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2020.10.30 13:26 albie999 Android Auto - so many problems

Just recently upgraded my phone, so had to reset everything back up .. however Android Auto / Google Assistant seems to have so many problems .. has any one any of these, and any fixes for it?
  1. Sometimes I loose the OK Google functionality, and have to press the voice activation button in the car ... but then after a while OK Google works again
  2. If I get a message, and AA reads it out ... it then says, do you want to reply, however, AA does not pick up my voice to be able to reply. However, if I wait till that has finished, and then say "send message to ...." .. it picks that up
  3. Getting more and more "I did not understand messages", when asking questions, or even trying to create messages
  4. (Last one for now lol), After creating a message, and it showing on the screen that it has recorded my message, it then says "what do you want to send"
This is soooooo frustrating, as I do not have confidence in using this system, and you would think in a car, this should just work, so that there are no distractions
Anyway, hope people have some ideas on this
Ta, S
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2020.10.30 13:25 JackTheJiller If a Wikipedia functionary has ever inspected the private data of "Guest2625" as part of their war against the Daily Mail, would you ever know?

Meet Guest2625. A Wikipedian since 2011. He makes pretty good arguments about the Daily Mail issue. They are both true and apt. It is for this reason that he often sounds similar to the infamous Brian K Horton.
And as we know, merely sounding like Brian, is enough to get you CheckUsered these days. Christ, just being a new account and mentioning the Daily Mail is enough. But Guest2625 is not a new account. Which poses a problem for the Wikipedia establishment. They cannot so easily eject someone who has been around for literally years. They need concrete reasons, for example, a positive CheckUser result.
They will only get negative results, because contrary to popular myth, Brian only let's accounts get caught if it serves his purpose. He's smart like that. Or maybe he's of average intelligence and the people who call him a hopeless fool are just that stupid, afflicted as they are with their Wikipedia addiction. It's honestly hard to tell.
Here's what people need to know about Wikipedia. Here is where Brian's true purpose probably becomes clear, at least to those who are, well, smart. Sorry if that offends. Offence is easily taken in the Wikipedia world, where it is routine to think it simply isn't possible for an idiot to even be able to register for Wikipedia, let alone thrive in their new found ability to be taken seriously.
It would be quite wrong under their own rules, if not illegal, for them to inspect private account data to confirm or deny their undoubable suspicion that Brian K Horton and his sock army are the work of Guest2625.
But they have probably already done it. And you would never know. Why? Because the only record of these checks, the only capacity to review the given reasons, is held by those with the power to make them. And we know from the Bbb23 scandal, that is a pretty tight group of volunteers. Definitely adherents of the thin blue line.
And we also know that their nominal bosses, the Arbitration Committee, even when they receive evidence of wholesale and long-term abuse, their attitude is also to hold the thin blue line. We only know what Bbb23 did, because he went public with his utter outrage at having been privately, discretely, being given a slap on the wrist, for what was wholesale and long term rule breaking. He only got ejected from the Circle Of Trust after he made it plain he wasn't going to actually comply with the rules. Specifically, checking people's data where he had no just cause, only a vague suspicion. Even then of course, he wasn't demoted from being an Administrator. It's not like that is a position that requires trust and good judgement, AMIRIGHT?
Thanks to Brian as well, we also know the nominal independent oversight of CheckUser abuse, the Ombuds Commission, is complicit. They have already assisted a Wikipedia Administrator in obtaining a global lock by deception. They have also reversed their long-standing policy, and now your complaint about such matters will not even be heard unless you first give them personally identifying information, like an email adress. Which you would obviously be an idiot to do. Even a throwaway email address is valuable to people looking to make your life extremely difficult for the high crime of seeking transparency in Wikipedia governance.
I mean, yeah, I guess we could make use of our partners over at Wikipediocracy and see if someone over there wouldn't mind using their deep connections with the deep state of Wikipedia to convincingly either confirm or deny whether Guest's private data has been wrongfully inspected as part of Wikipedia's war against the Daily Mail.
But why bother? Who would trust them even if they did care enough to ask, and weren't lying about their ability to obtain an answer? One of the many things the Brian K Horton CAMPAIGN OF SOCKY-WOCKY TERROR has proven, is that the good folks of Wikipediocracy are all in on the Wikipedia side here. Which is understandable, given the politics of who runs it and who their established members are.
Anything and everything that Wikipedia's worst actors do to harm the Mail, and by extension to combat anyone who would try to stop them, is agreeable to them. It is why their site is attractive to Wikipedia Administrators like Monyetrees these days, when not five years ago, he would have been terrified of that place's legendary capacity to put a spotlight over stuff they probably don't want anyone seeing.
Banished as we are from the one true forum, we are still minded to ask the right questions when someone like him is spotted saying something like.....
As an admin familiar with this situation I approve the block. For those who don't know, whoever used the Brian K Horton account is most likely User:MickMacNee, aka Crowsnest, Death to Wikipedia, and JackTheJiller. As Newslinger says, All of these accounts are connected to an extensive off-wiki harassment campaign spanning many years. I can provide evidence via email, although a couple of search engine queries would go a long way. Moneytrees Talk Help out at CCI! 21:22, 3 October 2020 (UTC)
....where, if you were a serious Wikipedia critic, your ears would prick up at the apparent slip of the tongue. Moneytrees might be a lot of things, but what is isn't, is a CheckUser, nor is he a very old hand at Wikipedia. So where did he get this alleged familiarity? It obviously wouldn't be from actually reading. Not primary source material anyway. Too much like work, for a Wikipedia Administrator. I doubt he can even use Google. Definitely warrants investigation, of the what do you know and how did you come to know it, type. The sort that is often met with I PLEAD THE FIFTH.
We certainly know why he felt no shame in endorsing Newslinger's dumpster diving tactics. They both come from the same stable. Both are Ritchie333 picks as good Admins, recent recruits, beneficiaries of the far lower standards that arose when the volunteers realized Wikipedia was soon to just basically run out of Admins if they kept insisting that candidates pass the high bar set by "trustworthy" and "good judgement", if we assume BBB23 was really just an outlier, or an exemplar of the job for like problem.
So the bar was lowered to accept anyone who shows any skill in the time saving cult protecting tactic of blocking anyone for any reason, and offering just a vague hand wave to NOTHERE. Insiders in, outsiders out. Not very complicated. If it was, Wikipedia Administrators wouldn't be able to do it. They're not good at complicated or time consuming, as the years long backlogs in areas like copyright attest.
Merely being nominated by Ritchie is a sure sign that if they're not incompetent, they are corrupt. Ritchie333 of course having only joined Wikipediocracy after they had banned the one person on their forum who seemed to think it was important to the cause of Wikipedia criticism to highlight that while Ritchie didn't seem to know a lot about much of anything, he sure did seem to think his status as an Administrator allows him to get away with anything.
You name a rule, Ritchie has broken it. Half the time he doesn't even realize it. Thick as mince. It's the other half that is the real problem. If you need to know anything about Ritchie, it is that he is not afraid to make his personal politics known anywhere on Wikipedia. Anywhere. He is basically Guy Chapman, just a little stupider.
Anyway, I digress. Old favourites and all that. If the new breed of Wikipediocracy posters want to genuinely believe I lie about things as serious as a person's relationship status or mental health, well, it's a good job my ban prevents me from setting the record straight. Midsize Jake doing good work again. Fulfilling his primary role in life. Don't upset the Wikipedians. Bad for business apparently. Quite how, is anyone's guess, but it sure sounds shady, right?
Anyway, yes, to get back to the point. To sum up. Guest2625 has probably already had their privacy invaded for the high crime of wanting fair treatment for the Daily Mail, and you'll never even know it happened. And there's nothing you can do about this rampant corruption in Wikipedia, despite this being one of the worst things Wikipedia could ever do to a user. And you won't even get any assistance from the so called Wikipedia investigators, Wikipediocracy. It's all about politics. All of it. Right wing is the wrong wing.
This has been a message of the Resistance.
If you don't know what to do with this knowledge, maybe this stuff isn't for you. Maybe try the Boy Scouts. If you think any of this information is false, well, if you aren't a Wikipedia editor or Wikipediocracy member already, what stopping you? It will suit you down to a tee.
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2020.10.30 13:10 NeanderMat What's your favorite aiming solution for the newer assassin's creed games (looking for suggestions)

