equitable. If you don't know how to be happy on your own, see point #2. A therapist or similar can be an excellent resource for working through your feelings and to work on yourself.
Thank you for coming to my unsolicited Ted Talk.
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2020.09.16 16:23 Fortanono Starman #5 - Secret Dynasty

DCNext Proudly Presents…!


Issue #5: Secret Dynasty

Arc I: Shady Dealings

Written by Fortanono
Edited by dwright5252, AdamantAce
<< Previous Next >> (coming October)
-=-=-=-= 🌟 =-=-=-=-
Part 1: Sandra Knight
Richard presses a button on the machine, turning it off, and lunges at me. I dodge and turn off my blacklight device; no need for it anymore, I suppose. I can’t say I expected this would happen. I’ve never had anyone be able to see me before, but I do always make plans for these types of events.
I duck behind one of Richard’s bookcases, no doubt filled with the kind of thick books he always pretended to enjoy to make him seem sophisticated. From my pants-pocket I pull out a modified pistol, ready to aim it at him. It won’t be able to hurt him, but hopefully it’ll slow him down as I make my escape.
I peek out the corner of the bookcase and fire several shots at him. The ammo is custom-made by Ted and I; it lets loose a burst of blinding light when it’s in a dark enough area such as inside Richard’s shadow-body. Ted had no idea quite what to do to stop him, but it seemed like simple logic: he’s made of darkness, let’s fill him up with light. Even if it didn’t do anything, people are just generally distracted by bright flashes, so it’s a sort of hail-Mary attempt. Richard indeed flinches a bit, distracted, as I make a run for it.
I activate my device again so I can run past the guards as I leave, running through the library door and into the hallway. Immediately, I can sense that Richard’s following closely behind me. The air gets colder, and I hear a strange whirring mixed with the confused screams of an employee-base that really didn’t know much about who they were working for. I turn around and fire a few more light-shots at him, giving me a head start as he stops in his tracks a few seconds. He immediately picks up the pace as I get closer to a nearby stairwell.
This is the tough part. See, Richard can phase through solid material, but I have to run down a spiral staircase, which is not nearly as fast a method of travel. As I get through the door to the staircase, I place down a motion-activated landmine; it works exactly like the bullets, hopefully stalling Richard as he enters. Descending the first flight, I see a giant flash of white off in the corner of my eye. I turn; Richard is stunned, completely motionless, suspended above the stairway like some sort of Halloween ghost decoration. Arms outstretched, tendrils of shadow extended, I almost stop to look at him before realizing that I have places I need to go.
Richard unfreezes and dives towards me, a whirring of cold air surrounding me. He hisses; it’s definitely not a sound that any sort of human makes. I take out the pistol again and aim. Dammit, I’m out of ammo, and Richard’s tendrils of shadow are inching ever closer to me. I dart down the stairs, knocking into the side-wall. Suddenly, I hear a loud crack. My blacklight device breaks open, releasing several beams of purple light everywhere. Without thinking, I turn the blacklight towards Richard. He recoils, beginning to curl and fall over onto the bottom of the staircase, landing actually on the floor and not phasing through it. I look down at him and notice something: dozens of tiny purple cuts coat his body. They at least look like cuts. I’ve actually wounded him.
I walk past him as he lies helpless on the floor before leaving. I had some new and important information to give to the others.
-=-=-=-= 🌟 =-=-=-=-
Part 2: Jennifer Knight
Darrell and I arrive at Ted’s observatory early. It’s always important to get there on first day before everyone else. Helps let people know how dedicated you are to the cause. At least, that’s what Darrell said and now I’m just at my cousin’s house with nothing to do for an hour.
“I told you, there’s nothing exciting here,” I laugh. “I mean, if you want some diet Soder Cola you can help yourself from the fridge, but--”
Ted walks into the room, no longer using his cane. This is the first time I’ve seen him without it in a while; it’s definitely nice to see he’s improving.
Ted chuckles. “You’re kidding me, right, Jennifer? I feel like Darrell might want to see the workshop. That’s always exciting.”
I sigh. “Sure, whatever,” I say. “You guys talk about tech and stuff I have no chance of understanding, while I just sit in a wooden chair in the corner.”
We walk into Ted’s workshop, which clearly doesn’t seem to have seen any use in a long time. That’s how it’s supposed to look. On the side of one of the walls, next to an old rack of hammers, is a fingerprint detector. It’s not as discrete as the hidden lever that used to be there, but he changed it once Brainwave snuck into his shed that one time. “Darrell, I’m going to need you to put your finger here,” he says. “To add your print to the database.”
“Cool,” Darrell says, touching his left index finger to the pad. Ted then does the same, and the wall quickly slides open to reveal a giant lab. This is where Ted works on most of his important projects these days. Several Cosmic Rods and blacklights adorn one side-wall; the tables are sprinkled with tons of other pieces of technology far beyond anything you could find in a store. Newspaper clippings covered a different side-wall
“Now,” he says. “I saw what you did with Sandra’s old blacklight; that was really well-done. I also think I might have the answer to a problem you’ve had with your current Doll-suit.”
Ted guides Darrell to what looks like a human-sized test tube on the side of the room. Inside it is something that looks exactly like Darrell’s current suit, but, well, human-sized.
“This thing is able to shrink with you if you need to change sizes in combat,” Ted smiles. “Thank me later.”
“Holy shit,” Darrell laughs. “How did you figure it out? I couldn’t begin to try and understand how that would work.”
Ted explains. It makes sense to Darrell, apparently, but I don’t catch any of it.
After giving Darrell a full tour of his inventions, a doorbell sound comes from a pair of speakers in the ceiling. “That’s my cue,” Ted says. “Probably another one of your team members. I’ll be right back.”
After a few minutes, Ted comes into the room with another kid, who is clearly somewhat younger than we were. He has dark auburn-brown hair and is wearing a bright yellow hoodie. I recognize him as Rick Tyler, Hourman’s son who was at the funeral. I had heard that he was also patrolling the city as well. He has a grimace on his face, like he didn’t want to be here.
“Hi,” he mutters in our direction before turning to Ted. “My Dad says you’re gonna train me, right?”
“Yes,” Ted laughs. “Of course. I’ve also got a proper Hourman costume for you. The hoodie just isn’t cutting it, especially with the, uh, bulletproof factor.”
Ted shows Rick to another case next to Darrell’s, where there is a yellow fabric costume with a black hood. It’s much more sleek and bright than the pictures I had seen of Rex’s old Hourman costume, which was made of leather.
“That’s neat,” Rick says, with very little emotion in his voice. I can tell he clearly doesn’t want to be here; I assume Rex is making him do this.
We wait a few more minutes, none of us speaking, before the doorbell rings again and a girl my age joins us. She has long blonde curls and is in her full costume, a red-and-green metal suit clearly meant to invoke Ted and David’s costumes. She gives us a slight wave, avoiding any eye contact; I realize that this is Stargirl, the heroine who ended up joining that team in New Coast City.
“This is Courtney Whitmore,” Ted says. “I don’t think any of you would know her, but some of you may remember her work in our city back in January. Since then, she’s been working with a different team, and will definitely be an important asset to our group.”
“Hi,” she smiles meekly, looking down at the floor. “I’m glad to be here.”
“Welcome,” I say. I could tell she was clearly intimidated by the whole situation; I couldn’t say I was surprised. This is a big deal for anyone who cares about Opal City and Starman as much as she seems to. Add to that the fact that opinions on her tenure here had been mixed at best, and I figure that I should be as nice as possible to her, let her know that she’s a welcome member of the team as much as any of us.
“Hold on,” Rick snarls, now with far more energy than he’s shown in any of our previous encounters. “Why’s the Insta-brat joining us? I thought this was for real heroes.”
”Shut up,” I hiss. Rick turns to me with an angry look in his eye.
“I don’t think now’s the time to be starting fights,” Ted says. “We all have to work as a team. Besides, Courtney’s had far more experience as a hero than anyone else here. If you want to take up a grievance, talk to me directly.” He takes a few steps back, addressing us all. I turn to Courtney, who is standing in the far corner of the room, trying to make herself as small as possible. I can’t help but feel absolutely terrible for her.
“Now,” Ted continues. “I’d love to agree with Rick and tell you all that you’re here on a team for real heroes. But what exactly does that even mean? If Courtney’s not a real hero because she posts stuff on social media, what does that say about our current Starman, who is trying to spit in the face of established heroes at every corner? If he’s talking about experience, well, I hate to break it to you, but I wouldn’t consider a single one of you a real hero yet. None of you have proven yourselves. I’m setting this squadron up for a simple reason: so none of you end up killing yourselves in the line of duty.
“Anyway, Rick Tyler might have been talking about a third reason when defining who is and who isn’t a real hero: His last name. For Courtney, who happens to be new here, my name is Ted Knight. The other girl here is Jennifer Knight. The original Hourman was Rex Tyler. These names mean nothing to the average person, but they are the names of dynasties.” Ted clears his throat before continuing.
“For these past 30 years, the Knights have become a secret dynasty, one that has protected Opal City through thick and thin. Unfortunately, it appears the Tylers are becoming one, too. Now, I want to dispel this incredible myth right now. There is no ‘Knight calling.’ David wasn’t a good hero when he started; I had to hammer that into him. And Jack… I’m not even going to comment on what he’s been doing. The ‘Knight calling’ cost us my son’s life, and I don’t want anything similar to happen to any of you. So let me make something crystal clear here: Rick and Jennifer are no more qualified to be heroes than Darrell and Courtney are, and they will not be treated any differently because of it. Any questions?”
“No,” Rick mutters, defeated. He turns to Courtney, who is currently in the corner. “Courtney, I’m sorry for saying what I said. I didn’t mean it.”
“Good,” Ted says. “Today, we’re going to go through introductions, and then we’ll get into some basic training. A few things: Courtney and Rick may not always be here. Courtney’s pulling double duty in New Coast, and Rick may be off on vision-quests at times. That doesn’t mean you should act any differently when that’s the case. We’re still a team.”
A chime goes off from the overhead speakers. It’s not a doorbell this time; it sounds like an alarm. “Unfortunately,” Ted says, “I think your first day might be a little more rocky than I had wanted. That’s my meta-criminal alert.” He turns to a nearby computer monitor, which shows a map of Opal City.
“Dammit,” Ted says. “It’s the Fiddler. He’s taken over a bunch of people on the boardwalks.” He pulls up an image of a mugshot on the computer: a man in a powdered wig wearing green robes.
“I was really hoping that your first threat would be someone a little less tough,” Ted mutters. “Now, to get you up to speed: Isaac Bowin, also known as the Fiddler, is an old enemy of David’s who has also challenged the Flash on multiple occasions. He has a magical fiddle that can control the minds of people around him. While under the control of the Fiddler, people possess superhuman strength and durability, often becoming human wrecking balls. I have a series of psychic shields that I developed to use against him; please insert these into your ears.” Ted opens a drawer and pulls out a series of earphones.
“These earphones will also connect to a direct communication line,” Ted continues. “If you need assistance, I will be on the other end. Now, change into your costumes and get out there!”
-=-=-=-= 🌟 =-=-=-=-
Interlude V: Hometown Hero
Aaron ran through the old soccer field, the tall grass scratching at his ankles as he went. This was one of his favorite shortcuts on the way home from school; it had been abandoned for several years, and no one really noticed that it was there, but Aaron did. It felt like home to him, almost. Aaron had spent several hours here, testing his limits, figuring out what it was, exactly, that he was able to do. Running through it during his daily routine, he thought, was the least he could do to remember it these days.
Aaron kept running, darting closer to the fence that sectioned off the field from Liberty Hill’s main road. As he reached a certain terminal distance, Aaron crouched his legs and began to leap. This had been tough for him at first; if he overshot it, he could come tumbling down in the middle of the road, and he wasn’t invincible. Luckily, he never got hit by any cars, and at this point he knew fully how to make it every time. As the air rushed over him, Aaron felt a sense of freedom before balancing himself on the thin metal piping on top of the fence. He caught his breath for a second, looking around before he prepared to jump back down.
Liberty Hill was a small town, but from this angle, it seemed like a bustling metropolis. Gardner Way was the only street in the neighborhood that had tall skyscrapers, although the ones in Opal City and Baltimore were always much taller. There would always be several cars on the road at a time, but Aaron knew that there was much less traffic than in other places he visited. He would often use this time to look over his hometown, to watch people as they went about their days. A school bus from his old elementary school made its way south on the street, passing people on their morning commutes as… Hold on, Aaron realized. It’s inching into the other lane.
Aaron let himself off the fence with a resounding thud; he was often surprised when there were no cracks in the sidewalk when he landed. He ran after the school bus, the kids watching as he caught up to it. In the window of the bus door, Aaron noticed that the bus driver, a young man who was clearly not qualified for the job, was looking at his phone, playing some sort of mobile game. That idiot, Aaron thought, but he didn’t say anything. Aaron jumped in front of the bus as it started curving towards a Lexus sedan going the opposite direction, grabbing hold of its grille and slowing it to a complete stop. He then dragged the bus and centered it in the lane where it belonged. As the bus made a complete stop, he turned to the bus door and knocked on it. The bus depressurized as the doors opened and a small staircase made its way down.
“What are you doing?” the bus driver muttered.
Aaron looked the driver in the eyes; he couldn’t have been much older than Aaron was himself. “Stopping you from making a critical mistake, and saving lives. If you text and drive in your own car, that’s enough of a problem. These are children you’re playing with the lives of, sir.”
The driver looked at him, shaking frantically. “I--My girlfriend had just texted. I wouldn’t do it normally, I know, but… she was just about ready to leave me, and--”
Aaron laughed dryly. He then turned to address the kids. “You know, kids,” he said. “When you get older, you may have some new, confusing feelings, but never should you let those new feelings drive you to nearly commit vehicular manslaughter.” Turning to the bus driver, he lowered his voice to a whisper. “I’m using big words for the kids’ own sake,” he muttered. “No need to scare them.”
“Now,” Aaron continued, turning to the kids. “Who of you boys have a ton of friends who are girls?” A young boy in the back raised his hand. Aaron took the driver’s phone, which was on top of the control panel, and brought it to the young boy, handing it to him. “You figure this situation out,” he said, smiling.
Aaron walked back to the front of the bus. “Kids are simpler, more innocent. They’ll know exactly what to say to your girlfriend to make it work. Now, you focus on doing your job and keeping people alive.”
“Wait,” one of the kids said, a young girl with pigtails in the front row. “What’s your name?”
Aaron got to her level and smiled. “My name’s Aaron Munro. But feel free to call me Iron. The people on my football team all do.”
As he left the bus, he looked around. Another job well done, he thought to himself, almost sarcastically. He probably didn’t need to be as theatrical at the end, but lives were saved and children were safer. That was all that mattered.
Aaron walked through the doors of his house, a nice quaint cottage on a pleasant forested road. Hugo Munro looked up at him from the couch, an eyebrow raised behind his thick-framed glasses, from the newspaper who was reading. Abigail, his wife, was sitting in a nearby rocking chair, laptop open.
“Look who’s finally up,” he chuckled. “Our new hometown hero.” He turns the newspaper’s front page towards Aaron, which had an awkward photo of him from his school picture day. The headline read, LOCAL HERO “IRON” MUNRO STOPS DRUG DEAL.
“Ugh,” Aaron said. “Can we just do this later, Dad? I haven’t even gotten an afternoon snack.”
“See, I think this is very important to talk about,” Hugo said. “Look, I know you want to help people and all that, but I need you to understand the dangers of what you’re doing. You can’t just walk into a dark alley and stop someone from selling heroin. These are dangerous people you’re messing with, and they’re bound to have connections.”
Aaron grumbled as he sat on a chair across from his father. “Opioids are tearing this town apart, just like they’re tearing hundreds of nearby towns apart. I can’t go against those truly responsible, but if I can stop just a small amount of it on the street level, I’m happy. Besides, I just brought them to the police station. I didn’t beat them up, even though I could have.”
Hugo chuckled heartily. “Wow, that’s quite a low bar you set for yourself. You’re not pulverizing people or beating them into a bloody pulp; I wouldn’t expect you to. I know you, son; you wouldn’t hurt a fly when you were younger. So what happens when you have to? What happens when one of these guys realizes that your identity is public, so your parents’ identities are public too? What happens when you have to defend us?”
“Guys, don’t worry about that. It’s not going to--”
“Alright, fine,” he sighed. “I tend to let my nerves get the best of me at times. I’m sorry for that. But keep in mind, Aaron, that this is much bigger than you or I, or your mother and her family for that matter. Things are changing in this country, and when you’re not wearing a mask, you could easily be made an example of.”
“You’re talking about Cale,” Aaron noted dryly. This was one of his father’s favorite reasons why he shouldn’t be helping people like he had been. “Look, Dad, I don’t quite see how Veronica Cale is going to affect us. She’s a billionaire running for President; why would she care about what we’re doing in Nowheresville, Maryland?”
“It’s not her specifically I’m concerned about,” Hugo continued, “and you know that. It’s her whole platform. So many people around here follow her, even if the only reason is the other guy’s skin color. Soon enough, Cale’s supporters are gonna realize that a metahuman teenager with a public identity is the exact type of person they need to spread her anti-superhero rhetoric. And then people in this town are going to turn against you, and who knows what’ll happen then?”
Abigail closed her laptop screen, putting it next to her chair as she cleared her throat. “I know what it feels like to want to help people,” she said. “I’ve seen it, obviously. But this road doesn’t lead to anything good.”
“Liberty Point hasn’t had a hero since Commander Steel,” Aaron remarked. “It’s less about me and more about what people need. Besides, I’m a Knight. Might not bear their name, but I have their blood. You’ve said it plenty of times, Mom; our family is a family of protectors, and I happen to be able to protect more people because of what I can do.”
“I haven’t been a Knight for years,” Abigail said with pursed lips. “Last I checked, we’re not even invited to their funerals anymore.”
Aaron stood up and sighed. “I know, Mom,” he said. He cleared his throat assertively. “But I’m doing what I have to do. If you don’t like that, that’s too bad. I’ll make sure both of you are kept safe, but I have to follow what I feel is right.”
“This is what I’ve been born to do.”
-=-=-=-= 🌟 =-=-=-=-
Part 3: Rick Tyler
We get to the boardwalk pretty quickly, jumping from building to building. We survey the chaos from the top of a nearby liquor store. The Fiddler’s standing in the center of everything, playing his instrument while people all around him trash the area. They all look like normal people, which is probably because they are normal people who were taken control of. The weirdest thing is that I can’t hear what he’s playing; the shields probably filter that out or something like that. It looks goofy, seeing him play the violin with no actual music.
“Remember,” Ted says from the earphones. “Do not engage with the controlled people unless you absolutely need to. They’re the innocents in this situation. You have to focus on Isaac himself.”
“Got it,” Jennifer replied. We jump down in front of Isaac one at a time: Courtney jumps first, then me, then Jennifer grapples down with Darrell on her shoulder.
“I expected Starman,” the Fiddler laughs. “Now it seems I have to deal with everyone but him.” He turns to Courtney. “You haven’t been in the neighborhood for a while, have you?”
“I’m here now,” Courtney responds. “Shall we dance then?”
She shoots a blast of energy from her hand; one of Fiddler’s goons jumps in front of him, taking the hit for him. Immediately, several other people crowd around him, clenching their fists. Jennifer turns the dials on her watch thing and summons a shadow barrier in front of us. The people start elbowing it and attacking it relentlessly, but it seems to hold. Darrell flies off of Jennifer’s shoulders and behind the Fiddler, just out of reach of all of his guys. Around us, I’m very aware that there are still a bunch of dudes destroying all the nearby shops.
”Alright, Darrell, Ted says, ”Try to knock the fiddle out of his hands with your stingers. Don’t try to destroy it; it’s enchanted.” While I can’t quite tell what’s going on, I think I see Darrell shoot something from his tiny hands, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Out of the corner of my eye, I hear the screams of a woman nearby. I turn and notice that one of Fiddler’s goons is carrying her.
I jump out of Jennifer’s shield, my blood pumping, my heart pounding. Controlled or not, that man cannot just hurt people like that. I grab him and tackle him to the ground, helping the woman down to ground level. I punch him again and again. I know I shouldn’t, but I keep doing it. This man was about to hurt an innocent person, and I can’t let him do it again. Besides, it feels good to get it all out.
”Rick!” Ted snaps. ”I *told** you not to engage with the Fiddler’s victims! Are you deaf or something?”*
“He was terrorizing innocent people,” I say loudly. “What was I supposed to do?”
”There are no innocents in the Fiddler’s area of effect, remember that,” Ted says. ”He tried that trick on David when he was starting out too! She’s also under his control, you idiot!”
I turn to my right, and the woman from earlier is standing right next to me. She knocks me across the boardwalk and into a brick wall. I have to say, from all the times I’ve done that move, I expected it would be a bit more painful than that. Guess I’m more durable than I thought.
Jennifer summons a shadow tendril and grabs the violin out of the Fiddler’s hand. Everyone takes a collective deep breath and returns back to normal. I immediately make a beeline and pin him down.
I snarl at him as I punch him in the face a few times. “Was that your idea of a joke, you demented fool?”
The Fiddler laughs, blood trickling down his face. “It was quite funny, I must admit.”
“Hourman!” Jennifer shouts. “That’s more than enough. Hope O’Dare’s on her way. We won.” She summons another shadow tendril and wraps it around the Fiddler, keeping him still. I get up and sigh, standing next to the other heroes. This is when I realize why I’m here. It’s not to become more experienced. It’s so I don’t become so violent in fights.
It’s so the others can control me.
School is still the same bullshit it’s always been; I’m glad we got that out of the way. The good news is, I have some new friends to get through it with.
I sit down next to John, Luisa and Maya with my tray of something mysterious that looks like chicken alfredo. “Yo,” John says. “Glad you could make it. I was worried you’d be saving someone or something like that.”
“If only,” I chuckle. “I’m starting to hope for a vision in some of these classes, if I’m honest. Except then I remember how much I hate them, and I don’t.”
“You were on the news recently,” Maya smiles. “You’re famous now, you and your ‘All-Star Squadron.’ Save some for the rest of us!”
“Nice threads, by the way,” John laughs. “You actually look like a hero now. By the way, how’s Stargirl? I might wanna meet up with her, if you know what I mean.”
“Stop that,” Luisa says, elbowing John. “Is this the trademark John Trujillo Vaguely Misogynist Humor I’ve heard so much about?”
“Nah,” John says. “I’m sorry. I dunno what came over me. She’s hot, is all. I mean, I respect her. Just also wanna, you know.”
“She’s in college, for one,” I say. “And you probably wouldn’t respect her if you knew her. She’s so annoying, seriously. I can’t stand it.”
Maya laughs. “Team drama already, huh? Is that anything like ViewTube drama or something?” She pauses for a second. “You know, I don’t know why there aren’t more beefs between heroes. Like, things would be way more interesting if you read that the new Green Lantern hated the old one or something.”
“They were teammates,” Luisa says. “I really don’t think they’d have any beef. Unless you’re talking about the one on the League, which… probably goes without saying.”
A text pops up on my phone. I pull it out and look at it. “I gotta go,” I say. “Apparently my sister went to Big Belly Burger for lunch and doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. I promise you, I’d much rather be here, but…”
“No problem,” Luisa laughs. “As someone with a sister, I totally get it if you have to clean up after her mistakes.”
Maya slaps her in the face from across the table playfully as I leave. After I leave the room, I overhear them talking with my enhanced hearing. Clearly, they think I’m out of earshot. I linger in the hallway, just listening.
”This sucks,” Maya says. ”He seems really nice, and we’re just staging this elaborate theatre for him?”
”Don’t worry,” Luisa replies. ”Look, we’re going to tell him at any point now. We just want to make sure he’d be on-board with this. Loyalty, discretion, all that stuff. It’ll happen soon enough, I promise.”
John sighs. ”And just to be clear, this isn’t theatre. At least I know he’s *my** friend, unless he turns out to be a Basilisk plant or something.”*
Luisa bursts out laughing. ”Don’t even joke about that! He’s not Basilisk; Carlyle specifically picked him out. He has no idea about any of this.”
”You know,” Maya says, ”all this talk about Basilisk plants and I’m starting to think you might be one, Trujillo. The Black Condor, secret double agent. Trusted Force member by day, but at night, he sheds his snakeskin and lies in wait.”
”No, no, hold on,” John laughs. ”I can explain! I promise! Just hear me out!”
At some point, I lose sight of what they’re talking about. One thing’s clear, though: they’re hiding something from me. And I’m going to figure out what that is.
-=-=-=-= 🌟 =-=-=-=-
Part 4: Jack Knight
“So you found something that can hurt Swift,” I say. “That’s fantastic news. We might as well get to work finding a way to weaponize that.”
“Already done,” Sandra mutters. The two of us stand in our private quarters in the Stargazer, looking over the files we had drafted up on Swift. “I’ve talked to a few of the people who know how the blacklight works best, and we’ve come up with some rudimentary designs. Apparently, Swift’s power comes from the same forces that my blacklights operate on; that’s why they counteract each other.” Sandra turns to a nearby filing cabinet and pulls out a series of blueprints.
“This,” she continues, “is the plan for a device that can completely depower Swift. It’ll turn him into a regular guy, more or less. If we get it to Ted, we can have one of these on every member of the family and take him down once and for all.”
“Wait,” I say, pausing to look over the drawings. I can’t understand anything there, but it’s definitely interesting to try to look at all the different parts of the machine, to figure out how they interact without any way of truly knowing. “So this wasn’t designed by Ted?”
“No,” Sandra says, her lips pursed. “I didn’t go to Ted. I went to the device’s original designer.
“Hold on,” I say. My heart starts beating a little bit faster. “You didn’t, did you? Sandra, you know--You especially know how dangerous the Ghost is. Why would you even do that?”
Sandra sighs. “Yes, of course I knew the risks to this deal going in. But he’s serving a life sentence, and I highly doubt he’s in any position to collect on any debt I have with him.” She paces back towards the corner of the room, rifling through some of the filing cabinets nervously.
“All of the pieces of this puzzle tie back to the blacklight device. Richard’s abilities, the machine he’s building at the hydro plant, the one thing that did anything to the guy. Ted’s worked with the blacklight a lot, but I don’t think even he would have answers for me. Therefore, I did what was logical and gave it to the only guy who could make something out of this.”
“I would have done it differently,” I sigh.
Sandra smirks. “You always do,” she says, giving me a pat on the shoulder. “Rest assured, I’m more than capable of handling myself, especially with him. I’ve been doing this for quite a while, remember that.”
I nod. “So what was the other major thing you worked out?”
Sandra turns back to the desk and opens another folder. Inside is a pencil sketch of four men who look like they’re out of that one painting of the signing of the Constitution, with powdered wigs and robes and things that haven’t been popular since the time of syphilis. They’re very detailed; Sandra has a knack for remembering these types of scenes and sketching them later. “I take it Swift really likes Shakespeare? Like, enough that he’s doing reenactments in his own library?”
“Now, if that were the case I wouldn’t have wasted my time,” Sandra laughs. “I know this sounds crazy, but he was talking to them over some sort of hologram projector. Something about the machine they’re building over at the generator. I’m wracking my brain, but honestly, I don’t know how they fit into this picture.”
A voice comes in from the back door. “I do.”
Darrell walks in from the back, wearing his new Doll Man costume that shrinks with him--at his normal size, not doll size. “So, uh, I got the sketches you sent me, and I think I figured it out.” He pulled out his phone to an article online about something called the ‘London seance disappearances,’ showing it to me. A picture sits on the top of the page, consisting of five portraits. Four of them look like the ones that Sandra did, and one has the unmistakable facial features of one Richard Swift. Except, y’know, in a powdered wig.
Darrell clears his throat. “April 24th, 1684. Simon Culp, a London slave trader, invites four of his closest friends to his exuberant mansion to perform a seance. He claimed that he got the magical spells used from India, and it would allow them to talk to the dead. The day came, and Simon Culp was joined by these four friends: Erasmus Adams, Sebastian Geoffries, Timothy Valor and a young hotshot merchant by the name of Richard Swift.”
“Hold on,” I say. “Things are getting really bizarre here. So you’re saying Richard Swift is from the 1600s, and he was… what again?”
“A slaver,” Sandra says, with no emotion in her voice. “He was responsible for selling thousands of people into forced servitude in the Americas and Caribbean. It’s hard to imagine just how many families he must have torn apart.”
“Okay, okay,” I mutter. “But how exactly is he here? Now? In this time period?”
“Simple,” Darrell says. “The five men were immediately swallowed up by some sort of living shadow, along with 99 other citizens of London. Now, here’s where I get less into history and more into the sciences. As I’ve done experiments with the blacklight energy, it seems to stem from some sort of alternate dimension. Ergo, there are coordinates, and people could easily be trapped inside there. My theory is that as Sandra began to use the blacklight more and more as Phantom Lady, it accessed energy from the point in that dimension where Richard was entombed in shadow energy. Somehow, he gets free, and starts a new life as an Opal City businessman.”
“Richard was talking about some sort of prison,” Sandra notes. “I think he’s planning to free his friends with the hydro plant, with no concern as to who would be put in danger by it.”
Darrell nods. “Once the others come out, they’ll have the same powers Richard does. Good news is, Sandra has a way to fix that. There is some bad news, though.”
I look at him. “Which is?”
“Fiddler’s boardwalk attack was a mere distraction; after he was arrested, he was bailed out by none other than Richard Swift himself. Meanwhile, Tigress struck a nearby laboratory and got one last piece of tech needed to complete the power plant. I think they’re planning on turning it on in a matter of days.”
I turn to Sandra. “Seems like we better get ready then. Richard’s gonna be going down once and for all.”
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2020.09.16 02:07 Foreverest2000 Volume 11.5 - Ayanokouji’s Future

I just started reading volume 11.5, and finished the interaction between Kiyo and the Chairman. That final part just broke my heart, talking about what he’d like to be and do in the future... but he won’t have one. ~
“I’m glad you came to this school because you dreamed of living a normal life. But, have you considered what you will do after graduation? Like, what job you want to do, where you want to go, or something along those lines?” (Chairman)
“Although I don’t know how much you know, my fate was already decided.”
The moment I stepped out of this school, the walls protecting me would disappear. If I lived in a cheap apartment, he would attack me at night or use some other method to take me back to the white room.
“So you’ve accepted your fate... And on that basis, you came here.”
“That’s the reason I wanted to protect these three years to the end”
“I hope this school will become a memorable part of your life.”
“Thank you. I hope so too.”
Fudge brothers, that just left me empty inside. My child just wants to live a life, and he only has these 3 years to do so. That’s insane to think about. While all the other people he has met will graduate and go out to experience the world, fall in love, he’ll be brought back to the white room. I’m depressed just thinking about it. Imagine only having three years to experience all the things you want to. I’m crying. Justice for Kiyotaka please, let the man live his life.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. depression
My only hope is by the end of the series, he’ll be free from his father. A man can dream.
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2020.09.16 01:13 canopus8 In defense of a few of us that want to loseit a little faster and why it's not fair to beat yourself up when you fail.

I have to start this with a few disclaimers as i know this is a sensitive topic.For me a faster pace of losing weight is this:
  1. 2 pounds a week. A little more maybe.
  2. And this losing of weight to be done in a get go (with a week or two of break of course but nothing like a few months of break)
Now before you all bring out your pitchforks, please hear me out. I know and accept that long term lifestyle change is the best solution. But I have my reasons for thinking the way I do.
Life shit happens
You change jobs or you move houses or you change gyms or you get depressed or your girlfriend breaks up with you or your loved one dies or you get into a bout of depression or a frigging pandemic happens.
If any of these happen to me, I'll question myself "why am i even doing all this? Why don't i sit at home and wallow in misery?" Again, so many of you wonderful people are amazing and have willpower strong as titanium. But I don't. I least am human, and I am affected by life, physically and emotionally whenever it puts me through the grinder
It's logistically not easy
Even when your life is stable and steady, it's difficult (even logistically) to maintain that momentum over a long period of time. I mean years. Unless you can dedicate a considerable chunk of your time to your health, (And this includes all the food planning, carving out time for gym, getting enough rest etc) it's very easy to fall off.
Now you might say, that "you make time for what is important". That is true. But there is also such a thing as a hierarchy of needs.
Would you prefer taking care of your new born baby over going to gym? What about caring for an ailing family member? what about a job that needs you to constantly perform and keep learning things and be on your toes or risk getting outdated? What do you choose when given the choice?
It can be argued that if a person makes time for working out, it would feed into their other life areas and help them make it better. But it's one thing to think that and another to actually apply it. I am not making excuses, just laying out how the practicalities of this come into play
Losing weight is difficult and gaining weight i incredibly easy
The more unhealthy/obese we are, the more inertia our body physiologically has, to stay that way. Here it is explained by a medical professional in a way better than I ever could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVKlO6-1BWY .
There are factors at play beyond our control. How many times have we felt disheartened that our year's worth of hard work went down the drain because we could not stick to the diet for a quarter of a year?
And that is why it's unfair to beat ourselves up when we fail. As much as we think that we are in the driver's seat of this bus called life, we are at best the conductor. We can influence the way to a great degree, but more than a few things are out of our hands. We need to recognize this. So that at least you won't feel like you are the worst human ever for eating that cake (i've been there)
Instead, it's better to come up with systems and set ourselves up for success. Whatever it takes you to your goal. For some people it's to have a slow pace of weight loss. Could be something else for you
For me, considering all the reasons i listed, I want to have an initial period of a little stricter regimen, so that i can lose the bulk of the weight. And then when it's gone, loosen down a bit. Now I know that it's again possible to gain all of it again. But this way at least I have more time to get my shit together and get on the wagon again. It's possible i might make changes along the way, but at least i keep moving this way. Is this perfect? No way. But nothing in life is. Life is all about trade offs.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Have a great day.
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2020.09.16 01:12 canopus8 In defense of a few of us that want to loseit a little faster and why it's not fair to beat yourself up when you fail.

I have to start this with a few disclaimers as i know this is a sensitive topic.For me a faster pace of losing weight is this. And again, this is for me. Please , dont take medical advice from reddit. This post is not about doing what I am doing, but finding what suits you best.
  1. 2 pounds a week.
  2. And this losing of weight to be done in a get go (with a week or two of break of course but nothing like a few months of break)
Now before you all bring out your pitchforks, please hear me out. I know and accept that long term lifestyle change is the best solution. But I have my reasons for thinking the way I do.
Life shit happens
You change jobs or you move houses or you change gyms or you get depressed or your girlfriend breaks up with you or your loved one dies or you get into a bout of depression or a frigging pandemic happens.
If any of these happen to me, I'll question myself "why am i even doing all this? Why don't i sit at home and wallow in misery?" Again, so many of you wonderful people are amazing and have willpower strong as titanium. But I don't. I least am human, and I am affected by life, physically and emotionally whenever it puts me through the grinder
It's logistically not easy
Even when your life is stable and steady, it's difficult (even logistically) to maintain that momentum over a long period of time. I mean years. Unless you can dedicate a considerable chunk of your time to your health, (And this includes all the food planning, carving out time for gym, getting enough rest etc) it's very easy to fall off.
Now you might say, that "you make time for what is important". That is true. But there is also such a thing as a hierarchy of needs.
Would you prefer taking care of your new born baby over going to gym? What about caring for an ailing family member? what about a job that needs you to constantly perform and keep learning things and be on your toes or risk getting outdated? What do you choose when given the choice?
It can be argued that if a person makes time for working out, it would feed into their other life areas and help them make it better. But it's one thing to think that and another to actually apply it. I am not making excuses, just laying out how the practicalities of this come into play
Losing weight is difficult and gaining weight i incredibly easy
The more unhealthy/obese we are, the more inertia our body physiologically has, to stay that way. Here it is explained by a medical professional in a way better than I ever could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVKlO6-1BWY .
There are factors at play beyond our control. How many times have we felt disheartened that our year's worth of hard work went down the drain because we could not stick to the diet for a quarter of a year?
And that is why it's unfair to beat ourselves up when we fail. As much as we think that we are in the driver's seat of this bus called life, we are at best the conductor. We can influence the way to a great degree, but more than a few things are out of our hands. We need to recognize this. So that at least you won't feel like you are the worst human ever for eating that cake (i've been there)
Instead, it's better to come up with systems and set ourselves up for success. Whatever it takes you to your goal. For some people it's to have a slow pace of weight loss. Could be something else for you
For me, considering all the reasons i listed, I want to have an initial period of a little stricter regimen, so that i can lose the bulk of the weight. And then when it's gone, loosen down a bit. Now I know that it's again possible to gain all of it again. But this way at least I have more time to get my shit together and get on the wagon again. It's possible i might make changes along the way, but at least i keep moving this way. Is this perfect? No way. But nothing in life is. Life is all about trade offs.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Have a great day.
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2020.09.15 07:31 vikshroom Parasite Eve sounds to me like it was overproduced and I can’t get over it