Hi peeps. I recently started playing Assassin's creed again after 6 years break, and took it back where I left it. The last games I played were BF and Rogue on PS3 (played every AC in order, exclusively on PS3 until now).
Recently I bought AC:Unity and Origins on PC from Steam, since they were on a pretty nice promotion before the launch of Valhalla. I loved Unity, awesome parkour, cool weapons and tools you can use in combat, played it very stealthy. My only gripe was the PS3 controller using USB2.0 wasn't as responsive on CPU as I remembered it was in PS3. Anyway I just finished it and am about to start Origins. I will probably get the new XBOX controller as soon as it releases.
The thing is, I recently stumbled on this video and I was in awe with this guy's gameplay. From what I understand, AC:Origins has a lot of use and abuse of bow combat gameplay, which I think is a nice change from other ACs, but I always hated the aiming with the joysticks.
I think it was "ok-ish" in Red Dead Redemption, but mostly because of the bullet time and heavy aim assist. I looked up on google for solutions and I'd like to get your opinion.
1 : Using a raised thumb stick to allow for better micro adjustments 2 : Using "Gyro" aiming ? (discovered that just yesterday, seems awesome, but I doubt it can work with AC games) 3 : Just relying on heavy aim assist... Though I want to ability to headshot easily. Does the aim assist also locks the Y axis ?
Yes I could also go with the mouse and keyboard route, used to play a lot of games this way and I usually like it, but I want to be able to go full couch potato mode when playing AC, and I like to mid speed control with the left stick (like slow jog, slower walk).
Sorry if you spot broken english parts, I ain't no english native ! Thanks in advance for your help.
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2020.10.30 13:03 CaitlinCesena [Academic], Gender stereotyping within schools and learning resources, (Work within a primary school, UK 18+)

I’m currently in my third year studying Product Design at the University of Sussex. I am seeking participants for research to help create an educational game that will inspire children to engage and take interest in all subjects and widen their career opportunities. I'm aiming to have this survey filled out by teachers, teaching assistants, learning support staff, or even students who have done long-term placements with schools, who were involved with years 4-6. If you know anyone who fits this demographic and can fill out the survey, I'm happy to do yours in return if they're a similar length (this should take 10-15 minutes to complete).
The survey is completely anonymous.
Thanks in advance!
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2020.10.30 12:56 VitaeLifeSolutions Thanatophobia

What would you pay to know your chance of dying at all times? It's an interesting question isn't it? Thanatophobia is pretty common to most living things. What if we could offer you a way of knowing exactly what your chances of dying were?
That was the text message I received yesterday. I thought it was some sort of scam or hoax. So I did what I always do in those situations. I checked the number to see if it was legit. After googling it I found a link to website. Vitae Solutions LLC it was a new apparently legitimate company. They seemed to deal in those devices similar to those smart watches you see everyone wearing. The thing was next level though, claiming it could keep track of things like stress hormones, blood sugar, cholesterol, signs of infection. It pretty much tracked everything. Being a hypochondriac I was instantly fascinated. If I could know my relative health at all times maybe I could stop obsessing about it. That would be an amazing quality of life improvement for me. Then my phone chimed again. It was another text message.
Would you like to join the Dämmerung revolution. Respond with 'Yes' to receive a free trial Dämmerung Watch and monitoring device.
Now I know how it works free trials are never free, but i just could not turn down the opportunity. To know that much about my health, to confirm my chances of dying on any given day, to have that much insight. There was no part of me that could say no. So I responded with yes. The phone chimed back with the message.
Thank you for signing up for your free trial. We will be shipping you the devices at no cost same day delivery. Welcome the Vitae Solutions family.
That message seemed weird, almost like they were now employing me. That and they were doing same day shipping. My area doesn't really get same day shipping, but I wasn't going to argue with it. If I didn't get the device that day I would happily wait a couple days to get it. I spent a little while stuck in my head thinking about the promises of the device before getting back to taking calls. I work tech support for a local hospital and had ignored the last two calls researching this intriguing new company. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my job. Till about 4 in the afternoon when there was a knock at my door. Given the current state of things, I attempt to avoid people as much as I can. So much so that I have a note on the door suggesting visitors call instead of knocking. I cautiously made my way to the door and peered through the peep hole, just in time to see a man dressed in all black enter a black unmarked vehicle and drive off. I opened the door and at the door was a smallish package, with the words Vitae Solutions LLC on the box. I picked it up and brought it inside, at the time I didn't worry too much about the unmarked delivery vehicle, but hindsight being 20/20 I find it odd now as I recount this.
I took the box over to my workstation and took a few more calls. Then decided to call it a day. After making myself a cup of coffee I decided to open the box, inside was a the Dämmerung Watch which had an odd hexagonal face. I flipped it over and saw the back didn't have lights like a fit bit, instead it had what looked like needles. Then I removed a smartphone sized rectangle, it had an odd metallic display. The display looked almost like a holographic playing card. On the screen in displayed the message.
Please put Dämmerung Watch onto dominant wrist to begin.
At first I was ready to not use it. The watch looked like it would hurt to wear, or at least be very uncomfortable. Sadly, my curiosity tends to get the better of me, and I decided to place it on my wrist. A sharp pain flooded up my arm directly into my chest. It wasn't intolerable just kind of like a pinch that went all the way up. The feeling then expanded into my abdomen and neck for a short moment. Then it all went away as soon as it had come. A small trickle of blood coming from my wrist. Then I heard a small electronic sound from the rectangle. What looked like a Youtube advertisement was playing on the screen. A bald, middle-aged, man on the screen spoke as a tingy little ukulele song played softly.
“Thank you for joining the Dämmerung family, we here at Vitae Solutions are very excited about the Dämmerung initiative. I am Elroy, your digital assistant and Vitality Coach. Now that you have placed the Dämmerung Watch on your person let's take a look at your biometrics. Hmm it seems you have relatively high cholesterol, a high resting heart rate, mild depression, eosinophilia, and are about 30 lbs overweight. This suggests you have the average American lifestyle. Your current chances of dying are .0013 percent. That's very good!“
I have to admit, I was pretty happy to hear that. That's a relatively low chance of dying today, which I thought would be higher. Considering the fact this fucking watch just stabbed me.
"A few rules about being part of the Dämmerung trial. Do not tell your friends and family about the project. Should anyone ask the Dämmerung Assistant or Watch tell them it is simply Cutting edge Sweedish Fashion. Secondly, do not attempt to remove the Dämmerung Watch yourself, when your trial has ended Vitae Solutions LLC will come reclaim the device. Thirdly, always follow all instructions made by me, your digital assistant. Fourth, The Dämmerung trial costs no money to continue all you have to do to keep your trial active is complete specific tasks occasionally. By putting on the Dämmerung Watch you have already agreed to these terms. Your current task...Eat one banana“
"I hate bananas“ I said, to the digital assistant.
The screen turned an odd shade of red and a low harmonic note played.
"Are you refusing the task?“
"What if I am?“ As I finished saying that a bolt of pain shut up my spine as the muscles in my back began to spasm. Then as quickly as they came, the spasms stopped and braced myself against my work desk as the pain in my spine subsided.
"muscle spasms are a sign of potassium shortage, I recommend you eat that banana sir. Your current chance of dying is 3.4%“
I pulled myself upright and could feel sweat creeping down my face.
"I don't have any bananas, I don't like them." This was the wrong answer as another jolt of pain ran through my spine and brought me to my knees.
"Pain induced tachycardia can damage cardiac muscle user, might I suggest we head to the store?"
"You are aware there is a pandemic out there correct?" I said, through large panting breaths.
"If you wear a mask and head to the Target on church rd, you will have a .0003% chance coming into contact with any virulent pathogen. Currently your chances of dying are 10.37%."
"Fine I will go!" I shouted.
After this declaration the spasms in my back stopped. I stood up, and slowly made my way upstairs to get ready to go to the store. While I pulled on a sweater I thought about my current situation. It was possible that the spasms were caused by a lack of potassium. It's also possible this weird watch was responsible for them. How would that even work though, It was just a glorified Apple Watch. The worst thing those can do is give you some nasty contact dermatitis. Maybe it was in my best interest to grab some potassium. I went down stairs, grabbed my cell phone and the digital assistant, and headed to the grocery store.
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2020.10.30 12:55 Zinavo246 SEO Agency in Bangalore