Ok, so I love bmth. Especially ever since Sempiternal, I’ve grown to love their sound and respect how they go off and do whatever the fuck they want with their music and don’t feel the need to adhere to one music genre. But ever since Ludens, I’ve been suuuuper hyper for how it looks like their new sound will be a combo of Sempiternal + That’s the Spirit + amo. And then there was the demo for parasite eve. Goddamn it I was so excited. I fell in love with the wisps of that song-in-progress instantly. I listened to terrible sound quality demos, the ones compiled and posted by followers of the bmth YouTube channel, over and over. I absolutely could not wait for the release of the song, and was almost certain this would be my new favorite.
And then the song was released. And... it literally sounds like it was taken, in it’s beautiful edgy state, and shaved down and rounded. I personally cannot get behind the tribal-ish intro, to start, but if the rest of the song had more edge and punch, I’d be ok. But... then the first verse comes in, and all I can hear is auto tune. All I want is Oli’s voice, the edge, those nuances... but all I hear is electronic corrections filling in the gaps. And that line, ‘I wanna turn you around~’- tis yet another line that wasn’t in the demo, which is itself fine, but which changes the tone of the verse- and to me, in a detrimental way. Idk maybe I’m still adhering too closely to what I heard and expected from hearing the demo and am unfairly judging but it sounds... whiny, a little. I do like the verse following it, tho.
And then there’s the chorus. Ugh I want to love it. It’s so catchy, it’s well-written and arranged perfectly. It’s almost there. But... it, too, suffers from the overproduction-y sound, in that it sounds like there were gaps and edges that were gradually filled in as more and more effects were layered on. It’s almost there. It’s almost what I wanted. I love how it ends on a triplet with ‘something else will’. I love the ‘when we forget the infection’ bit, where it sounds as if Oli’s voice is hitting some sort of roof (I don’t know technical terms, sorry). But... I want more edge. I know bmth can do it. My standards for them are high for a reason. I want it. I want it so bad.
My theory is, they had way too much time for this one song. I really appreciate their YouTube and how we got to see them be fucking meticulous about everything in their music- that was a part of what was getting me so stoked in the first place- but when the song’s release got delayed and they had extra time, and when they passed on the song to at least two others to go through and mix... that’s when I think it got away from them. In particular, one moment here stood out to me, where Dan was adding a shit ton of effects to Oli’s voice and sort of taking out the edge as he did so. Idk how much of the overproduced effect I’m personally hearing came from here, and at the end of the day the song did end up pretty decent. It’s just... I was prepared to love it, and it’s killing me how every time I hear the intro to the song in my playlist, I immediately want to skip it and listen to other bmth instead.
The overproduced thing is just a theory anyways, and honestly these guys can continue to do whatever the fuck they want- I respect them partially bc of that, after all. I just personally wanted to complain about how I wanna love this song but can’t, and am just hoping they don’t continue like this with their new stuff so I can love them in peace. Obey does have me a bit hopeful, as it doesnt suffer nearly as much from this problem and is a fun banger, but I realllly hope they produce something which makes me fall in love again. Bc I was so prepared for that level of adoration with parasite eve and I... I just can’t.
Anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk, I’m done with my sad rant now.
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2020.09.14 07:54 obsessedwiththeenemy Are you a mage or fighter type?

Here is my actual Ted talk. You don't have to read all of it.
I've been on a wlw book kick recently and I generally lean towards scifi and fantasy. I noticed that a lot of these books have one of the wlw protagonists be a magic user and the other be a sword/bow/general fightey type.
Just showing my count 13 fall into this trope, 4 don't and 3 are undecided. Pure scifi (there is nothing even resembling magic) are most of the exception 'dont'.
Mild spoilers for 20ish books below. I tried to use spoiler tags, but it's hard to tell if it worked since I'm on my phone.
Gideon the Ninth/Harrow the Ninth
The Midnight Lie
The Unspoken Name
The Nevernight Chronicle - 2/3rd book
Of Fire And Stars/Of Ice and Shadows
The Priority of the Orange Tree
Girls Made of Snow and Glass
Empress of Forever - This is a scifi so there isn't actually Magic. But Viv defies the in-universe logic with her abilities which is the definition of Magic even if it is explained at the end of the book
The Rise of Kyoshi/The Shadow of Kyoshi - a bit of a stretch, but I'd make the argument that in the ATLA universe Avatars/spirit stuff is magic. Also Rangi is 100% fighter type
We Set the Dark on Fire/We Unleash the Merciless Storm - not scifi or fantasy (i did not include in my count) but I figured worth a mention because definitely has the nerdy mage type and the brash fighter type
Crier's War - only the first book is out in this series, so I'm holding out judgment. But my current theory is that it will fall into this with the robot class being mage users
Girls of Paper and Fire Series - There is a wlw magic user and and non magic user, but id say the non magic user isn't really a fighter type. The series is unfinished
WLW that are not MAGE/FIGHTER protagonists:
A long way to a small, angry planet
An Absolutely Remarkable Thing/A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor
The Founders Trilogy - 3rd book isn't out yet. mostly applicable in the second book.
PS this isn't really a judgement thing, more an odd observation. some of these books I loved others were pretty meh.
PPS I have considered that this is maybe a fantasy books in general and not just a wlw fantasy book thing. I'm not sure though.
TLDR: In a lot of wlw scifi/fantasy books there a magic user and a fighter. Which would you be?
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2020.09.14 02:14 adriftingleaf We Have Rules In This House

So, I like Sam and Carl, but I can't work on their adventures until November. I decided to start writing vignettes for the main characters, partly to let me get used to writing them, partly because I want to experiment with this world I'm trying to build and make sure it all works together. I'm still figuring stuff out. But I liked this story idea, and I wanted a chance to show Sam as an authority instead of comic relief. Still plenty of comic relief.
Anyway, this is a prequel story focused on Sam. I have a very different take on vampires, and I wanted to spend some time exploring it. that's why there's such a big lore dump about 2/3's of the way through. Part of that is just me trying to figure this out.
Also, wow, this thing is long. I think it stays fun throughout though.
The door on Toulouse street was fairly normal for the French Quarter. Even the plaque above the door proclaiming it “The Quarter’s Most Unique Night Spot” wasn’t too far beyond the normal braggadaccio for the area. A voice could be heard yelling from inside, getting louder as the shouter got closer.
“Okay, yeah, I’m leaving, bunch of...oh, and vampires don’t have a fucking dress code, you bunch of...pricks. You don’t get turned back into a real boy if you wear sneakers.” A man shoved the door open from the inside and slammed it behind it. He turned to yell at the door. “It’s my culture, not a costume!” He stared at the door, angry, then yelled “Assholes!” He ignored the stares of the passersby and lit a cigarette to blend in. He took a drag and leaned back against the door, frowning. “Well, that was a waste of time,” he muttered to himself.
Sam was probably in his mid thirties, nondescript brown hair, green eyes, average height. Holding the cigarette in his mouth, he turned and leaned over to the plaque on the wall listing off the dress code requirements to enter the vampire themed bar. “Black? And lace? Who wears lace? Evening dress? How the hell are you supposed to run from a werewolf pack in loafers and a fucking lace corset?” He looked down at his jeans and t-shirt, then snorted to himself. “Bunch of posers.” He kept reading. “Well, I guess my jacket is black. That should count for something. At least enough to get me a beer. They really ought to have a point system.” He took a marker out of his backpack and wrote ‘HIGHLY INACCURATE’ across the dress code. “Like, loafers and a stupid hat get you free well drinks all night, or wearing a veil and carrying a damned lace umbrella inside at night gets you punched in the head.” He added these helpful suggestions at the bottom of the list, then stood back and admired his handiwork. He nodded to himself, satisfied, and ambled down the street, occasionally taking a drag on his cigarette to make sure it stayed lit.
He took a deep breath, and caught the scent of blood in the air. Fresh, and nearby. His fangs poked out a little and pricked his tongue. “Yeah, I could eat,” he said to no one. He started walking in the direction of the scent, pausing occasionally to sniff the air to orient himself. He ended up a few blocks away, staring down a dark alley. The smell was much stronger here. Too strong. He retracted his fangs and opened his eyes to the night, allowing his pupils to swell until his eyes were entirely black, and swore quietly.
In the alley were a young man and a young woman, hunched over another woman who was lying motionless in the alley. The young man had a shaved head, and the woman had all her blonde hair shaved off except for a strip down the middle that cascaded down her back. They were both dressed in black leather and tattoos and far too much makeup. At the sound of Sam swearing to himself, they jerked up, glaring at him with eyes that were completely black, their fangs fully extended and dripping blood. One of them hissed at him. Sam rolled his eyes at that, although since they remained black the entire time, the effect was somewhat lost.
He stepped into the alley far enough that a casual pedestrian wouldn’t have been able to see him and pitched his voice low. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Are you feeding in a damn alley?” The other two vampires looked at each other, then the guy tried hissing at Sam again. “Oh, you can knock that right the fuck off.” Sam flicked his cigarette at the guy and stalked over to them. He slapped the two in the back of the head. “Seriously. We have these rules for a reason. You don’t feed in alleys, you take them home and feed on them there, then patch them up so there’s no evidence, and you have a place to spend the day. For the love of blood, who’s teaching you?”
The man stood up first. “You have made a mistake this night, friend.” He took a swing at Sam. Sam responded by punching him in the chest so hard there was a cracking noise and he ended up slumped against the wall on the ground.
Sam cocked an eyebrow at his female companion. “You want to try that too?”
The woman stood up. She was taller than Sam when standing. She spoke in a deep, hushed voice, “Who are you, stranger, to question our ways so? Dost thou hail from a neighboring duchy?”
Sam groaned and rubbed his face with his hands. Without removing them, he mumbled, “Oh, for fucks sake. How old are you two?”
“27.” She gestured at her friend who was still groaning at the base of the wall. “I believe he is 29.”
Sam didn’t remove his hands, but rubbed his eyes. “No, you’re fucking not. How long since you were turned?”
“We were both fortunate enough to receive the blessing of the night less than a year ago. Now whilst thou answer my questions? Who are you? By what right do you interrupt our feeding?”
Sam threw up his hands and glared at them. “A year! A year? You shouldn’t be allowed to feed without a damn leash on yet.” He jabbed a finger at her. “You, stay right there while I clean up your mess.” He crouched down to inspect the woman on the ground.
She was pretty, brunette, her eyes were closed but they were blue when he thumbed them open. They responded to light, but her breathing was weak. Sam sighed. “You went too far. We don’t kill, we just take what we need. Now we’ve got two options. Either we just drink her all up-” the blonde woman perked up at that, but Sam snarled at her - “which is not the better option, because believe it or not, there’s still people out there looking for shit exactly like this to hunt us down, and I don’t feel like making another identity this century.” Sam took a deep breath. “Or we turn her, but that would mean she gets trained by whatever fuckwit has been teaching you two, so maybe it would be better to just let her die.”
The male vampire coughed on the ground, then raised his head. “You would not dare speak so in the presence of the Duke of New Orleans.” He spat some blood on the ground, and Sam noticed his chest was mostly healed.
“Shove it, Tweedledum.” Sam sucked on his fangs for a moment, considering. “Nope. No trail. No choice for it. Sorry, dollface.” He cut his arm with a fingernail, and held it up to the woman’s mouth. Once some blood hit her tongue, she started swallowing, and soon she had recovered enough strength to grab onto his arm and started drinking freely. After a minute, Sam pulled his arm away. “That’s enough for now. We need to get you somewhere safe.” He stood, the wound on his arm healed already, and lifted her up with an arm around his shoulder. “You good to walk, Tweedledum?” He jerked his head at the blonde. “Tweedledee? Can you help him out? Take me back to the Duke of New Orleans. He and I need to have words. His parenting skills suck.”
Tweedledee bowed her head. “If thou would deign to follow me, lord.”
“And that’s another thing, knock it off with the ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ bullshit or I’m going to pull your fangs out.”
She smiled and looked almost human for a second. “No problem. I hate the old english the Duke makes us speak.” Tweedledum had managed to stand at this point.
“What kind of weekend warrior cosplay bullshit is going on in this city? There’s nothing in the rules about stupid accents,” Sam muttered. He adjusted the woman leaning on him for support, and nodded. “Well, whatever. I’ll have it out with him later. Start walking. Let’s get back to your lair.”
Tweedledee led them out of the French Quarter and down Tchoupitoulas. Fortunately, the sight of three people helping a fourth walk home wasn’t an unusual sight in New Orleans, so it passed without comment. They kept walking for over a mile, until they came to a row of apartment buildings. Tweedledum punched in a door code, and took them to an elevator. It went straight to the top floor, and opened onto a short hallway, with a door at the other end that led to the penthouse.
The penthouse was a stellar example of every vampire cliche imaginable. There were heavy blackout curtains on every window, something Sam nodded at approvingly. But everything was richly appointed, full of overstuffed chairs and dark wood furniture, with oriental rugs in a definite skull and bones motif. There were fake cobwebs in the corners, and what looked like rubber bats hanging from the ceiling. There were stuffed animals in available space, and bookshelves lined one wall, filled with old leather tomes that lent the place the appropriate ambiance as long as you didn’t look too close and realize that many of them were copies of the World Book Encyclopedia painted black. There was a bar against one wall with crystal decanters that had their labels written on backwards, promising a delightful drink of Nig or Yeksihw, and there was an honest to god pipe organ against another wall. Down one hall there was an open door, from which the sounds of someone playing the violin badly could be heard.
Sam lowered the bloody brunette onto a couch. “Hey! Duke whatever-the-fuck! You’ve got company!” he yelled. He straightened up and lit another cigarette. He flicked some ash into the eye socket of one of the skulls on the rug.
The violin playing stopped, and a man emerged. He was short, and thin, wearing a tuxedo and - Sam muttered to himself, “For fucks sake,” - and actual red lined cape. He walked slowly to the foyer, holding his hands behind his back. He addressed Tweedledee and Tweedledum first. “Jane? Albert? You are well this eve?”
Albert bowed and held a hand to his chest. “My thanks to you, my lord, yes, we are well.”
Jane bowed as well. Her eyes flicked over to Sam, who shook his head slightly. “Yeah, we’re fine.”
The Duke of New Orleans frowned but said nothing. “And you brought a guest?” He turned to Sam. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure, sir.” He stuck out a hand.
Sam glared at his hand and puffed on his cigarette. “Sam.” He puffed on his cigarette some more. “What kind of chickenshit operation are you running around here, anyway?”
Jane’s eyes bulged out at this, and Albert curled his hands into fists and took a step forward. The Duke thrust an arm out without looking. “And who are you, sir, to question how I manage my demesne? My authority comes from Emperor Theodore the Fifth, lord of all vampires. Who are you to question him?”
Sam sighed and sat down next to the couch. “Shit. You’re still young too, aren’t you? What are you, maybe 50? 60?”
The Duke didn’t mistake his question. “It has been 62 years since I was entered into a blessed coven with the night. But I ask again, Sir, who are you to question me?”
“Hold on.” Sam started digging around in his backpack. “Hold on, I’ve got the ID here somewhere.” He kept rummaging around. “Ah! There it is.” He produced a small stack of cards, with red lettering on black. He passed one to the Duke, then after a moment’s thought tossed one to Jane and another to Albert. “King Samuel Francisco, lord of the Louisiana Territory. It’s an old title, but I’m pretty sure that makes you my subject.” Sam leaned forward on his knees and grinned. “You should probably start kissing my ass now.”
The Duke read the card over, then looked at Sam, then read it again. He flipped it over to see if anything was written on the back, then looked at Sam again. “Truly?” Sam nodded, still grinning. The Duke became even paler, and bowed deeply. “I apologize profusely for my earlier rudeness, my Lord Francisco. I am Duke Martin the Fourth, current lord of New Orleans. Albert!” he snapped out of the side of his mouth. “Fetch a virgin for our lord.” Albert nodded and started to move to the door.
Sam held up a hand. “No, thanks, I’m good. Full on virgin.” Albert returned and bowed, imitating the Duke.
Jane had watched this whole exchange with a bemused expression on her face. She raised her hand. Sam gestured for her to speak.
“Sorry, I’m...what are we supposed to do, here? You outrank Duke Martin? Do I need to kneel or something?”
Sam waved the question off. “You’re fine. Don’t worry about it. Where’s the old Duke? I think he’s probably the one I need to talk to.”
Martin straightened, followed shortly by Al. He frowned slightly. “My Lord? Has word not reached the vampire courts?”
“Ah...no. No it has not. Sorry, I’ve been travelling. It was a coincidence I ran into your...subjects.” Sam grimaced at the words. “What’s the good word around here?”
Martin folded his hands at his waist and looked down. “I...am sorry, my Lord. I assumed you were sent here to assist. The previous officeholder, Duke Nicholas, was killed two months ago. Human vampire hunters. Did you not know?”
"Duke Nicholas?" Sam frowned. "Like, 5'6"? Grey hair?"
"That is him, my lord Francisco. Were you acquainted?"
“Yeah. Dammit. No, I didn’t know. I knew Nick. Known him for centuries. How did he get hunted down? He was as careful as anybody. He could drink from someone and get them to think it was just a mosquito bite.”
Albert spoke, haltingly. “My Lord...my previous lord...Did enjoy taking in the Mardi Gras parades every year.”
Sam nodded. “Yeah, okay.”
“This year, there was a religious congregation marching. One of them, a woman, held up a Crucifix on a pole. Apparently she shouted ‘Praise Jesus.’ After that. Well, Duke Nicholas went into a frenzy. There were several casualties among the cattle.” Martin made a dismissive gesture. “He was able to return here and rest, but after that we never saw him again. He went wandering the streets. He declared ‘I will not take a chance of leading them back to you.’ He was killed a few days later. We read about it in the broadsheets. There could be no mistaking his image.”
“You mean the newspaper?” Albert nodded. Sam sighed. “Well, that would do it. Why he went to a festival like that...although, I guess it was just bad luck he ran into a true believer.”
“We have been avoiding all signs of the cross since the incident, my Lord.”
Sam shook his head. “Oh, you really don’t have to worry about the cross. It’s faith that’ll get you every time. Most people that have a cross around their necks, they don’t really believe. Nick had the bad luck to witness someone bringing forth their faith with pure intentions; there’s no vampire in the world that wouldn’t have to go lie down after something like that. And it’s not the cross, it’s just whatever people have faith in. An atheist could do the same thing holding a physics book shouting ‘Hail Newton!’.” Sam noticed his cigarette had gone out, and he lit another one. He rubbed his other hand through his hair. “And so since then, you’ve just been...carrying on?”
Martin smiled. “No, my lord. We are raising an army to take revenge. They will rue the day they moved against the vampire nation.”
Sam jerked his head up. “You’re what?”
Martin nodded. “Oh yes, my lord. Most of them are out feeding, but we’ve brought an additional 22 into the blessings of the night since Nicholas was so foully slain. Soon we will have great enough numbers to hunt down the humans, and show them the depth of their error.”
Sam’s jaw was down as he stared at Martin. “Twenty-two? Just in New Orleans? In the last month?” Martin beamed. “Are you insane?
Martin’s smile slipped. “I...I don’t understand, my Lord. I thought you would be pleased with our progress. With Nicholas slain, and no help forthcoming from the Vampire Courts, I claimed the mantle of leadership as the eldest.”
Sam was on his feet so quickly that everyone took a step back. He jabbed his cigarette at the three young vampires. “Okay, so you three, sit the fuck down. I’m going to have to explain some things to you. But first, I need to call Ted.” They stared at him blankly while Sam fished out a cell phone. “Sorry, Emperor Theodore. But really, Ted. Sit,” he barked. They took positions in the chairs around the room, looking at each other nervously. Sam dialed and held the phone up. It only rang once.
“Hey Ted? Yeah, sorry, look, shove it, this is important. I’m in New Orleans. Did you know Nick was dead? Yeah, me neither. Nope. Couple months ago. Got caught by a true believer at random, went on a rampage. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I said. Yeah, hold on,” Sam leaned the phone away from his mouth and jerked his head at Martin. “How did you send word that Nick was dead, anyway?”
“I used the carrier pigeons on the roof, my Lord.”
Sam stared at him, then went back to the phone. “Did you catch that? I don’t know, Nick always liked birds, maybe he was keeping some. Well, I guess, what else are you supposed to tell a bunch of new vampires, ‘I fought in the crusades and literally waded through rivers of blood, but I also like raising doves’? That would fuck up the whole...whatdayacallit, ambiance I guess he was going for here. Still. Dammit.” Sam lowered the phone. “For future reference, we don’t use fucking birds, we have phones.” Sam went back to the phone. “So the senior here, Martin, he decided that left him in charge, which, honestly, he’s not totally wrong, and he decided to start raising an army to get revenge on the hunters.” He held the phone back, as everyone in the room could hear the yelling quite clearly. “Hey, hey, Ted, you can be pissed off later. We need to get a handle on this yesterday.” The voice on the other end was calmer now, and Sam put the phone back to his ear. “Last count puts them at…” Sam noticed the woman on the couch. “I guess they’re at 23 new ones already?” Sam jerked the phone away from his ear again and rolled his eyes, waiting. “I know Ted. Look, it was bad luck, but we need a bunch of people down here to take charge of things.” Sam listened for a while. “What? No, fuck that. I put in my time back in the fifteen hundreds. I’ll babysit until the replacement shows up, but no way am I taking over the city permanently. You’ve got a year or two until I bounce, and that’s being generous.” Sam nodded a few times. “Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah, that would work.”
Sam glanced at Martin. “What about Martin?” Sam listened for a minute, and started pacing. The three younger vampires could hear angry yelling on the other end. “Okay, but-” he went quiet for another minute and paced back and forth, gesturing with his cigarette. “Look, Ted, he fucked up, but come on, he didn’t know. Also, you need to get back out into the world, because there’s no way I’m finding a bunch of angry horses this time of night. Uh huh. Yeah. I mean, I guess I could use cars instead but it kind of ruins the look of the thing, right? You don’t hear about people being drawn and Chryslered. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue the same way. Look, tell you what, let me handle this, okay? I’ll make sure he doesn’t forget. I promise. Yeah. No, not like Sao Paulo. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I’ll get a handle on this, let me know when the response teams are on the way.” Sam hung up and put the phone back in his pocket. “Well.”
Sam stared off into space for a moment, then went to his backpack. He pulled out a small pouch that clinked. He shoved it under the new vampires pillow and said “Accipe mercedem pro dente inisse me dolor meus, et gratias agens ad suscipiendos.” quietly. He turned to face the other three.
“Okay, so I’m going to have to level with you guys. You should probably sit down.”
The three looked at each other. “We...already are, sitting down?” said Jane questioningly.
“Yeah, I know, it’s just...you know, something to say. Like ‘you should brace yourself.’”
Jane raised her hand again. “So, do you want us to brace ourselves? I’m sorry, I’m confused.”
Sam shook his head. “Forget it. Look, the whole ‘vampire nation’ thing isn’t really a...thing. It’s just something we tell the newbies. We’ve got an organization, obviously, but there’s no court. Ted is just filling in as ‘Emperor Theodore’ because it’s his turn. No ancient lineage, his number just came up. Couple of years we’ll have another drawing and there we’ll feed all the newbies some bullshit about ‘ancient rites of ascension’.” Sam waved around his cigarette. “I imagine you have questions.”
Albert put his hand up. “So, was Duke Nicholas not actually a duke?”
Sam shook his head. “Nope. He just liked this city. He was responsible for finding new blood, pardon the pun. The way it’s supposed to work is they turn you, spend the next century training you and making sure you know the ropes and watching to see if you get yourself killed, and if you survive that, then send you off to work for the next hundred years making money, then you get to do whatever you want, because you just spend a century making money and we have very good accountants.” Sam jerked a thumb at himself. “Me? I’ve got a couple billion in the bank right now. It’s a nice life if you can make it that far.”
Jane shook her head. “I don’t understand. Why is this so complicated? Why did he have to lie to us about everything?”
Sam held up a hand and started ticking off points. “Well, first of all, it’s a hell of a lot easier to get people who’ve just been turned to fall in line if they think there’s an empire out there that’ll come gunning for them if they put a foot wrong. Second of all, the first century is the hardest to get through. If you can’t stay hidden for that long, no way you’re making it to a thousand anyway, so might as well just let you believe the lie. Third, if you do blab our secrets to the humans, no harm no foul, because it’s mostly bullshit. That’s why all the novels and movies have some super complicated vampire society at the heart. Dumbasses got chatty, but no big deal, because it just made it easier to hide.” Sam stared at his hand, with a finger and thumb still extended. “Huh. I don’t have a fourth or fifth point.” He put his hand down.
“The whole point of this is to stay hidden. That’s why we don’t eat people in alleys, we don’t go raising armies, you don’t use your whammy on people in public if you can possibly avoid it, and we sure as shit don’t take revenge on hunters. There’s a couple hunters out there all the time because fresh meat like yourself has a tendency to fuck up, but it’s not a big deal. If you get caught by hunters, you probably would have sooner or later anyway. That way they get to go brag to their friends about how they took out the scourge of San Francisco or whatever, someone who probably would have given us away at some point gets staked before they can give away any of the real good secrets, and the rest of us just go about our day without having to care.”
The three vampires were staring at Sam with varying degrees of shock. He sighed and spread his arms out. “Look, as long as you can keep your head down, you’ve got a pretty good shot at eternity. The most important thing to those of us who’ve lived this long?” He jerked his thumb at his chest. “It’s that we get to stay living even longer. Every couple centuries some jackass shows up and pulls a Dracula, then they get killed, and then the rest of us have to spend the next fifty years keeping our heads down and pretending that we just like really rare steak. It sucks, so we don’t do that. We stay hidden. We stay safe. We stay happy. And you three are putting that in serious jeopardy with your little war. If you can think of a better way to get the humans really interested in us, I’d like to hear it.” He stood there with his hands on his hips.
Jane raised her hand again. “Um. You mentioned a whammy? What’s that?”
Sam flicked his eyes to black. “You know, you do your eyes like this and compel someone to do something for you.”
Martin cleared his throat. “I believe Lord Francisco is referring to the ancient and mysterious art of mesmerism.” He sounded like a man who had just found out that, yes, Santa Claus is real, but he hates you.
Sam waved his hand. “Yeah. That. You can drop the lingo, by the way, in case you haven’t figured it out, things are going to be very different around here for a while.”
Al raised his hand. “So, I don’t have to wear black all the time?”
Sam shook his head. “Nope. Emperor Ted likes hawaiian shirts. I don’t get it, but yeah man, you do you.”
Al grinned. “Bitchin’, dude! I’ve got a ton of my old surf gear, been wishing for a reason to try it on.”
Martin groaned and massaged his temples. “This is the worst night of my life. Unlife. Whatever.” His normal voice was quite a bit higher.
Sam rubbed his hands together. “Yeah, about that. Your night isn’t quite over. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, I talked Ted down a long way. You’ll be fine, just going to be eating through a straw for a few weeks.” Martin jerked his head up, but Sam held out his hands. “No no, look, I’m not going to beat you up or anything. Just...look, it’s going to be fine, okay? Call it a lesson in foolish independence.” There was a knock at the door. “Jane, be a dear and get that, would you?”
Jane opened the door to reveal a short, red-haired woman in a blue ball gown and tiara, holding a carpetbag in one hand and a wand in the other. “I believe I was summoned?”
“Yeah, over here,” Sam called. “Got a patient for you.”
She glided over to the woman on the couch, and knelt down. She waved her wand over the woman’s face and frowned. “There must be a mistake, I see nothing wrong with her teeth. There seems to be something strange going on around her canines, but certainly nothing that would require an extraction.”
“About that.” Sam took her by the elbow and helped her stand, then turned her around to face Martin. “Slight wrinkle in the plan, we’re going to have to swap out patients.”
She frowned deeper at that. “I’m not authorized for something like that, Sir. I’m sorry.”
“Hey, look, the ritual was observed, you’ll still get paid. A lot more than you’ve made in the past few years, I’ll bet, since the humans started getting the whole thing backward.”
“It’s not about the money, sir. It’s about professional standards. We can only perform services for the person with payment under their pillow. I assumed that since you summoned me, you knew the restrictions of the ritual.”
“Okay, well, what about the fame? I’ll bet none of your friends ever pulled a tooth out of a vampire before.”
Her eyes widened, then she looked at Sam, and back at Martin, and took in the room she was standing in. Her cheeks flushed and she breathed a little deeper. “Oh. Well. That does put a different spin on things.” She smiled slightly, then put down her bag and took out a pair of pliers that were the same color as her dress and sparkled with fairy dust. “What exactly do you need?”
Sam walked her out with a hand on her elbow. “Thanks, I really appreciate it. I know this wasn’t your usual job, but you did us a big favor, believe it or not.”
The tooth fairy was flushed and excited, bouncing up and down. “Wait until they hear I actually took a vampires fangs!” She smiled up at Sam. “Let me know if you ever need help again!” She batted her eyes at him.
Sam leaned against the doorframe. “Well, I wouldn’t mind discussing how we could help each other out. Over drinks? I know this drag bar, they’d love your outfit.”
She looked pointedly at his cigarette. “Those do terrible things to your teeth, you know.”
Sam flicked it away. “No biggie. I don’t smoke them, I just think they look cool.”
She tilted her head and smiled. “Well, you’re not wrong. Where’s this bar?”
Sam gave her the address and agreed to meet her there the next evening. He closed the door and turned back around. Jane was staring at Martin, now fangless, in horror. She looked back at Sam. Her eyes were wide with shock and she had to work her jaw back and forth before she could speak. “A tooth fairy?” She looked like she was about to cry from the absurdity of it.
“Well, used to be before dentistry was invented, you got a bad tooth, you had a bad tooth for the rest of your life. Oh, the kings had someone yank it out, but the common people were SOL. But it wasn’t that bad, because you would say some latin and put some money under your pillow, a tooth fairy would yank it out while you slept, and in the morning you’d be better than ever. Don’t know why everyone gets it backwards nowadays.” Sam jerked a bit and walked over to his bag. “Oh! I almost forgot.” He rummaged until he found what he was looking for, then shoved a couple of curly straws into Martin’s hands. “There. Like I said, eating through a straw. Jam those in the sockets until your fangs grow back. Should start coming back in a couple of weeks.” Sam slapped him on his back, then stood up and folded his arms.
“Now, since I’m the new acting duke of New Orleans, you’re going to fill me in on all these new vampires you’ve made that I am now responsible for, and then we’re going to hunt them down and let them know what’s up.”
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2020.09.13 08:29 HoldHerHand_4EVR Hacking recovery; spending your best times together