SEO Agency in Bangalore
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Follow tags:
Website Design BangaloreWebsite Design Company in BangaloreBest SEO Company in BangaloreSEO Services in Bangalore
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2020.10.30 12:27 Magnetic_dud Now even Google Assistant spams me about the unnecessary upgrade to Pro

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2020.10.30 12:01 AutoModerator /r/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread (10/30/2020)

/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread

The purpose of this thread is to avoid cluttering up the subreddit with quickly and easily answered questions and game recommendations. This thread is monitored by many helpful members of our community and questions that are asked here have a very high answer rate assuming you provide enough information for our answerers to work with.

Before asking your question...

Helpful Links

Wiki Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions - This is a great place to check first hand if you run into any issues. Our FAQ has answers to many questions about the console itself, controllers, and more.
  • Lost & Found Guide - Did you lose your Switch, or are you someone who found a Switch? Info on how to get it back!
  • Tech Support Guide - Info on how you should react in case you discover a technical issue on your Switch.
  • Error Code Lookup - Nintendo's Error Lookup System.
  • Digital vs Physical Games - Listing the pros and cons of both formats to help you decide what will work best for you.
  • Game Share Guide - Info on how you can share your digital games across multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, including playing on both consoles at the same time.
  • Other Switch Related Subreddits

Wiki Accessory Information

  • Accessories - Starter information about controllers, chargers, cables, screen protectors, cases, headsets, LAN adapters, and more. (Might be slightly out of date. If you're interested in becoming a wiki contributor, message FlapSnapple.)
  • MicroSD cards - Some more in-depth information about MicroSD cards including what size you should get and which brands are recommended.
  • Carrying Cases - An expanded list of common carrying cases available for the Switch.

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  • We have a #switch-help channel in our Discord server.
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  • Make sure to follow Rule #1 of this subreddit: Remember the human, and be polite when you ask or answer questions.
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2020.10.30 11:15 jayhaynes [H] Shiny Legends, HA Apriball Eggs, Hatched, and Gmax [W] Paypal

Galar bred EGG Shinies:
Galar bred Hatched Shinies:
SVExchange Hatched shinies 5 Shinies for $20:
Gen 8 event:
Retail RNG'D Shinies - Available now on Crown Tundra DLC
GMAX Shinies $4.5
Also have Gen 8 Den Raid Shinies - Pic, Vid proof - $2.5
Game info:
Note: All of these shiny raid pokemon are legit and was won on queue giveaway and was hosted from exclusive discord servers and are not cloned since you can only join once, All of these raid den pokemon are spawned shiny using RNG by checking the "seed and the advancement which are checked by the discord bots" according to the discord host that hosted the raids.
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2020.10.30 11:06 FadingHour What are your favourite apps?

After many years on various Samsung phones, I moved to the Xperia 5 II (previous phone was a Note 9). As you may know, Samsung’s One UI comes with many extra features that some people like me love while some people hate. What I missed was the customization features, Bixby routines (easy to use automations, the Samsung browser, the onehand+ module (which allows extra gestures). Did a bit of research and ended up with the following apps which I find quite useful and thought of sharing with you:
- Lawnchair 2: This is a launcher that has just the right amount of customization for me, it maintains the stock feel while you can still use the stock gestures and Google feed. I use the Google Play version even though there are more up-to-date versions in their website, but it works well for me.
- Another widget: Similar to the At-a-Glance widget of Pixels, works great with Lawnchair.
- I used a trick from the XDA forums to change the theme to the quick settings a bit.
- Macrodroid: This is an automation app that allows me to replicate by Bixby routines and much more while it is easy to use. I use it to improve battery life by
  1. automatically disabling Mobile Data and NFC when connecting to my home network
  2. disabling wifi and enabling stamina mode, mobile data and NFC, when away from home
  3. enabling stamina mode when sleeping
  4. enabling ambient display only when charging
  5. auto-restarting the phone once a week.
  6. changing a few setting when connecting to my car bluetooth.
- Samsung Internet: So this is my favourite browser by far. Did not know I could install it in non-Samsung devices, but it works without issues so will stick with it.
- Look Up -Pop Up Dictionary Pro: This adds a dictionary link to the pop-up you get when you select some text which
- Audio Recorder: This is the first phone I have ever used that does not come with a voice recorder…
Now I just need an app to remap the Google assistant button to work similar to the ringer button on iPhones. But overall I am very happy with your setup and no longer miss OneUI.
What are your favourite apps?
Edit: Here are some pictures: 1 2 3 4
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2020.10.30 11:00 AutoModerator Daily Q&A, Discussion, Owner Experience, and Support Thread

If you are new here (or even if you're not), please skim through our Rules to get more familiarity on potential updates or changes and what to expect.
Use this recurring thread for Q&A, sharing your ownership/service experiences, general vehicle assistance, today's topics, sightings, customization, shop item discussions, etc.
Have a curiosity or concern?
Useful sites for vehicle management, software tracking, trip planning, and more
Vehicle Manuals - U.S.
Please be kind, genuine, and welcoming. If you want to share a photo, you can easily create an image post on Imgur and include it in your comment. Find past discussions here. If you are new and your comments get removed due to low karma, mods will often approve your comments to help you grow necessary karma.
If you have any suggestions on how to enhance the daily threads, resources, or community as a whole, please reach out to Modmail.
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2020.10.30 10:32 bhagen26 Got scammed by a re-shipping scheme, police report?