A recent exchange about my insistence that a couple should spend the majority of their recreational time together inspired me to give the full "skinny" on why I support the idea. As usual, this is sourced from the exact program that saved my marriage:

One of the most controversial positions I take regarding marriage is that a husband and wife should be together for their favorite recreational activities. Whatever it is they enjoy doing the most, they either do with each other, or they don't do it at all.
Some feel that I am out to destroy marriage with that suggestion, not save it. After all, how can a husband and wife survive each other in life unless they are able to get away once in a while to have some fun.
"You are meddling, Dr. Harley! I need something to look forward to, and _______ is absolutely essential to my survival," is the response I often hear from spouses when first introduced to the idea. "There are some things a man and woman simply cannot enjoy together, and yet are essential to their happiness."
But my advice is not based on ivory tower speculation. It's based on years of observation. Couples who spend their most enjoyable time together tend to have great marriages, and those who do not, tend to divorce. Furthermore, I have witnessed hundreds of couples who have given up activities that only one enjoyed for activities that they both enjoyed. None went crazy, and almost all of them were very happy that they made the change.
My goal is saving marriages, and I achieve that goal by helping a husband and wife fall in love with each other. They fall in love by being with each other when they are the happiest (depositing love units), and avoiding unpleasant experiences (withdrawing love units) when they are together. Since the purpose of recreational activities is to create enjoyment, it makes sense for a husband and wife to spend their recreational time together. It's one of the easiest ways to deposit love units.
And yet, almost every day I am asked to explain again why it's so important for couples to spend their most enjoyable recreational time with each other. The following letter provides me an opportunity to defend my position from a somewhat different perspective. If my answer persuades you to follow my controversial advice, it may save your marriage.
Together when you are happiest
I'll leave reading of the remainder of the article to readers.
It really isn't based off of "Ivory tower speculation." This concept is actually backed fairly well in relationship studies and psychology.

TED: Jenna Mcarthy: What You Don't Know About Marriage
In Jenna's talk, it is mentioned that couples that go to see horror movies are happier than couples that attend romantic comedies.
Why is that?
It is a psychological phenomenon known as "misattribution of arousal."
The Misconception: You always know why you feel the way you feel.
The Truth: You can experience emotional states without knowing why, even if you believe you can pinpoint the source.
The bridge is still in British Columbia, still long and scary, still sagging across the Capilano Canyon daring people to traverse it.
If you were to place the Statue of Liberty underneath the bridge, base and all, it would lightly drape across her copper shoulders. It is about as wide as a park bench for its entire suspended length, and when you try to cross, feeling it sway and rock in the wind, hearing it creak and buckle, it is difficult to take your eyes off of the rocks and roaring water two-hundred and thirty feet below – far enough for you feel in your stomach the distance between you and a messy, crumpled death. Not everyone makes it across.
In 1974, psychologists Art Aron and Donald Dutton hired a woman to stand in the middle of this suspension bridge. As men passed her on their way across, she asked them if they would be willing to fill out a questionnaire. At the end of the questions, she asked them to examine an illustration of a lady covering her face and then make up a back story to explain it. She then told each man she would be more than happy to discuss the study further if he wanted to call her that night, and tore off a portion of the paper, wrote down her number, and handed it over.
The scientists knew the fear in the men’s bellies would be impossible to ignore, and they wanted to know how a brain soaking in anxiety juices would make sense of what just happened. To do this, they needed another bridge to serve as a control, one which wouldn’t produce terror, so they had their assistant go through the same routine on a wide, sturdy, wooden bridge standing fixed just a few feet off of the ground.
After running the experiment at both locations, they compared the results and found 50 percent of the men who got them digits on the dangerous suspension bridge picked up a phone and called looking for the lady of the canyon. Of the men questioned on the secure bridge, the percentage who came calling dropped to 12.5. That wasn’t the only significant difference. When they compared the stories the subjects made up about the illustration, they found the men on the scary bridge were almost twice as likely to come up with sexually suggestive narratives.
What was going on here? One bridge made men flirty and eager to follow up with female interviewers, and one did not. To make sense of it, you must understand something psychologists call arousal and how easy it is to falsely identify its source. Mistaken emotional origins can save relationships, create amorous mirages and lead you into behaviors and attitudes both sublime and hypocritical.
You Are Not So Smart: Misattribution of Arousal

Again, I'll leave readers to finish the article on their own.
The takeaway is this; if you value having a romantic, fulfilling marriage, it is paramount that you load it down with shared, exciting experiences so that your mind and body project that excitement onto your spouse.
Marriage studies have also backed that couples who engage in frequent, shared, exciting experiences report more passion and higher relationship satisfaction than those who share more mundane mutual activities.
So, while skydiving without your spouse may seem like a good idea - and something to cross off your bucket list - it will really boil down to a missed opportunity to strengthen the most important relationship in your life.
If it isn't the most important relationship in your life, what are you even doing here?
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2020.09.13 05:30 TheMissingRemote Game IX.A 2020: Nicktoons vs Disney - Wrap Up

The Concept

This game originally started because Roxy and Bubba wanted to throw another game with a Disney theme! We considered several iterations including general Disney (which seemed too broad), Disney Princesses vs Disney Animal Kingdom, The Jungle Book, and more. Three came onboard and we were brainstorming, which ended up broadening the theme even further rather than narrowing it. We decided we wanted our game to invoke general nostalgia and be unique! Thus NickToons vs Disney: The Childhood Takedown was born. Trying our best to narrow it a little bit, we limited ourselves to cartoons only. We took inspiration from The Dark Tower game, where the good and evil sides were the opposite from what most people assumed, and decided we wanted to make it so that no one would know upon reading the rules which side was the good / town roles and which side was the bad / wolf roles. Eventually we ended up with the idea of two equal teams, which made balance a breeze, something that is usually a complicated exercise. Each side had both traditional town roles and traditional wolf roles, battling it out to see who would be the last team standing.

Flavor and CSS

At some point Roxy got the idea of rewriting The Ultimate Showdown by Lemon Demon and ran with it. When we ran out of Ultimate Showdown the next phase was our first big event, so Roxy decided to do a full song between each event. Mambo #5 was chosen solely because it has lots of names and so was easy to fit characters into. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies was chosen solely because Roxy was in a mood that day. You all seemed to really enjoy the flavor, and we appreciate the love!
As far as flair and banners go, Roxy made the flairs as well as the banner used in each team’s private subs, and Puff made the banner used in the main sub. Bubba chose the colors for the main sub. She also tweaked the backgrounds and put everything together for the private subs. It was truly a team effort and we hope it helped with the overall vibe of the game.