Last year, about this time, I was looking for a job, and I got an e-mail from saying that the company known as Depot Post was looking for US-based quality control inspectors, to receive, inspect, and re-ship packages, with base salary of $1500, and a bonus of $50 per package delivered on time (within 24 hours of receiving the outgoing shipping label), requesting my name, number, e-mail, and address. They stated that their US based address was located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida When I provided these information, I was sent an interview notice from Depot Post's HR Department, told to watch an introductory video about the company (which was a whitewashing video about the company) and the very next day, I got a phone call from a Florida number, and when I picked up the phone, a man with a foreign-sounding accent introduced himself as the HR Staff for Depot Post. The interview lasted just under 5 minutes, and after confirming that I was looking for both part-time and full-time jobs, unemployed, work experience, openness for training, job skills, ability for immediate start, he informed me that he will evaluate my response and decide whether or not he will hire me, and within 30 minutes or so, he said that I was hired on and sent a DocuSign link, and was told to sign within 24 hours, and I would need to also attach my photo ID card. The person who interviewed me said that his company pays for the shipping labels. I thought it was a great job. At the bottom of the DocuSign e-mail, the sender said "Please, complete employment agreement and start the job". The author in the DocuSign E-Mail claimed to be from Human Resources (implicitly for Depot Post), but the e-mail address was not under Depot Post's domain, but rather a personal GMail domain. The HR Department sent few more e-mails, and said that the main company was based in the EU. Then my chief supervisor contacted me to welcome me into the company (he had a European/UK accent) and he instructed me to set up a dashboard. He then activated my dashboard and assigned me two direct supervisors, and told me to answer their calls whenever they came, and said that I should expect to meet them both personally. The HR then informed me about ordering shipping supplies (did not happen) and mail correspondance. The Accounting Department then asked me to complete Payroll information (in which I did, comprised of Pay preferences and W-4), and minutes after saying that my information was received, I received an e-mail from someone else from their accounting team, and offered me a position of a "purchasing assistant", which was described as "helping with the refunding process", and I ignored it. About that time, the first of the packages started coming, and I made my first contact with one of my direct supervisors (she also had an accent). She pressed me to inspect and ship out as quickly as possible. Despite being told that I will be getting 10 to 15 packages a week by HR, in reality, most of the packages were sent during the 2nd and 3rd week following hire, and by the last week of hire before being cut loose (more on this kickeplot twist later), only a couple of packages were to be shipped, as the last few came in (which would never be shipped out), some never arrived, and some lacked tracking numbers. The recepient names when I received the packages were either for total strangers I never recognized, or in my own name. Nearly all packages were to be shipped out by FedEx or UPS, while few were to be shipped by USPS. Most of the FedEx packages went to a mail drop in New York or an apartment complex in Hawaii, while few went to an address in southern California, and one went overseas. As for UPS, they went to an Amazon warehouse across the country, and the USPS packages went to an apartment complex in Oklahoma and Tennessee On two occasions, I was told to pick up a package instead of being delivered, at a 3rd-party Fedex location (e.g. Walgreens) and Best Buy, and both of these pick-ups were for consumer electronics, and both of my pick-ups were unsuccessful. As far as the packages that the supposed company sent, they were various items, from sinks, VR headsets, smartphones, cordless vacuums, hardware tools, live-streaming devices, speakers, memory card readers, GPS units, gardening tools, designer clothing, and even a small gold bar. A week prior to my payday, the person who initially offered me a purchasing assistant position repeated the offer, and called me to ask if I was interested, and when I asked for more information, she said it involved giving out the bank account information, receiving the money into the account, keeping my "wage" portion, and sending the rest to the company. I thought it was a bit suspicious, so I ignored her until she stopped calling me. Now here comes the plot twist. When my payday came, about five and a half weeks after being "hired" by them, I did not get paid, and one of my supervisors gave me an excuse of a power outage, but she assured me that I will get paid, and promised me an extra bonus for the trouble. Later that week, the notification system said that there was a problem with one of the labels, and by the following week, I found out that I was locked out of my dashboard, and I could no longer reach my supervisors, as my phone calls and e-mails went unanswered. I then learned that I have been scammed for about six weeks. I learned that I have been scammed by a reshipping scheme as a mule, and almost as a money mule as well, but by then, it was too late. I reported Depot Post to USPIS (Postal Inspectors), and left a complaint at ScamPulse and SE Florida BBB. I lost time (time spent to wait for and to go to/from shipping places) and money (costs for printing and shipping supplies) in the process. They talked awkwardly, their messages had plenty of spelling and grammatical errors, and their information of their time zone and IP addresses suggested that they were not based in Florida like they suggested they were, and a Google Maps search of their business address confirmed it, as the address had a small family home, not an office building, let alone an office building of theirs. The tracing of their IP address led me to discover that they were actually based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Latvia, and/or Russia), while their main website was hosted in Germany (later Ukraine). They were reluctant to give me more information about their company or my position, when I requested such information, instead directing me to their main website, which was devoid of information that I was looking for, and when they obliged to produce my employment certificate, it was inconclusive, and their numbers always go to voicemail (Google Voice), except for one of my supervisors, until the cutoff, at which point the number is blocked, and phone calls with them can be spotty at times. I have text exchanges, e-mails, and phone recordings, screen shots, labels, and few other documents just in case. I have been contemplationg what to do, now that they have my info. Should I call my local Police Department, explain the situation, and file a police report, despite the fact that these events occurred nearly a year ago? I would appreciate your answers.
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2020.10.30 08:38 IceCreamIceKween Was he grooming me?

So I have sexual trauma where I was assaulted by somebody I knew when I was a teen. I'm going to explain that abuser and that trauma and then explain a second encounter I had with a different 2nd man. I want to know what I already suspect, I want to know if the 2nd man was grooming me and was a potential rapist/sexual abuser or if I was simply just "triggered" and "conflating" my trauma with his actions.
So here's the traumatic backstory (abuser 1: The rapist, the initial trauma) So yes I was sexually assaulted/raped by an abusive ex. I knew really early on after my assault that I wouldn't get any justice. I remember one of the first things I did after my assault was search for resources on google for rape victims and I just came across feminist videos on 'rape culture' and then rape statistics. Then I discovered related content that explained what ptsd was. It explained that ptsd often occurs in survivors of rape. The video was pretty pessimistic and said that there is "no cure" for ptsd. I had felt kinda numb about the assault up until that point where I read that? I was insulted because I didn't actually feel mentally ill just because I was assaulted? I felt like it was a kinda cruel diagnosis, like calling the victim crazy and not the perpetrator? But when I also read that in conjunction with the fact that rapists rarely get held criminally liable for their actions, it just seemed like my abuser just knew these things? Like that was the entire point? He just wanted to break my mind and my spirit? He asked me when he first met me if I had ever been raped before. When I said no, he told me he was raped by his female babysitter as a boy. I felt sympathy for him and tried to console him but he seemed very cold and angry. We dated on again off again for less than a year. He seemed to have attachment style issues and some kind of personality disorder, like antisocial personality disorder. He was really sadistic. When we dated he told me he was a "sex addict" and he acted as if he was entitled to sex simply because we were dating. He moved way too fast in relationships for me. He had literally just met me and then asked me on a date, and then he wanted to make our relationship "Facebook official" after just hanging out at the mall? He didn't actually seem to have any emotional bond to me whatsoever he just seemed goal oriented? He moved really quickly sexually for me. When we were alone he would be extremely pushy about sex and completely disregard my boundaries. The sexual abuse just seemed to slowly escalate over time. He would insist on sex without a condom for example. And it just kept getting worse and worse. He got more cruel, he was constantly playing mind games and often it involved other people. Things like humiliating me in front of others, trying to provoke jealousy, manipulating strings of people, verbal abuse, narcissistic rage. Eventually one day I ended up "triggering" him (I had posted a rape joke on Facebook). He tricked me into going to his house under different pretenses and then he raped me, strangled me, and then he wrote a Facebook status saying "I rape old people" (I am two years older than him). That comment still sticks with me, it was so deranged. He looked at the Facebook status and laughed like it was so funny. Then he acted as if nothing even happened and wanted to shower and watch cartoons. I ended up leaving him and then years later I tried to get criminal justice for what he did to me after I discovered he also raped a 15 year old girl. Both of us reported our sexual assaults to the police and both resulted in no arrests due to a lack of evidence. Then here's the kicker: I ended up telling a mutual guy friend (by mutual friend I mean to the rapist.) that he raped me. This guy friend ended up telling me that my rapist went around telling guys that he wasn't actually a rape victim, he just lied and tells girls that in order to gain "sympathy sex" from them. So yeah, um to this very day I'm not sure if my rapist was genuinely a victim of childhood sexual abuse who had sadistic tendencies due to a twisted traumatized mind OR if he was always a psychopath and he just made up the story about rape in order to abuse? It seems so far fetched to me that someone would lie about rape in order to rape? The entire thing seems to deranged to me? But anyways so I never really got ANY form of closure for that event. No criminal justice closure, no mental closure... just like understanding what actually fucking happened here? And now knowing that rapists rarely go to prison for their crimes and having once read that rape victims often get revictimized a second time by a different perpetrator later in life due to a combination of different factors, I am constantly hypervigilant around men? The anecdotal "reasons" I've heard for why men have raped women I have known have been so vastly different from mine. I have read that men being sexually abused in childhood, especially by a woman is a risk factor for them becoming a rapist later on in life (or perhaps I should say that men who rape often have disproportionate rates of being sexually abused by women as children). So anyways, I'm sorry I'm rambling but my point is I don't really know how to identify and avoid sexually abusive men because they come in many varieties. I have been surprised to find out certain men in my social circle were outed as rapists. I have become obsessed with finding common patterns among them, and when I do I consider it a red flag moving forward.
Anyways so here is part 2 (abuser 2 - or more appropriately titled: harasser instead of abuser). This is the second guy. This is not the same person as my rapist. This man is someone I met through work. When I first met him I thought he was charming? He used to always be in a cheerful mood at work. He would listen to strange music which he was very passionate about. He was also a social butterfly. He often tried to talk to me but I would be shy and kinda find excuses to work somewhere else. I ended up feeling like maybe I was attracted to him? But I wasn't entirely sure? It was strange because he made me kinda nervous and my stomach kind of hurt around him but he seemed so happy and non threatening I couldn't possibly understand what was causing the anxiety? My conclusion was that it was trauma anxiety from all I had experienced with my rape and then some. My coworker and I began to talk more and more at work and one day I had a sexual dream about him. Then the thoughts I had about me possibly having a crush on him seemed like a solid theory on what was going on here. I still felt weird about him though? Like an intuitive feeling, for some reason I thought he was a rapist? And it was so strange because I had no evidence for such an extreme thought? No proof of that whatsoever. So I was beginning to think I was going crazy from trauma and that I seriously needed to work on that. I told myself that I need to keep trying with guys. I told myself if I stay closed up forever and choose not to trust anybody, I'm never going to make any important connections with people. The thought of me never healing from trauma and ending up friendless and alone in life was sad and scary. So when he asked me for my phone number and contact info the day he quit, I was excited and happily gave him my number. I liked him. I thought he was really charming, funny, smart and popular. Other coworkers seemed to completely adore him. So when he started talking to me on Facebook, I was still cautious because my trauma lives in the back of my mind and stays in all my thoughts... but I was also happy talking to him? He was a great conversationalist. We ended up talking for about 9 hours straight the first time we texted each other. He told me that he barely even exchanged any words with anyone else from work and I was the only one he talked to from that place.
One day he wanted to meet up, I agreed but I was nervous about seeing him because it was ambiguous if we were hanging out as friends or if it was a date or if I'm even close enough to be considered a friend at that point? I dressed up like I was meeting a friend but I liked him so I was hoping that maybe he'd find me attractive and he would continue to hit things off.
However once I actually was with him alone in person, it was as if I was with an entirely different man? I was triggered like maybe 20-30 minutes into meeting up with him? We met at a coffee shop and when we went inside we got drinks, snacks and then he wanted to play cards. He taught me a new card game and we were having fun for a bit... until he started acting strange and staring at somebody waiting in line. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that the guy in line was a rapist. He told me that he thought the guy was the same man who sexually assaulted his ex at a mall and knew him by name. He told me he was trying to make sure it was actually him though and told me if it is he will beat him up. Then he decided it was mistaken identity and then shrugged it off. I suggested we leave the coffee shop so we both left with our drinks and went to the park just outside.
Then he started telling me about his ex. He told me that she was raped by 3 different guys and then he started laughing? It disturbed me that he was laughing but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt because it was probably just nervous laughter?