The Mechanics

We assigned every single role on our list once on each side, with each side getting 2 extra Stars of the Show. We knew we wanted an even number of players to assure no advantages, so Bubba and Roxy convinced BillBrasky (Roxy’s husband) to come out of retirement “if we need you to play” without telling him why. As we had one other person drop during confirmations, we did not include him in the final roster, giving us 30 players and decreasing the Stars of the Show on each side by one. We took a small subset of roles from each side and gave them a private sub, and eliminated ways for players to “math the game” by revealing different information depending on how the players died. As part of the fun of this unique idea we gave each Star of the Show a one time use item (glitter bombs for Disney and slime rockets for NickToons), with everyone else having a role which either gave them extra knowledge (The Bonded Ones), a passive action (The Vain Ones), or a required daily action. There were no secret roles, and the “other” section on the action form was 100% just to mess with people’s heads.
As we had multiple mechanics that killed people in this game including daily night kill roles on both teams, we knew it could go pretty fast. To attempt to counteract that, we gave the killing roles a chance of failure. On night one they both had 100% accuracy. Every time they made a successful kill, the likelihood their next kill would successfully go through would decrease to 10%. Every time they failed to make a kill for any reason (RNG, a role block, an inactivity strike, or using an item instead of their original action) the likelihood their next kill would successfully go through would increase by 10%. If their kill failed due to RNG, we decided that the kill target would instead be GIF silenced. As Stars of the Show started with single use items we gave their items a 100% success rate, and decided that if they were blocked their item would not be used up (as the description of the role blocker was to make someone forget to use their action). When a magical one died, their action could go to someone else in their private sub, but would not pass on if everyone in the sub died. The person who took over the action would have to then choose each phase if they were submitting their original action or their inherited action, but could not submit for both. The chances of success for their inherited action would only increase by 5% each phase rather than by 10%.

Our Order of Operations was as follows:

  1. Event Results
  2. Inactivity Strikes and Removal
  3. The Friendly Ones
  4. The Chaotic Ones (had a 5% chance of eating their own vote in addition to their target’s, which never happened for either of them)
  5. Firing via Pink Slip
  6. The Needy Ones (saw anything that happened after them in the order of operations and had a 10% chance of being seen by the person they followed)
  7. The Sneaky Ones (could redirect anyone whose action falls after them in the order of operations)
  8. Scooby Snacks (more on this below)
  9. The Little Ones (saw anything that happened after them in the order of operations)
  10. The Chill Ones (could block anyone whose action falls after them in the order of operations)
  11. The Wise Ones (saw the name of the role, i.e. An Adjective One or A Star of the Show)
  12. The Magnifying Glass (more on this below)
  13. The Protective Ones (could protect their target from getting hit by any action that falls after them in the order of operations)
  14. The Mystery Machine (more on this below)
  15. The Big Ones (could protect their target from getting hit by any action that falls after them in the order of operations)
  16. The Magical Ones
  17. Slime Rockets and Glitter Bombs
  18. The Vain Ones (dodged successful glitter or slime only)
  19. The Bonded Ones (died if their partner died earlier in the order of operations)


We decided we wanted to include events that would coincide with regular phases. Events were scheduled to occur on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Our idea was to use the events to slow down or speed up deaths in an attempt to moderate the speed of the game, but due to a combination of starting with slightly less players than we originally expected, RNG, some well used items, inactivity removals, and a victory by a wider margin than we had pictured, the game went faster than intended anyways. Below are the events we had and the ones we had plans for that did not make the cut due to the game coming to its natural conclusion.

Reading Rainbow

The concept: We just really wanted to read cool stories in our confirmations, okay? Thank you for the entertainment! These can be seen in the master sheet, linked down below.

Scooby Doo

The concept: Win an item to “unmask” the affiliation of another player!
This event was spearheaded by our shadow, Team-Hufflepuff. Puff did an absolutely excellent job at creating a logic puzzle hard enough that not everyone who attempted it got it correct but easy enough that it was doable for several people within one phase. For the players in the private sub we allowed them to work together, but only allowed them to nominate one person in their sub to submit for a prize. Each prize was a single use item. The prizes were awarded as follows:

Bill Nye

The concept: Make an experiment for the science fair and win an item!
We received four submissions for this event, including one that was submitted by a ghost! Our definitive ranking of submissions was as follows:
The items that they would have received had the game not ended last phase were:

Looney Toons

The concept: Taz blows through and resets the order of operation to either speed up or slow down deaths!
This would have been a passive event.

Inspector Gadget

The concept: Win some Go Go Gadgets!
We had not decided on the final set of items or the task to be completed, as we had wanted to wait to see how things were going before deciding if they would speed things up or slow them down.

Mr. Rogers

The concept: A nice friendly puzzle challenge to determine who was the victor in the event of there only being one player from each team left alive!
We had not decided on the final puzzle to be completed at the natural completion of the game.

The Master Sheet

Our Master Spreadsheet with the complete roles list, action and voting history, ToonMail AKA confessionals, confirmation stories, and PMs can now be viewed by anyone who wants to see them.


Our superlatives go to…


Roxy’s Thoughts

I have so enjoyed hosting this game! I am so grateful to my lovely co-hosts and shadows, to everyone who played, and to my poor husband for listening to The Ultimate Showdown, Mambo #5, and I Write Sins Not Tragedies on repeat and not getting upset when I came to bed late because I was obsessively watching the beginning of each new phase unfold.
If I could do this over, I would start with a true event only phase to jumpstart everything and get people moving. I think this game was overall wonderful but suffered from people being afraid of being the one to get the ball rolling. I also don’t think the game’s timing helped (with school starting back for many people this month, teachers and students alike, and everyone adjusting to a new normal along with having a holiday weekend smack in the middle of prime time). While the low comment counts made it an easy game to follow, it also made it difficult for players to get a read on each other (particularly those outside of the private subs). I would absolutely not want to grade it, but I might even consider instituting a comment requirement where each person had to meet a quota of game related comments in the main sub each phase. What I am saying is, I was rooting for #ChaosTuesday! I was a little bit (read: very) sad that it didn’t come through with as much chaos as I had hoped and instead turned into everyone starting at each other waiting for the other side to blink first. I hope that despite the pitfalls of low main sub (and in some cases even private sub) activity everyone still enjoyed the game overall!
Thank you for participating and I look forward to hosting again sometime in the future! I have some fun ideas...

Bubba’s Thoughts

I have had a blast hosting and really loved stirring up the game. It had apparently been long enough since we had a game with no traditional wolf team that it took people a while to notice it. I'm overall pleased with how it went, although more activity would have been good. Having the mirrored teams and revealing different info depending on how people died were probably my favorite twists. Three and I had at one point discussed Looney Tunes vs Disney, and I wish the game would have lasted long enough to do the Taz event. I'm guessing my cohosts have learned how diabolical I can be, as I was always a proponent of the most confusing and chaotic ways of doing things. This was the first game where I got to watch a cohost roll actual dice for RNG!

Three’s Thoughts

For those of you who thought that there was too much Chaos, thank Roxy because she really had Bubba and I reigned in from doing anything too crazy. If you enjoyed the crazy watch out for me and Bubba in the future.
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2020.09.12 23:13 Realistic-Ad2390 TEAM JACOB - AND IS LEAH STILL SINGLE?

Alright you guys. I need you to back off my main man Jacob. In this essay I will….. just kidding. But seriously, I am about to rant. Like psycho rant-rant. Proceed with caution. (also I’m aware that none of this makes sense I’m a little day drunk typing it).
Let me preface this that I am fully (and obviously) team Jacob. I think Edward is a whiny, controlling, abusive, LITTLE B**CH. But, I also despise Bella so I believe that E+B deserve each other in their weird twisted world where relationships revolve around obsession and masochism (seriously who wants to snuggle with a frozen statue?!). I have also read and re-read the series countless times (maybe I’m the obsessive masochistic one??? Will dive deeper into this later……..). ****Also I do not acknowledge Renesmees existence but I appreciate BD solely for the Jacob chapters. ************ALSO everyone go read “Being Jacob Black” on Stephenie Morman Meyers website right now.
If anything I have said so far has offended you, I’m going to insist you stop reading now, lol.
#1 JACOB WAS THERE FOR BELLA. He was sincere and kind from the jump. He took an interest in her, made her laugh, NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT MURDERING HER, and quite literally helped her out of a catatonic depression just by being his sweet easy self. I could end my diatribe right here. The way Bella describes hanging out with Jacob “insert quote about him being the sun” compared to Edward “insert quote about him murdering her, controlling her, disregarding her opinions because she apparently can’t think for herself here”. Good ol stalker boy Eddie barely talked to Bella before Alice saw him falling in love with her and then boom. They in love. Jacob actually blossomed a friendship with Bella. Sure it started with an initial attraction, but lets be real folks, that’s how a lot of friendships start.
#2 BELLA SUCKS. She knew Jacob was interested and she strung him along for her own selfish needs. She says it over and over and over and over and over and over and omg I hated New Moon because it was too much Bella whining but I also loved New Moon because of Jacob. She knew what she was doing and she kept doing it. So don’t call my man a “nice guy” when it was fu**ing Bella who openly held his hand, snuggled up with him on the beach, LED HIM ON IN EVERY WAY. AND EVEN THEN – Jacob didn’t “expect” a relationship like y’all like to accuse him of. He knew he was fighting an uphill battle the entire time. But he was respectful and patient with her all through New Moon.
#3 OKAY, ECLIPSE GETS A LITTLE DICEY. So I know, he kissed Bella without consent, blah blah blah. He faked his whole “suicide attempt” to get a little smoochy smoochy. First of all, remember that the kid is 16 years old (in a 25 year olds body…. Hachi machi break me off a piece of THAT KIT KAT BAR). He didn’t rape anyone behind a dumpster (looking at you BROCK TURNER). No, he kissed a girl he had been hanging out with for months, who gave him all the right body language and signals, seemed to glow in his presence. Yes, you are right, she didn’t verbally consent. But he’s a 16 year old boy trying to convince this DUMB IDIOT that he’s in love with her (you’re too good for her Jacob!!!). So no, I don’t think that kiss was as problematic as yall holier than thou Team Edwards say. As for the “suicide” attempt…. Ok Jacob that’s pretty fucked up. I’ll give you guys that one. BUT I will remind you, he did that in reaction to EDDIE’S MANIPULATIVE BULL SHIT ABOUT TALKING ABOUT HIS TOP 10 NIGHTS WITH BELLA FULLY AWARE JAKE WAS LISTENING. FUCK YOU ED. FUCK YOU.
#4 BREAKING DAWN SHOULDN’T EXIST. I hate everything about Breaking Dawn, except for the sex and the Jacob chapters. Also I needed way more sex, but I guess that’s how 50 shades of grey was born (never read it, couldn’t stomach ANASTASIA for more than 10 pages, barf; barf everywhere). HOWEVER, Breaking Dawn proves that Jacob wasn’t “EXPECTING” a relationship. For god’s sake, Bella was married and pregnant and Jacob PROTECTED HER AND HER WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY. JACOB IS GOOD PEOPLE. And hater’s will say it’s because of she-who-shall-not-be-named, but I do not acknowledge your argument and I will not comment. ****HOWEVER HOWEVER, I saw a hilarious tiktok about how if she-who-shall-not-be-named was truly the pull between Bella and Jacob, shouldn’t there have been an equal pull between Jacob and Edward??? I wish I remembered the tiktoker so I could credit, but I am simply, too drunk.
Please guide me to Edward + Jacob fanfic because i need that kind of gay in my life.
Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
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2020.09.12 16:57 DLWhoHurtHisBalls TrueAnon Library

I'm sure we are all familiar with the semi-weekly threads looking for recommendations of books on "X" TrueAnon-related topic. I decided go scrounging through all of the past threads to compile a list of non-fiction titles that have been explicitly referenced on the show or have been recommended by users of this subreddit. My hope is that we can direct newly interested people to this list to help guide them in their research. I've broken the list into sections based on subject and listed books in the section relevant to their primary subject. Basically half the books on this list touch on the CIA somehow but it would not be particularly useful to list them all under that heading. I've done my best to categorize books based on the title, description, and the thread in which the book was recommended but I'm sure I've made mistakes. Please let me know if you think a book should be re-categorized or needs different subjects. This list is far from complete and I would love to expand it further. I am planning to go back through the podcast starting from the first episode in order to ensure we don't miss any recommended/referenced titles but if you know of a title that I've missed or the episode in which a title is referenced, let me know. Most importantly, let me know if I have included a title that is demonstrably false or contains significant amounts of disinformation; I haven't been able to read every single title so I also have not been able to vet every title. Do not let me know if you think I should remove a title from the list because the author subscribes to a particular political tendency that you disagree with.
Remember to always read critically and double check sources, ESPECIALLY for information you find compelling or convincing!
Citation Format:
Nazis, prewar and postwar / "The Spider Network" / Fascist Internationale
GLADIO / The Years of Lead / Post-war Italy
The Kennedy Assassinations
US Elites / American Crime
American Empire / US Intelligence Services (not CIA specific)
Finance / Economics / Money Networks
Political Theory / Critique
General Histories
Silicon Valley / Technology / Cyber Warfare
The Occult / Magick
Healthcare / Medical History
Fiction (recommended on the podcast)
Right Wing / Reactionary Thought
CAVEAT: The inclusion of these titles on this list should not, in any way, be construed as an endorsement of their content or ideas. Rather, they have been included with the premise that it is important to understand, or at least be able to recognize, right wing and reactionary ideas in order to better combat them.
Some important advice from the comment below where many of these titles were suggested:
"It helps to understand what the right believes and how they got there, but definitely be cautious with their books. Have someone to talk about it with so you can avoid getting sucked in."
I am sure that any user on this subreddit would be more than happy to talk with you about why the authors listed below are full of shit and complete psychos.
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2020.09.12 15:36 tehMadhero The 2020/21 Eredivisie Preview [Part 2/2]

Hey, welcome back. Glad you went to the next part, or if this for some reason is the first part you're reading,you can find that here. In there, we discussed the potential title contenders in Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord, but we also talked about the return of Arjen Robben as well as the other clubs up north. We're now just a couple of hours away from the first Eredivisie game in more than six months. Now its time for another potential champion to be discussed, as well as what other Eredivisie clubs will bring this season. With that in mind, let's get started.

PEC Zwolle

Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
15 26 7 5 14 37 55 -18 26
PEC Zwolle feels like a weird basket case of a club that’s been trying to grow into a solid contender for the European spots but has for the 2nd season in a row teetered on the relegation side of the table. After doing away with Van t’ Schip and Stam going to Feyenoord, they plucked John Stegeman from their local rivals Go Ahead Eagles, and while he delivered good work at both clubs, it hasn’t really worked out yet in Zwolle. A special shoutout has to be given to striker Reza Ghoochannejhad, who became the first player in Eredivisie history to score 4 goals as a substitute.
u/Luciusaseneca: Last season was absolutely horrible, we were clueless. There was no idea in attack. As a cherry on top, our manager hit a tree while driving drunk, which really represented our season.
PEC Zwolle celebrated its 110th anniversary this June, and its main present was...a natural grass pitch to replace its artificial turf. The Blauwvingers have so far not been too active in the transfer market, whilst having let go of the likes of Gustavo Hamer (Coventry), Lennart Thy (Sparta) and Vito van Crooij (VVV Venlo). PEC remains an ambitious team that wants to secure a spot in Europe, but based on the squad they have as well as their previous season, it's hard to see that ambition as something realistic.
u/Luciusaseneca: The fear is that we will defend in games we should be attacking. At home we changed our field to natural grass, which is good, but will cost us points.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Slobodan Tedic Loan Manchester City PEC Zwolle Free
Rico Strieder Permanent FC Utrecht PEC Zwolle Free
Gustavo Hamer Permanent PEC Zwolle Coventry City 1,500,000
Lennart Thy Permanent PEC Zwolle Sparta Rotterdam Free
Clement - Tedic - Leemans
Strieder+ - Lam - Drost
Paal - Kersten - Van Polen - Van Wermerskerken
+= currently out injured
Slobodan Tedic - One of the thousands of talented players part of the City Football Group. The tall Serbian striker will likely be Zwolle’s main source for goals, having shown his quality in the Serbian league.
u/Luciusaseneca: Tedic, a striker we will rent from Man City. I whink he can do well for us
Besides that, I think our right back, Sai Van Wermerskerken, will have a good season with a lot of assists. Especially when Tedic will prove himself.
u/Luciusaseneca: We have some players that won the cup against Ajax 6 years ago. They are likeable, and maybe will show some of the brilliance they once had.