But that stunt he did in the coffee shop gave me bad vibes because it reminds me of 3 rapists I know who kinda act strange and white knightish when it comes to rape? They pretend to protect women from rape and will pretend to have macho attitudes and openly fantasize about how they would punish or torture a rapist... but it's just a part of the grooming process? The woman they tell that to, they are planting seeds of worry and anxiety about rape and the rapist can groom by saying "all men are rapists" and things of that sort and then when he sexually abuses her, it really messes with her head. Because at that point she isn't sure if he intended to assault her or what logic he is operating on?
Anyways that was behaviour I observed in rapists I know, and then this guy seemed to start doing that to me???
So after he was laughing about his ex being raped by 3 different guys, he inquired about if I had any trauma? It was such a strange flow of conversation? Like okay we could discuss whether your ex is okay?? Or something but he chose to ask me if I have any history of trauma and considering the context I'm sure he was implying rape or sexual abuse? I do have ptsd from rape and then I started do worry if I had given some kind of indication of my sexual trauma? For example I had him as a friend on FB and I occasionally post things about ptsd or things about "rape culture" or other feminist issues. I am also in a ptsd FB group and I had been using that community to vent and I got paranoid that he was spying on me? I know that sounds crazy and paranoid but it's what I was worried about in the moment he asked. I knew I couldn't deny having ptsd bc I post about it on FB so much. So I told him I do have trauma and that I have ptsd and then he wanted to know what from. He seemed excited? He seemed happy to hear I had trauma and he really wanted to know what it was and I was super uncomfortable. I didn't want to talk about my rape at a public park, there were people around and he seemed so... emotionally divorced from how uncomfortable I was? He actually seemed like he was having fun making me feel uncomfortable? He kept saying "pretty please" when asking me to tell him about my trauma, I just thought he was so fucked up and the "benefit of the doubt" I just gave him seemed gone. I thought to myself, your intuition was right. But then he gave up asking me and then he moved on to something else.
Suddenly he pulled out some pill bottle and told me it was molly inside of it. He started to pressure me to take it in the park. It told me it would dissolve in my drink. I was so confused. Because earlier when we texted I told him I was interested in doing certain classes of drugs because of their therapeutical benefits. I know that drugs like magic mushrooms and other psychedelics can "heal" ptsd, anxiety or depression, at least according to some websites I was reading. So when he had that drug with him it was strange. Everything was so strange because at this point he looked like a predator but because of that stunt he pulled in the coffee shop - it was as if he was doing a grand gesture to make a statement on how rapists are bad and so he's obviously not a rapist... but then he starts acting weird? So I asked him "isn't molly ecstasy?" and he says to me it's not. I googled it right then and there and he was lying to me, molly is a more potent form of ecstasy. And I've never done ecstasy but I know it's reputation is like a sex drug. My limited understanding of the drug was that it makes people horny and it sounded like what he was doing was so sketchy? (but I've since then researched molly and read it makes people feel "empathy" so honestly since I've never done this drug I don't know about its abilities as a date rape drug but in my eyes at the time, that's what I felt like it was).
So he kept pressuring me to take the molly and reminding me it could dissolve in my drink and that it could be taken so discreetly even in a public park with families around. The entire situation seemed odd because there were literally children running around, so I was like okay even if he successfully gave me a date rape drug, what is he going to do in this public area? The idea of him raping an inebriated woman in an area with families and children in broad daylight seemed cartoonishly unreal?
So I kept declining the offer for molly and around the time I was finished googling if molly was ecstasy, the guy tells me he could have put it in my drink when I wasn't looking. And then I wasn't certain if he was suggesting that he had put it in my drink or if he was joking? He just seemed to be toying with me and I had no idea what to do with that information. I was really upset and I threw out my drink in front of him. But he was following and clicking his tongue and acting like I was being silly for being angry and upset with him.
So this started to become an established pattern with him. He would do or say something inappropriate and relating to rape and then act as if it were no big thing at all? I started to feel really gaslit? I was like wtf is going on? Because he didn't end up assaulting me, he just acted so creepy and wouldn't stop?
So here are more examples of how he would behave..
He started ranting about feminism. He told me he was a MGTOW and I considered the anti-feminist thing to be a red flag, the mgtow thing as well. I know a thing or two about the mgtow community and how misogynistic they are. So he shared a few mgtow beliefs which I thought were super strange like he said women can't love men as much as men can love women. When he was criticizing feminism he focused specifically on the #metoo movement. He started defending a male celebrity accused of sexual misconduct (the male celebrity was Louis ck if that adds any context whatsoever). He claimed the women Louis CK harassed in fact wanted it and consented to it and were even paid for their participation. He claimed that the women came after him and tried to distroy his career for no reason.
Then he started saying really crazy shit like he said all men are rapists or more specifically he said that men are biologically wired to rape. He referenced cavemen and acted as if the only way early humans procreated was via rape - he said cavemen used to bonk women over the heads with clubs and drag them back to their caves? And then he immediately started talking about his ex (the same one he mentioned before) and he said that initially she rejected him but he kept pursuing her until he "won". This was the same ex who was raped by multiple guys.
He didn't really show his ex much empathy when he discussed her? He would make cognitive empathy statements like he would recognize that rape can scar a person for life and he said his ex was still affected by rape years later. But there was something off about his emotional empathy? He would laugh when it was inappropriate and he also kept saying inappropriate things?
I had enough of him because he just kept doing these things. He also joked about taking me to "the rape spot". He made rape jokes on multiple occasions with me.
He started to seem like he was mentally ill honestly because his jokes didn't even make any sense? Sometimes dark humour is funny, even rape jokes and I say this as a survivor of rape. But he wasn't making dark jokes in general, there was an absence of jokes about dead babies or cancer, etc. He seemed to completely hyperfixate on rape and his "jokes" again made no sense? Like one of his "rape jokes" was him just pointing to a "help" button (these buttons are located near train stations and other areas where someone might need assistance, such as help when there is an accident or if someone is commuting a crime.) But his reaction to seeing this sign is to point at it and ask if it's for if someone is being raped and he starts laughing while I think he's insane?
He also started doing this weird thing with me where he wanted to play a "game" with me and see if I could guess why his ex had to stay at the hospital. I honestly had thought at this point it was because he raped her. He made really bizarre comments about her stay at the hospital, like "they actually let me in the same room as her". Which I thought... wtf did you DO to her? So he wanted me to play this sick game with him to guess why she was in the hospital and I was just like omg he's a sociopath. And I tried to just guess around it, like I "guessed" that she was pregnant and he just said "close". Then he ended the game and wouldn't tell me why she was in the hospital. I did confront him later about it via text and he did confess that the reason why she was in the hospital was due to vaginal pain. He explained to me that her privates hurt during sex due to trauma. This was not something he really had to explain to me, I know that when the body is nervous, sex can be painful. But even as a rape victim I had an ex who didn't make me feel that way? I remember the sexual abuse with my rapist often feeling unpleasant and painful, whereas with my partner I only seldom felt discomfort and if I did feel that way he stopped. I considered the pain to be a symptom of anxiety and being around someone who is not really safe? The way he describes vaginal pain after trauma though is as if he thinks he was not a contributing factor?
He started to really piss me off because I was like you definitely sexually abused your ex and you're trying to groom me just like you did to her. And what is it with you and your obsession with rape and rape victims?