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
4 26 14 7 5 54 28 26 49
Hoo boy. PSV’s season. What an absolute mess. After the promising debut season under Mark van Bommel, all was set to improve the squad and continue challenging for the title. Getting knocked out of UCL qualifiers by Basel was disappointing, but they did reach the Europa League and could potentially go far there. Things started promising, especially with Donyell Malen blossoming and scoring 5 goals in one game. Then all hell broke loose: Malen was out for the whole season, the quality of play nosedived, expensive signings contributed nothing, they got knocked out in the group stage of the Europa League after a very good start, a big kerfuffle surrounding the goalkeepers, and massive tension in the group ultimately led to Mark van Bommel getting sacked. Ernst Faber tried to salvage as much as possible, and while performances improved slightly, it was clear this PSV was in need of some big changes.
u/TheDutchTank: Last season was obviously a disaster on all fronts. Players that were in form got injured, we never got a single left back, and Van Bommel was too stubborn to try anything new to switch it up. Every single buy we did last year, most prominently Bruma (15M), Baumgartl (10M) and Doan (6.5M), was disappointing. After Van Bommel was fired, things started looking slightly better, but the competition was stopped quite soon after. In theory we had a decent squad last year, a bit top heavy, and lacking a left back, but we still ended up doing much worse than we'd hoped.
That big change has come, in the form of German manager Roger Schmidt. The former Salzburg manager is best known here for his complete demolition of Ajax back in 2014. Bringing that style of play to PSV is an idea that shakes me to my very core as an Ajax fan. PSV initially hadn’t done much in the transfer market, but the acquisition of goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo and left back Philipp Max have put an end to that. It's clear that Schmidt has great ambitions and the goal will very much be to challenge for the title. One of Schmidt’s challenges will include making signings like Guti and Bruma function as well as continuing some of PSV’s very exciting youth players. Its going to be interesting if this reboot is successful, but things can only go up after last season
u/TheDutchTank: I'm actually quite excited for the new season. We have a top coach in Roger Schmidt, and for the first time since I've been watching PSV, we're trying to play without 4-3-3 for a prolonged time. I'm excited to see the new system under Schmidt, but there's still one or two players missing. The ones we did get, Mvogo and Max, seem like two good gets. We're still looking for a new midfielder and defender, but Rosario and Teze have been two of the best players in our pre season. We have a lot of players who need to step up and make a next step this year. Bruma and Baumgartl are obvious once for the price tag and expectations they had, but if Gakpo, Ihattaren and Malen deliver on their promises it will be a really fun and exciting season.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Yvon Mvogo Loan RB Leipzig PSV Free
Philipp Max Permanent Augsburg PSV 8,000,000
Jeroen Zoet Permanent PSV Spezia 1,500,000
Ritsu Doan Loan PSV Arminia Bielefeld Free
Malen - Madueke
Gakpo - Ihattaren
Rosario - Hendrix
Max - Boscagli - Teze - Dumfries
Noni Madueke - Got his chances under Faber and his looking for more chances this season. The former Tottenham youth seems to have good chemistry with Malen, and his speed and strength make him look an exciting prospect
Cody Gakpo - Had his breakthrough last season with 7 goals and 6 assists and wants to continue that trend next season. Has looked effective as a winger and striker in preseason.
Jordan Teze - One of the biggest surprises of PSV’s preseason has been Teze, normally a back, impressing as a central defender. If the search for a new one proves fruitless, Teze could be one making the spot his own.
u/TheDutchTank: Players to look out for are (of course) Donyell Malen and Mohammed Ihattaren. They have the potential to be world class players. However, with Ihattaren still having trouble with the new system, and Malen coming back from a long injury, it's impossible to predict.
Eindhovenaar Cody Gakpo probably doesn't have it in him to become world class, but he is undoubtedly the best crosser in the team and he seems to be the one who is best at actually generating goals.
Mauro Jr. is coming off of a successful season with Heracles and could very well be the nr. 1 choice behind Ihattaren. He is a very fun player to watch, very creative, and is incredibly solid in small spaces.
Noni Madueke transferred over from Spurs a few years back and is one of the possible option on the wings and as a striker this season. He's explosive, a great dribbler, and good at seeing all the options, but needs to work on his end product.
u/TheDutchTank: This years team will be extremely fun to watch. High pressing, fun and exciting to watch players like Malen, Mauro, Ihattaren, Gakpo and Max, and hey, we'll probably be the underdog this year, and it's always more fun to root for those instead of the one everyone thinks is going to win. There's a lot of potential in this squad, and it can really fall both ways. Can't be worse than last season, though.


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
18 26 4 3 19 27 60 -33 15
Few clubs will have as amazing of a moment as RKC Waalwijk when they not only miraculously promoted through an absolutely insane 4-5 game against Go Ahead Eagles, but also secured 4 million euros through Frenkie de Jong, a player that never played for them (RKC and Willem II used to share a youth academy). That money went into improving facilities and getting a natural pitch instead of improving a squad, and as it turns out, a squad that became 8th in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie was very much out of its depth in the Eredivisie. Fred Grim’s side did receive a lot of credit for playing decent football, even making it difficult for clubs like Ajax and beating FC Utrecht twice. But if it weren’t for extraordinary circumstances, RKC would’ve been relegated and no one would’ve batted an eye.
Things will have to go very weird for RKC not to become relegation candidates number one again. To their credit, they have actually managed to strengthen the squad, with some old faces returning like Vurnon Anita and possibly Gregory van der Wiel. It might not be as completely hopeless as last time, and Fred Grim does continue to make RKC surprisingly decent football, I would personally find it very surprising if RKC manages to avoid any sort of relegation fight.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Cyril Ngonge Permanent Club Brugge RKC Waalwijk Unknown
Vurnon Anita Permanent CSKA Sofia RKC Waalwijk Free
James Efmorfidis Permanent Almere City RKC Waalwijk Free
Efmorfidis - Stokkers - Ngonge
Azhil - Anita - Tahiri
Lutonda - Touba - Meulensteen - Gaari
James Efmorfidis - The Greek midfielder with a laundry list of great clubs he played in the youth academy in (Ajax, Real Madrid, Barcelona) really impressed at Almere City and the hope is he can make an impact similar to Emil Hansson.
Cyril Ngonge - RKC Waalwijk had trouble scoring goals last season and the hope will be that Jong PSV topscorer Ngonge will fix that with his pace and goal threat


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
11 26 9 6 11 41 45 -4 33
The oldest Dutch club around returned to the Eredivisie after only a year of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, but Sparta didn’t really carry the air of a club that was fighting for relegation. The Spartanen did decent throughout and ended up comfortably on the right side of midtable, and did so through players coming out of their highly regarded youth academy, like Ragnar Ache, Halil Dervisoglu (who went to Brentford during the winter break) and Abdou Harroui, who was Sparta’s main creative engine.
u/Schele_Sjakie: Sparta finished 11th which was the best ranking in over 20 years. So excellent season and pretty happy with the fact that Sparta plays like a cohesive unit together. A real team without ego's.
Sparta has lost basically all their strikers but have at least gotten some new ones in return, including the very exciting Reda Kharcouch. It's been surprisingly quiet at Sparta, which it hasn’t been for quite some time. Manager Henk Fraser extended his contract and looks to become Sparta’s longest sitting manager in quite some time. He has guarded against complacency and sees survival as the biggest goal for Sparta, which makes sense, but with the squad they have, I personally can’t see them get into trouble.
u/Schele_Sjakie: Not so sure tbh. Will be hard to improve on last season. Sparta's attack is definitely weaker than last season with Dervisoglu, Ache, Veldwijk and Joosten gone. Thy is a good player and Kharcouch seems talented. But the pre season showed that scoring goals might become problematic. So in that light I just hope that Sparta finishes 15th or higher.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Reda Kharchouch Permanent Telstar Sparta Unknown
Tom Beugelsdijk Permanent ADO Den Haag Sparta Unknown
Ragnar Ache Permanent Sparta Eintracht Frankfurt 2,000,000
Thy - Kharchouch+/Rayhi
Auassar - L. Duarte- Smeets - Harroui
Pinto - Vriends - Heylen - Abels
Van Leer
+=currently injured
Abdou Harroui - One of Sparta absolute highlights last season and will look to continue that this season. Dynamic and creative midfielder who will be Sparta’s main source for creating goals.
Reda Kharcouch - Scored more than 20 goals last season at Telstar, which is even more impressive considering that was his first season in professional football. Will now look to recreate that goalscoring on the highest level.
Emanuel Emegha - Another gem in Sparta’s famous youth academy, the giant striker has shown real potential during Sparta’s preseason and could with Kharchouch’s injury get his chance to shine.
u/Schele_Sjakie: Appie Harroui is our best player but it seems like he is not on the radar for a lot of people. Smeets gets a lot of credits and deservedly so but Harroui is more all-round and talented imo. I hope he stays this summer.
u/Schele_Sjakie: Old school club with a no nonsense manager and players. A cultural mix as expected in a big city like Rotterdam while maintaining the English lower division match day experience. And with one of the best youth academies of the country, just look at Oranje!


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
14 26 7 6 13 34 46 -12 27
The fallen champions came up after one season in the KKD and the plan was to not go down again because doing so would probably lead to financial ruin. And things started off… quite well, with Cantalapiedra and Haris Vuckic as highlights. But after a decent start, things started to get in a real rut. Worse yet was the feud between club icons Wout Brama, with him and fans annoyed he wasn’t playing, and Sander Boschker, who claimed Brama was a disruptive force in the squad in a leaked message. Things threatened to derail but the COVID stop meant that Twente is at least assured of another year of Eredivisie.
u/Streffel: Last season started of great but we quickly started dropping down the table. I think this mainly had to do with missing a couple of key players, like a good center back or striker, as well as our coaching staff missing a lot of experience to keep the team consistent.
While the pandemic meant Twente wouldn’t get in a relegation scrap, it did mean that FC Twente’s finances are even tighter than they already were, leading to a whole bunch of people losing their job, including their whole scouting network. Technical director Ted van Leeuwen and with him manager Gonzalo Garcia. In comes the new TD Jan Streuer, who while Twente was in talks with Brondby manager Alexander Zorniger immediately said he’d prefer a Dutch manager, leading to Zorniger to drop out of talks. Its now up to Ron Jans, looking for redemption after his failed adventure at FC Cincinnati, to lead a whole bunch of loan players all looking to prove themselves to safety. Twente has actually looked pretty ok in pre-season, and remains one of the biggest clubs in the country, but they’re still very crippled by the sins of the past, and they’re far from fully recovered.
u/Streffel: I am hopeful of the new season. Ron Jans is a great trainer, we are really happy to have him on board. I also feel like we filled up our roster pretty nicely and the youth players have showed a lot of promising things in the preparation towards next season. I don't think we're well prepared for the long term, but I think if we can do well this season we will be able to attract some good players the following seasons.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Danilo Loan Ajax FC Twente Free
Lazaros Lamprou Loan PAOK Saloniki FC Twente Free
Haris Vuckic Permanent FC Twente Real Zaragoza Free
Aitor Cantalapiedra Permanent FC Twente Panathinaikos Free
Cerny - Danilo - Lamprou
Brama - Roemeratoe - Bosch
Oosterwolde - Schenk - Dumic - Markelo
Danilo - Has been scoring for fun for Jong Ajax in the KKD, but besides a cameo against Getafe and a music video, hasn't been able to get his chance for the Amsterdam side. Will become Twente's main goal threat
Jayden Oosterwolde - The big surprise of Twente’s pre-season, the young leftback has shown a lot of power and dynamism for his age.
u/Streffel: I'm very excited to see what Danilo can do for us, I think our attack will be pretty nice to look at with him, Černý and Lamprou. I also think people shouldn't overlook Jesse Bosch. He's a youth player who I expect to play a lot this season.
u/Streffel: I think FC Twente often gets a bad rep because of all the financial issues and the relegation, but I think we don't deserve that. The people that caused the whole mess have been long gone and it's not like any of the fans could have done anything about it beforehand. What is typical for the FC Twente fan is that even in the darkest times of relegation and being on the cusp of bankruptcy, we stick with our club. We keep buying season tickets and jerseys, we know we will get back on top. It might take a while but we will get there. In the meantime we will keep our passionate support going and help our club in anyway we can.


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
6 25 12 5 8 50 34 16 41
Utrecht will have all the reason to feel like they’re the most hard done by the fact that the season ended. They reached the KNVB Cup final, and still had a game to play against Ajax that if they had won, would’ve put them in 5th place over Willem II due to goal difference. But before all that could happen, the season was over and the Europa League ticket was going to Tilburg instead. Utrecht, which has shown more and more ambition in recent years by signing players like Adam Maher and Bart Ramselaar, was pretty pissed by this decision, desperately trying to at least get the KNVB Cup Final going, but the effort proved fruitless.
u/wouter2000: Utrecht let themselves down against the smaller clubs. They beat PSV at home and beat Ajax to get to the KNVB Cup final, but lost twice against RKC and got only 1 point against VVV. We also didn't get much joy from both Dalmau and Bahabeck as our strikers. Losing the European spot with next to no compensation despite having played one game less than Willem II and getting to the KNVB Cup Final has been pretty devastating. It really sucks that the game against Ajax didn't go ahead.
Utrecht celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and has continued its path of ambition signing some big new players like Eljero Elia and Mimoun Mahi. Thanks to sugar daddy Frans van Seumeren, Utrecht doesn’t need to sell its best players yet, though how their season will go will still depend on players like Gyrano Kerk and Sean Klaiber staying. Van Seumeren has continued with the intent to attack the traditional top three and AZ and become a permanent part of that. Also, they’re filming this whole season for a potential Netflix series, so part of me wants the season to go really, really wrong for them.
u/wouter2000: I hope that Utrecht can achieve something special, which would be 3rd place or higher. We'd get there with some luck, but unlikely with the current squad that we have. With the end of last season in mind, I hope we can get back to the KNVB Cup Final and win it, which should be possible with the draw on our side. I hope that not too many of our players end up leaving. I wouldn't mind Kerk, because we already have an replacement ready and it would add some money to the bank, but I'd really miss Klaiber. Despite the upgrades, I do think we need to strengthen in defence, with Janssen getting on and Bergstrom not at the level that Utrecht wants. It'd be a bad season if we again don't reach European football.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Eljero Elia Permanent Istanbul Basaksehir FC Utrecht Free
Mimoun Mahi Permanent FC Zurich FC Utrecht Unknown
Daniel Arzani Loan Manchester City FC Utrecht Free
Elia - Dalmau - Kerk*
Ramselaar - Maher - Gustafson
Warmerdam - Hoogma - St. Jago - Klaiber*
*= likely to leave, but still there at time of writing
Maarten Paes - Broke through last season before an injury rained on his parade. In that short period, Paes impressed and will now look to play his first full season of Eredivisie football
Daniel Arzani - Was the youngest player at the 2018 World Cup. Had a pretty torrid time at Celtic due to an ACL injury but is still an talented creative player. Does have quite a bit of competition now.
Tommy St. Jago - Great name, pretty good defensive prospect. FC Utrecht decided against loaning a new defender in favor of continuing St. Jago’s development. Will likely start first couple of rounds with Willlem Janssen still recovering.
u/wouter2000: Django Warmerdam played for FC Groningen last season and conceded very few goals there. Left back has been a big issue for a while at Utrecht, Adrian Dalmau scored quite a bit considering he played relatively few minutes. He had a good preseason and seems really ready this time.
As for youngsters I look forward too; Boussaid had a great preseason. He can play both in midfield and left wing. He's a very energetic player who you can always pass the ball to. It would also be great if Tommy St. Jago broke through. He's clearly talented, but he's made a dodgy impression thus far. I hope he'll grow into it since he'll play the first couple games.
u/wouter2000: FC Utrecht is for people that love a club that takes care of its city and its fans. Utrecht really cares for the region, with the squad always making visits to schools and hospitals nearby. Its a club without any delusions of grandeur. The club is in the hands of a local, a real Utrechter, and under him the club has been run well for years now and plays fun, attacking football. I believe that its possible for Utrecht to do something special. Its not a club you follow for instant success, but we're not interested in glory hunters anyway


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
7 26 12 5 9 45 35 10 41
Vitesse was mainly in the spotlight for one reason: the media had discovered Leonid Slutsky. The Russian manager had become a bit of a fascination from the Dutch media, because of his antics on Instagram and being a fun guy to listen to. That fun attitude didn’t really translate to the football though, which became quite dull without Odegaard. Slutsky quit Vitesse after losing five games in a row, with the club once again going with Edward Sturing for his 4th spell as interim manager. The season continued to fizzle out after a promising start.
u/Cheeselander: Last season started promising with Slutsky getting an opening winning streak. Most fans did think the team didn't play beautiful football but I'm sure most Vitesse would be okay with a season of worse football but winning the league. However that wouldn't be the case and a losing streak of 5 games followed, with Slutsky taking the blame and quitting the job. Then after Oosting taking over as interim, club legend Sturing quickly took the job again. With only Tronstad as reinforcement he wasn't able to make much impact, and the season fizzled out for Vitesse.
Vitesse is almost never boring to follow, and that’s because there’s always something different happening. This time, Vitesse is going all in on the Red Bull approach, having hired former HSV scout Johannes Spors as sporting director and the German Thomas Letsch, who was part of the coaching staff at Salzburg as manager. Introducing that style of football will have to be done without Tim Matavz and Bryan Linssen, responsible for more than half of Vitesse’s goals last season. That’s not going to make things easy, with most of their signings seeming inexperienced at this level of play, but Vitesse should have no problem getting to their usual spot of the European playoffs.
u/Cheeselander: The new season is kinda nerve-wracking because our additions are mostly unproven in first division, along with the new trainer Thomas Letsch. Along with that key players like Linssen and Matavz have left the club, and with no proven players to replace them with it beckons the question who will step up. On the other hand we've had quite a good preseason so far being undefeated with only one game against Darmstadt left. Also a long wanted wish by Vitesse fans was more inclusion of the youth team, which seems to be finally the case.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Bryan Linssen Permanent Vitesse Feyenoord Free
Tim Matavz Permanent Vitesse Al Wahda Free
Lois Openda Loan Club Brugge Vitesse Free
Jacob Rasmussen Loan Fiorentina Vitesse Free
Openda - Darfalou
Bero - Tannane - Tronstad
Wittek - Rasmussen - Bazoer - Doekhi - Dasa
Players to Watch
Lois Openda - Has been scoring for fun in preseason. Very exciting young striker who has also found good chemistry with fellow striker Oussama Darfalou.
Armando Broja - It wouldn’t be Vitesse without at least one Chelsea loan signing. The Albanian striker is hoping for more of a Mason Mount scenario and less of a Charly Musonda.
u/Cheeselander: Going from our previous season Tannane and Pasveer are our key players. Pasveer has proven to be quite a stable keeper for us the last few seasons. Tannane is a skillful player that can create a lot of chances for other forwards with great vision but also makes goals himself occasionally.
The additions that are looked forward to the most are probably Wittek, Openda and Broja. I think Wittek has been looking quite solid in the preseason and seems to be an upgrade to Clark. Openda and Broja are very high potential talents at their respective clubs and I think along with Darfalou it will be hard to get into a situation where none of the forwards step up.
u/Cheeselander: Vitesse is a small club which went through a bit of megalomania between 1984 and 2000. Till today that still impact us as a club, having a tight budget and often loaning instead of buying players. However since then amazing things have happened too. Every year we hold a match for the Airborne, which is a march to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers in World War II. The match is usually visited by veterans and has some pre-game spectacle. World War II is quite important in Arnhem as the failed operation Market Garden happened here, leaving the city in a damaged state and a gruesome famine followed in the winter. The club has its fiercest rivalry with NEC from the neighbouring town Nijmegen, though sadly due to NEC being a division lower, this hasn't been held for quite some time. Vitesse loaning players also has it's advantages as we got to see players like Mason Mount, Ødegaard and Bertrand Traoré on a weekly basis. But we've also had great talents like van Ginkel, Pröpper, Gosens and developing players like Nakamba and Rashica. Lastly Arnhem is a beautiful city with lots of big parks inside the city and an international train station which lies in between the Randstad and the Ruhr Area.

VVV Venlo

Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
13 26 8 4 14 24 51 -27 28
It turns out replacing your defensive focused manager with Robert Maaskant, a guy who said that he’d never manage again, was a bad idea. VVV looked pretty shambolic under Maaskant, losing eight games in a row and getting knocked out of the KNVB Cup by amateur side Groene Ster. With the club headed for relegation, it wasn’t much of a surprise he was sacked. Conveniently, this also coincided with former manager Maurice Steijn getting sacked at Al Wahda, but while he didn’t return, his assistant Jay Driessen did, and things immediately improved under the defensive style. Afterwards, Hans de Koning came in as manager and led VVV to the lower end of midtable. Also, Sunderland legend Lee Cattermole was there.
u/ZlatanPower: Last season went as expected, Maaskant fked it all up. After he got sacked, everything was fine again, and we currently are still one of the best performing teams in the Netherlands (that won't last long).
The biggest change has come literally on the pitch, with VVV replacing its notoriously terrible artificial pitch with a natural one. VVV has mainly focused on improving their attack with signing fellow Limburg native Guus Hupperts and the returning Vito van Crooij. That said, everything looks like VVV will likely face another tough time staying in the Eredivisie for the 4th season in a row. They’re a likable scrappy team, but a lot is going to depend on if their new attacking players are capable of goalscoring and if their defense remains intact.
u/ZlatanPower: I'm having bad feelings for next season. We lost Roseler in the back, and our attack is not good. However, it feels like the team is better attackingly then it was since Mlapa left. But considering our pre-season, and that indicates a lot about the season, we will be relegated by vasteloavend.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Lukas Schmitz Permanent Wolfsberger SC VVV Venlo Free
Vito van Crooij Permanent PEC Zwolle VVV Venlo Unknown
Lee Cattermole Permanent VVV Venlo Retired Free
Van Crooij - Giakoumakis - Hupperts
Linthorst - Post - Janssen
Schmitz - Gelmi - Kum - Pachonik
Vito van Crooij - The lost son returns. Van Crooij failed to make an impact at PEC Zwolle but was an essential player for VVV. If he can return to that form, he could be VVV’s main goal threat.
Tobias Pachonik - Was one of the best right backs of the Eredivisie and has surprisingly stayed despite interest from FC Utrecht.
u/ZlatanPower: I called Pachonik last year, and am happy he is still in the team. I have high hopes for Aaron Bastiaans and Evert Linthorst, and hope Yahcuroo Roemer can bring something as well this year.
u/ZlatanPower: Honestly, no idea why you would want to support VVV. I live nearby, and still visited more Ajax and Monchengladbach games last season. (Don't put that in /s). We play dirty football, relative for a Dutch team, and the Koel is falling apart of old age.


Pos. Games W D L GF GA GD Points
5 26 13 5 8 37 34 3 44
Willem II has been going upward as a club for a while now, with the KNVB Cup final still fresh in their memory. The Tilburg club has been an incredibly fun club to watch under old guard manager Adrie Koster, and has been sensibly run under former player Joris Mathijssen, who’s recruitment has been absolutely exceptional for a club of Willem II’s stature. The coronavirus ending the season means that Willem II have their highest position in more than twenty years and go to Europe for the first time since 2005, all because Utrecht couldn’t play one more game.
u/ComradeYannick: Last season we performed incredible. At the start, I wouldn't even have dreamed of fifth place, so if we manage to continue this run of form, I think we can become the next sub-top team in the Eredivisie.
Willem II’s European season has yet to start at time of writing, with them needing to get past Luxembourg side Progres Niederkorn in order to progress to the next round where they’ll likely face Rangers, which will prove… difficult. In the actual competition, Willem II has so far kept a hold on most of their essential players like Mike Tresor, Pol Llonch (who signed a contract extension) and Sebastien Holmen. Willem II will likely again try and get a European play-off spot, and it will be wait and see if they can get one through the usual way this time.
u/ComradeYannick: For this season, I have high hopes. From what I have seen in the pre-season friendlies, it looks like we can play some solid football against the likes of PSV, so why not the rest of the competition. One thing that I do fear is that, should Willem II qualify for the Europa League group stages, that we might have a really tired squad at certain points of the season, which could really affect our results domestically.
Player Type From To Fee ( )
Kwasi Wriedt Permanent Bayern Munich II Willem II Free
Derrick Kohn Permanent Bayern Munich II Willem II Free
Timon Wellenreuther Permanent Willem II Anderlecht 1,000,000
Damil Dankerlui Permanent Willem II FC Groningen Unknown
Kohlert - Wriedt+/Pavlidis - Nunnely
Llonch - Tresor - Saglam
Kohn - Peters - Holmen - Owusu+/Heerkes
+=Currently out injured
Kwasi Wriedt - Likely to be out injured for the next couple weeks, but what he showed before looked really impressive. The German/Ghanian striker scored for fun at Bayern Munich II and should be able to replicate that form at Willem II
Mike Tresor - One of the highlights of last season who seemingly came out of nowhere. The recent Belgium youth international has really impressed with his goalscoring ease and will terrify plenty of Eredivisie defences.
Pol Llonch - The engine that keeps the Tricolores running. The Spaniard is essentially Willem II’s version of N’Golo Kante, and is statistically the best in his craft in the competition.
u/ComradeYannick: Players from last season like Tresor and Holmén are of course going to be stars again, and as for the new boys, Wriedt and Köhn look like a couple of great players, as well as Owusu.
u/ComradeYannick: Willem II is, of course, the greatest club down south, and should we make it through to the Europa League, why not just jump on the bandwagon and support us for as far as we can go?
Alright, that's a wrap on the preview. Lets hope that the pandemic doesn't put an early end to it this again. Thanks to everyone involved in helping me talk about everybody's favorite Mickey Mouse competition. I can't help you with trying to actually watch the competition outside the Netherlands, but if you are interested in following the competition, go and subscribe to Eredivisie and follow the madness there.
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2020.09.12 00:13 smsussma BEWARE: DO NOT download the "Curio" dating app!

A little over a year ago my girlfriend, Charlotte Campbell, died in a fiery head-on collision with a drunk driver. As DD of the night, she was coming home from a college party after dropping off a few friends, when her tiny 2016 Toyota Camry was blindsided by an 18-wheeler driving on the wrong side of the highway. By the time police arrived at the scene, Charlotte’s body was charred and burned beyond recognition.
Turns out the guy’s BAC was .13. He’ll be in prison for life and I’ll never see my girlfriend again. The only thing that seemed to survive the crash besides the degenerate who killed her, was the relationship bracelet that I surprised her with on our 4 year anniversary. It was the left half of a heart in rose gold with her initials engraved into it, while mine was a matching piece that fit into hers like a deciphered puzzle. Her remains were cremated in an urn and buried in a plot at Saint Agatha Memorial Cemetery. The bracelet went with her, so that she always has a piece of me wherever she went.
A year later, after graduating college, I got my first job, and rented out my first home. I was still completely confused by my girlfriend’s sudden death. It’s mainly the irony of it all that seemed incredulous. My girlfriend was never a heavy drinker to begin with and was always smart behind the wheel. So, it seemed all too unsettling that her life was taken by a drunk driver. I eventually concluded that some things can never be fully explained. Constantly obsessing and overanalyzing Charlotte’s death was counterproductive and stalled the recovery process.
One night, a tinge of horniness swept over me. I hadn’t had the emotional capacity to date or have sex in over a year. That desire in me remained dormant. With this sudden wave of horniness came guilt. Guilt that I was craving sex without Charlotte, guilt that I was craving romance in my life without her, and guilt that I may be ready to start seeing other people. I was pretty hesitant about the idea at first but decided that maybe, it was time? Maybe, I was using my girlfriend’s death as an excuse to shield me from the fear of falling in love again and the potential grief of ever losing that person.
I decided to start small, something with no strings attached and required minimal emotional investment. I had never used dating apps before but quickly opened up to the idea. That night, while looking into some dating apps to download, I got an email notification about an app called “Curio.” Puzzled, I clicked on it. The email read, “Welcome to Curio! Are you CURIO-us to meet that special someone? Click the link below to download our free dating app.”
Again, I didn’t know too much about dating apps besides the standard Tinder and Bumble, so I decided to give this one a go. I clicked on the link, which redirected me to the app store to download. Its icon was a black square with a peculiar red “C” in its center. I double tapped on it and moments later I found myself filling out basic questions about myself. My name, my age, I even spent about 10 minutes digging through my camera roll to find six solid pictures of myself. Upon searching, I discovered a few old photos of Charlotte and I, that I had completely forgotten about.
Some of these included: a picture of us in straw hats and leis during our spring break trip to Cancun, a picture of us kissing in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, and a picture of us in matching USA tees during a beer olympics game, junior year. That picture in Cancun brought back a vivid memory of us coming back to our hotel that night, belligerently drunk, and calling ourselves the “Tequila twins.” From then on, before going to any event involving alcohol, we would say to each other, “The Tequila Twins are back at it again!”
The nostalgia was all too fleeting. To avoid tearing up, I quickly rounded up a few solo pictures to post on my profile. Moments later, I was presented with some profile cards. Most of the women on this app were pretty average looking, 6’s at best. I was continuously swiping left for a while before I gave up and decided to maybe try again tomorrow. It was getting pretty late and I needed to be up early for work the next morning.
To my surprise, I received a notification from Curio the following day that read, “Congratulations! You have a new match.” I was slightly confused by this, namely because I had no recollection of swiping right on anybody last night. However, I was pretty tired and assumed that I could have easily swiped right on somebody without even paying attention. Curious to see who this mystery woman was, I double tapped on the notification and was redirected to her profile.
However, I was horrified to see that this woman appeared to be a carbon copy of Charlotte. Upon further examination, this person appeared to share her same name and age as well. Hastily, I surveyed her profile and skimmed through her photos with a quickness. As these pictures became very familiar to me, my face grew hot with anger.
What sicko creates a fake profile of a dead person? I thought to myself.
Before I could message this asshole my two cents, I was interrupted by the user.
“Hey :)” they said.
“Whoever is doing this, please take this profile down immediately! You think this is funny??? What kind of fucking psychopath does something like this?” I shot back.
“Cam, it’s me :) Char.”
I could feel my heart throbbing out of my chest as beads of sweat spawned across my forehead.
My hands shook as I messaged back, “Please, fucking stop this now!”
“But I miss my tequila twin :((((”
At this point, I could barely breathe. I felt myself numbing out of reality as a sudden ringing in my ears took over my senses.
“Who the fuck is this?!”
“Cam, it’s me. Char! Please talk to me, babe :[”
Instantly, I shut off the app. I was so caught up in the madness of it all that I hadn’t realized that I was running late for work. I quickly threw on some clothes and rushed out of the house, writing off this mishap as some sick, twisted, joke.
As I arrived to work 10 minutes late, I was chastised by my verbally abusive manager for my tardiness.
“This is the second time this month, Cameron! Don’t let it fucking happen again!” he spat.
“Yes, sir.” I muttered, returning to my desk in a huff.
“Ahh don’t take it personally, man.” comforted my co-worker, Rob. “Big Ted’s just angrier than usual because of the um....divorce.” he whispered.
“Divorce?” I scoffed. “Isn’t he on his like, third wife already?”
“Fourth, actually.” Rob corrected. “First wife, cheated. Second wife got deported back to Russia. Third wife had a heroin overdose. And I think this one was just a rebound tired of his shit.”
“I hate corporate America.” I jeered, turning on my desktop. “By the way, have you ever heard of that new dating app, Curio?”
“Nope, I’m more of a Tinder type of guy. But now I’m...CURIO. HA, get it?! Curio...curious?” Rob joked.
I chuckled nervously while scrolling through my work email, hoping that my corporate job would calm me down and take my mind off of things. As I refreshed my inbox, a new email appeared from Curio about how I received another notification from the app. Again, I was a little confused about how this app somehow got access to my work email and was sending me notifications through it. Hesitantly, I clicked on the notification which revealed a picture message from “Charlotte.”
It was a photo of my back porch with a note that read: “The new place looks great...without me :/ We were supposed to move in together. Left a little gift at your door since you don’t want to talk to me anymore...”
While reading that note, I could feel my heart picking up speed as a wave of anxiety crashed over me. Clumsily, I stumbled right out of my desk chair and backed away from my computer in horror. As I fumbled around the floor for support, Rob helped me back up on my feet.
“Whoa, you okay man? You don’t look so good.” Rob asked, concerned.
“I-I gotta go, it’s an emergency.” I replied. Quickly, I shut off my desktop and rushed out of the building with fear in one hand and my jacket in the other. The ride to my house seemed to drag on forever. Yet, by the time I parked into my driveway my heart was thumping wildly out of my chest and I would do anything to be right back in my office.
I grabbed an old baseball bat from my trunk, and slowly approached the front porch. I was surprised to find the door still locked. Nonetheless, I searched every nook and cranny of my house for any intruders and thankfully, I was alone. Everything appeared exactly as I had left it and nothing was stolen.
I took a deep breath and laughed a bit. I couldn’t believe that I was allowing some internet troll to drive me nuts.
My location on the app is on, they could’ve easily discovered my location on Google Maps, taken a screenshot of my back porch, and sent me that message to try to mess with me. I reasoned.
Thus, I decided to return back to work and locked up on my way out. As I exited my home through the back porch, I was interrupted by a light crunching noise beneath my foot. I paused and lifted the heel of my shoe to discover a shimmering object dangling from it. After retrieving this mysterious object, my heart sunk upon closer examination.
It appeared to be a rose gold bracelet with the left half of a heart swaying from it, and the initials “C.C” engraved into the pendant. I twisted my wrist, revealing the matching piece. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t taken it off since the funeral. I fit my half of the pendant into the other piece, revealing a perfectly mended heart. Dazed and confused, I shook my head and abandoned the bracelet as quickly as I retrieved it. It landed back onto the doormat as I rushed back to my car with tears in my eyes.
Swiftly, I reached into my back pocket for my phone and aggressively began typing out a message to “Charlotte.”
“Please tell me who the fuck this is, right now?!”
I received a reply back in seconds.
“Cam, why are you mad at me? :( I miss you so much and this is how you treat your girlfriend?”
“This isn’t fucking funny! I’m filing a report.”
Quickly, I reported the account for “false identity”, unmatched the user, and deleted the app from my phone, altogether. I ended up crying in the front seat of my car for a bit before mustering up the strength to drive back to work. Luckily, Big Ted was out for the rest of the day at a press conference. So, I didn’t have to suffer any consequences for running out of the building with no explanation.
By the end of the day I felt pretty weighed down by stress and grief that I ended up passing out on my couch for a few hours. I was eventually woken up by the melody of my mobile ringtone. I checked my lockscreen for the caller ID, which displayed Rob’s contact.
I picked up and yawned into the speaker, “Hey, man. What’s up?”
“Yo, Cam! Hope I’m not interrupting anything, was just wondering what the name of that dating app was that you were talking to me about earlier?” he asked. “I’m getting so tired of these same old bullshit apps.”
I stretched a bit and scratched my head. As I perched myself up on the couch, I replied, “Yeah, it’s called ‘Curio.’ C-U-R-I-O.”
There was a brief pause as Rob quietly echoed the spelling into the speaker while tapping away into the app store search bar.
“Hm...that’s weird.” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“Can’t seem to find it anywhere. You sure I got the spelling right?”
“Yeah, it’s C-U-R-I-O. Curio.” I repeated.
“Hm. Yeah, bro. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. No worries, though. This phone’s pretty old. Could just be a glitch or something. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep tight!”
Suddenly, I was stricken with curiosity and began searching up the app on Google. Something, I probably should’ve done much sooner. I was surprised to find absolutely no information on the app, despite constantly receiving emails from the company and having downloaded it onto my phone. I even tried different variations of spelling and keywords to no avail. Defeated, I dragged myself up to bed and found solace in the fact that Curio wasn’t my problem anymore.
Yet, I was horrified to discover the app reinstalled onto my phone the next morning. I had also received another “Congratulations! You have a new match.” notification. After double tapping on the alert, I was redirected to the profile of my match. My face hardened and lost its color after realizing who it was. I had somehow rematched with “Charlotte” overnight.
“How?” I muttered to myself. Moments later I received a video message from the user with a note. As I squinted my eyes to get a better look, it appeared to be a video of my dimly lit room. The camera quality was terrible but whoever was filming approached my bed at such a distance, that the light of their camera flash fully illuminated the side of my face as I was sleeping in my bed last night.
Beneath it, the user wrote, “You’re so handsome when you sleep ;)”
At this point, It felt as if I was losing touch with reality. It was time to take this matter to authorities. I sped to the police station before work and after arriving, I aggressively slammed my phone down in front of two officers at the front desk.
“Hi, I believe I am being stalked by someone pretending to be my dead girlfriend on a dating app.” I blurted.
The two officers exchanged befuddled looks before one of them spoke up. “Slow down, son. Can you tell me your name and what app you’re even talking about?” he asked.
“Yeah, My name’s Cameron Hill. My girlfriend, Charlotte Campbell, passed away a little over a year ago and somebody on this app, ‘Curio’ is harassing me and pretending to be her. I think they know where I live. They’ve been sending pictures and videos of me, as well as the inside and outside of my house.” I replied, sternly. I unlocked my phone for them and opened the app.
Both officers narrowed their eyes as they inspected the screen for a few moments.
“You ever try Tinder, kid?” chuckled one of them—a stocky man who was suffering from a pretty extreme case of premature balding. I didn’t laugh. The goofy expression on his face faded rather quickly.
“Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on here but this app keeps freezing up and closing before I can even see anything.” said the other officer—a better looking version of his partner.
“You probably don’t have nothing to worry about, though. Usually these type of cyberbullying scenarios end up being carried out by a bunch of punks behind the scenes.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “Cyberbullying? Sir, with all due respect. I believe that I am being stalked and hunted.”
“Listen, kid. If you experience any more threats, you have our number.”
I glared angrily at both of them, before snatching my phone and storming out of there. A complete waste of my time. I arrived at work five minutes late and received yet another verbal beating by my boss.
“You’re so fucking unqualified for this job, it isn’t even funny. If it weren’t for your rich ass father buying your way into every opportunity in life, you would be living on the streets. Lately, you’ve been offering absolutely nothing to this company. STOP SHOWING UP LATE!” he spat. I grit my teeth and forced a calm response, “Yes, sir. Won’t happen again.”
Luckily, work flew by and I was home before I knew it. Lately, the mental exhaustion of my life put me to sleep on my couch as soon as I got home. However, I found myself waking up a few hours later to a Curio message notification from “Charlotte.”
“It’s been three days, Cam. I miss you so much :/ Can we please meet up tonight?” she asked.
I then offered a speedy reply. “I don’t know who this is...But Charlotte Campbell, the person who you are impersonating is dead. Gone. Buried at Saint Agatha’s Cemetery miles and miles away from here. Now please, leave me alone.”
I then closed my eyes and massaged my temples for a few moments before my phone buzzed again. It was a much more grim message this time.
“You have until 9 PM tonight to come find me, or I’ll drag you to Hell with me.”
Once again, that wave of anxiety and dread swept over me as my heart thumped out of my chest. I took a second to think, before pulling out Google. I attempted to do a second search into the app where I was left with no answers. I then went back into my email and discovered that the original sender was anonymous and out of my domain. I even attempted to email this anonymous sender. However, the message failed and was apparently an “invalid email address.”
As I reexamined the first email, featuring the Curio ad, I noticed some very fine print at the bottom of the email, which read, “If your CURIO-sity is fulfilled. Please, pass this message along to another friend who lost a lover ❤️🖤We’re here to piece love back together.” I took a moment to think hard about what this all meant, but by the end of the night I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be hearing from “Charlotte.” ever again.
I woke up the next morning, very much alive and not in Hell. When I checked the lockscreen of my phone, all notifications from Curio had ceased and the app had somehow been wiped clean off of my phone, including any emails sent about them. It was as if the app had never even existed.
I arrived at work in high spirits and surprisingly, so did my boss. He even apologized for yelling at me the past few days and saying all of those mean things. He said that we have to, “Hold on tight to those who are there for us and to never take them for granted.” Since that day, nobody has seen him since. There was no formal goodbye or leave of the company. Theodore McClow, or “Big Ted” as we called him in the office, has been missing for months and hasn’t been found since that day.
Since then, I’ve moved to a different town with a different job. I’m much happier here and I’ve even met someone new without the help of dating apps. However, to anyone who gets an email about an app called “Curio.” PLEASE, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP. Do as the fine print says...
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2020.09.11 21:30 BigVanThunder Sialeeds Falena: An Analysis