But then he layers these behaviours with contrasting romantic gestures. He is handing me his coat when I'm cold. He is offering to pay for a pizza slice for me to eat because I am hungry. He wants to take me to an arcade so I can play a pinball game. He offers to walk on the side of the road near the cars because he considers it a gentleman thing to do? He walks me home to my front door after all this? And I'm just like what in the goddamn fuck?

So between my past trauma and his bizarre behaviour I don't even know what to even think about what happened. But I figure that if he is sexually harassing me or being weird with me, he must certainly be doing it to others. So I ask around at work and ask the other female coworkers if he had done anything to them at all that was out of line or creepy.
One of the coworkers tells me that she used to have a crush on him and she made her feelings known to him but he rejected her. She told me he used to flirt with her and tease her about her crush. She called him a jerk but said she didn't think he was a rapist. She told me about how they went to a party together and drank and she thought that if he was a rapist he would have done so there. However I was looking to be reassured that I didn't just encounter another rapist or if my ptsd is just messing with me? And she didn't completely reassure me because she continued to call him a sociopath. She told me that not only does he lack empathy, but he also told her that he likes to find out people's weaknesses and "use it against them". At that point I'm like he was really interested in hearing about my trauma 🙄 However, ultimately my coworker didn't think he was a rapist and in fact she told him what I said to her on the matter and then tried to hang out with him the same day.
Another female coworker I asked about him also had positive feelings towards him, despite weird sexual vibes? What I mean by that is he took this coworker to a strip club and paid the stripper to give her a lap dance? This coworker is a lesbian. I got weird vibes from that, as if he is getting off on girl on girl stuff but she shared the experience to me as if it were an extremely positive memory between them? She described him as her "bro" and said he's like giant "teddy bear".
So here's where things just get weird. I confront him on his behaviour. I told him I was a rape victim and told him about my trauma and then I was rentlessly criticizing his behaviour and pointed out every single way he made me uncomfortable. And idk I think what happened was.. a trauma bond? He said he was surprised that he had ever made me uncomfortable? He started saying weird things to me like I have "big dick energy" and that he wasn't aware he was making me uncomfortable because I don't look like it? It made me even more angry and confused because I know my body language and me as a person. I tend to be quite shy and anxious around others. He even commented on me being unable to make eye contact and teased me about it. Being shy doesn't radiate "big dick energy" it was just like he was completely making up shit or even mocking me for how pathetic I carry myself around others.
Yet despite that, we still bonded? And it was so strange? It felt like I was in love with him or something? We talked constantly, all day long. He would send me memes and be texting me from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. I'd dream about him. We would play video games together a lot. He'd do sweet things for me like read me stories over the mic until I fell asleep. But this was just online, I told him flat out that he made me so uncomfortable I didn't really want to see him in person. Once he left gifts at my apartment building to try to console me when I was incredibly depressed. I refused to go outside and see him in person so he just sent me a photo of the gift outside. I never retrieved it. Another time he showed up at my work during one of my shifts. I didn't look happy to see him so he said he left and he was sorry he made me uncomfortable.
We had a strange friendship and I ended up telling him how upset I was with him because I had a crush on him or whatever and it was like he ruined it with his creepy behaviour. He told me the romantic feelings were mutual. He told me that he had a crush on me when we worked together... but then I got so angry because it all seemed like such bullshit? People don't try to drug people they love or keep asking them to explain details of their rape because they think it's entertaining or something?
He wrote me apologies. We talked for a few months but he was driving me absolutely mental. It was as if I was the only one who could see what he was doing and nobody else did?
I even asked my best friend at the time (who is also a rape victim) to do a character analysis on him or something. Like I was just so certain somebody had to see that he is being weird and creepy? So I put them both in a groupchat and she ended up loving him. Just absolutely loved him while I was like super stressed and not understanding what the fuck was even happening. My own friend was encouraging me to date him too. She remarked on our chemistry and she said "just the way you guys talk in the groupchat". I told my friend that I liked him but he also displays too many red flags for me. I also told her that I didn't really think he loved me? Like I see love as respect and caring? And an unusual thing happened? What I told my friend in private evidentially reached him and suddenly he was telling me he loved me in private messages.
I felt like my privacy had been violated? I didn't feel loved by him? It was like he was charming the pants off everyone in my life except me. I felt like he was isolating me from my friend. He told me that he was jealous of our friendship. He said I laugh at her jokes more than his.
Then he started doing stuff that reminded me of my rapist again: he started seeming like he was trying to provoke jealousy. He started doing things in the groupchat with my friend like tagging me and then sending a photo of him at a dinner table or bar with another woman with alcohol. Then I freaked the fuck out because I was like he's just grooming me? Like he's trying to make me look jealous in front of my friend so when he does rape me, he could just be like "nah she just made that up because she wanted me and I rejected her and then she got jealous".
And yeah so I asked my friend to please block him because I was really convinced that he was grooming me. I kept thinking of examples where he seemed to be attempting to provoke jealousy and I remembered he also said he was a mgtow and I know that community is related to the PUA community as well. So I thought it was some kind of dumb pick up artist tactics that he kept employing with me. I can think of examples where he negged me.
And the whole thing just started to really creep me out. He was so manipulative and people kept defending him and I honestly didn't know what to think of him amongst all these mixed messages? Because whenever I'd tell my online friends about his red flags, they were really angry with him and also considered him a predator.
So anyways my friend ended up taking the guy's side. When I told her I need to cut him out if my life and I asked her to ghost him with me she initially agreed but then she changed her mind the next day when she thought about it. She said he didn't "deserve" to be ghosted and that he did those things to me and not HER. So she said she wanted do continue being friends with him because he's fun and she doesn't have the same "feelings" towards him that I do.
So I ended up blocking them both. And eventually one of his female friends ended up actually confronting me for telling people how he was treating me? It was a very unusual convo, I almost thought that it was an alt he made. The bizarre justifications this woman made on his behalf were like satire? She claimed that he was only obsessed with molly/mdma because his breakup with his ex made him so sad. And she also claimed he is becoming "more feminist" now. She claimed that I misconstrued his rape jokes and that I conflated past traumas with the present (like no shit I have ptsd) but I asked every step of the way for other people's input, I didn't just assume he was a rapist simply because of my trauma. I rationalized a lot of his behaviour I probably shouldn't have. She ended the conversation by telling me I was a psycho and that I needed mental help.
So yeah idk. I know this all is a lot to read, but this has been weighing on my mind for 2 years now. The fact that others around him don't see it has me going insane.
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2020.10.30 08:35 nutrathriveketo07 Nutra Thrive Keto Pills Nutra Thrive Keto Reviews 60% OFF

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Shutting Verdict:
Nutra Thrive Keto has an community online site that gives beneficial options like success and recipes suggestions. The substance checklist is not really given on the site, nevertheless. The manufacturer also breaks down to provide you with information backing their boasts of effects.
Nutra Thrive Keto will allow you to have a ketogenic meals program safer and quicker in comparison to the pure method. The benefits of a ketogenic diet regime are bodyweight-damage, electricity improves and total physical fitness. To be able to allow you to maintain a ketogenic diet even once you have finished the primary seven-day time plan, you can also purchase some of the products like KetoCreams one by one.
So, keep in mind that there are many other weight-loss and energy boost products available on the market, consider all of your options before making a purchase
What flavoring tend to be the Keto Cream Smoothies?
White Sweet treats.
When Am I Going To Keep A Ketogenic Diet plan On Executing The Initial Instruction Program?
Permanently Natural characteristics meal guides and meal alternatives on their site and continue up a keto-risk-free diet plan. Get a Keto Cream shake everyday as well as two Enzymes because of the night time supper, for best returns.
Imagine should i attach up my diet plan?
Straying via the fat loss program for a day or two will probably not turn back training. If you stray from the diet for too long, you can simply take the program again and reset your ketosis.
Visit -
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2020.10.30 08:27 tradingmarkets111 MAXIMA LIVE REVIEW : WIN FREE ACCESS

Maximum FAQ
Q.1 What is maximal?
Maxima Live Review
MAXIMA LIVE REVIEW Maxima is the perfect end-to-end marketing solution to reach thousands of potential customers (these are very important companies) for you. Build the perfect website in any niche and improve your search engine rankings with a minimal investment of time and effort.
They can charge $ 300 to $ 500 for each website created ... plus the monthly website maintenance fee. The best thing is that you only have a few minutes to work with Maxima.
Q2. Our training videos included?
MAXIMA LIVE Yes, there are overview videos և step-by-step instructions on how to use the software. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7.
Q3. Can I use the app on any device?
Regardless of whether you use a PC, Mac, smartphone, or another device, Maxima is available for all devices as it is cloud-based. Log in and you can use it right away ...
V4. Why are Maxima different from other tools?
Before creating Maxima, we discovered that no software offered users a “full reseller solution”.
MAXIMA LIVE REVIEWS “Most of the software we have in the market is standalone as if it were a partial offer and you have to deal with the remaining 'missing parts' like finding the lead, deactivating, and qualifying on Google. But Maxima is different and more flexible.
Offer an end-to-end solution to find specific leading companies in the world using multiple filters, block them with DFY emails, precisely build websites, and improve Google rankings 1 PS. There is also no monthly fee, you have access for a small one-time fee.
Amazing functionality of Maxima Live
MAXIMA Importance of forwarding Analytics: With just one click, you can find CEOs of high target potential companies that don't have many websites (or need improvement). Get all the important information (company name, location, email address, phone number, etc.)
Close Everything For You Tools: To easily close a person, convert DFY email, legal agreements, business applications, and more. (All of these make him special.) All you have to do is copy and paste and you will have plenty of customers ready to pay you.
Slick Agency Web Author: After closing all of the above DFY members and tools, you can:
  1. Choose from 100+ custom layouts for your layouts and create your own desktop website (no unnecessary labels or paperwork, no training process). Pull 100% and release to start.
  2. Customizable layouts, layouts, and scripts to complete your website and quickly become a customer.
HOW TO MAKE MONEY FAST 100+ Awesome Templates - Build websites, agencies, landing pages, download pages, and even report pages in every niche. Just choose a template, edit and publish it for yourself or for your local business, then view your traffic and income as before.
Easy to use mobile interface ... plus live page editor in real-time
Choose from a dozen interesting and exciting topics that will grab your attention
Build the type of website/page that comes to mind
Plus, everything you do is 100% mobile on all devices ... available anywhere.
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2020.10.30 08:14 Gareth321 Google Assistant integration doesn't seem to work

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2020.10.30 08:10 wminnella Unable to access assistant on Pixel 5

Hi guys,
I have just got yesterday my Pixel 5 and after some usage the google assistant became unreachable. I get the well known message: " Your assistant needs additional downloads ".
Needleless to say, I am unable to download such files because apparently I am not online according to the phone. I checked online (and here in reddit) and many users have reported it. One solution was to opt out from the beta program but I am not on it. I tried to install it from the google play store and force it to stop but none of that worked. May it be due to my default language (Italian)? However, this is weird because, as I said, the assistant was working at the beginning. Also, the assistant is available in Italy.
Any thoughts?

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2020.10.30 08:05 orihcsro Deutsche Bahn Action für den Google Assistant

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2020.10.30 07:30 Sea-Entrance-4406 Research Misconduct Needs Attention of UIUC Research Integrity Office

#ResearchMisconduct #Plagiarism
I am currently a Ph.D. student at Indiana University(IU). I worked with Dr. Yuan Zhou (former Assistant Professor of Department of CS at Indiana University, now at UIUC ISE. Homepage three years ago and drafted a paper about bandit problem. We but did not pursue to publish the paper at that time since he said some experiments need to be added. However, without notifying me or trying to contact me for my consent, he directly published this manuscript at AISTATS 2020, and did not include me in the author list. The title of the AISTATS paper was “A PTAS for the Bayesian Thresholding Bandit Problem”. While the introduction and conclusion were added for this published version, no other major changes were made to the manuscript I co-wrote with Dr. Zhou except the order of the content. What makes it even worse is that I was not even included in the author list for the manuscript that I have made substantial contribution, while his girlfriend, Yue Qin, was listed as the first author. This manuscript was done at Fall 2017, while Yue Qin only joined IU as a Ph.D. student at Fall 2018. Moreover, this manuscript focused on Bandit problems in theory, while Yue Qin’ research focuses on security and she has her own advisor. Therefore, in the aspects of time (the manuscript was already mainly finished before Yue Qin came) and research expertise (Yue Qin studies security while this is a theory paper), I do not agree that Yue Qin has make significant contribution to this paper that makes her qualified to be listed as the first.
After I discovered this paper was published without my knowledge and I was not included in the author list, I contacted the research integrity officer of both IU and UIUC. However, after three months of waiting for their response and decision, there is no progress made. At the moment, IU is waiting for the investigation in UIUC, while the officer at UIUC hardly replies any of my and IU’s emails. I had a phone call with a UIUC officer in mid September, in which the officer said he would report this to the deans of the related departments, including School of Engineering, Department of ISE, and Department of CS. The officer also mentioned that according the policy, the deans with this information would have 15 days to make a decision. However, now it has been over 40 days and I still did not get any update from the UIUC’s side. I am extremely disappointed to UIUC’s attitude and slow response regarding to my case. I hope UIUC understands that faculties performing this kind of behaviors is not the fault of the university. On the contrary, tolerating them will be.
Below is a description of the evidence I have:
- I highlighted the part on both my manuscript and the published paper of which they share in common. Half of the main paper and the whole supplementary material can be found in the manuscript.
- A txt file fully showing a correspondance of each theorem, lemma and corollary in the published paper and in the manuscript.
- A video showing that this manuscript was done at Fall 2017 and Yue Qin did not participate in it.
- A video showing the final edit part of the manuscript.
Here is a link to all evidence I have.
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2020.10.30 07:10 AutoModerator Daily Questions and Answers Post

Hello and welcome to /BlackDesertOnline! Please use this thread to ask any simple, frequently asked questions you have about the game and hopefully one of our helpful community members will be able to assist you.
This thread will be refreshed every three days to allow adequate time for responses.
Check our sidebar and dropdown menu for links to helpful resources.
For new or returning players, these links may be helpful for answering your question:
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2020.10.30 06:54 StupidWeaselgb Android 11 - Google assistant brings up text input by default?

Version: Android 11 (RP1A.201005.004)
Model: Pixel 3 XL
As of a couple of days ago (?), when starting Google Assistant with the "OK Google" voice prompt, it brings up my soft keyboard for input rather than listening for a command. This also happens for "full" commands (example: "Ok Google open Spotify" will result in the soft keyboard coming up before I've finished speaking)
I've likely toggled a setting for this somehow, but can't find anything obvious when wading through the assistant settings, can somebody point me in the right direction?
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2020.10.30 06:36 ManagementLucky Advice on finding a home for my mom and siblings

Hi everyone, I've been struggling with finding a senior assisted apartment living for my mom siblings. My mom is disabled and can not work. My siblings are under age 18 and are not of age to work yet. Apartments are expensive these days and was wondering if anyone knew if senior disabled parents are able to have their children living with them? I've found things from google search but will need some more advice! Please help and your deeds will pay forward via good karma :)
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