I also posted this in the Suikoden Club Facebook Group I'm in, but it's pending approval, so I thought I'd drop it for you guys in here too while I wait.
So, a recent conversation got me really thinking and analyzing on this topic. I have never been a huge fan of Suikoden 5. From the world, to the character design, to the character motivations, to the story itself. It’s bottom tier on the Suikoden totem pole for me. The huge majority of the characters are bland or just unengaging and are very hard to mesh with, aside from a few examples. George, Zerase, Belcoot, Cathari, and Sialeeds are some of the only standouts, for one reason or another. I either love them or hate them. Today I want to focus on one in particular, and why it is I hate her so much. Sialeeds Falena.
Now I could unpack everything here, from the fact that she’s a pretty crappy person from jump, or the level of her ego vs the rest of the royal family, or her general condescending nature. I’m not really gonna dig full sized into exactly what makes her a terrible person for the entirety of the game. I’m going to start from the moment she stops hiding the fact that she’s a terrible human being and enter in the story at the moment of her true character reveal. Her sudden and pointless betrayal during the Queen’s Campaign.
Now I have be inundated with a series of excuses to explain her behaviors or motivations, so I’m going to address the ones I can think of. Feel free to comment with more, and I will happily follow up:
  1. She had to Betray the Prince to dismantle the aristocracy.
No. No she didn’t, and I will happily explain why. The aristocracy was already finished. The writing of Suikoden 5 was VERY, VERY, insistent on the fact that the entire aristocracy was divided into two equal factions. One led by Salum and Euram Barrows, and one led by Marscal and Gizel Godwin. If you don’t believe me, play it again. This idea and point are SLAMMED down our throats for the entire plotline. Now this matters, because half of the aristocracy loses their credibility and status in the beginning of the game. Salum and Euram Barrows are exposed as the thieves who stole the Dawn Rune and incited the Lordlake rebellion. The aristocracy, over the course of the game either join the prince or the Godwins. The Barrows family, save for Luserina, is completely and totally ruined, ejected and shunned everywhere but Rainwall. So, given this, if Sialeeds had NOT betrayed the Prince at the Queen’s Campaign, the war would have ended. Marscal and Gizel would have been named traitors to the crown, along with their associated aristocratic allies. The only aristocrats remaining belong to the Prince and his faction, and displayed several times in the story, a general distaste or outright dismissal of the aristarchal system in place. Long and the short, the war itself would have put a total and complete end to the aristocracy and sooner. In fact, what did she actually DO after this betrayal? What tasks did she complete after betraying the Prince that led to the fall of the aristocracy that wouldn’t have been achieved by Prince and Lym working together after her rescue? What did Sialeeds actually DO?
  1. She couldn’t tell anyone about her plan, or they would have stopped her.
This is also unequivocally not accurate. The entire backstory and layout around Lucretia Merces debunks this entire line of thinking. We find Lucretia in the Godwins personal prison BECAUSE she acted against the wishes of her employer for the good of the kingdom. If Sialeeds betrayal plan were the best course of action, and she had taken it to Lucretia, Lucretia would have implemented it and helped her perfect it. Now a lot of people tell me that Sialeeds little “goodbye” dialogue before the mission indicates this happened. Simply untrue. Lucretia Merces is displayed at ALL times as forthright and blunt in her honesty after a plan is executed. If she had been involved, she would have explained that and her motives to the Prince immediately afterwards. This is not what happens because she was not involved. If her plan was a good one or “the only way” then she would have known, as the person who knew Lucretia best, that she was the person to go to, despite her feelings for her.
  1. She had to, to stop the Godwins from abusing the Twilight Rune.
You mean the same Twilight Rune she tried to use in the final naval battle to try and wipe out swaths of the Prince’s army? That Twilight Rune? The fact that she was chosen by the rune was mere chance and was in no way part of her plan. And her willingness to use it on Prince’s friends, if not him directly, is just further evidence that she had fully betrayed her former allies. She was preventing the Twilight Rune from being used against the Prince like toilet paper prevents a water gun. Not at all
So, in summery. No, she didn’t need to betray him to end the aristocracy. In fact, I can’t think of anything that she actually did afterwards that assisted in the dismantling of the aristocracy during or after the fact in any way. No, she didn’t need to keep her plan secret. Lucretia is referenced several times as being shrewd and willing to do anything necessary and would absolutely have helped her and lied to the Prince to execute her plan if it was any good. And no, she did nothing to prevent deaths at the hands of the Twilight Rune.
In fact.
Sialeeds directly impeded in the ending of the Falenan Civil War. Thereby extending the amount of time the aristocracy was in power. Extending the wat for several more months, at minimum. That extension led to more war skirmishes and battles, leading in turn to, by a conservative estimation, several thousand additional deaths. She did so by turning her back on the only living free member of the royal family besides her. This action was wholly in defiance with her alleged goals and intentions. The only logical reason for her behavior that I can find is that she still harbored love for Gizel and wanted to be near him, even though she wouldn’t take him back, due to him being her niece’s husband. Not only did she defy what everyone finds to be her own desires, but she did so at the expense of the Falenan Royal Family, extending the war longer and causing unknown additional Falenan deaths and allowing foreign entities to invade Falena. She coerced with the enemy, betrayed her country, killed her citizens and died resisting her country from being saved from her new allies. Sialeeds Falena is not some tragic hero who died for her morals. She died to usurp morals in the name of a dead love and assisted in and directly performed actions leading to the deaths of thousands. Sialeeds Falena is a domestic terrorist.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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2020.09.11 02:16 LawOfTheSeas A few thoughts on cadet branches, heraldry and such

So, I've been playing CK3 in nearly every hour of my free time, and I've got to say, I love it so far. There are a great many features which set it apart from CK2, and despite a few bugs and questionable features which I'm sure will be ironed out, it's a very strong game.
In that vein, a suggestion or two that I think is probably not strictly necessary, but which might help with flavour of cadet houses going forward, should the suggestions be accepted.
So currently, when a cadet branch is founded, a new coat of arms is generated for that from a derivation of prior coats of arms. This feature is so cool! The vexillologist and herald in me falls in love with each new coat of arms produced. Other than some admittedly fairly minor issues with the generation, it's an awesome feature to have. Anyone who's played should know the system; first quarter is always the dynasty blazon, second is the next house subsequently and their blazon (on the first 'cadetting', that will be the blazon of the county of origin, and that will usually be retained for subsequent cadet houses). The third (bottom left) is a more specific identifier, again a county blazon, and the fourth is either the same as the first, or when dynasties have had a lot of cadet houses, another county blazon. The new house is given a new name and motto, and they go along to ruling whatever realm they emerged in (or dying out, whatever comes first).
So, there are few out-and-out issues with it, but there are some things I think could be improved. For one example, I'd draw your attention to the Cétchathach dynasty, inhabiting most of the Celtic world. Historically, Cétchathach refers to the descendents of Conn Cétchathach, or, 'Conn of the Hundred Battles', and who gave his name to Connacht. Cadet houses include the uí Néill, who themselves had cadets ranging from the Gaelic conquerors of Ailpin, and the Dyfed of Wales.
Here's the only "issue". When the Celtic realms become Feudal and thus can create cadet houses, the majority of them invariably become "Cétchathach-[PLACE]". The issue is solely one of aesthetics and historical realism - if my Ailpin lord forms a cadet house, it seems counter-intuitive that he'd name it for a centuries'-old Connachtan dynasty, and stranger still that he'd put the blazon of said dynasty in his first and fourth quarters, with his old house blazon relegated to the second quarter alone.
As such, here are my thoughts for how houses can distinguish themselves from the old in a """more realistic""" manner, written here simply for my own self-satisfaction and to see if anyone else agrees, and it revolves mainly around the heraldry innovation.
Firstly, in houses where the culture of the founder has not reached the heraldry innovation, quartering the coat of arms would be meaningless. In such cultures, heraldry was rarely stratified, and often formed the basis for subsequent coats of arms. As such, when a cadet line is founded by such a culture, the house gets the blazon of their founding county as their sole coat of arms, and whatever name they get would not be double-barrelled, but would be simple, such as "of [PLACE]", "[NAME]sson" and the like. This would simulate similar older houses, such as the aforementioned uí Néill houses.
Once heraldry has been researched, then we would start to get the forms of cadet houses like the ones we have now, with quartering and double barrel names. However, even then there would be a small difference. Instead of basing the name and coat of arms on the dynasty, it ought to be based on the house preceding it in both. For example, if house Ailpin has a cadet house in Lothian, that would become "Ailpin-Lothian" rather than "Cétchathach-Lothian". Furthermore, the house coat of arms of Ailpin would inhabit the first and fourth quarters of the new house's coat of arms rather than the dynasty blazon.
Now, of course this would encourage names to become quite long. If the RNG allows, that means that a few houses down the line, you could eventually have a house called "Ailpin-Lothian-Medcaut-Edinburgh" or something similar. However, this would actually not be completely inaccurate to history. Although slightly later, one need only look at the German houses with variously long names, such as Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Additionally, depending on how houses with new coats of arms (as opposed to quartered ones) are handled, it might be a challenge to get that to be recognised off the bat for new houses. However, if possible, I feel it could add a level of historical realism and immersiveness that would improve at least my enjoyment of the game beyond its already high levels.
Tl;Dr: Houses formed before heraldry is researched should have simple coats of arms. Houses formed subsequent to that should be basing their names and blazons on the preceding house rather than their ancient dynasties. While not necessary, it would be cool to have.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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2020.09.10 09:32 PM_ur_favorite__song I(M24) caught my girlfriend(21F) planning to cheat with a coworker(M?)

Apologies in advance for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, or stuff that’s hard to understand. I needed to get this out as fast as I could before I lost the motivation to do so.
My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 and 1/2 years now. She’s the first girlfriend I’ve had and she’s given me an amazing friendship and love I never imagined having. She’s was really struggling with family when I met her. I was able to be the support she needed and help her start to heal and move in a healthy direction. She’s always said she doesn’t know what she would have done without me. She’s told me she wants so spend the rest of her life with me and I felt and told her the same.
We never fought, we always looked out for each others feelings and we never really seemed to struggle as a couple. At least that’s what an onlooker would think. I sometimes questioned myself, wondering if this is the relationship I wanted and is there better. I would usually come to a conclusion that we had a strong and healthy relationship, and if we kept moving forward and grew together, everything would be great.
So three days ago I caught her sexting and making plans to hook up with a coworker she’s only know for 3 weeks. The world I knew started to fall apart and I felt pain I’d never felt before. I thought she was the one. I wanted to marry her. I confronted her almost immediately and showed her my pain and disgust. She was kept saying she was sorry, but it was as if she was only sorry for hurting me and not sorry for cheating. I eventually told her to leave (we live together btw) and sort through her feelings, decide what she wanted and seek advice from someone. After some time we’ll get together and talk. Although she struggled with immediate family, she did have good grandparents and I was hoping she would go stay with them and seek advice there.
After she left I felt the worst pain of my life. I didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her to come back, but all I could think about was those messages. They kept flashing through my mind and no matter how hard I tried to distract myself I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After some web browsing, I eventually found a ted talk about “should I say or should I leave”. It was super helpful for me and basically said the courageous option in the event of infidelity was to try and stay. Work through our pain, discover what went wrong and rebuild a new and healthy relationship. I agreed with everything the speaker said and knew I wanted to rebuild.
So after a full night and day of insomnia, pain, and emotional sorting, I finally started to feel hopeful. Although the pain was excruciating, it actually helped me to realize what I was lacking as a person. I would often suppress my emotions, leading me to be reserved and sometimes not say or do the things I wanted to. For example, I’ve always struggled with dancing. I want to dance more then you could imagine, but I don’t. I never have. Why?
It had gotten out of hand and I knew this was one of the reason and faults in our relationship and why she sought out this other person. Im ready to change. Change not just for her and my relationship, but also for myself so I could be the person I’ve always wanted to be without holding myself back. I know it’s going to be hard, and I might struggle to push forward, but I need to change.
12 hours after she left I texted her and told her I was ready to talk. I never got a reply and started to worry. I called her grandma to ask if she was okay and if she was there, but her grandma said she hasn’t seen or heard anything from her. I called her mom, same thing. Tried to reach out to her dad but was getting nothing. This is when I knew. She went to the person she was planning to cheat on me with. Did it hurt? Yes. Should I have expected this? I don’t know. Should I have told her to leave in the first place? Again, I don’t know but I really regret it. When I asked where she was, she would dance around the question and never give me a straight answer. Here I was, wanting to rebuild our relationship and the first person she went to was him. Did she do this to save me from the pain if I found out? Maybe, but I already knew.
Eventually she agreed to talk. It was a really hard conversation at first. She was struggling to say much. I tried to be vulnerable with my emotions, share everything I was feeling, wanted, and eventually she started to do the same. It took a turn and started to go really well. Although she didn’t say “I want to rebuild our relationship” (she was “not ready ready to give me an answer”), I could sense that she was wanting to start and rebuild. We hugged, she was holding my hand, it felt good.
Our conversation got cut short because it was getting late and she needed to go to work the next day. I offered her to stay, but she declined. She wanted to go back to his place because her work clothes were there “but maybe I’ll stay tomorrow” she said. I did find out he lives with his parents. So she was staying in a spare bedroom in this dude’s parent’s house. That didn’t matter. It still hurt when she left. Was it too soon to ask her to stay? I didn’t want her to go back there. I didn’t want her to be anywhere near him. For all I knew they could have been having sex sense she left the first time. I mean they did plan on doing it before I confronted her. She did reassure me during our conversation that she hasn’t even hugged him. Do I believe that? I want to but it’s hard.
Queue the next day. We agreed to meet again to continue our conversation. It was all I could think about. I knew from the pain I felt when she left last night, she had to end things with this other guy. Cut all ties, never talk to him again and move forward. That is if she wanted to rebuild our relationship.
This person obviously gave her something in the three short weeks they knew each other that she doesn’t want to get rid of. This is a problem. And it became more apparent when we finally got together again to talk. She’s in a tug of war. Him, or me, or him, or me. She can’t decide. And she’s reluctant to tell me “I want to rebuild our relationship” because she knows I would want her to cut all ties with him. Maybe she thinks I won’t be able to give her what this other man has? I don’t think so based off our conversation. She did tell me she’s worries about if she came back to me and it didn’t work out, she would have lost us both. Yes, I agree that’s a concern, but that could happen no matter what she chooses. She cannot stay friends with him because it would only create more doubt and trust issues in my mind.
Anyway, the conversation felt horrible because of this tug of war. Eventually towards the end we switched gears and talked about what we would need going forward if we were to rebuild. This opened up some happy memories and more vulnerable emotion sharing that felt good. We started getting to a good place in our conversation. Holding hands, hugging. All the same stuff from last time. So when it was time to stop talking, again I asked if she would stay. Same answer as before and again I was hurt. But this time I really pushed hard to ask “why leave?”. She didn’t want to tell me at first but I eventually got her to say. She planned on watching her favorite show with him. A show that was also one of my favorites and I introduced to her. And now she’s sharing something I thought was special between us with him.
This is where I’m at now. She left and I’m starting to feel pain again. I’m questioning if I can even do this. Is it unfair of me to ask her to cut ties with him? Should I give her more time? If so how much? It’s been three days and i don’t know how much longer I can take the pain and anxiety. Old questions are also popping in my mind again. Is this the relationship I want and is there better? I’m not sure I would find love again. I’m not sure I want to find love again.
I have so many questions, worries, fears. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read and thanks again to anyone who offers their insight.
Also, should I share this post with her?
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Fall in love with fear  Sandra Joseph  TEDxSouthLakeTahoe How You Know You're in Love: Epigenetics, Stress & Gender ... Can We Choose to Fall Out of Love?  DESSA  TEDxWanChai Ted Mulry - Falling In Love Again (1971) - YouTube The brain in love  Helen Fisher - YouTube Falling in love with 'compromise'  Lihi Lapid  TEDxJerusalem

15 of the Best TED Talks about Marriage, Love, and ...

  1. Fall in love with fear Sandra Joseph TEDxSouthLakeTahoe
  2. How You Know You're in Love: Epigenetics, Stress & Gender ...
  3. Can We Choose to Fall Out of Love? DESSA TEDxWanChai
  4. Ted Mulry - Falling In Love Again (1971) - YouTube
  5. The brain in love Helen Fisher - YouTube
  6. Falling in love with 'compromise' Lihi Lapid TEDxJerusalem

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Social interactions alter DNA (‘epigenetics’). Revealing how her ow... The singer and rapper Dessa had been writing songs about heartbreak for years, as she waded through a volatile relationship and a protracted breakup. One nig... http://www.ted.com Why do we crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it? To learn more about our very real, very physical need for romant... Falling in love with 'compromise' Lihi Lapid TEDxJerusalem TEDx Talks. ... This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Ted Mulry - Falling In Love Again (1971) Fall in love with fear Sandra Joseph TEDxSouthLakeTahoe TEDx Talks. ... This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.